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    Skewed (Last Updated 10-10-10)

    Okay, here's my story for this place.

    This actually is an offshoot of another work I've been working on called Project L, and in order to understand the way this world works I need to briefly mention that.

    In Project L, there was a character named Jacob, who was a member of Team Rocket. Giovanni had put him in charge of a project involving Gene Replacement Therapy, in which virus cases are used to inject DNA into a person, with the purpose of correcting genetic defects with repaired DNA. (In reality it exists out there but is hard to pull off). In the process of working with this, a Team Magma agent came in and messed with the machine, screwing it up and causing a virus to be created that contained a mix of human DNA and Pokemon DNA (in that particular case a Pikachu's DNA), This virus ended up infecting a girl named Heather, turning her into a cross between Pikachu and human.

    (Think of like catpeople and such you see in anime, only with Pokemon. If you look around on the internet, especially the japanese side of it, you find lots of artwork done like this. My inspiration for this story actually came from one particular site I found that had a whole lot of art of this style.)

    Anyways, the story goes on with the actual intent of demonstrating this process of Gene Replacement Therapy to hospitals, with the hopes of selling it and making a lot of money, but things only get worse as they discover that it wasn't an accident that this virus combined human and pokemon DNA, it was actually something Giovanni had been working on to deal with enemies and such. Jacob gets pretty angry at this, and ultimately ends up using that same virus against himself so he can gain more power. He and Heather were partners in Team Rocket, and Jacob had, through studying the changes to Heather, figured out how to actually use the electric powers of that pokemon. He transformed himself, and fought Team Rocket with these powers, and ended up destroying the Gene Replacement machine and his and Heather's only ways of turning back. So they ended vanishing into society as pokemon-human hybrids, and that's the last they were heard of.

    Okay, now that that's explained, I can begin my story. Enjoy!

    (the characters in this story follow a specific type of japanese fanart, which involves people that are personalizations of other things.It's often described as Kemonomimi. in this case the art i use as reference embodies pokemon traits into people, though that is not even scratching the surface of this particular class of art. if you want to see good examples of this, watch the anime Utawarerumono. if you're interested, PM me and I can send you some of my bookmarks of various pokemon personalization art sites)
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    “The weapon is evil. Nothing more evil could come out of Team Rocket than that which I am in charge of. But nobody else thinks that. Because nobody else knows about it... ...That which could mean the end of the world. Project ‘L’....”

    Jacob couldn’t possibly have imagined that this statement really could come true. But it did. The Gene Replacement device created by Team Rocket ended up destroying the world as we knew it, and from it created a new, skewed world, a world where there was no longer humans or Pokémon, but a twisted combination of the two, one where the strange genetic deformations that Heather had undergone were the way of life, and technology was only a rumor.

    What happened was this. After Jacob sabotaged the prototype device, Team Rocket ended up recreating it elsewhere, once again under the name Craeber. This time around, though, they were out to stop the ultimate genetic disease. Age.

    Aging is caused as fragments break off of DNA as it duplicates when cells divide, thereby weakening them. Once too much breaks off, that cell stops dividing. Their intent was to try to make that DNA stronger, so it wouldn’t break, causing the person to stop aging. But where they were trying to create endless life, they created endless death.

    The polio virii were not complex enough to carry these modifications, not to mention that people turned out to have a lot more immunity to it as was originally believed, so they grabbed something far more complex, and much more resilient. They grabbed HIV virus casings.

    They heavily tweaked the HIV virus, so that it actually resembled little of the original. And that one succeeded in being able to deliver it’s payload, and it did stop the aging process as they desired. Several people underwent the process, including Team Rocket’s Giovanni ( and also was rumored that Maxie of Team Magma and Archie of Team Aqua somehow managed to each get some smuggled to them.) However, they were experimenting with an airborne variant, so that it could spread easily. And that’s when things got ugly.

    Team Aqua had broken into the lab, attempting to grab that same genetic alteration process that had turned Heather and Jacob into Pikachu, hoping to use it to try to induce Kyogre DNA into another Pokemon to try to transform it into a living Kyogre. But the machine was still loaded with the airborne HIV genetic reinforcement virus, and their messing with the machine changed it.

    The virus turned ugly. Instead of reinforcing the DNA, it caused it to rapidly break down, Then it got released into the air. The original Team Aqua members that were in the room grew old and died within a matter of a few weeks, though this was a highly accelerated rate due to their high exposure to the virus. However, not only was it airborne, but the human body produced it in immense quantities.

