seaford, rhode island CC report-3rd

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by garchompx12, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    i head down to seaford for my next CC. i decide to play galactic(gardylade, absol) seniors-5 rounds
    with a cut to top 4

    round 1- Bye
    aww i wanted to pay but its still a free win :D


    round 2-????? w?????
    all i see is a sandshew. turn 3 gallade DRE fighting GG


    round 3- Michael D w/goldielocks(vire/absol)
    we keep on exhanging blows until it gets down 1 to 1 prize. i have active gardy lv.X and he
    has vire lv.X. he pulse barriers my lake boundary, and he doesnt realize that i can just bring down his
    vire d FTW gg/


    round 4-Chris F w/gardylade/furret
    we both start building gardy/gallades and when finally getting set up, we start exhanging prizes.
    i copycat for 15 cards, and get EVERYTHING i need, and then......TIME doh! well that sucks gg


    round 5-David S w/Galactic (mirror)
    he gets absolutely nothing, and i win 2 wagers. i win turn 4 or 5.


    the top 4 looks like this: 1st- zach a-flyganium
    2nd-conner a-gardylade
    3rd-me-gardy lade
    4th-chris f-gardylade

    top 4:
    game 1: i destroy his only attacker and just roll through everything else.

    game 2: we both get good starts but he getws out a T2 gallade and when time is called he has
    1 less prize than me

    so we have to play a sudden death game-1 to 1 prize

    i build up gardevoir but i cant KO his mismagius and he 1HKOs me. gg

    soooo i come in 3rd.

    coming in third
    conner for coming in 1st
    the glassetts for driving me

    making a crucial misplay
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  2. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Look in the Tournament Rules, section 18 for determining matches in best 2 of 3.

    Here is the short version.

    • If you win game one and game two is not complete (he has one prize less than you) and time is called. You still win. No incomplete matches.
    • If you win game one and he wins game two and you are in the middle of setting up the third match, you play to sudden death.
    • If you win game one and he wins game two and you are in the third game, whomever has taken the most prizes when time is called wins. If tied on prizes, whomever takes first prize wins (not sudden death with one Prize each).

    Sorry to say, you should have won your match against Chris.

    Sorry Chris.

  3. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    sorry thats what i meant. i did put out 6 prizes
  4. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    nice job on 3rd alex

    kind of surprised that conner won though. also surpried thst zach was playing flyganium
  5. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Ewwwww who plays :fighting: Energy in a G&G deck??

    Congraz on 3rd

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