Sandstorm at Target

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Gym Leader Blaine, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    I just thought I would let eveyone know who doesnt have a Sandstorm Prerelease tournament in their area so they can get some of the new set, to go and check their local Target store. I stopped by one durning my lunch to see if they had any new Star Wars figures out and walked by the card section, and what did my eyes see :eek: they had Sandstorm packs for sell. So if you are looking to get some, and your local hobby store has not gotten them in yet, give Target a try. :thumb:
  2. filinal

    filinal New Member

    thanks for the info. i will chack asap eventhough i am going to a sandstorm prerelease tournament.
  3. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member


    So much for the concept of pre-release :rolleyes:
    I sure hope I don't get called out on it by one of the kids...
  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    you lucky guy :p
  5. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    The same exact thing happened with R/S.

    Target had the set for sale at least a week before all the other stores had it. =/
  6. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I was just there today to get someR/S. (Got a Blaziken & Mewtwo ex btw :thumb: ) and they had Sandstrom boosters & theme decks. It's like cheating that Target just ignores the release date & the pre-releases still to come.
    Of course, I didn't get any. I've waited this long & I will hold out until the real Storm hits on Saturday.
    A (sand) Storm is on the horizon. :thumb:
  7. 0bserver

    0bserver New Member

    As I'm nowhere near a Prerelease event, it has little impact on me. That said, I wonder if the bigwigs in Target know of this?

    Btw, I did purchase one pack. Alas, nothing high on my want list.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2003
  8. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    I am so jealous. My Target always gets the sets two weeks after they come out, and they still don't have EX Sandstorm. But, they do have these really cool booster pack packages where you can get promos and stuff.
  9. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Yay. Today's pay day for me... I'll have to run by Target now! :)

    Of course, if this is true, I wonder if it means that since a major chain has broken the street date if all the hobby stores are allowed to also. I know with video games it's a big thing to see which chain breaks the Street Date first so you can go to which local store (Game Stop, Electronics Boutique) and let them know - once they verify it, they're instructed to sell the product also. I question the legality of this process, since the Street Date *can* be a legally binding contract. Notice I didn't say it *was* a legally binding contract, it all depends on the wording of the store's contract with the distributer or company - For example, let's say you're a fairly small store who orders from a company that deals with small stores (since most large companies require a minimum order that small stores can't possibly meet). Now when you order from this company, it's as simple as calling them up and telling them what you want and giving them credit info (or having a billing account set up with them). Now this company deals with small hobby businesses all the time so, generally, they don't require such businesses to sign *any* kind of contract (short of one "I promise to pay" type thing if they have a Line of Credit with the company). Well, if this small business doesn't have a contract with Nintendo (or whomever) saying that the business won't break street date, then they can't be sued. And, generally, these small business-oriented distribution comapnies will ship the product to the small businesses A.S.A.P. so that the small businesses: A.) Can have them by the "street date", B.) Don't have to worry as much about Large Chains getting the product first and all of the customers buying all of their product from a large chain.

    Now, this is just one example. Basically, if a store's (or chain's) contract with the particular company doesn't expressly state that the store will not sell a product before the company wishes it to be sold, then it isn't illegal.
  10. Darkleaf Master

    Darkleaf Master New Member

    After calling a few targets in the area I confirmed one of them DID have them but RAN OUT before I could get there!!! And they always put out tons of boosters!! Who could have bought so many??!! (The cards had been out for only a couple of days)
  11. old man

    old man New Member

    Think about this.

    With WotC there used to be a set release date.
    Then it changed to "whenever the store has them" was the release date & valid for DCI tournaments unless specified by WotC.

    I have seen nothing that TPC has stated there is a strict release date. Does anyone know which way TPC is going on this? A Specific release date or is it when the store gets them.

    I checked my local Target yesterday & got 20 packs & a theme deck. Now I can't wait till Sunday to go to a PRErelease
  12. Hey,

    I posted this news 2 or 3 days ago....but for some reason it got locked :( :(

    Oh, well....
  13. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    Sorry to hear that I stopped by three Targets in my area and all three of then had a ton of booster, but only two of them had the Theme decks. I would check back in a couple of days for the reason the most targets get three or four trucks in a week to restock the store. Just something you learn when looking for new toys and such. ;)
  14. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    Your post was locked because you were asking about the actual release date for Sandstorm. There had already been a topic started about that subject. We ask people to use existing topics if there are any, so we can keep the discussion in one place. That's why your topic was locked.

    It's true that you did talk about Sandstorm being available at Target in that post, so you get credit for posting that news first!!! :thumb:

  15. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    That or the mods just dont like your topic. :p I should know, they are always after me lucky Pokemon charms. But They will never get my Lucky Charms, I will hide them in Wonkas factory were the Opalumpas will keep them safe from everyone. :lol: Sorry back on topic, just went to the crazy house, but Im better now.
  16. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    That's OOMPA-LOOMPAs ;)

    Oh, sorry to stray OT -

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2003
  17. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    ::Thinks about banning GLB for life::

    BDS :lol:
  18. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    :( Im Sorry I will share my Lucky Charms and Trix with all the good little boys and girls. :p
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2003
  19. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Just keep em away from .....the rabbit :lol:
    Cuz trix r 4 kids :clap:
  20. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    The Target by me has em in!!
    Ludicolo in my first pack, along with Linoone and Vigoroth..
    Sheesh has anyone seen Vigoroth, he is like the Nintendo version of Scyther! :lol:
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