Salamence EX takes two positions in Top 8 in Ontario

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    I played Salamence EX PK/ Togikiss (Claydol/cattyEX tech) (fixed round 5)

    I thought of a variation of this deck right after cities. It came to me because sally had resistance to fire and fighting with 160 HP so GG and mag matchups would be easier, plus he can one hit KO anyone. So over time, the deck changed and changed until i found out that Togikiss would be perfect with me running 22 energies in the original list, i'd hit average 5-6 energies with Togikiss' power. 3 days before the tournement, we switched it to claydol because energy drawing didn't help with so many energies in our discard pile and in turn lowering Togkiss' power.

    So here's how provincials went down!

    It starts Friday. My friends and i all had our decks already picked out so we all decided to meet up at untouchables to get in one more practice session in. Unfortunately for us it was a blizzard out side and me and my cousin got stuck in Oakvile with Matt and Paul and didn't make it. so we decided to meet up later with the other guys later. We meet up with the other guys in Mississauga a little after 9:30 P.M. We played until 1 in the morning and as everyone's confidence was building, me and Curtis was having doubts about playing it. So me Matt and B.J. head to my place to get some shut eyes before the next big day. Unfortunately that didn't happen, I asked Matt to help me make the deck more consistent and i didn't like it so he slept at 3 and i slept at 6:30 changing the deck to perfection! (this really sucked because i was the one driving)


    i Woke up at 8, but went back to sleep till 9. I had to re-sleeve my deck (we decided to all play in our lucario sleeves) and print out decklists. i went to go pick up everyone and we were on our way. We got there at about 11 and i did the usual, went around had small talk with everyone, convincing everyone i was playing another deck, and helping out others create last minute changes. so here's what me and my friends were playing:
    we split up into two different teams
    Team Jerri:
    Curtis - SallyKiss (same list)
    Junior - Infercatty w/ Magmortar tech
    Mark - GG w/ Mawile/pachy start

    Team Lucario:(we all played in lucario sleeves)
    Geneses (me) - SallyKiss
    Matt - GG w/ tech
    B.J. - Hurricane

    Zach gave me an ice tea before i saw the match as a HEX so i decide to pokect it.

    Round 1(1-0)
    SallyKiss vs. Blissey/Banette (Greg Cresswell)
    Okay so had a feeling he was gonna play this because he doesn't buy the new cards and he was playing it through cities. I got scared because i knew i was weak to blissey X2!!! and he had cessation. I looked at my opening hand to be SO HAPPY! i had Togepi x2 Bagon rare candy Kiss Shelgon Crystal Bench. He Muliganed twice to give me a sally EX and energy. He only got one chansey and went first. Attached a psychic and passed. i rare candy kiss, 5 energies attached to 3 to kiss and two to bagon, attached one for my turn to bagon and flip heads for 70 on chansey (had it been anyone else but chansey i would've won) i played beach as well to make it worse for him. He got scared so he celio'ed for another Chansey attached to the new chansey and passed. i KO'ed the chansey he sends the other gets blissey to do 60 to togekiss and plays another chansey. I didn't want him to set up so i planned to OHKO with Sally EX. I needed another energies so i kissed again and OHKOed with Sally EX. he TV reported no base i win.
    We all won our first round except B.J.(he faced curtis so one of us had to lose)

    Round 2(2-0)
    SallyKiss vs. SallyKiss (curtis Lyon)
    So... it's the exact same deck list except i replaced 5 fires for fighting energies. The whole ride there and weeks prior we laughed at this moment thinking that we'll never face each other or our other friends at the tournament. Matt sat beside us and just laughed and told said "i told you guys to practice mirror". So i get a Pachy start with 2 candies and sally and he gets baltoy. i go first and get bagon, togepi and baltoy. he was forced to pass because we had the same amount of cards in hand and hand only energies in his. i top deck a bebes, look for Kiss get 6 energies candy Sally, retreat KO. We had a fun game after which i set up t3 and finish after t5 (we played two games in less than 10 minutes...)

    So Zach comes to talk to me and asks how i do, and i tell him hey your ice tea is good luck and that i'm not going to drink it because his hex is actually good luck! he starts to fight me for fun and i just rub it in his face that he gave me luck and he has bad luck.

