Sets? Expansions? Question about Sun & Moon

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    Hey guys!

    I've joined this site just now, because I don't understand what will happend to the competitve decks (inside standard format) when Sun & moon comes out.

    Me, and a couple of other friends, just bought some theme decks + some booster packs from the X&Y set, after more than 10 years of absence in the TCG scene. When S&M comes out, will we still be able to use cards from X&Y or will the Standard format only consist of S&M cards?

    As I've understood we'll be able to use all the cards from all the expansions from X&Y until the next set after S&M comes out.
    Am I even remotely close to get it right?

    Thanks :)
  2. There are currently two formats in active play in official Pokemon tournaments: Expanded (all sets from Black & White) to the present; and Standard (all sets from X&Y Primal Clash to the present). New sets are legal for tournament play on the 3rd Friday from their official release date. (This means that Steam Siege cards are legal for play next Friday.)

    For Sun & Moon sets, the same will apply. On the 3rd Friday after their official release date, the Sun & Moon cards will be added to the tournament legal cards available for building decks.

    Pokemon only rotates legal cards once per year - usually mid-July or early-August. The rest of the time, new release cards (and promos) are simply added to the pool available for play.
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    So Primal Clash will rotate out of Standard this year or 2017 mid-July/early-August? I just don't want to buy a lot of new cards that'll rotate out after 2 days.
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    Okay, I see. Yeah that helped a lot. Thanks! :)
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    In fact, there are a huge difference between old and new sets. I can even say its almost a different game. thats why oldest sets are not allowed in competitive scenarios. This is my opinion of course.
    Expanded format its not expanded at all, because not all sets are available.
    In MTG for example, there is a format u can use ALL sets (except the banned cards) but in TCG its another story and the difference in the cards is too big to put all sets in the same pool, and the rules had changed trought the years and some old cards cant be included, at least in the original old print.

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