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  1. silenth

    silenth New Member

    hey all first time poster here looking for a little feedback on my decklist here so let me know what you think about this deck idea

    Silver Blast

    Pokemon 17
    grass burmy 4
    mothim 4
    voltorb 4
    electrode 4
    rayquaza ex d 1

    Trainers 27
    rosannes 3
    tvr 3
    castaway 3
    warpoint 2
    windstorm 2
    plus power 2
    strenght charm 3
    quick ball 3
    great ball 3
    night maint 3

    Energy 16
    lightning 6
    grass 5
    multi 3
    dre 2

    basically you could start with either but burmy is the preffered start. hopefully you can utilize burmys power first turn and attach an extra energy from ur discard. then turn 2 (hopefully after being attacked) hitting for 70 with mothim. if ur playing a set up deck then you can start using silver wind and focus ur energy on the bench for ur electrode. mothim can retreat for free and if your opponent didnt retreat electrode hits for either 80 or 140... not too shabby. extra power with plus and strength charm. warpoint to move them around even though both lines can retreat for free. rayquaza is my trump card for later game.
    let me know what you all think
  2. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    take out:
    2 strength charm
    1 night maintenance

    add in:
    2 pluspower
    1 wormadam grass
  3. silenth

    silenth New Member

    if i drop the strength charms i might aswell take out the castaway and i thought about the wormadam not sure if it fits my strat.. tho it might be nice just to have for that little extra damage and health
    thanks for the feedback
    anyone have any other constructive critisism?
  4. Mypasswordis1111

    Mypasswordis1111 New Member

    Heres my list for the deck




    4-Tv Reporter
    3-Professor Oak´s Visit
    2-Steven´s Advice
    4-Celio´s Network
    2-Rosseane´s Research
    1-Team Galatic´s Wager
    2-Great Ball
    1-Time-Space Distortion
    1-Night Maintenance
    3-Lake Boundary
    2-Crystal Beach
    3-Cessation Crystal
    1-Buffer Piece



    Hope i helped!
  5. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    How is that helpful? You posted a deck list with entirely different pokemon
  6. silenth

    silenth New Member

    ive thought about candies for speed... any thoughts?
    what could i take out?
  7. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    take out greatballs for maybe pachirisu....or possibly delibird for his attack that gets any card from deck..maybe u could get ur raqyquaza out with him...possibly take tvr for candys..
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