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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by ShuckleLVX, May 30, 2011.

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  1. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    My name's Shuckl... Well, not really, it's actually Breon, but that doesn't matter online, does it? I played competitively up until Rising Rivals hit, but have since found myself working as a Judge more and being a player much, much less. That, combined with my love of oddball-but-almost-viable decks like Charizard (Yes, Charizard. Of course, this comes from the guy who played Feraligatr d/Flygon d/Deoxys d for a year and a half, and Luxray LA for a year, so even Charizard seems viable!), lead to me never playing, well, Luxchomp. Ever. I had put it together back during cities, when I thought I was going to play a tournament, but ended getting pulled into Judging since we neared the 100 attendance mark! Since then, it has sat, unloved, in my backpack, gathering dust while Charizard received what little love and attention I had to give to decks. So, in a jealous rage, my Luxchomp deck decided to jump out of my backpack and take up residence on my bedroom floor. In a lucky break on it's part, my backpack was taken from my car last week, leaving me with but Luxchomp alone to play for this weekend. With a respectable - albeit unimpressive - 3-2 record on Saturday, I go into Sunday without high hopes. With one tournaments experience under my belt, my goal is a positive record.

    Round 1 - Tim(?) with HGSS-On Emboar/Magnezone
    An early Bright Look shuts down his Shuckle (KO'ing a Shuckle was a heart wrenching experience for me, but I believe it has made me stronger as a person...), and he has trouble setting up. I ended up taking a prize every turn save one. But that turn I tripple flash-bit a Cleffa and Dragon Rushed a Magneton, taking two...

    Lucksack 1 - HGSS-On deck has issues keeping up with the faster decks.


    Round 2 - Eleki R. with Sabledonk
    He starts Unknown R, I start Lucario/Call. No more really needs to be said... The game turned into me doing everything in my power to try to keep him from his new goal - Decking out so that I wouldn't be the one to beat him. Sadly, he succeeded....

    Lucksack 2 - Winning the flip v Sabledonk


    Round 3 - Chris S. with Vilegar
    We set up all right, but when he drops his Azelf, he finds much sadness - Of his 2-1-1 Vileplume line, 2-0-1 is prized. He nabs up an Oddish but doesn't bench it. Clever girl.... Yes, Chris Stotts is a Velociraptor. Up to this point I have taken 3 prizes with some underhanded Dragon Rushes, because Luxchomp is boss like that. He then tricks me into spraying an Uxie for 4, which let him Seeker up the Azelf and get the Vileplume, which he promptly BTS'd into play. This deserves another 'Clever girl...' But by that point I was too far set up, and had sniped off enough Haunters, that he couldn't recover even with the lock up.

    Lucksack 3 - A player far more skilled than I having an important part of his SP matchup prized.


    Round 4 - Chris B. with Zekrom

    This was my first real game all day. He plays the matchup well, but I have a pretty easy time running around him and picking stuff off. I left his first Pachi stuck with Energy on it by spraying a Celebration Wind. but he wisely Seekers it up in face of my unleveled Luxray, leaving me to nom the Shaymin instead. I spray another *insert name of Pachis power here*, and he just can't get enough energy fast enough to keep up with my output.

    No lucksack here, weeee!


    Round 5 - Katie B. with Luxchomp

    Ahhh, the Mirror. My experience with it? Zip! I'm so scared going into this match... And I get donked. My memory on exactly how it happened is failing me, but hopefully Katie will respond to my text soon and I can edit the details back in. From Katie " You start sableye, impersonate collector. I start luxray, flash bite, poke turn, flash bite, bench another flash bite, set-up shenanigans and get the DCE (also the Electric/E-gain), bite for game"

    DONKED, No lucksack for me....


    So, Top 4 is Myself, Katie B., Alex M. (playing Yanmega/Donphan), and Chris S., but we haven't seen standings so we don't know the seeds. Two things happen at this point. First, we find out Chris S. has to leave, and has to drop. The assumption was that he was 4th seed, playing Katie, and giving Katie a free run to the Finals and leaving me to face off with Yanphan. The second was finding out I am a problem child who doesn't like writing Expert Belts onto lists. I'm forced to switch it for a basic energy, and choose an extra Psychic, thinking it will help me Toxic Fang those pesky Donphans.