    As the epidemic began to spread through the world, due to those Team Aqua members passing through a major international airport as they headed back to their base, another virus began to appear. Somehow in their researching the machine, they had created an adaptive virus, once again in an HIV airborne casing. This one was quite unusual, though. It would infect Pokemon as well as humans. It ended up starting killing Pokemon in the same fashion as the other virus, but it carried with it the DNA of that which it infected. When a human caught the virus, it injected Pokemon DNA into their own, mutating it the same way that Heather and James’ were. This virus spread almost, but not quite, as rapidly as the other one, and approximately 40% of the total human population of the world were transformed into pokemon hybrids, and the pokemon population of the world was killed off. All in all, this process took six months to completely change the world.

    Fate happened to be on the side of the second virus. The first virus, that affected humans, was programmed only to release it’s payload on a human, or more specifically a cell with 46 chromosomes. Since this second virus combined two different DNA types, nobody that got infected with it was left with 46 chromosomes, leaving them free of the virus. All the humans were destroyed, all the Pokemon were distroyed, and what was left was a combination of the two. And the few that had the original virus applied to them, as the new one wasn’t able to tear apart the reinforced DNA.

    Several hundred years have passed since then. And the world had fallen into an unindustrialized state. Due to the mass panic of the epidemic, much of the technology had been destroyed in riots, rebellions, and the like. Not to mention the internet was hit by a massive organized hacker ring that had discovered a critical security flaw that allowed backdoor access to nearly every computer connected to the internet, and everyone was too busy to take the effort to stop it. They released a worm that worked the machine to the point that it actually destroyed it’s hardware. Because of those factors, and the drastic drop in the workforce, the knowledge of technology that was gained over the previous hundred fifty years was lost almost completely. And Project L has faded into history, nothing but a mere rumor...
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    The cloaked Immortal stood on the cliff, overlooking the town. It was a small, peaceful little town. He watched as the adults managed their gardens, and the kids played. He saw a group of men building a new house, and another group repairing another house. All in all, it was a town that needed no help.

    “As I look at these places,” he thought aloud, “I wonder if it’s really necessary to try to change things. They seem so content with their lives, perhaps that event was for their benefit. Maybe there doesn’t need to be a change. Perhaps they should be left to live this way.”

    He turned and began to leave, when a flash of light caught in his amethyst eyes. It was the flash of lightning, a lightning he knew very well. That lightning wasn’t normal. It was from the artificial weather pattern that endlessly traveled the globe. “So,” he said, putting his hood over his head so he wouldn’t be rained upon. “The Storm is coming here, is it. Maybe this isn’t such an ordinary place after all, then.”

    It started to rain, so he lifted his hands to put the hood of his cloak over his head so he wouldn’t get rained on. He took out a pair of binoculars and brought it up to his eyes. He looked over the people, seeing them begin to open umbrellas, tarps, and other means of covering themselves from the rain. However, as he looked, he noticed one - and only one - person who did not. A teenage boy, walking out in the rain, walking with a slight spring in his step. As if he was enjoying the Storm. His ears looked like the fins of a fish, blue as the ocean, and he also had dark blue hair. He wore a short-sleeved aquamarine shirt and brown pants.

    “Perhaps,” the Immortal said aloud, and put the binoculars back in the folds of his cloak. After a moment, he produced a small, hard, red booklet. He opened it, and the inside revealed the buttons of some technology the world hadn’t seen in years. “Perhaps he may be of use,” he said as he aimed the device at the boy and pressed a button.

    “Analyzing DNA,” came a female voice from the device, then beeping noises. “DNA analysis complete, extracting human DNA.” It beeped some more. “Analysis complete. 67% Degradation in DNA. Closest match is the pokemon Vaporeon, with a 78% match.”

    “A Vaporeon,” he said, once again pulling out his binoculars. “Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe he’s not the one that can change things.” He looked still, and saw him speaking to others that were obviously Water Pokemon in origin, all of which were taking cover from the rain, and trying to get him to as well.

    “But then again,” he said, and put the binoculars away. “That decision is his, and his alone. If he is indeed drawn to the Storm, then I may see him again. But if not, then that is none of my concern. This is their world now, not mine. I can only try to help, but can’t interfere directly.” He turned around, and walked away, back towards the abandoned building that had become his home.
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    Chapter 1

    "Hey Miku!"

