Scizor's 2nd Place WCSC Report :P

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    Well i'm pretty bored right now so i decided i'd actually do a report. If you have read T-Tar's (Fulop) report you already have an idea of what i played and how much i pwn :p So basically about a week before our SCs I was randomly talking to Fulop on AIM at about like 2 a.m. and i was throwing gorebyss in like every deck possible. I finally said Gorebyss in Metagross OMG i broke the format gg. So Chris was like going crazy as usual and then we started to make a decklist and then the playtesting like nuts for the next week. We still hadn't even completely perfected it by our SCS obv, but yah our plan was to win our trips on the same day on different coasts, it would be the DEFINITION OF MIZE.

    Thursday finally gets here and after i go to my pathetically difficult, boring, etc Biology class i go and playtest M:TG with my crazed friend Mike. We pointlessly test for the PTQ and then try and take the Store Owner's Money in poker. I endup winning like 7 bucks :p I just pwn obv. So anyway, at about 5 i drive over to Ryan's house to pick him up as he is my whole ONE playtest guy within 2 hours lol. I had 8 random packs from HL i bought cuz we were supposed to draft up at TRUKS house (Chris Silver) on friday. We get back to my house and endup becoming EXTREMELY bored and just draft the packs anyway. I honestly dont even remember what i drafted because i draft like 354380442 times a week but i think i ACTUALLY won this one vs Ryan, he usually always beats the heck out of me in draft. After that we do nothing for hours and then make fun of TRUK on AIM and finally go to bed with TRUK'S sorry excuse for directions.

    Friday: We wake up at like 9, lie around and eat some food. We had planned to leave at about 12, but of course we slack off and end up leaving at like almost 1 lol. It is about a 2.5 hour drive to San Jose where TRUK lives and it was like 308304802408 degrees outside and i have NO AIR CONDITIONING IN MY TRUCK. So we drive...and drive =/ We stop at some Subway in Morgan Hill or something after Ryan continually complains about my poor restraunt locating skills. We get to TRUKS at about 4 or something of course. We walk up to his house and come in and go up to his room and he shows us where we're gonna sleep etc. It is like a furnace in his house because he has no AC OF COURSE. AND HES UPSTAIRS. So yah basically ryan and i go through his cards, ryan tries to steal some of TRUKS 8 billion copies of cards and then we go and play some random games. TRUK keeps thinking im playing something other than Blaze cuz i have this one sleeved up and kept being an idiot saying like "YAH ITS RYANS, but IM PLAYING IT TOO" even though i only have like 1 blex and ryan has one :p So of course i thought truk was playing Metagross/Stupidity but of course he chickens out and says hes playing Blaze. We play some random mirror matches and i of course pwn him both games as usual, it was pretty disgusting. I think we may have played some games with Crobyss, but i dont remember, nor care, but truks CROBYSS IS THE WORST DECK IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME. We get completely bored eventually and decide to go on a 3 mile walk to his nearest mall. It actually wasn't a bad walk and yah we get there and walk around randomly and get some McDonalds :p I was trying to find hot women around in the mall, but apparently few exist where he lives =/ At least to me. So yah after comtemplating if we want to draft with our sorry excuse for $$ we decide we aren't and walk back to his house. We randomly stop by target and get some 25 cent sodas outside of there cuz we're cheap and then go inside and truk buys some PUSH POPS LOL. We finally get back to his house around sundown and go on AIM and make fun of Pablos' Italian G/F. It was hilarious and EVERYONE kept asking me what i was playing and told everyone like something different. It was also funny cuz TRUK said like EVERY DECK IMAGINABLE with GOREBYSS BUT METAGROSS i was trying not to laugh. Anyways after some random games of Walrein/Stupidity vs Crocrap we hit the sack at about 1.

    Saturday: Well the tourney is finally here and i can avenge my TWO 1 seed losses in top 8 at the GCS back in May =/ We get up at like 6 a.m. =/ Take showers, etc and then truk figures he should get directions just in case we get lost. I am taking ryan in my TRUCK and TRUK is riding with his friend ALI and a bunch of his other random league friends to the WCSC, i said i'd follow ALI as i hve NO IDEA where i'm going ROFL. NO OFFENSE TO ALI BUT DUDE USE A BLINKER FOR ONCE. We got lost like 3583053805 times trying to find UC BERKELY and FINALLY find it after asking like 10 people. We park in some garage and then walk up to where the Tourney is being held.
    We walk in and there is like barely and people in there and im like =/ I meet up with Matt Dunford (rep 13) and Nick Eskey to borrow cards. I then see levi (hes not hard to find rofl) and borrow stupid rare candys from him and then put together my stupid deck. I decide to just let TRUK know and hes like "I dont care, etc." I turn in my decklist and then team LA FINALLY shows up. I go over and say hey and introduce TRUK and stuff. After waiting for awhile they finally go over the rules, etc and i'm playing with TRUKS phanpy as they are. Levi was trying not to laugh as i made obnoxious gestures with Phanpy it was pretty stupid :p Anyways the TOURNEY FINALLY starts, i don't know when so yah.

