Rule against asking opponent about randomizer?

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Xbal, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Hi! I was at a series of local cups recently and I asked an opponent if they would mind using a die instead of a coin. While that player ignored my question, thats his right I guess to do so if its a randomizer (which coins are).

    Anyhow at the next cup I asked the same player before the match as well (I typically ask if a player can use their dice instead of coins before a match). That player informed me that it was against the rules for someone to ask for a person to use a different randomizer. I was curious if that was actually a rule and I asked the TO at that event if that it was indeed true and if you could get a penalty/warning/whatever in that case for asking an opponent if they could use a different randomizer. The TO told me that it is indeed against the rules to ask a player to use a different randomizer. The TO wasn't aware though what the penalty would/could be in a situation where it was needed though.

    My questions are based on this scenario. I looked up in the rules and didn't see anything against just asking if a player would mind using a different randomizer in the rules, what specific violation of the rules would this be? Also what would the specific penalty be for asking this question?
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    That's ridiculous.
    Of course you can ask someone to use a different randomizer.
    They can refuse, of course. But you can ask.
    If you have a serious concern about the randomizer, you can also ask a judge to review it.
    The judge should look to see that it meets tournament rules, including checking for wear that could alter its randomization, as well as inclusions or voids in a die that could do the same (which is why dice for rolling need to be translucent).
    If there is nothing wrong with the coin or die, then the player cannot be forced to stop using it.
    But you certainly can ask!

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