    Round 3(2-1)
    SallyKiss vs. GG (Matt Koo(my team mate))
    WOW!!! two in a row!!! another one of my team members!!! anyway so i get a Baltoy start with Bagon on my Bench he has stantler. he goes first and leads for a roseanne. my turn i bebe's for claydol and use baltoy to draw until i had the same amount as Matt. He then sets up two ralts. attaches and leads. So i set up only using rowans as my supporter and he can't set up properly because he was getting nothing and. i get my Sally EX out and he's still trying to draw the one card he knows he needs to win the match. he Attacks once with Kirlia before getting KOed. and stalls again with another ralts. i KO it and he top decks the card!!!.... Crystal Shard... only teched it in just for one reason.. to beat me... so he plus powers and KOs my sally and it's all down hill from there.

    Round 4(3-1)
    SallyKiss vs. t2 parasect (Terry)
    Okay, so i had no clue what he was playing because you never know what he plays. he muliganed 5 times but it didn't build my case. i started with a Bagon and togepi on the bench. so he gets a paris and goes first with a scratch. my play, draw a baltoy and then play Crystal beach on the field and he assures me that he loses because he has nothing to counter it. i had shelgon claydol candy in my hand so bite for 10. he parasects and KO's my bagon. so i put up togepi. i use claydol's power putting my CB at the bottom and get a kiss and get 4 energies attach 3 to kiss and one to claydol. 2 turns later claydol set me up with another kiss and sally. he couldn't get his cessation out because he needed to roseanne every turn because i was beginning to OHKO everyone. after t6 i had 2 Sally's fully charged 2 kisses and one catty EX all charged. and i won from there.

    Round 5(4-1)
    SallyKiss vs. Robin M (Blissey and the 3 elfs)FIXED
    Okay, so even though i've had some fast game up to this point and never being called on time and always finished under 15 minutes, i knew i'd be able to sit down for over time and kick back and relax with him. I knew he was rusty because he hasn't shown up to league for about 6 weeks and hasn't really gotten into the new set. I kinda got scared to face him because i looked over his shoulder in a previous match to see him play blissey so when i saw the pairings i thought i was done for sure. I start with pachy and he's got Uxie Mespirit and chansey. he goes first no energy pass. My turn i had a CB in my hand so i made sure to play it down to prevent boost. i had a claydol in my hand and a rare candy bebe. i pachy for the usual baltoy bagon and togepi. his go, no energy TV reporter no energies pass. I bebe's for a kiss and candy it up i put i get 5; 3 on kiss and 2 on bagon. i attack for 10 with pachy and i can't use his attack next turn. So He's so interested so i started filling in with my combo even though it hasn't even been played yet. he gets nothing and has to pass again. i couldn't attack so i pachyed for my skitty on the bench. he passes i hit for 10 again he passes and then i retreat kiss for 40 and i can't attack with kiss but i KOed him. he brings up blissey and does a total of 50 damage to me with a boost and strength charm because of CB. Since i couldn't use kiss' attack i retreat into Sally EX discard the top 5 cards. now i'm getting scared because my 1 catty EX hasn't been discard or in my hand because if i lose that i lose the game. i claydol didn't get it. so i retreated to another Sally EX and discard the top 5 cards oh my deck to kill an elf luckily Delcatty EX was still in my deck. he brings up another elf, i claydol again get the catty EX i only have 3 cards left in my deck so if i sallyed again i lose so i evolve retreat sally to put more energies in the discard to make it enough to KO the elf that i was predicting to be his new active. he than only had one blissey no energies and i KO with Sally next turn.

