RRX's Trade Thread (Have 3x Leafeon X!!!)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by rerisenphoenix, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Well, to put it simply, here we go...

    -I live in the US, and, sorry, but for right now will only send to the US and Canada

    -Mint cards only please! All of my cards are mint! (Unless stated otherwise)

    -You post first offer

    -No unrealistic trades please

    -I value all my cards off of playability/how much I like the card. I don't care how much they're going for on e-bay, etc, if I want more for a certain card(s), either offer more, or just give up on it.

    -I send all my cards in penny sleeves and supported with a top loader. If you send me cards without a sleeve or a top loader, you will not get one in return. If cards are damaged because they are not protected with a top loader, it is not my problem.

    -Have fun!!!:thumb:


    Lv X's (and TSD)--
    2x Leafeon Lv X
    3x Porygon Z Lv X (1 English, 2 Japanese)
    1x TSD
    1x Gardevoir Lv X
    1x Glaceon Lv X
    1x Magmortar Lv X
    1x Empoleon Lv X
    1x Infernape Lv X

    Notable Cards--
    ==Japanese DP5 Stuff==
    1x Kingdra
    1x Luxray
    3x Each Deoxys
    2x Mamoswine
    1x Ditto

    ==English Stuff==
    4x Pachirisu
    4x Empoleon
    2x Phione (Evo Wish)
    3x Leafeon #7
    2x Glaceon #5
    3x Omastar
    2x Kabutops

    I have a lot of other stuff as well (just too lazy to post it all), just ask if there's something else you want (unless it's a Lv X).

    Xx Mesprit Lv X
    Xx Uxie Lv X
    Xx Azelf Lv X
    Xx Leafeon Lv X
    Xx Glaceon Lv X
    Xx Cresselia Lv X
    Xx TSD
    Xx Claydol
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
  2. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    CML for TSD and leafeon x


  3. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    do u have any claydols?
  4. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Shaymin707- Could you please make an offer

    Empoleonperson- None for trade, sorry
  5. pokefan84

    pokefan84 New Member

    would you do this deal:

    MY (mint/english)

    torterra lv.x TIN
    tyranitar MT
    3 other holo's of my list

    for your mint TSD? LMK
  6. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    what do you value your tsd with small crease at?
  7. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    my mint cress x

    your:creased TSD and a kindra
  8. DodoBrain56

    DodoBrain56 New Member

    CML for Leafeon Lv.X and TSD
  9. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    pokefan84- Sorry, but I don't really want Torterra Lv X or Tyranitar

    xchasex- IDK; the crease goes from the bottom of the card up just short of where the silver border (non-shiny part) borders the text box. Even still, it is a TSD

    Dodobrain56- Sorry, but I didn't wee anything I want
  10. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    well i'm interested as i can still deck it, but i wouldn't say its worth more than 10-15 (just in my opinion), but i dont think i can offer better than shaymin offered you.
  11. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    please CML for Leafeon X
  12. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Randydragon- Sorry, but I didn't really see anything I'm interested in

    Drugens- I'm interested in your Glaceon Lv X and your TSD's
  13. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Please cml for:
    1x Leafeon Lv X
    1x TSD (1 Small Crease)
  14. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    CML for the T.S.D. with the crease. You say it's small, and that doesn't much matter to me. Pixies are off-limits, though. :biggrin:
  15. David1

    David1 New Member

    My Glaceon Lv.X for your Leafeon Lv.X.
    My glaceon lv.x is in mint condition.
  16. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Nanashii- Sorry, but I didn't really see anything I'd want more than Leafeon X

    David1- Sorry, but I value Leafeon X higher than Glaceon X

    To all- I have traded the damaged TSD and a Leaf X
  17. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    CML for
    2x Leafeon Lv X
    1x TSD
    1x Glaceon Lv X
    1x Kingdra
  18. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Chanman50- The cards I like on your list are:
    Cress X
    All the Pixie X's
    Raichu X
  19. DeathBerry

    DeathBerry New Member

    Mesprit X
    Cresselia X


    Leafeon X x2

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
  20. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    im interested in your
    Porygon Z Lv X (*** version)
    Leafeon Lv X
    Gardevoir Lv X
    Glaceon Lv X
    please cml.
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