    Miku stopped , and turned from the path in front of him to find his friend. Ian, with a red ‘V’ coming from his forehead, was a Blaziken,. Or at least, that's what his mind told him. He wasn't sure why, but lately his mind had been telling him these strange identifiers. Everyone was a little different, they seemed to be a combination of creatures and people. But where nobody else cared, he seemed to be able to identify each and everyone. He himself was a creature called Vaporeon.

    Ian noticed him standing there in a daze, and realized he was thinking about such things. "Don't let it worry you, man. For whichever reason, someone does need to know." He decided to change the subject. "What the heck are you doing out in the rain? Come in here, let's fight."

    Miku nodded, and went into the building. It was once used for martial arts training, until an earthquake split it in two and caused part of it to sink. However his friend and he still used it for their practicing rather than going to the new building.

    Ian already had drawn his boketou, and Miku went and grabbed his. The two faced each other, bowed, and began fighting. They spoke to each other as they did so.

    "Why were you wandering out in the rain?" Ian asked. He ducked to avoid a head attack.

    "I dunno," Miku replied, rolling out of the way of a vertical slash. "The storm was calling to me."

    "Calling to you?"

    "Yeah. Not like a voice or anything, though. More like I was drawn to it's beauty, it's power."

    "Hmm. I dunno man. Sounds kind of wierd to me."

    "Hmm. Oh hey, I got a letter from my dad yesterday."

    "Really? Cool. What did it say?"

    "Not much. Same as always. Just saying he's fine."

    "He still working trying to find out about Skew?"

    "Yep. But he says he lost their trail at the moment so he has to backtrack."

    "Ahh. "

    The two continued fighting, until they were interrupted by a voice. "Mr. Mikuri, Mr. Maeda!" Miku turned, and saw their martial arts instructor, Neagari, an Hitmontop.

    "Sensei!" They both said in surprise, then bowed to him. He had an angry look on his face.

    "I warned you two about fighting in this place," he said sternly, then smiled evily. " Now you have to fight me. And I won't lose." From his belt he drew sets of nunchaku.

    "No," Ian said with a smile. "This time we'll beat you." They both readied their swords and went after their instructor.

    It was diffucult for them. Their instructor was equally skilled at both hand and leg attacks, and had enough balance that he could quickly turn to focus on either one of them on opposite sides and never show the least bit of dizziness. Ultimately he threw both of them out of the way defeating them once again.

    "You're getting closer," he said to them. "You lasted longer today. Now go home, your lessons for the day are done." He bowed to the two, then turned and left.

    They looked outside, and the rain had subsided. They decided to leave.

    They walked through the street to theor homes. They lived next door to each other, and had been best friends for all eighteen years of their lives. As they walked around, Miku looked at the people and noticed what they were. There was an old lady that was an Ivysaur, a fat man that was a Machoke, a little girl that was an Absol. He could recognize everyone, and no idea why.

    "What do you think the significance of these are," Miku asked Ian.

    "I don't know," he said after a moment. "I know that the kids will match their mother, but beyond that I'm not sure of anything."

    "Hmm," he said. "Do you suppose maybe the legends from the shrines have anything to do with it?"

    "About the two once being separate? That sounds like baloney to me. There's no way they could be separate because there can't be any way to combine them. It's like crossing apples and pianos." They both laughed at the analogy.

    They talked about other stuff as the continued walking home, and then split off, each going to their own house. At his house, Miku ate dinner, read some of a book, then went to bed early because he was tired.

    “Miku!” echoed the girl’s voice.

    Miku was standing in a large domed coliseum, looking everywhere to try to figure out where the girl’s voice was echoing from. I’m dreaming, he thought. But what is this place?

    “Who is there?” He called out. Once again, the voice echoed out.

    “Miku! Come to me!” Who is this girl, he wondered.

    “Who are you? Show yourself?” All of the sudden, the lights that were shining on him went out. For a moment he was in the dark, but then a new light came on.

    The light shone blue, and shone around him, coming from a spotlight up in the air, “Miku, come join me! Help me stop the Immortals from destroying this world!”

    He looked towards the source of the light, and saw the outline of a girl next to it. He couldn’t see her clearly enough to tell what she looked like or what creature she was. With no idea what to do, he stepped in the direction of the girl.