    BTW i'm prolly not gonna remember many names or decks so bare with me lol.

    Round 1 vs Matt Dunford's Typhlosion ex
    I thought it was pretty lame i got paired with a friend ROUND 1. =/ I start with like a LONE JIRACHI of course and somehow get some stupid things out like gorebyss and junk and his setup is pretty bad. I get some stuff out and win eventually, sorry Matt i hate stupid games =/ I look over to where truk is playing and see his horrid setup and he still somehow almost won, but ends up losing on time im like =/

    1-0 3 Points

    Round 2 vs John from Team LA with Blaze
    Great i get to play vs a Blaze. His setup is pretty terrible and i actually could have won turn 2 with gorebyss, dre vs his lone torchic but he of course reversals my sparce so i have to have switch and i of course don't. The game drags out and he gets some stuff and a couple prizes, but it doesn't really matter as time is called and i'm completely in control with 1 prize left.

    2-0 6 Points

    By this time they announced they were gonna have a lunch break and that there will be 6 total rounds and 2/3 top 16. At this point Ryan is 2-0 with blaze, Matt is 1-1, TRUK is 1-1, Nick is 2-0 and i forget everyone else. We go to get some pizza and i was astonished it was actually pretty good and not overpriced. We walk back finally and joke around about these guys playing weird instruments and dancing right outside of the tourney building. I tell Trikeiv (Matt Yuen) that we should go out there and dance with them :p We of course don't cuz i'm a HORRIBLE dancer. Anyways round 3....

    Round 3 vs Sean Gettys with Gardevoir/Gorebyss
    Well seeing as how my deck pretty much beats gardy, it wasn't a hard game. He did get a few gorebyss in play with like a ton of psy in play, but mine were too much for him along with Metagross' resistance, despite my horrid flipping i think i won with about 5 mins left or something up a few prizes.

    3-0 9 Points

    I of course have started 3-0 as usual and at this point im like =/ I had not lost in SWISS IN 18 GAMES IN CONSTRUCTED. I'm sure that all of pokegym watching the results update was like "yah yah same ole same ole." Anyways maybe i'd actually lose a game. Also to update things: Ryan was 3-0, TRUK 2-1, Matt 2-1, Nick 3-0.

    Round 4 vs Matt Yuen (Trikiev) with Blaze
    This game had to be the worst ever. We both start with liek NOTHING and i can't draw like ANYTHING at all and endup drawing a TOTAL OF TWO EVOLUTIONS ALL GAME. HE FINALLY gets blaze up like the 3043840 turn and malls through everyone of my 4 beldums and 2 other losers for 6 prizes alone with ONE BLAZE. The streak was finally over lol, thanks matt! Now i won't be 1 seed :p

    3-1 9 Points

    Well i knew i had to win 1/2 to make top 16 and with my luck i should do it ;p Ryan is actually 4-0 and in 1st i'm like dude sweet, and i think Nick was 3-1, TRUK is 2-2 =/, and Matt is 3-1 cuz he beat truk.

    Round 5 vs Lianne with Gardevoir/something i don't remember
    Wow the amount of ORIGINALITY in this tourney is just AMAZING i've played like 2 Gardevoirs and 2 blazes WOW. Well hers wasn't really archtypical and we both get horrid starts, I SWEAR i haven't got a good one all day and i somehow win. I have no energy for TWO TURNS. I finally get up a gorebyss with dre and mall through a few guys and then juncture it to gross and ko everything else. That game was pretty bad =/

    4-1 12 Points

    I go over to watch TRUKS game and see he is prolly going to win and of course Ryan drew so he is 4-0-1 and Nick i think is 4-1, Matt is 4-1, i go over to look at the standings, and see that TRUKS resistance IS HORRIBLE and that there are like infinite 2-2's, =/ He actually wins though so he is 3-2, needing a miracle and a win to top 16.

    Round 6 vs Jerry Dominguez with Gardevoir

    We ID assuring us top 16.

    4-1-1 13 Points

    The rest of the table like IDs too lol. So Matt is 4-1-1, Nick is 4-1-1, Ryan is 4-0-2, and now we just need truk to top 16. We go over and watch his game, and he finally wins and is 4-2......We mess around for a few minutes and determine that only like 3 4-2s will make top 16.