    Lucksack 4 - Chris S. was 3rd seed, not 4th. I make the finals automatically, despite the fact that in a game where he could actually use Vileplume, Chris would have outplayed me like mad.

    Katie beats Alex, leaving me to play the Mirror yet again...

    Top 2 - Katie B. with Luxchomp

    Game 1 - INTENSE GAME IS SO INTENSE I CAN'T REMEMBER IT BECAUSE I WAS TOO INTENSE. Ends up 2 to 1, me taking my 5th prize with an unleveled Luxray with Electric/DCE. I have the X ready to go to pick up a prize off her Azelf next turn. She promotes her Lux X with a DCE, plays Twins, and is in the process of telling me she can't win when she suddenly gets really quiet... Electric, Belt, Flash Impact FTKO. I have no energy on the field, my only viable attacker left is Uxie X, which both can't one-shot the Lux X, and can't survive the Trash Bolt next turn. 45 minutes later, game 1 is done.

    Game 2 - I get a solid set up and take the lead, but time is called when we're 5-5. I take a prize as turn 0, she takes a prize with Flash Impact turn 1, putting her Lucario at 50. I have the Dragon Rush ready to go, but it won't get me the two prizes I know I need in order to make the game count and force a game 3. I feel behind in the game, knowing my only chance is the fact that I have played zero Poketurns and still have a Crobat decked. Radar the Bat, Bite Lucario to 40, turn it, bite it to 30. Go to play Twins out of my empty hand for Uxie and Turn (praying I can setup into either 2 turns or turn/junk arm), and realize 'Wait....' I only feel really far behind because I know I lost - We're tied on prizes. No Twins for Phoof (Did I mention I have a lot of names?). I shake her hand, and make to scoop, picking up my prizes.
    Chris Clanton AKA Mr. Raichu, head judge of the event in question, gives me this funny look and says "Why did you scoop? You only needed to take 3 prizes for the game to count..." Disagreeing, knowing in my heart of hearts you need 4, we banter back and forth for a couple minutes before he goes off to call Big Daddy Snorlax for confirmation that he is right. They chat on the phone off in a corner for at least 5 minutes (my sense of time, as my ability to continue playing - albeit with a penalty for seeing my prizes - hanging in the balance, is skewed. It felt like 15), before he comes back and says something I never thought I would hear Mr. Raichu, my mentor, the guy I turn to whenever I question anything in Pokemon, say - "I was wrong, you were right". BWAHAHAHA! I argued for my own loss like a boss.

    Props -
    Lucksacking into a finals match
    Top Cutting for the first time in a long, long time
    Being right, even if it costs me the game
    Awesome friends - Chris C/B/S (we have a lot of Chris's...), June, Katie, Seth, Etc.
    Jacob especially for the Uxie X
    Other stuff

    Slops -
    Lucksacking into a finals match I probably didn't deserve
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  2. gallade

    gallade New Member

    good jarb breon. LUCKSACK FTW!!!! lol
  3. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    Good job, breon. Despite the lucksacking I had fun trying to get the vileplume and oddish.
  4. ProfessorJacob7

    ProfessorJacob7 New Member

    great job on 2nd place breon!
  5. lady_lapras

    lady_lapras New Member

    Breon, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I'm proud to say this is the first report I've ever read <3 The first game in top two was so good, and so very intense! :D I believe that the donk in swiss was something like... You start sableye, impersonate collector. I start luxray, flash bite, poke turn, flash bite, bench another flash bite, set-up shenanigans and get the DCE (also the Electric/E-gain), bite for game... I'm pretty sure on that. Either way! Great games and would have not been in the least bit upset to have lost to such a great guy!
  6. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    huge props! great job man! 2nd place is nothing to scoff at!
  7. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Dont feel bad that is the nature of SP's look at Washington states where a player playing in like only his 3rd event of the year won the entire thing with SP's.

    Congrats on doing well with a deck that was relitivly new to you. Sorry about your backpack getting ripped off.

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