    “Stop!” echoed another, low male voice through the stadium. “Do not be deceived by her!” Miku stopped, and turned in the direction he thought the other voice was coming from, but saw nobody. “She would lead you away on a path of evil. You can see the truth about everyone, do not let them get a hold of that!”

    “What do you mean,” Miku asked back into the air. He turned back to the girl, and she was no longer there. The lamp went out and for a moment he was in the dark. Then, all of the sudden, he was surrounded by blue light once again. But this light wasn’t coming from anywhere in particular. It was just there. As if it were coming from him himself.

    “It is not yet time,” the male voice replied. “But it seems you have the heart for it. And you already have the gift. Perhaps you can change the future. Where this goes from here is up to you.”

    “Wait!” Miku called out. “What are you talking about? Who are you?”“

    ”It is not the time yet for you to learn that. Awaken from your dreams now, and choose your path.

    Miku awoke in a sweat. He was breathing heavily, and his forehead was dripping. His bedroom felt like being in a fire, yet he looked out the window and saw that it was raining once again.

    What is going on? He thought to himself, sitting there on his bed and looking into the darkness of his room. That dream didn’t seem normal, it felt real. As if someone somewhere else was trying to communicate with me. He stood up and stretched, and went to his dresser to get a dry pair of nightclothes.
    As he was changing, he looked out the window again. As he looked, he felt drawn into the storm once again. He wanted to go out there, rather than be in his room in the heat. But there was no reason for him to go out there, so he looked away. He finished changing his clothes, then got back into his bed.
    He lay there for a while, unable to get to sleep. This place is very strange, he thought to himself, and I’m not sure what to make of it. The other people think that all of this is normal. It is, but it couldn’t have possibly been this way all the time. He sat up, and looked at his hands, then felt his ears with them, his blue, fishfin ears. A little different for each person. My mother and I have these Vaporeon ears. My father? I’m not sure, because I haven’t seen him at all since I gained this power. He’s out on a journey of his own, trying to find out what’s been causing the street gang ‘Skew’ to act so strange in recent years.

    He put his hands back in his lap, then sighed a deep sigh. Oh well, who am I to question this all. I’m just a... hmm? Something flashed in the corner of his eye, something that was not merely lightning. He looked out the window off into the distance, and saw the flash of light again. It was a white flash, coming from the ground, somewhere off in the distance. Looks like it’s near the shrine, he thought. He saw it flash a few other times, so he decided to leave it alone. He turned away from the window.

    <Choose your path!>

    The voice from his dream echoed once again in his head. He jumped out of bed to his feet, and looked once again out the window. Still the light flashed, a light he now realized he’d never seen the likes of before.

    <You have the heart, you can change the future. Choose your path!>

    “I have chosen my path,” he said aloud quietly, looking towards the floor. Then he looked straight at the light, and pointed at it with an outstretched hand. “My path is out there, the storm calls to me. I will go now!”

    He quickly changed into regular clothes, then grabbed a raincoat and ran out of his room. He ran down the halls of his house, and put on his shoes once he got to the front door where they were set. He opened the door, then ran outside. He didn’t immediately go towards the light, however, instead he went to the side of his house. From there he grabbed his bicycle, unchained it, and started riding.

    It wasn’t raining very hard, and there was little wind, so it was a fairly smooth ride. He arrived at the shrine after about five minutes of riding. However, three minutes into it the light had died off. He continued anyway, though, and rode until he arrived at the gates of the shrine.

    He hadn’t been to the shrine since he gained his unusual power. As he left his bike at the gate and began to walk towards the building, he felt that there was something here that held a clue to the state of the people. He entered the shrine, and found there were lanterns lit within it.

    In the center of his room, something reflected the light and caught his eye. It was an object in a transparent box. He got closer to it, and looked at it. It was a metal sphere, with two different color halves. The top half was red, the bottom half white, and there was a thin black stripe that separated the two halves.

    “That object,” said a voice from behind him. He turned, and found the shrine keeper, an old, graying man with a long, bushy unibrow that pointed up into the air. A Noctowl, Miku thought, recognizing the species.

    “What is it?” Miku asked the man. He simply shrugged his shoulders.

    “Who knows?” he replied. He opened up the box and took out the sphere and handed it to Miku. Miku examined it in his hand, and noticed it had a button on it. He pressed it, and watched as the seemingly smooth face of the sphere suddenly became faceted, and small metal plates changed their places. After a moment, the sphere was about one quarter of it’s original size. Miku pressed the button again, and the process went in reverse. “That’s all we can tell that it does,” the man continued, “but it somehow seems to be connected to the past that was forgotten.”

