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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by crazypokemon, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    Ok how can i tell for sure what is a shadowless booster box before i ever open the box?
    How can i tell without opening it?
    I know about the clear wrap, the green wing charizard,the venusaur without the x, the big letters of pokemon and the pokeball image, and that thing about the color of the background of blastoise.but other than that is there any other way to tell?

    Also how much is a shadowless box worth?

  2. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    The one on ebay ending soon has the signs of a shadowless but you never know until you open it. The green wing charizard, the venusaur with no green behind it and the large pokemon print on top are signs that it COULD be shadowless, but you really don't know until you open it. I know that even with those signs it can still be unlimited.
  3. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    Is there any other way to tell like per say the bar code?
    By any chance is there a weight difference between shad. box and unl box?
    Just a thought.
  4. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    well one sold for near 1k,any thoughts on that sale?
  5. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    That is pretty high. Boxes are high right now though.

    There was one that sold for $580 that had the shadowless markings, but there is no foolproof way to know unless you open it up.
  6. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    I think the one that sold for near 1k was a fluke,also scott did you get my last message concerning the shadowless booster box?
  7. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    The only one that I know of that was definitly Shadowless, was the one that Jason K bought about a year ago for $700.
  8. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    It was shadowless because he opened it right,there was not a gurantee before he opened it right.
  9. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    There was no garentee, but he bought it thinking it was Shadowless, and everyone was told they would get some money back if it wasn't Shadowless.
  10. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    well i have an opportunity to get 3 boxes sealed brand new.
    i was told this person had a case of them and 3 boxes open so far were all shadowless.
    the 3 remaning boxes has all the tall tale signs its shadowless plus it came from a case from boxes that were shadowless.
    im looking at $1700 for the 3boxes, Should i do it?
    im getting ready to sell my cards to afford it.
    I can definitly make a profit if i sell the packs individually right?
    Should i go for it?
  11. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    Hey crazy I got your pm, and it is really up to you. I don't think its a bad offer but I don't think its a great deal either.

    There are signs of estimating if a box is shadowless, but not guarantee unless you open it up.
  12. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    If the case was previously sealed, and you know for a fact that the first 3 boxes were shadowless, then the other 3 will be.

    2 different print runs wouldn't have been sent out together in mixed cases.

    Also guys, if you want to have a PM convo as well as posting in the thread that's fine, but please no more posts along the lines of "did you get my PM?" "yeah I got the PM"

  13. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    Its just not all my PM's get to scott which is why i ask to make sure he got it.Times in the past he never got it.

    So if the first 3 are shadowless then the other 3 must be too.if it's from the same case.

    I was thinking of getting the packs graded by psa then selling them.

    So for 1700 dollars for 3 boxes (more closer to gurantee without opening from a case of previous shadowless boxes) Should i take the risk?

    Im thinking of doing it,even if its regular base packs those are going up in value recently.
    More gurantee its shadowless then just some randome box it came from a case where previous shadowless boxes were.
  14. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator

    I don't believe the grade the packs. Only individual cards.
  15. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    They do grade packs, its just there some issues with that.
    First off its about $15 per pack and it can take up to 45 days to get it back returned.

    PSA has had issues with shadowless cards in the past so now i have to convince them about shadowless packs so they will take it.

    Even so from what i understand its harder to get a 10 on a pack then it is on a card.

    According to ebirdman and who's zelda gilroy it took almost 10 years before psa recognize shadowless cards.To this day they still dont lable shadowless 1st ed machamp just 1st ed machamp regardless if shadow or non shadow.

    So its kinda tricky.But im sure i can get through.If they grade cards they gotta grade the respective packs.
  16. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    If you buy three boxes at $1700, you are paying just over $15 a pack. Add it the grading cost, and that means that every single pack needs to sell for over $60 just for you to break even.

    Not to mention that in order to buy the boxes and grade all the packs you'll need a start up captial of over $6,500. And that's assuming they grade them right away. If, like you say, they refuse to grade them as Shadowless packs, you still have to pay the $45 fee. And I don't believe that fee includes the shipping to get the packs down to them and back.

    And the number of people who care about graded cards is a small percentage of the community, and the ones who care about graded packs will probably be a small percentage of those.
  17. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    What $45 dollar fee,what do you mean 60 bucks to break even?

    I will get a few packs graded at first,probably 9 3 of each pack set and see how that goes.

    i see packs go for as low as $25 and high as 60 just a plain pack.
    So even without psa i can still make a profit.

    Also shadowless prices are gonna go up in the near future.

    So even if i get min.25 dollars thats a 10 dollar profit per pack.

    im gonna contact psa tomorrow and get the details from them.

    Im sure people would want graded packs, i think if its already graded people would want that,as for the ordeal of getting graded i think i might be the only one who would go through the hassel of it.

    I talked to ebirdman and whos zelda gilroy and they said it crossed there mind before but they dont want to take the risk along with the headaches.

    They are rooting for me to do this so they can see its successful or not.

    I do wanna be a business man thats my major so i will take the risk and headaches with psa.

    only thing i was concerned with is the if so or if not its shadowless.

    But dj made sense they wouldent mix boxes in the case to its for certain it is shadowless.

    Im gonna go for it.
  18. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    After reading everything, it sounds like too much risk. I'm not sure how quickly the packs sell, but I'll assume you have to sit on them for a while, selling off a few here and there. You're already taking the risk of selling what you have and buying the box, so the best bet would be to sell those packs, rather than spending all that money to get them graded. At least that's my take on this.
  19. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    Well if all else fails i will resell the boxes(either now or in the future),i will ask the seller to send me the case it came in for proof/refrence.

    If people know the boxes are from a shadowless case im sure they will bid/pay higher.
    These are the only ones we know are shadowless without having to actually open them and get disapointed.

    Ill keep one box open and sell the packs either psa graded or loosely.
    And keep the other 2 boxes sealed until i figure out what to do with them.

    For zelda and ebirdman to want to do it but face unkown territory and be held back on doing it,it might actually sell if there graded.

    You dont see these on ebay for any pack,to be on ebay will be a first for any pack.

    Shadowless packs are $25-60,the lowest price your getting scratched packs/dented cardboard blisters.For the higher prices they are overseas and risk the chance they are knockoffs.

    Most of the packs now are overseas,few still selling in america.

    There are pack collectors out there,awhile ago they paid $150-200 per 1st ed base pack.

    If they dont have to deal with PSA and have a pregraded pack im sure they would buy it.
  20. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    Sorry, I misread one of your earlier posts.

    Each pack is costing you $15, and you said it costs $15 per pack to get them graded (plus membership fees, postage etc), so you would still be needing to hit around $40 per pack to break even.

    You'd be better opening the packs and grading the cards. Or just selling the cards.

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