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  1. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    [Pokemon: 19.]
    3 Raticate SW
    4 Rattata SW
    4 Murkrow MT
    4 Absol SW
    3 Honchkrow MT
    1 Honchkrow Lv.X SW
    [Trainers: 28.]
    4 Energy Search DP
    4 Super Scoop Up DP
    2 Celio's Network CG
    4 TV Reporter DF
    4 PlusPower SW
    2 Quick Ball MT
    2 Roseanne's Research SW
    3 Time-Space Distortion MT
    3 Energy Restore DP
    [Energy: 13]
    10 Darkness Energy DP (Basic)
    3 Scramble Energy OP4

    Start off hitting hard and fast with Absol and Rattata/Raticate straight from turn 1. Gather Murkrow on your bench and grab a Honchkrow to evolve 1 of them. Use Super Scoop Up whenever your active is in danger or to Raid using another Absol. Use Scrambles on Honchkrow in late game when your opponent's big hitters are out to even the field while using time-space distortion to grab any lost Krows, Absols, and Rats for another round. The PlusPowers can add the extra oomph in the early game when its needed most and the Energy Restore will help bring those few Darkness lost back into play. I'm considering adding a couple switch as well as insurance against Muk, Special Conditions, and other trappers.

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    Any help would be appreciated...
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  2. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    6 Basic Dark and 4 Special Dark. weavile would fit perfectly into this.
  3. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    I would suggest adding a few special darkness energy, adding a few DRE, and removing energy restore. Energy search really is a useless card. The 4 slots that energy search took up could've just been... energy. You drawing energy search could've been you drawing the actual energy. Get me?

    3 TSD is also not really needed. Replace them with Night Maintenance if you're scared of running out of energy.

    I would also suggest adding a few Team Galactic supporters like Mars or Wager to disrupt your opponent. They both combo well with Absol and Honchkrow.
  4. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    The problem with Night Maintenance is that it just isn't fast enough to get me the Absol I need right now, and the deck is so low on basic energy that restore really is necessary. It's all about trainers you can grab and use multiple times per turn to get what you need to make it into the next round..
  5. pokefanpearl

    pokefanpearl New Member

    i love the new raticate from sw! this deck looks ok, but ur trainer line is a little strange. i agree that energy restore will come in handy when running so few energies. u should drop 1 TSD and 2 energy search for more celio or TGM. i think u will find more helpful. another thought...try professor oaks visit instead of TVR, u will not have to put cards in the discard pile instead they will go back in ur deck so it makes more sense.
  6. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    you could drop a honchkrow, you dont need 3 if your going to attack with murkrow

    and i think that you can find a better replacement for energy search, also add special darks

    and night maintenace IMO is better than energy restore
  7. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    The deck is so low on energy because you're using 4 Energy search >_> ES is literally the most useless card ever created. ESPECIALLY in a deck with only ONE energy type.

    Also, why aren't you using any special darkness? Any reasoning there?

    And yes, you don't need energy restore. You should drop the energy search, drop 4 basic darkness, add in more energy, and use 1-2 NM.

    You run 4 absol. Why do you need one RIGHT NOW. If you feel like flipping to get an absol, use dual ball which helps you set up early game too.

    Also, why aren't you using a strength charm? There's no reason to use 4 plus power over 3 plus power and a strength charm. At least with charm you can drop it and windstorm it away to kill your hand down, or drop it and then wager to ensure you have it. The deck needs mars and wager...

    I'd add in a few windstorm or cessation, too. Windstorm for sure. At least 2 or so, otherwise cessations will stop your murkrows and make the deck much weaker. It's also helpful to remove buffer pieces and whatnot.
  8. We run a two- two line of weavile that turns our two -two line of the Rat dark and then attack with the special energy.
    Weivile has freee retreat and can put two energy on the DWD.
  9. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    Actually, I can just discard 1 card then take it back using 1 of my TSD or Energy Restore.

    Perhaps, but with 2 it's hard to get any out... ES cuts down deck size to 56 cards in the deck, though I could just pull them out for weavile with the quick balls.

    As many oldie players might remember, Energy Search cuts down you deck size, back before Celios and such it could help you thin down your deck a bit.

    Eh... in this build of it there are not many to make use of it? um.. it's harder to grab a copy out of your deck with so few energy total.

    Immediate access is everything. If you can grab what you need right away before your opponent can adapt then you have an obvious edge.

    This isn't a hand wrecking deck like old Murkrow Swarm sitting around in this forum. It's all about hitting fast and hard. Charm is really just a weaker cousin of pluspower, so I avoid using it whenever possible.. Mars and Wager are not really cards that I'm into...

    I'll consider adding a couple windstorm.. but cessation won't work quite right..

    Who is this "we" anyway XD. I'd like to keep as many rats as I can, but I'll consider adding the weaviles.
  10. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    ES is a waste of space. No competitive player has used it POP-on. It's a horrible card. In this day in age you want 60 cards, not 56. You could add 4 more energy, drop the energy restore, and find yourself with slots for other cards... even if they're stupid cards like ER2.

    That doesn't make any sense. How is it the weaker cousin? 3/1 is always the play. You will never run into a situation where having 4 pluspower over 3/1 is better. The fact that you can lay it down in case you get wagered or as a safeguard against opposing Absol (if you have a 2 card hand... a strength charm and another trainer, then you can attach the charm rather than having it discarded).

    I think you're just completely opposed to change despite having obvious flaws in your deck.

    Wager is the only card that forces your opponent to shuffle their hand into their deck and draw. It's a weaker Admin, which was the best card released in POP-on. Not using it is silly, but of course it's your call.

    Why not at least add in 2 special dark. Even if you do decide to keep in those useless energy restore/energy search you have 8 of them and have 2 special dark to "get the extra oomph" that you so desired. If you have the space for 4 pluspower why wouldn't you similarly want some special darkness in this deck?
  11. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I would drop 2 rattata and 1 raticate in favor of more draw or energy ...perhaps another celio so you can grab your evo's this age of Mario decks you are setting yourself up for a T-1 donking if you get a lone rat start... and please don't tell me that its a slim does happen.

    I think Ryan's fixes are very good too. You should at least try them out before dismissing them. I would definitley run 2 more celio over energy search. Energy search is really not that helpful.

    In a deck that runs dark pokemon, there is absolutely no reason I can think of NOT to run 4 special dark. It is just silly not to. With 4 in your deck you just increase your chance of drawing it. Plus you can still attach them to your other pokemon in a pinch.

    3 scramble are too much for a deck that is supposed to get out fast and take the lead. If the deck is working you end up with unsearchable single basic. I would only run 1 and replace the other 2 with double rainbow
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  12. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    Umm.. here is my present build... (note: is in RedShark's format)

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