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    Hi, I'm still learning the TCG and I have a few questions that have me stumped. Any help you guys could provide would be much appreciated, and I apologize ahead of time if my questions are simple ones.

    1) My brother uses a psychic deck and he has 3 Mewtwos and a Mewtwo LV X in it. He wants to know if he can add another Mewtwo, or if the Mewtwo LV X counts as the fourth Mewtwo (and therefore can't put in any more cards titled Mewtwo)?

    2) You can only use 1 supporter per turn, but how about trainers? Is the rule 1 supporter and unlimited trainers? 1 supporter and 1 trainer per turn? Or 1 supporter or trainer per turn?

    3) These questions pertain to a skill that Magmar knows: smokescreen.
    Smokescreen reads: "If the Defending Pokémon tries to attack during your opponent's next turn, your opponent flips a coin. If tails, that attack does nothing."

    A) If my opponent switches pokemon after I've used smokescreen, is the new pokemon still affected by Smokescreen? The attack reads; "If the defending pokemon tries to attack..." Does this text in an attack or effect mean that the attack will only effect the pokemon that had defended against the attack?

    B) My opponent has a Deoxys defense forme and had used Psychic Defense which reads: "During your opponent's next turn, prevent all effects of an attack, and any damage done to Deoxys by attacks is reduced by 20 (after applying Weakness and Resistance)." Now the ability says it prevents the effects of an attack done TO Deoxys, but it seems to me that Magmar's Smokescreen works as a buff for me, forcing any of my opponents pokemon to flip. Am I wrong on this?


    My opponent has a Mewtwo LV X from the Legends Awakened set. Mewtwo LV X has a poke-body that reads: "Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Mewtwo by your opponent's Pokémon that isn't an Evolved Pokémon." And magmar is a basic. Same as above, does this power effect mewtwo or does it technically count as a buff for me (Buff being a bonus positive effect for me)?
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    1. The Level is not part of the name. They are all named "Mewtwo". Since you can only have 4 of a card with the same name, he could not add another Mewtwo.

    2. Supporters and Stadiums are limited to one per turn. There is no limit on Trainers.

    3A. The effect is placed on the Defending Pokemon. If that Pokemon is moved to the bench, or evolves, then the effect goes away and they don't have to flip if they try to attack.

    3B. You are wrong on this. If it were an effect on Magmar (a "buff", as you say), then it would state "If Magmar is attacked next turn, flip a coin. If heads, that attack does nothing". Note the change in the frame of reference from what the wording actually is.

    Or. Same as 3B. The effect is prevented.

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