    I see the standings being printed and then i actually see them DRAW THE CUTOFF LINE and see CHRIS SILVER ABOVE IT LOL. I'm like dude chris ur in top 16. He's like U BETTER NOT BE LYING. They post it and sure enough, he is : ) So yah basically all of us made top 16. They do some deck checks that take forever and i find out im lucky 7th seed =) but i have to play Matt AGAIN who is 10th =/

    Top 16 vs Matt Dunford with Typhlosion
    Game 1: He draws like nothing all game and i get a decent setup with gorebyss swarming and just take down all his water weak guys =/
    Game 2: I don't remember much other than it was comparable to game 1, he drew crap vs me all day i felt pretty bad that we were matched up it wasn't cool : (

    2-0 W
    I go over to watch TRUK and Ryan's games and TRUK wins vs something i don't remeber like 2-0 ;p Ryan's match vs Jerry is pretty nuts and comes down to game 3 with time running out. Time is called on Jerry's turn i think and he can't ko or something and does all he can to prevent Ryan from winning, but ryan has boost/blex in his hand and evolves his combusken and kos a ralts for the win. Nick i think lost in top 16 i can't remember but yah =/ So ryan, me and truk all are in top 8 =) Now we just have to hope we don't get matched up.

    Top 8 vs Chung Ly? with Gardevoir/Blaze or something
    Well i find out Truk and Ryan and i are all playing someone different :) this could be a dream come true if we all win.
    Game 1: I really have no idea what this guy is playing as he plays a torchic and has a bad hand game 1 but plays psychics on it and a ralts. I take forever to win wtih my horrid flipping but somehow just get a gorebyss swarm up and mall through everything.
    Game 2 : I draw garbage as usual and he gets up like a bunch of stuff eventually, i still keep playing though as i'm only down a couple prizes and have a chance at winning. My Flipping though dos me in as usual and he wins with about like 10 mins left going into game 3.
    Game 3: I draw a decent hand and start getting some stuff up and he does as well. I get some horrid flipping vs his sparce and cant ko it letting him get setup with a couple blaze and gex in play. I drop ruins and he obv doesn't like that. I think he gets up a gex and starts attacking but i quickly get a metagross and he is forced to switch back. Ruins is slowly whittling down his blex and gex by this time with tied prizes, and i can't manage to draw anything to break the game open and time is called on his turn.....I have a metagross active with 2 metal and full HP left and he has like a ton of energy on the board with a gex benched. He FS twice hoping to get the 15 energy in play he needs to ko me.. He has 11 i think at one point and needs to draw a boost and somehow do another 10, so he ED's and tvr o r something and doesnt draw anything. He then brings up something like Cat or something that i can't OHKO. He passes and i have rock tm in hand play it and ko his benched gex cuz of ruins for the game.

    2-1 W
    AT this point i'm pretty excieted as i have won the invite to worlds and i am one win away from the trip and actually got past top 8! I find out Ryan got smashed 2-0 by Kevin Tran's gardy cuz of horrid draws and i'm like =/ Since Kevin has already won a trip though, that means an invite or a trip will be passed down depending on who wins this top 4. Truk actually beats Paul's Flygod deck for an invite, but he obv needs the trip.

    We find out that we are STILL NOT PLAYING EACH OTHER. And we are liek SWEEEET, we both gotta win to go to worlds : )

    Top 4 Vs Kevin Tran with Gardevoir
    This was pretty cool as even if i had lost to Kevin, i still play the loser of truks game with eric for a trip cuz it gets passed down =) I had 2 chances to win a trip to worlds, i wasn't going to let this one slip away......
    Game 1: I get a godlike setup for once and just mall through basically everything cuz of my resistance and gorebyss swarm.
    Game 2: Now that he actually knows how my deck wins, i get a ok setup, but his is pretty good and kills a couple gorebyss with his gardys. My horrid flipping also helped me lose this game, even though i didnt concede as i had rock tm forever and he kept potioning right when i thought i got in range =/ He eventually just has too much stuff up and i concede with about 5 mins left. I should have done it earlier but for some reason i thought i could win.
    Game 3: I try to play fast, but my deck is tarded and i don't know how to do basic math, so of course i take forever =/ We both get good setups and i gorebyss something for a quick prize. Time is then called on my turn and i just pass my turn for the win. I don't know if he'd had won as my setup was pretty good but yah i would have been going to worlds anyway as truk lost : ( So yah basically i was SIKED as i had won the trip to worlds, i was kinda mad that Ryan lost to Kevin though and that TRUK lost to Eric and that the ONE INVITE was passed down to Paul (THE HIGHEST SEED) when they said they would play for a trip if there was a tie in a certain situation but not an invite? I don't like the logic but w/e.

