Sandstorm Pre-release Comes to Colorado

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SteveP, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Dale'z Kards in Colorado Springs has been chosen to host a Sandstorm Pre-release tournament. More info to follow after the Tournament Organizer (Dwayne @ Dale'z) gets more word and/or the info gets put up on

    So, plan on coming to the first official Pokemon tournament in Colorado using the new Nintendo rules. Be the first in Colorado to use the new Sandstorm Pokemon cards. Lots of Sandstorm boosters will be giving out as prizes.

    Hope to see you there!


    Dale'z Kardz and Komicz
    4341 N. Academy Blvd.
    Colorado Springs CO 80918


    Saturday, September 13
    9am Registration
    4pm-ish finish
  2. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    Congrats Steve on getting a tournament in your area. Wish I could come, but it is the same weekend that the Salt Lake City one is. Wish you the best with it :D
  3. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Oh yeah! Sounds fun. I'll be there. But what happened to anyone running a RS challenge in Colorado?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2003
  4. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Sorry mysterioustrainer, but Nintendo told our TO that it was too late to try to start organizing a R/S Challenge for Colorado since they failed to select anyone earlier (like they promised). But, I'm OK with that since less than half our Regular Pokemon group plays the GBA R/S. Hope to see you at the tournament.
  5. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Ahh pity, which means I have to dump that plan. Well I look forward to this event anyways. I let my local friends know about it, but no one is going to be a stupid as me to go that far.
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  6. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    This info just in from Nintendo. More to follow...

    Format of the event:

    The prerelease tournament will be 4 rounds of sealed deck format. Players receive 6 sealed boosters of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm, and construct a deck using those cards.

    Starting the Event
    1. As players arrive at the event location, when they sign-up, the organizer will fill out pairing slips for the players.
    2. At the start of the event, players will receive 6 boosters of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm.
    3. They will have 30 minutes to build a 40-card deck. The tournament organizer will be supplied with Energy cards for the event. We will also provide the tournament organizer with Quick Start rules, with suggestions on how to build a sealed deck.
    Tournament Structure
    4. Each round will be sealed deck, using age-modified swiss pairings. Players will have 30 minutes to complete the first round, with each player putting out 4 Prize cards instead of the normal 6.
    End of Tournament
    5. At the end of the tournament, players receive 3 points for each win, 1 point for each draw, and 0 points for a loss.
    6. Prizes are awarded to the top players in each age category, reflecting the age categories of 15+, 11-14, and 10 & under.
    7. You will submit an event report, including a list of players and general feedback on the event. This event report will need to be sent back to Pokémon USA, Inc in order to be considered for future premier events.
    Side Events
    8. We are encouraging you to run side events at the prerelease by allowing you to order extra Sandstorm product to use as prizes for the side events.
    9. Acceptable side event formats include:
    § GBA battle (using the same format as the GBA portion of the Challenge events) Note: due to gambling laws, you cannot charge an entry fee for GBA only side events.
    § Constructed deck (specific format determined by the TO)
    § Booster draft (using R&S boosters and/or leftover Sandstorm product)
  7. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    And, the "official" Sandstorm FAQ...

    Pokemon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm
    Prerelease Tournament FAQ

    Q: What is a Prerelease Tournament?

    A: A Prerelease Tournament is a tournament that features a set of cards that have not yet been released. Usually, these events are run a week to two weeks prior to the official release date for that set of cards.

    Q: How can I get ready for the event if I don’t have the cards yet?

    A: Part of the fun of a Prerelease tournament is trying to figure out which cards to put in your deck, which can be tricky, since you’ve never seen them before!

    Q: How do I get the cards to build my deck?

    A: When you register and pay your admission fee, you’ll be given six (6) booster packs to build your deck. Energy cards are available from the tournament organizer. These cards are yours to keep, regardless of how well you do in the tournament.

    Q: Do I get anything else for participating in the tournament?

    A: Yes! Everyone who signs up for the event will receive a special prerelease card from the upcoming expansion that is only available at one of these events!

    Q: What is the format of the tournament?

    A: The format is “sealed deck”, you’ll build a 40 card deck from the booster packs you receive. Your tournament organizer will be supplied with energy cards for you to use as well. We will also provide the tournament organizer with Quick Start rules, with suggestions on how to build a sealed deck.

    Q: How much does it cost to enter?

    A: Entry fees are restricted to a maximum of $20 US dollars.

    Q: When is the EX-Sandstorm Prerelease tournament in my area?

    A: Pokémon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm prerelease tournaments will occur during the weekends of September 6th-7th & September 13th-14th 2003, in approximately 35 locations across the United States and Canada. Be sure to check our event locator at to find the Prerelease tournament nearest you!

    Q: How do I register and is there a deadline?

    A: Once you’ve found the local tournament you’d like to participate in, just contact the organizer listed as the contact for that event. Some organizers will allow you to pre-register as well as accept same-day registration, but will not guarantee enough space for same-day registrants. Make sure you contact your local Pokemon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm Prerelease organizer for all of the registration information and details of their event!

    Q: Are there any age restrictions?

    A: NO! Pokemon Organized Play is featuring three age brackets for tournament play. Our age brackets are; 10 and under, 11 to 14, and 15 and over. All events will feature the same prize structure for all three age brackets!

    Q: What are the Prizes?

    A: Excellent question! The prize schedule is listed below. Remember, we’re awarding these prizes to each age group!

    1st Place
    1 Box of Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Sandstorm Booster Packs

    2nd Place
    18 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Sandstorm Booster Packs

    3rd Place
    9 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Sandstorm Booster Packs

    4th Place
    9 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Sandstorm Booster Packs

    5-8th Place
    4 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Sandstorm Booster Packs

    And remember, everyone gets to keep the cards from the packs they received for the tournament, as well as an EX Sandstorm Prerelease Promo Card.
  8. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Here's the latest:


    Play the new EX Sandstorm Pokemon-e cards before they're officially released for sale! Use cards with never-before-seen Pokemon from the Ruby & Sapphire Pokemon Series. Only about 35 locations across the US/Canada are lucky enough to hold this Premier Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) event! So, don't miss out. Come, catch-em, and show off your Pokemon Trainer skills.

    Tournament Format: Each player will receive six (6) booster packs of EX Sandstorm. From those cards, each player will make a 40-card deck that they'll use to play in the tournament. Energy cards will be provided. The tournament will run at least four (4) 30-minute rounds. Players will play against all other players based upon their age and their win-loss record (this is called age-modified swiss). The age brackets are: 10 and under, 11 to 14, and 15 and over.

    Date: Sat, Sept 13, 2003
    Time: 9am (Registration)
    Cost: $20
    Place: Dale'z Kards & Komicz
    4341 N. Academy Blvd.
    Colorado Springs CO

    Prizes: Everyone gets a foil promo card. The top finishers in EACH age bracket receive Pokemon-e TCG EX Sandstorm product as listed below.
    1st 36 booster packs (that's a whole box!)
    2nd 18 booster packs
    3rd & 4th 9 booster packs
    5th - 8th 4 booster packs

    GBA Battle Side Event: Bring your Ruby & Sapphire Gameboy Advance systems and link cables. If there's enough interest, we'll run up to four (4) rounds of 1-on-1 battles. However, you MUST abide by these restrictions: 1) only three (3) Pokemon in your team, 2) your Pokemon can have a maximum level of 50, and 3) your team CANNOT have Pokemon #'s 198, 199, or 200. EX Sandstorm prizes will be given out for this GBA tournament. NOTE: Leave your GameSharks at home!

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