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    Hey, there are some new ghosts in this set... yay... Now this is my All Saints Eve review of our scary purple ghost types:

    Dusclops: evolves from Duskull,

    70 Hp is not that bad for this stage of Pokemon, given the current tourment envorment- it could be better but its about what you expect from this stage (in this envorment)

    (P)(*) Judgement, flip 2 coins if both are heads the defending Pokemon is Knocked Out.

    At first glance ANY attack that reads "the defending Pokemon is knocked out" is exelent, but there is always some backlash; with one of the prevous Ghost pokemon you had to use Night eyes the turn before... anyrate you have less then 50% shot of getting this to work, about 15% of the time it will work, so figure in any given game that you have this up and running about 1 out of the 5 times you attack it will work, ehh-- the chance to KO anything is good, but its just that, only a chance.

    (P)(*)(*) Random Curse, Put a total of 5 dammage counters on all defending Pokemon in any way you like.
    well, 50 dammage is great- the fact that this is a dammage counter attack basicly meens nothing can stop it, no Bodys, no Powers, no traners, no resantance, nothing- only in unlimited with Hauneter's transparancey and perhaps some other powers did you have something that could defend agenst this, also this an attack that can be used in 2 vs 2 play, a great benifet.

    Weakness Dark... well if you face any Dark Pokemon that do a signifant about of dammage you most likely will be knocked out, the advantage here is that DArk Pokemon usealy have a resantance to P type, and all your attacks ingore resantance.

    Resantance Fighting... pretty much any ghost type that faces a fighting type always has an advanatge!!

    1 Retreat cost... thats really good given the retivaltive low cost of your attacks here- if your in trouble you may as well pay it and save your warp engery or switch for biger retreat Pokemon.

    Duskull #61

    40 Hp is ok for a basic, dont exepct to be around for that long.

    (*) Surprise Choose 1 card from your oppenents hand without looking. Look at the card you chose and have your oppenent shuffle that card into his or her deck.

    Could they just say pick a random card look at it and shuffle it... ah well- basicly its an OK version of some older trainer cards and some minor desruption, I supose you could Desert Shaman and then use this so your oppenent has even less cards in there hand.

    (P) Confuse Ray flip a coin. If heads the defending Pokemon is now confused.
    What thats it? A 50/50 chance of doing some status that once was alot better, given this could stall agenst big reatreaters, but its really not that great, I would only advice using this if your serten that they have no way to switch easyly, or if you just have no choise but to try for the stall, it would have been better if it had paralised them, or given some dammage as well, perhaps if it had targeted both defending pokmon for 2 vs 2 battles... eh not that great of an attack over all.

    Bottom stats are the same as its evolved form here, but in this case its a shame to have any retreat cost.

    Duskull #62

    40 hp again... it could have been better!!

    (P) Haunt Put 1 dammage counter on the defending Pokemon.
    What is it about this ghost and non dammage type attacks? This is a great all around attack, again dammage counters basicly cant be stoped in this envorment, and even in unlimmited there are only a hand full of pokemon that can stop them.

    (*)(*) Dark Mind 10 Does 10 dammage to 1 of your oppenents benched Pokemon, dont apply w/r to benched pokemon.
    Hey, I rember this attack... heh- 10 dammage isnt that great and 10 to a Pokemon on the bench is... OK at best, since this is a colorless attack you could do haunt turn 1, then put a bounce engery on him, returning the P engery, then do this attack, then evolve next turn and add that P again... but I wouldnt advice even trying to do this attack at all, unless you nead that 10 dammage on there bench for some odd reasion.

    Bottom stats, again hes the same as above.

    Overall, these ghost Pokemon seem to favor non dammage type attacks and go for mainly effect attacks, the only draw back would be Pokemon that are uneffected by such attacks, there are a few in this format... 2 I belive... I'll let you figure out what I'm talking about :) It would have been nicer to see more Hp on the basic and perhaps he will have more latter, for now if your running these guys I would run #62 over the other one simply for more effect dammage and over all better choices in attacks. Once grown he is a powerhouse to truely be feared!!


    Thats it for now, if you want I've come up with a fun way to play Pokemon: you and your oppenent have Ghost Pokemon on the side (seprate from your deck) and when your Pokemon is Knocked out, they replace it, (Replace a basic with a basic, a stage 1 with a stage 1 and so on) treat all there attacks as if they only require colorless engery (so you can use them in any deck!!) However when a Ghost pokemon is Knocked out its removed from play and no prize is given for it (your oppenent must discard a card for knocking it out because its so scary though!!) Have fun!!
    (using these rulls however you cant use Ghost Pokemon in your deck!)

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