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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by SeiferA, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. SeiferA

    SeiferA New Member

    :pokeball:DA RULES:pokeball:
    1: I understand that, being a newbie to the trading forums, the trust factor with everyone on me right now is at 0. As such, what I would like to do is trade out cards currently in my sets for older cards that I need in my collection. For the record, I have had about 50 transactions on Ebay, all with 100 percent, but reading around here, I understand many people also lie about that too. Take that as you will, but like I said, Im just stating for the record.
    2: I am willing to ship out first and receive later until I gain more refs.
    3: If you do not have any refs, I am only willing to trade the normal rares I have in my collection.
    4: I am willing to trade cards for figures and vise versa.
    5: I am not willing to do overseas shipping at this time.
    6: I will package cards in top loaders with the penny sleeves. I would expect the other trader to do the same. Figures will be packaged with the bubble protector that comes with the trading figures and in a bubble wrapped envelope. Since I only have a few figures to trade at this time, the cost of the envelope isn't a big deal for me, so no worries there. If, of course, any of you have any better suggestions on shipping out the figures, please let me know, as Im all open for other suggestions.
    7: Though I am listing all the cards I have that are currently legal in modifieds, I also have many other cards from the older sets all the way back to Base Set. However, I am only willing to discuss those via PM, as the list is obviously far too large to list in one post. I also PREFER to trade older sets for older sets, but as I stated above, Im willing to trade currents for pasts as well.
    8: For now, if you are a collector and you are concerned if a card is a reverse holo, please ask.
    9: All offers must be made in this topic (except for the older sets of course, through which you may PM me).

    *: New cards added

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  2. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    Hi, I have these cards from Neo destiny I would like to get rid of.

    61/105 - cyndaquil x2
    65/105 - gastly x4
    82/105 - slugma
    87/105 - unown S
    88/105 - Unown T
    90/105 - venonat

    I have tons more but I will need to look for them. And just wondering, does the condition matter to you?
  3. SeiferA

    SeiferA New Member

    the condition of the cards really don't matter to me as long as they're not like... super torn up or something.
  4. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    cml for
    Delcatty x3
    Feraligatr Delta x1
    Meganium Delta x1
  5. SeiferA

    SeiferA New Member

    not familiar with the abbriviations, so... cml meaning...?
  6. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Check my list.
  7. SeiferA

    SeiferA New Member

    ah ok.

    Thys: Im guessing the weavile and absol cards listed are from SW?
  8. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    yup but my cards from zapditto still hasnt comein yet.. anything else you need
  9. SeiferA

    SeiferA New Member

    thats pretty much the only cards I see that are catching me right now.

    If you want, we can wait and I can put those cards on hold for you until you get your cards.
  10. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    nah i think i want to keep my absols. my cities is coming up and i need good trading bait
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