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  1. Darkrai EX

    Darkrai EX New Member

    So, let me preface this by saying I'm a total noob. I'm 17, I've never been to an actual competitive Pokemon TCG event or league games, but I love Pokemon. The manga, the video games, the cards. 'Bout a year ago I started buying cards for myself off amazon, building 'decks' of my favorite Pokemon and playing against relatives who, like me, had now idea how to play. I probably blew around $150 this way, and right now my finances are pretty low, but since I've started I've learned quite alot about the TCG. I'm becoming familiar with the most common deck archetypes, like Reshiboar, Megazone, Gothitelle variants, and especially Kyurem/Cobalion/Electrode. I've purchased one last bunch of cards before I get some more cash sometime mid-January, and with these I'm building a deck based around what I think is the most underrated Stage 2 out there: Chandelure.

    You're all familiar with his :ppowr: Cursed Shadow, which lets you spread 3 Damage counters without even attacking, but I think everyone gives up on the card when they see the :psychic::psychic::colorless: required for his attack, Eerie Glow, which is in my opinion an outstanding attack paired with his :ppowr:. 50 damage is okay, but the real beauty of it is the Burn and Confusion Special Conditions it forces. I mean, these both depend on the flip of a coin, so they can't truly be counted on, but making your opponent count on getting heads to even attack seems quite worth it, not to mention the extra damage the conditions can inflict. By the time it's Chandelure's turn to attack again the Defending Pokemon could have 7 more damage counters on it. By then, if the Pokemon isn't already K-Oed, I can finish it off with with Chandelure's :ppowr: and attack the next Pokemon my opponent sends out to badly hurt his chances of even laying a hand on me.

    So, here's the list, I'll explain my strategy a little then let you guys tear it to shreds:
    3-3-3 Chandelure
    3-3 Bisharp
    4-3 Weavile
    3 Professor Oak's New Theory
    3 Twins
    3 Interviewer's Questions
    2 Copycat
    1 Fisherman
    4 Pokemon Communication
    2 Switch
    4 Special Darkness Energy
    7 Darkness Energy
    9 Psychic Energy

    So, Bisharp is here because 1, he's incredibly easy to set up as he requires only one Energy, and 2, since Chandelure spreads damage the field will be set up for Bisharp to do 70-80 damage each hit, taking out any Pokemon in 1-2 hits. Weavile is here in the first place because I love Sneasel. It's probably an error in judgement, but I'm in love with the card for it's free retreat, it's :colorless: attack that can deliver 30 damage first turn, and its :dark::dark: Beat Up attack most of all. Assuming I've loaded the bench with the basics I need, Sneasel can flip coins for each Pokemon I have out and do up to 120 damage, plus extra damage from any Special Darkness energies I could have attached. Weavile is there, less so because he can snipe (tho that could be useful with chandelure I'm not going to count on it), more because of his disruption ability. Having a damaged Weavile on my bench could be a liability as someone could Catcher it and get a cheap prize, so I'd like your advice as to whether or not I should keep him in the lineup.

    Most of my Supporters should be pretty obvious, Oak and Copycat are there so I can cycle through my deck and have a better chance drawing the cards I need (I much prefer these over Juniper, I'm just not a big fan of discarding any cards I could need later), Interviewers Questions is to make sure I'll always have an energy to attach each turn, as with how I'm using Chandelure I'll want its attack ASAP, and since I don't have a quick startup and will probably have to make a comeback, Twins is perfect for me.

    Now, I know I'm supposed to have Rare candies in this deck, and while I can't afford them I'll be sure to buy some when I have more cash. Nonetheless, I don't really see the necessity of skipping out Lampent just yet, I think he could be useful while I'm still charging him up to be a Chandelure. For instance, one of his attacks only takes :colorless: and works just like Catcher, even tho it does no damage, I could switch out the Pokemon my opponent wants as his Active with a Pokemon on the bench who isn't set up or has a big retreat cost that can't be payed next turn. It's conditional, sure, but it could be very useful to disrupt an opponent, or at the very least make him waste a Switch to get back on track.

    And while I only have two Switches in my deck, I could probably use 4, so which cards should I trade out? I also have a Cleffa in my possession, should I fit it in as well for the heck of it, or not bother? I look forward to hearing your "constructive" criticism. :biggrin:
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  2. honchvire

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    Id cut most of the psychic energy, maybe only play like 2-3 and put in a single Jirachi. The spread from chandelure can be used to setup several kos from jirachi's devolve attack. You should never plan on using chandy's attack.
    If you could, a 2-2 dodrio line would help you retreat your chandys and get more damage counters out each turn. Also consider druddigon as a wall for Bisharp to punc and run to.
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  3. Darkrai EX

    Darkrai EX New Member

    I'll definitely run a Jirachi, then, seems like a very good idea incase I'm up against any evolutions. And I've heard using Dodrio for the retreat before, I'll probably run a few, but once Dark Rush comes out I'll replace Dodrio with Darkrai EX, that way a single dark energy buys all my Pokemon free retreats. And Druddigon sounds cool, too, plus his price is pretty low right now, so I'll get a few as well.

    And, you're probably right about Chandelure's attack, but I'm still gonna want to try it out before I totally give up on it. :/
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