Sevierville BR Report.

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Shadow Zangoose, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Shadow Zangoose

    Shadow Zangoose New Member

    I get like, maybe 15 minutes of sleep the night before the tournament, if that. Alex shows up at about 10:00 or so, and we head out 30 minutes later. I'm not gonna bore you guys with the details of what happened while we waited for the tournament, i'm just gonna go right on into the report. I apologize if i forget some names or game details. I was wiped out when i got home that evening. (Sleep = <3)

    Round 1: ??? with Raichu MT/Rampardos.

    I flip over a Chingling and a Totodile d, drop an energy on the dile and inviting bell for Mentor, he RCs up his active Pikachu to a Raichu and grabs two energy. I mentor, grab dile, Chikorita and Ching, RC up to Meg d, grab Croc MT, Croc MT and Chiky. From that point i set up and Delta reduction his weak point for massive damage.


    Round 2: David Myers with Empoleon/Infernape.

    I start with H.Castform and Toto, he starts with Piplup and does 10. I mentor, grab chiky, toto and chiky. We both setup and go back and forth between delta reduction, flare blitz, ETC. I end up winning in the end, albeit barely. Great game david.


    Round 3: Robert Rogers with Magmortar: Level X / Typhlosion MT.

    I open up with Chingling, he opens up with Cyndaquil. I bell to grab a Mentor, and he does ten on his turn and drops an energy on a Magmar. I mentor, grab Chimecho MT, Totodile and Chiky, and start setting up. We go back and forth with Mortars and Feraligatrs, with me winning in the end. Great seeing you again Robert, and i look forward to seeing you in Asheville.


    Round 4: Jesse ??? with Electigon.

    I really don't remember too much of this game. X_X, the lack of sleep was starting to catch up to me.


    Round 5: Alex Kent with Torterra.

    Again, i don't remember too much of this one either. I was so out of it, it was ridiculous. He beats me quite handily.


    So i make top cut, and have to face off agaist David again. But before top cut, i went and woke myself up with a load of sugar and caffeine.

    Top 4: David Myers with Empoleon/Infernape.

    Game 1: I don't remember much here, other than Lake Boundary and Drag Off don't mix well with Piplups and Prinplups.

    Game 2: Pretty much the same thing as game one as far as i can remember.

    Top 2: Alex Kent with Torterra.

    Yes. Torterra. You are indeed reading that correctly. I actually remember this game, since i woke up a good bit.

    Game 1: He opens with Celebi and Wooper, i open with Chingling and Toto. He attaches to Celebi and Sprouts for a grass. I bell for mentor and attach energy to dile. On his turn he Castaways for a Charm, a Celio and a Grass, drops a grass on Cele, drops the charm and KOs Chings with Leaf Tornado. I send up Totodile, candy up to Gatr d, drop scramble, mentor for some pokemans and work on a setup. Things go back and forth, between Leaf Storms, Vigorous Dashes, Cessation Crystals, Sharp Fangs, Dragging Off, Buffer Peices, Windstorms and his Quagsires pumping out all over my face, but after a rough game, i end up taking game 1.

    Game 2: Pump Out. Knock Out.

    Game 3: He opens with Celebi, and it evolves into a much, MUCH closer version of game 1. I end up barely taking the game from what i can remember. His Torterra is amazing. Props to you Alex, and great games.

    So i get my 8 packs and the shiny medal card, pull 2 Magmortar and a Magmortar LV:X, and i give the LV:X to Alex since i knew he needed it for his Magmortar deck.

    All in all, it was a well run event, with a bunch of great players and staff.

    Everybody that showed up.
    Keith, for being a wonderful PTO.
    Alex Kent, for creating Quagsire the Torterrible. YOU'RE SO GOOD AT THIS GAME.
    Nick Carr, for being Nick Carr.
    Alex Haas, for being Alex Haas.
    Matt Riddle for doing an excellent job on judging the event.
    Mike and the rest of the Reynolds family. (I had you all here in spirit <3)
    Dylan for being Dylan, Cody for being Cody and Fuzzie and the gang for being Fuzzie and the gang.
    All of Team Pwny.
    Feraligatr and Meganium for being the best starter pokemon EVER.
    Feraligatr again, for being Feraligatr.
    Cody winning his division.
    Props to anyone that read this report as well.

    Getting little to no sleep.
    Alex Haas for not making top cut. =(
    Matt Kershner for not showing up. What the heck man?
    Tom Wise for not showing up. Where were you?

    Yeah, those are really all of the slops. There was really nothing bad about the day overall.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    Congrats, TJ for winning! Your luck has finally took your side! Keep this up!

  3. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Yayayay GJ
  4. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    Well it's about time...J/K. Great job TJ and really glad to see you not only win but win on your home turf. Of course, it's even better winning with Feraligatr!!! See you soon.
  5. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Good job TJ. The last BR, you made the top 4 (or finals, either one) and this one, you took it all the way. I look forward to seeing what you can do in Asheville and at Cities. Next time though, borrow a card you are going to use :p
  6. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    GJ TJ. I was proud of Sevierville stepping up and defending the home turf in MA and SRs. I always liked Fer d (remember the Draggy EX/Draggy d and Fer d deck?). Glad to see it is getting some play this year. Drag off can wreck a set up deck.

  7. Yoshi ex

    Yoshi ex New Member

    Congrats and props to you man. I also won my BR with Feraliganium. Don't know you used any techs but I used a T-tar ex tech in mine. DF Rules!!! :)
  8. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    Team Rocket FTW, Good Job TJ!
  9. TeamPwnyJF

    TeamPwnyJF Member

    :thumb: Good job TJ, when we played round 4, I'm like...TJ's on fire today, he's got this. Congrats, and Team Pwny always has the best time while in Sevierville. The last name is Farler :biggrin:, but it's all good. HUGE CONGRATS FROM TEAMPWNY woo!
  10. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    ...I should so be at the top of the props, and YOU KNOW IT!

    But seriously, great job!
  11. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Sorry I slopped.. I had family biz to take care o'

    Congratulations, boyyyyyyy!
  12. ncpicachufan2000

    ncpicachufan2000 New Member

    WTG dude! You had a cheering section and didn't even know it!

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