Sceptile Posion Ver. 1.5 (Unlimited)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Kyogre, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    I like to call this deck "You stop working if your deck is affected with a special condition" and you will see why.

    Pokemon (18):
    4x Sceptile (Lizard Poison)
    2x Grovyle (Swift)
    4x Treeko (Poison Breath)
    3x Weezing (R/S)
    3x Koffing (R/S)
    2x Scyther (Jungle)

    Trainers (26):
    4x Breeders
    4x Oaks
    4x CPU Search
    4x Gold Berry
    3x Item Finder
    3x Switch
    2x Town Volunteers
    2x Poke Fan Club

    Energy (16):
    4x Double Colorless
    12x Grass

    The Weezing can do 10+Auto confuse for one energy and the second attack does 10 to each of their benched and auto poison for 2 energies. And the Secptile should be know for the mass amount of special conditions it can inflict to an opponent while charging up Solar Beam. Both Pokemon utilize small energy cost which makes them not prone to SER and ER. DCE works well with Sceptile's Lizard Poison b/c it's attack changes due to the amount of energy on him, not energy cards.

    Weezing is weak vs. Psychic and Sceptile is weak to fire but resistant to Water. That should cover the resistances for the most part. Scyther is for support.

    The trainers are ment for speed searches and healing. Pretty typical.

    And in the end, its always nice to basically stop your opponent's Active Pokemon's Poke-Powers.
  2. Extreme Espeon

    Extreme Espeon New Member

    Pretty good I might suggest to try (another stage 2 might be tough) Meganium (Wild Growth) Making powering up your sceptiles a turn or two faster, by the looks of the deck it could go without it! By the looks of the deck, if you were to put in Meganium you would probably take out the koffing line. You already have so much status with Sceptile alone! Other than that great deck!
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2003
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Actually, IMO, all you need to do is drop a Breeder, a Town Volunteers and a Grass Energy to put in 3 Gusts of Wind. It's a bit rogue, but there's certainly nothing wrong with rogue.
  4. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Any sceptile deck, like this one, just begs for teching of the other sceptile, with energy trans. It's nice to start with koffing/weezing, switch it out, and then nail 'em with solar beam or a heavier attack when you energy trans. Also works well with pokemon center, iffn' you're going unlimited. I'd even go 2/2 on the sceptiles, because the big 120 HP one isn't going down easily and, despite its low energy cost attack, it doesn't exactly fit the mold of a swarmer (though it should).
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Good point, Dendro. Actually, for the Sceptile line, I'd go with 4 Poison Breath Treecko, 1 of either Grovyle (though I'd lean for Natural Cure, since it has more HP), 4 Breeder, 2 Energy Trans Sceptile, and 2 Lizard Poison Sceptile. Also, 2 Boost Energy might find themselves useful -- they'd let you unleash Lizard Poison's full power on turn 2, or use Solarbeam turn 3. I'm a little iffy about the Weezing line. They just don't do much to help you. With how easy it is to change Active Pokemon in Unlimited, Special Condition decks are extremely hard to pull off. Not saying it can't be done, or that this deck might not be able to pull it off, just that it's an extra challenge.
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