    Round 6(5-1)
    SallyKiss vs. GG w/Claydol tech (Marcel Lesage)
    Okay okay so i looked at the people who would be carrying my resistance and i was almost a guarantee a top 8 spot but i wanted to make sure i got in for sure. Sooo me and Marcel go way back. He was nervous but i think he was more nervous than me. So i get a pacy start and he gets a baltoy. i set up a baltoy bagon and togepi. i top deck a claydol and start setting up while he's got nothing really going for him. So from this point on i swear we only played 6 turns before time was actually called... he got a gardy out made his turns almost two times longer. (telepass, rowans, cosmic power and thinking) i'm not a complainer because i love this guy. He got his BF out and i had a kiss candy in my hand! i needed a CB and fast! so i charge up a sally manually, and he gets 3 energy removals on me so i had to continue charge it. i did 20 damage with pachy to his claydol and then 40 with kiss i was hoping for the heads to KO it... he super scoop us and sonic blades my kiss. i put up delcatty EX retreat for free and get a heads with for 70 he KOs my kiss and i put up with a sally with only 2 energies on it. i use it to retreat so that i can up stream for the KO. he puts up a gardy DRE and bring down my pachy. no lost there play CB and i had a togepi candy Kiss and got like 8 energies charged two sally EX, retreated catty EX and OHKO. i knew this was good because we were equal in prizes and he had no energies on the field. he tries to scramble time was called and he thinks he can win but i assured him he couldn't even if he tried because he attached a useless energy and the next turn i'd take the prize for the win.

    Okay so i'm going to top 8 for sure because i was 5-1. here's the 8 seeds

    1. Sean Robinson(6-0) w/GG
    2. Geneses Pabuna(5-1) w/ SallyKiss
    3. Ralph Manahan (5-1) w/ Absol GGCurtis Lyon (5-1) w/ SallyKiss
    4. Curtis Lyon (5-1) w/ SallyKiss
    5. Zach Lesage (5-1) w/ GG claydol
    6. Matt Koo (4-2) w/ GG
    7. Kevin Lee (4-2) w/ GG ferret gatr tech
    8. Gerg Cresswell (4-2) w/ Blissey Banette

    So i face up with Kevin Lee

    Top 8
    This was the worst match of my life... anyways so i start with togepi and two bagons and he's got a two ralts. i go first i attach and find a friend. he does 10 so i got a rowan, i attach an energies on togepi AGAIN which was a misplay should've put it on Bagon i play CB and play rowan i save a candy. i get a candy skitty energy and sally. so i fail with find a friend again and i really want a Kiss. he candies into Gardy attacheds and passes. I top another rowans attach the energy candy into sally and save the same candy, i get nothing. i fail to find a friend and he than locks me. i give up a bagon to stall and get 3 energies on sally. he locks me again and i put up sally because i need skitty he locks me 2 times and all i needed was one energy card. he sonic blades me i get the energy one turn too late because now my skitty is up. so i attach to skitty and flip so he can't attack even though i know he's just going to teleport up and bring down. i lose.

    so i go out with a crappy end. So i find Zach and toast up the Ice Tea and drink it down

    all 6 members of my team making top 16
    3 of us made top 8
    Matt winning 3rd
    Crystal Bench being the best card in the world and making all my match that much easier
    SallyKiss for working!
    trading two kisses, wailord and 6 trainers for 10 packs and drawing Darkrai lvX
    Paul for lending me the cards i need to make the play!
    Not playing beyond table 8!!!
    Sean getting 6-0
    Good friends all around hope you know who you are(Yes Zach you're one of them... GANGSTA! Ice Tea FTW)
    Proving that SallyKiss is worth it and GG won't be all top 8

    top 8 only
    one turn too late
    Two good players on break for 6 weeks and being rusty at the tourney
    Paul not doing so good
    Forgetting to get my Gardy back from Kant!!!
    Sean getting Donked t3
    Ice Tea not taking me to finals- running flat on me
    that's about it
    SallyKiss not winning not in semi or finals

    PM if you want to face my deck on Redshark
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  2. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great report & Great Deck. I was 5th (5-1) going in the top cut FYI :lol:. BTW, I came out with a none-G&G deck that is mega-rogue (more rogue than you have ever been no sarcasm:lol:). Regionals worthy deck. BTW, I lmao for an hour after I saw the hexed ice tea:lol:. You also forgot to add rock-paper-scizors (sp. i am tired) ... GANGSTA hahaha (good times). I will right my report after I sleep:)
  3. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    I knew someone was gonna play sally EX. Gj.
  4. t-tar shockwave

    t-tar shockwave New Member

    AHHHHH!!!! only top 8!!!!! man i thought you'd go further!!! that deck was so good when i faced you online! anyways Good Job we'll practice for regionals, i told you Rowan was better than Wager.