    “Hmm,” Miku said, putting the sphere back on the case. “Forgotten past?”

    “Yes,” the man replied. “Some say this world wasn’t always like this, that ages ago there were two different groups of creatures. They say that we were separated into humans and monsters. However nobody has any way of proving it. There was a great plague ages ago that killed off almost everybody, and in the process almost all traces of the past were destroyed in mass hysteria.”

    “Hmm...” Miku said. He looked back at the ball, and the old man put his hand on his shoulder.

    “You’d best be headed home, boy” the man said. “These old bones with their rheumatism say this storm is going to get much worse. Come back here again tomorrow, and I will tell you more.”

    “Okay,” Miku replied. “See you tomorrow!” Miku turned and left, leaving the Noctowl man in the room by himself. He shrugged his shoulders and walked to elsewhere.

    Miku left the building, and the storm was indeed getting worse. He hopped on his bike, and began pedaling. The wind was fierce, and he couldn’t see where he was going because the rain was heavy. He pedaled and pedaled, traveling blind, until he reached some building. He looked at it, it wasn’t a building he had ever seen before, and it was very large. It looked like a mansion. Well, he thought, I better get out of the rain until it dies down. He jumped off his bike, and went to the door. Luckily it was unlocked, so he entered the building.
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    Miku looked around at the building he had entered to escape the storm. The room he was in was in shambles, as if some skirmish had taken place there at some point in time. There was broken glass, broken wood, blood stains. Some of the floorboards themselves were even broken. The air had a tense feel, and he could sense that there was a presence somewhere in the building. He turned to look back to the front door, and almost considered going back out into the storm. He looked around and found a hallway. He took a deep breath, and entered the hallway.

    There were no lights in the hallway, other than some light coming in the windows from the lightning. Near the enterance, though, he found an oil lamp. The oil was full, so he pulled out his lighter and lit the wick. The room lit up.

    Miku began to walk down the hallway, which he saw was very long. Along the wall we some paintings, very old looking. They looked as if they were copies of art done by some ancient peoples, like the Egyptians or the Greeks. But the inscriptions were strange, inscriptions detailing strange and terrifying creatures, creatures who struck fear in the people who were drawn around them.

    "Why are you here," echoed a voice. Miku dropped the lantern and spun around, surprised and terrified by the voice. The light went out, leaving him standing in the darkness. He saw nobody, so called out.

    "Who are you?" he yelled. Again the voice came.

    "Proceed only if you have no fear of the future or the past ," replied the voice. The voice sounded like the one from his dreams, but more because of the effect than the tone. He thought about the statement, then picked up the lantern and re-lit it. He had lost half of the oil from dropping it, so he adjusted the wick so it wouldn't use as much oil. He continued down the hallway, looking at the paintings.

    As he walked, he passed many closed doors. However, there was one that he passed that was opened. He held the light up to it, and in it saw a large painting. He entered the room to look at it.

    This painting was Japanese in origin, and illustrated a fierce war between an army of people and an army of demons. Along either side was writing describing the picture. It was a great war between the humans and the monsters. Apparently the humans had gotten tired of being terrorized and attacked by the monsters, so the Emperor rose and trained up an army to fight against them.

    "Ahh, the war between humans and monsters," came a voice from behind Miku. He turned, and saw a tall man in a cloak, holding a lantern in his hand. He couldn't see his face, but could see the reflection from the light in his eyes.

    "Do you live here?" Miku asked the man. He shook his head and turned toward one of the side walls. Miku could see a long, thick, purple tail dragging on the floor under the back of the cloak, but couldn't tell from it what kind of creature he was.

    " No, not really," the man said. "It is my house, but I travel so much I hardly know it." He picked up a book from a bookshelf, blew the dust off of it, and put it back. "Had you ever heard of that war?" he said as he turned back to Miku. He shook his head.

    "No, never. I've heard mention in school about something from that time period, but never heard any of the details." The man turned around to leave the room, and motioned for Miku to follow.

    "The people were beginning to lose the war," the man told him as they walked. "They may have been better equipped to fight the wars, but the monsters had strange powers that the people had no defense for. And the demons that were leading the monsters were even worse. Nobody, not even the Emperor's ninja, could touch the demons."

