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  1. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    Hi PokéGym ^_- !

    I would like to start here discussion about new PTCG set and its impact to modified decks.

    Everyone heard about release of DCE in HGSS and a lot of people started to talking about decks like new PLOX, Flygon variation (obv) and many others, but my second card (after Gardevoir SW obv ^^) which I remember was SCIZOR from Majestic Down set.

    And now, I would like to start talking here about this card and I start to write here some of its props and cons.

    PROPS :

    - only Stage 1 (easy setup)
    - cheap first attack (only one NRG)
    - cool resistance (psychic)
    - IMO cool weakness (fire)
    - nice retreat cost (one NRG)
    - sometimes usefull second attack (probably with DCE)
    - can use special Metal NRG to reduce taking damage

    CONS :

    - low Hit Points (ehm 90 :-/)

    IMO its very good card, but :

    - if your opponents doesnt play special NRG cards you have small base damage with first attack and second is flippy and you need DCE

    + with Exeprt Belt (obv card with Scizor) it can does 100 for one NRG !

    + its second attacks base damage is 70 what isnt the best but better than 50 ^^

    And the point of this card :

    - it takes value from many special NRG in current format and IMO many decks play them

    - Problem : How to beat decks which doesnt play any special NRG like Rain Dance decks, random fire deck (Charizard, Typloshion etc.), Domphan, Kingdra, Speedrill and sometimes SP deck (Poké Turn)

    So I am looking for some secon attackers that can help me with my problems and build some agresive deck (100 dmg for one NRG with easy setup is obv agresive ^^) wich can beat current format and have at least bad matchups.

    So, please start to discuss, feel free & enjoy !

    At the end of this post I would like to write here all special NRG on modified :

    NRGs : (10)
    Double Colorless

    (Are they all ?)
  2. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    probopass from arceus is a good hitter with scizor, I have a deck thats that sizor, probopass and
    steelix its not bad when I have more time I will post the deck list.
  3. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    Adding 1-1 or 2-2 Scizor MD to a DialgaChomp deck would be really amusing.
  4. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    @ adagerna :

    Ok, it will be cool, if you post your list.

    @ Kayle :

    I played DialGarchomp at 3 cities and its imo one of the best deck in current format, but I think that I dont have 2 or 4 free slots in it :-/
    And also I have bad matchup vs Rain Dance deck and Scizor tech doet help me here :-/
  5. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral New Member

    Yeah good luck fitting that in and not taking out essential cards.

    To answer the OP, yeah Scizor is a decent tech, but space is too tight nowadays with all the cards to fit in. Teching a 1-1 or 2-2 Scizor MD and a metal or two in one deck is just too much. But it would be a nice surprise, idk :biggrin:
  6. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    @ TheGeneral

    THX for you post, but ok, if it is hard to tech in some deck, what do you think about Scizor like main hitter ? With Expert Belt it can does cool dmg via its first attack.
  7. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral New Member

    Sure. But what if youre playing against jumpluff? donphan? gyarados (who even if they run cyclone can OHKO you)? These will be big decks that dont run many special energy. scizor md is a tech card to me, not a whole deck.
  8. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    Having the sizor probopass deck I have to agree with the general it's the secondary attacker
    because it's high damage is based on your opponent playing special energy, a lot of the decks damage is
  9. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    @ TheGeneral :

    Ok, ok BTW do you think thant Jumpluff will be played a lot ? Dusknoir is really scared card for any Jumpluff deck, or not ?

    @ adagerna :
    Hmm, ok and could you post here you Probopass - Scizor list ? Whats the point of deck ? Whats your tournament results with it ?
  10. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    Well I can't post the deck list as for once I only have one deck on me and it's a fun deck I'm working on.
    Unfortunately I built the deck the day of a hgss prerelease so I have not done any tournament play with it.
    The point of the deck is to have out a probopass with an exbert belt and several special metals out so you
    have a fairly high damage dealing tank that hits fast, while sizor speeds hits anything with a special metal
    or use x-scisor with a dce the second turn it's out. Steelix is well in there to annoy people with iron tail lol
  11. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral New Member

    Dusknoir? Jumpluff laughs at dusknoir. By the time you're able to night spin, youre KO'd. Jumpluff is a speed deck and the only way to counter it is by hitting back hard and fast. Not dusknoir.
  12. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    @ adagerna :
    Ok, thx, your deck looks pretty cool :)

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    @ TheGeneral :

    Hmm ok, if Dusknoir is not problem, what is problem but fire and Night Spin attack ?
    Do you have some decent list ? Could you PM it ?
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  13. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    I apologize for taking so long to post this, but here is my deck list. I may be droping a trainer or
    supporter somewhere for another dce. Also the reason behind using trainers like pokemon
    communication is for probopass's pokebody to hit for the extra damage.

    2 scyther (SF)
    2 scizor (MD obviously)
    3 nosepass (PT)
    3 probopass (AR)
    1 onix (SF)
    1 steelix (SF)
    2 uxie (LA)
    2 baltoy (GE)
    2 claydol (GE)
    1 spiritomb (AR)
    total pokemon 19

    3 expertbelt
    2 lucian's assignment
    1 luxury ball
    2 conductive quarry
    4 plus powers
    2 cynthia's feelings
    3 pokemon communication
    2 roseanne's research
    2 switch
    2 warp point
    2 night maintenance

    total t/s/s 25

    6 basic metal energy
    2 basic fighting energy
    4 special metal energy
    2 double colorless energy
    2 call energy

    16 energy cards
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  14. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    @ adagerna

    Np, I think that you posted it ASAP as you can ;-)

    Your list looks pretty cool and point of Probopass's Poke-Body + Pokemon Communication looks so cool !

    What do you think abou taking down 2 basic Metal Enrgy for another 2 Call Energy ? I think thant 8 Metal NRG is enough. Ano about DCE you can take down Fightings ? BTW why you playing Fighting NRG ?
  15. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    I just found that it I personaly like having a bit extra energy that I can roseanne's for is all, but I do
    think that 2 more call energy would work just as well. Also the reason for the fighting energy is a
    two-fold one it allows both claydol to attack in worst case situations, but also if I can't evolve for
    whatever reason the nosepass and onix need them to attack as well. I'll go and edit in what sets the
    pokemon are from as well seeing as how I just noticed I didn't do that.
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