    Oh by the way, i thought you said you played another blissey deck?

    Hope Sally doesn't get played now...
  5. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    You have to admit though my deck was pretty sick still. getting t2 in 3 of my games?! wow... that's really fast for a 2 stage 2 and 2 stage 1 deck.
    about rogues, i don't know man i don't think you can beat me when it comes to MEGA-ROGUE decks... i mean like i'm up there on the list for playing rogues. one question, does your rogue have anything to do with Gardy or maybe even Gallade? even when you said it wasn't the play any more you still played it :nonono:
    Thanks for the lucky Ice tea i hope you don't give me coffee at regionals i hate that stuff
    P.S. i don't think even a gangsta pair of scissor will cut through paper :lol:
    I'm not gonna lie it's a very good card even though it's an EX, i'd play it again at regionals because it's so good and so fun to play. (that doesn't mean i'm going to because now everyone's going to tech in one Crystal Shard, like one Matt Koo who did it just for my match up and allowed him to steal a victory over me:lol:)
    OH right i did play another blissey deck thanks, i'll fix it. Rowan better, i had so many saved candies that saved me

    yeah of course just gotta fit it in my "non-busy" exam schedule
  6. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    whats a crystal shard? Dusknoir is a silly tech. One final one... Who plays SUPER SCOOP!??!... =.=.
  7. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    you're lucky i played Salamence, otherwise you'd lose your first match AGAINST A ROGUE METAL DECK WHICH HAS TOTAL RESISTANCE OVER YOU and you needed that shard to win.

    P.S. if you were a better morning person you'd probably remember to put in the super scoop up in the deck the morning of it was the last thing you said before you drop dead and i'm pretty sure you woke up in the middle of your sleep saying need to put in those scoop ups :tongue:

    Good week end in total
  8. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Gardy/Lade is nowhere near my new deck:lol:
  9. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    good job guys, all of you :D hope to see all of you here in July :p
  10. Mloclam

    Mloclam New Member

    nice try gene =] Hope to see you guys for nats and maybe we can have a best of 7 rematch :thumb:
  11. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Congrats to both of you Bidier and Malcolm for first and second.

    How's David doing in masters? you know reminds me of a kid here named Zach, they both entered masters the this year and they both have a little brother too. What about Henry? is he still quitting until he's got the most awesome deck to win it all yet?

    You know Malcolm i never knew you'd get this into pokemon, considering that you're also so close at winning YugiOh nationals i heard you finally beat dexter this year i'm not sure.

    Guys sorry to break the news, as much i want to see you guys again and crashing on Bidier's sofa (i didn't even sleep on a single bed during worlds either...) i don't have the greens to pay my way there... i have to win regionals to make it there (and even if i do, i guess you can chill in my hotel room instead of us taking the train from Bidier's house to the tourny, don't worry i'll take the sofa =P).

    anyways oh man, Malcolm, your turn two banette vs my SallyKiss, if you can't get me at turn 2, and i'm still alive... i think i'll be taking home the best out of 7 this time =D
  12. Mloclam

    Mloclam New Member

    Haha I dont play too much only like some before a big tournament comes around =].
    But yah you better win regionals and get down here.
  13. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    i hope so, don't worry we're practicing non-stop, we even had a practice session today, let's just say we do league about 3 times a week!

    So i guess you finally converted eh =P POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON

  14. mila

    mila New Member

    GG. :lol:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2008
  15. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    It was t2 lol. even worse. if i got a 2nd turn i had the game haha

    I still think my old Sally EX deck is better :tongue: we'll have to play on Redshark to see
  16. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    I'm all for it!!!! oh man you don't even know what i've been up to the past 3 days!!! i've been playing american players showing them that my Sally deck ISN'T A COUNTER BUT a deck with good match ups against GG and Mag

    One guy i got him 5 prizes and he only took one Togetic before i decked hehehe

    The other game i took 4 prizes before he took my pachy on the bench and we got DCed... i had that game too had it continued

    But enough of Sally, me and my boys are on to regionals, we've got 4 decks in the running and i think it's gonna make an impact!
  17. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    I think the Question is who DOESN'T play super scoop up because they forgot to put it in the deck?

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