    Top 2 vs Eric Virgen with Blaze
    Great i get to play a blaze for the WCSC title, i didn't really care much as i had the trip, but he wanted that stupid pokemon bag and gameboy sp, so i was like w/e i'll play. I was randomly cracking pathetic jokes and complaining the entire match about my horrid top decks and luck to Chrisbo. He was trying not to crack up the whole match ;p
    Game 1: I draw garbage as usual and he gets the typical GOD.START for blaze and i lose despite his few misplays, such as Saring for ray and not firestarting TWICE.
    Game 2: He gets a good start, but mine is better for once and i get a gorebyss swarm going and i think he got a blex up or something and kod a byss, but i bring up a gross, still somewhat in control of the game and flip 4 heads with double squared ROFL. I was joking around too like is that ko? :p and trying to figure out how much damage it was. I eventually take my last couple prizes and actually win a game, despite flipping 4 tails once with gross.
    Game 3: I draw a decent start it seems like, but his is pretty good and i can't draw evos for crap at ONE POINT I COPY FOR 7, AND ADVICE for 6 and since that is 2 turns that = 2 draws so thats 15 cards and MY LAST CARD OF THAT WAS A GOREBYSS MY ONLY EVO for like EVER. I also can't draw SHARD or RUINS at ALL as he gets like 2 ray in play and i flip 4 tails with Gross TWICE. It was DISGUSTING and i think had i even got a ruins or even 2 flips once i might have had a chance. It was a garbage game, but w/e i didnt care i'm going to worlds! :p

    I get my Product, sign my thing for worlds and go home ;p

    To TRUK for Putting Ryan and i up for a night
    TRUK again for being so cool
    To Gorebyss for being GODLY and not requiring FLIPS
    To Chris Fulop for helping me test Metabyss out and make it better and GETTING 2nd at the ECSC THE SAME DAY AND MIZING JUST LIKE ME :p
    To CHRISBO for being the coolest judge EVER
    To Levi for coming down and lending me cards and being the SCRUB JUDGE :p
    To Phanpy
    To Jerry for IDing with me
    To Trikeiv for breaking the streak
    To Dunford for putting up with my whining and being cool even after he lost to me : (
    To Nick for letting me borrow cards and being cool
    To Ryan cuz hes cool ;p
    To everyone else i forgot

    NO AC in truks house
    My crappy flips
    To truk for not getting top 2 and getting his usual scrub hands in top 4
    TO TRUK AND RYAN AGAIN for not making top 2 and making my decision horribly difficult on who to take to worlds with me
    TO ALIS lack of using a blinker
    My financial situation rofl
    Everything else i forgot
    OH YA AND EVERYONE WHO ASKS Me for a decklist 24/7 and what i'm playing at worlds :p JP
    Also the ruling on Rare Candy now......
  2. Strike

    Strike Member

    Chad, so you avoid the curse and you got away with a trip. Good job dude. Now don't get 1st seed @ worlds (Anti-jinx)....heheheheheh
  3. JediDrew

    JediDrew New Member

    gj Ill see you at worlds.
    Way to break the curse.
  4. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid New Member

    gj freak ;p ... The Curse is over. But mine as always lives on.

    ahh yes, my house does suck and the girls are no comment here. but yah.

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2004
  5. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member


    LOL GJ and look forward to the major abuse I'm sure to get at the Disney thing.

  6. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member

    Nice going Chad; thanks for propping up the W reports section, too. We have a lot of guys who prefer to let their cards do the talking exclusively (which is fine and pretty cool) but it's nice to get a good report out, too.

    Anyway, congrats. That previous bad 'good run' was painful. See you and _______ at worlds, then.
  7. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Great job Chad. You deserved a win finally. =P See you at Worlds.
  8. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    Nice report Chad. You deserve the trip, good luck to you at worlds.
  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    you are just jealous cause ur G/F has small you know whats ;x

    anyways congrats dude, mad props for building a viable metagross list (even tho i tried for like months) but anyways its really cool Im getting to see you and everyone else at Worlds, I cant wait.

  10. I watched that battle. It was pretty intense. Didn't hear an jokes though. Lol.

    Good job for METAGROSS making it to 2nd place at the one of the 3 stadium challenges. I know my Alakazam/Gross deck couldn't make it. Lol but i won 10 free packs in mini-mod.

    You gonna play Meta-Byss at Worlds? or go with the Token-Blaze deck.

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