    They eventually ran out of that particular hallway, and so cut through a dining hall to another hallway. This hallway had windows on either side, and they could clearly see the storm that raged outside. "The monsters themselves weren't evil, they were mere soldiers. Some of the fighters had befriended the monsters, and those ones fought alongside their friends. However, those ones were outnumbered and so could do little to help the people.

    "Then the tides of battle turned. An old invention, designed to capture those monsters, was refined and perfected by some scientists. They created a capture device that was compact, easy to deploy, and effective. Together with some knowledge of how the monsters fought, the people captured the monsters that had been working for the demons and used them against them."

    "Why," Miku asked, not understanding part of the story. "Why did the monsters turn against the demons when they were previously fighting for them?"

    "The monsters themselves were not evil," the man replied, “as I previously mentioned. They were roped into the middle of the conflict. As far as why they continued to fight is another matter though.

    "The monsters had great powers, but no uses for them. The demons showed them how to use them, but the humans knew how to use them effectively and how to improve them. They had great respect for the knowledge held by the humans, so much that for hundreds of years after the demons were destroyed the humans and monsters continued to fight alongside each other in competitions of strength, dexterity, beauty, and intelligence."

    "I see," Miku said. They came to the end of the hallway. There was a single door there. The man went over to the window to look out at the storm, leaving Miku standing at the door. "What happened after that," he asked. "What became of the monsters?"

    "Well," then he shook his head. "No, I cannot tell you."
    "Why not," Miku said with a tone of annoyance.

    "Nothing would be the same to you anymore if I were to tell you. Both the past and the future would look completely different to you. If I were to tell you what happened, the fate of the future would possibly rest in your hands. Think carefully about it."

    What is that supposed to mean, Miku thought. 'The fate of the future would possibly rest in your hands.' I don't know what he's talking about, but I have a feeling he's hiding something. I am a Vaporeon, and I think ne may know what that really means.

    The only way I can find out is to open the door. I accept his warning. "Tell me what happened," Miku said. The man put his head down for a moment, then nodded.

    "Okay," he said. He walked over to the door, then produced a set of keys from his cloak. Miku couldn't see his hands as he kept them under the cloth. The man unlocked the door, and opened it.

    Behind the door was a stairway leading up. "Follow me," he said, and began to walk up the stairs. Miku followed.

    "The monsters had a name classifying them," he said. "They were called Pokémon. And the people that directed them came to be known as Pokémon Trainers. And for about five hundred years after that war ended, people and Pokémon lived in peace. And knowledge and technology grew to a great level that, unfortunately, became the demise of both the humans and the Pokémon."

    "What?" Miku said in surprise. They finished climbing stairs and began to walk down another windowed hallway, one that was two stories higher than where they were before. "Both humans and these Pokémon were destroyed? But we're sill here."

    The man shook his head. "You are not human, or at least not as humans were before. Let me explain.

    "With the high knowledge came great medical advances, most of which actually survived the destruction. And with those advances came much knowledge about how the body worked.

    "There was a man that wanted to take that knowledge to prevent hereditary diseases and other diseases that were on the genetic level, such as cancer. And ultimately, he wanted to genetically stop aging. And so he set out to do that, and he succeeded. But that success was the failure.

    "Other groups learned of this advancement, including a group that was searching for ancient, legendary Pokémon that was though to be dead. A Pokémon that would have been considered a demon had it been alive during that war. They wanted to use the research to try to bring that Pokémon back to life. And their tampering with the device created a devastating disease that would rapidly tear the body apart. And it affected both humans and Pokémon.

    "By some twist of fate, it mutated into a second form, one that changed a persons genetics. It would still kill the Pokémon, but when it infected a human it carried with it the genetic code of the Pokémon it had previously infected, mixing the two codes together and creating the strange, skewed world we live in today.

    "Both the humans and the Pokémon are all dead. What's left now is a species that are some of both, determined by the species of their mother. For example, your Pokémon half is the species Vaporeon. But you already know that, don't you Miku?"

    Miku was surprised to hear the man identify him as a Vaporeon, but was far more surprised to hear him speak his name. How did he know my name, he wondered. I hadn’t introduced myself. “How did you know my name is Miku,” he asked the man. The man chuckled.

