Selling LvXs, Playsets, and Playmats!

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by MonsterOfTheLake, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. MonsterOfTheLake

    MonsterOfTheLake New Member

    1) Prices include free shipping to US/Canada.
    2) Prefer Paypal > Cash > Money order
    3) I can upload a picture of the item you'll receive. All my cards are mint/nearmint unless noted otherwise
    4) Feel free to post offers! I don't bite =D


    2x Blaziken LvX -- $20 ea
    2x Dialga G LvX -- $20 ea
    1x Uxie LvX -- $25
    1x Absol G LvX -- $12
    1x Floatzel LvX -- $15
    1x Arceus LvX 96/99 (Psychic Bolt) -- $12
    1x Infernape 4 LvX -- $20

    Playsets/playable cards

    4-4 Gyarados SF -- $12
    Xx Poketurn -- $3 ea
    Xx Energy Gain -- $2 ea


    None for now!
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  2. pong

    pong New Member

    Hey hey, jsut posting our deal like you asked.

    20 for 4x poketurn and 4x energy gain
  3. MonsterOfTheLake

    MonsterOfTheLake New Member

    Do you want to do this or not? You didn't send a PM to finalize :O
  4. ash_satoshi

    ash_satoshi New Member

    may i see the ultra ball playmate??where did you get those playmate??
  5. ash_satoshi

    ash_satoshi New Member

    i really want your ultra ball playmate, I will buy 2 of them, may I get some discount??

  6. MonsterOfTheLake

    MonsterOfTheLake New Member

    pong, in case you missed the PM, I need your address! =o
  7. ash_satoshi

    ash_satoshi New Member

    i just sent you my address now...

  8. EspeonROX

    EspeonROX New Member

    $3 in cash for a PokeTurn, Sableye Sf, and Combee SF?
  9. Mysticfruit

    Mysticfruit New Member

    Would you do $8 for 4 Poketurn? $3 each is how much they are on trollandtoad.
  10. MonsterOfTheLake

    MonsterOfTheLake New Member

    pong, STILL need your address!
    ash_satoshi, sent your stuff earlier this week, please lmk/leave feedback when you receive, thanks!
    EspeonROX, hate to sound like a jerk but I can't do it for $3, sorry =(
    Mysticfruit, if they're selling for $3 after buying in bulk how on earth can I afford to sell for less than that :p
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