    “There is much that I know of you,” the man replied. “I know you are seventeen years old, and will be turning eighteen soon. I know that you and your best friend, Ian Mikuri whose species is Blaziken, have been training in martial arts for the last five years.” Miku took a step back, aghast to hear these secrets poured out as if he was reading them from a book. “I know your father is away from home, following a group of hoodlums known as ‘Skew’. And I know you have the power to tell the species of each and every person you see, despite the fact that this world hasn’t known such things for nearly four hundred years.”

    Miku looked around, and noticed that after they left the hallway they had stepped into a large room, lit only by the lantern that was in the man’s hand. Miku could barely see the light cast onto the walls. What is this man, Miku wondered, now a little frightened. How can such a person know such things??

    “Who are you!” Miku’s voice was full of fear and anger. The man had led him into something he wasn’t sure about. “How do you know such things?”

    “I...” replied then man. “No, it’s not good to tell you, it’s much better to show you.” He set the lantern down on the ground, then held out his right arm to the side of him. He waved his arm, and the lantern lifted up into the air. He waved it a few more times, and it flew around the edges of the room. As they passed the walls, torches on the walls were illuminated, and caught flame as the lantern’s fire met with each one of them. The lantern returned to the man’s feet once the whole room was lit up.

    Miku took another step back, truly frightened now. What was that??? he thought, his mind racing. Is this some sort of trick? He watched the man, and he lifted both of his arms up to his head, apparently to remove his hood. Finally, Miku thought. The sleeves of the cloak slid away, and Miku could see his hands. His hands were a light purple, and his fingers... His fingers weren’t normal, instead of a normal hand he had balls on the ends of his fingers, that seemed to be part of the skin. What’s this?

    The man removed the hood from his head, and finally his features were revealed, as the light reflected in his amethyst eyes. But, it wasn’t features as Miku was expecting. His face the same light purple as his hands, but even more strange was the bone structure of the face. It wasn’t the normal bone structure of a human, but rather it more resembled a feline face. He looked a little closer, and saw that the purple was actually a short layer of a fur-like substance - which was the only hair on his head - which seemed to further support the feline theory. To finish it off, on the top of his head were his ears, pointing backwards, but not tapering off into a point, they were more or less the same width until they stopped a few inches above his head.

    The man drew back his cloak so it was all behind him, and removed his arms from the sleeves and retied it so it would act more like a cape. Miku saw even more resemblance to a cat in the man’s legs. They were structured as a cat’s hindquarters would be, and he also noticed that he was standing with his legs bent. He was already more than a foot taller than Miku, and Miku imagined that if he were to stand straight up he would probably be another foot taller.

    “Who,” Miku said, no longer afraid but amazed at the unusual sight in front of him. “Who, no, what... What are you?” The man smiled, then bowed to Miku.

    “I am your connection to the past,” the man said once he was finished bowing. “And perhaps your only hope for a bright future, or at least I would think so.” Miku noticed that he didn’t move his mouth as he spoke. “I am known as Mewtwo the Immortal, the last remaining Pokemon on this planet.”
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    Somewhere else, in the rain, a man stood on the top of a hill. He had in his hand a pair of binoculars, and brought them to his eyes. He looked out, and saw his target. This time it was two people, both male, and both looking to belong to the same Pokemon species. They were together lifting an object onto a cart, out of another cart. The man pressed a button on the top of his binoculars, and the lenses changed, allowing him to zoom in even closer and see what they were lifting.

    It was a box, and it looked as if it was something stolen from the nearby ruins of Old Kyoto. There were no identifying marks, however, so he could not see what it was. He watched as several other people stood guard, people with guns with laser sights. One of them swung it at his direction.

    He dropped down to the ground as fast as he could, and in the process ended up landing on his long blue hair. His jacket and hair would both have to be washed later. “Those people,” he said, thinking out loud. “Skew thinks that they can just rebuild their organization from the past, that their Immortal leader will be able to lead them into control of the country.”

    “That plan won’t succeed,” he said, smirking. “They aren’t planning for someone like me to interfere, and there’s no way they can stand up to something like that.” He stood up and brushed himself off. “Unless,” he said with a scowl, “ they get him involved.”

    He shook his head and became calm again. “No, he wouldn’t help them either. His business is with me, and nobody else.” He popped his neck, and walked off so he could circle around the group and continue following them once they begun moving again.


    “So,” Miku said, finally having worked up enough courage to speak. “Why is it that you are still a Pokemon if the whole world was destroyed by that virus?”

    “I,” Mewtwo said, then he chuckled. “Interesting...”

    “What?” Miku asked.

    “I never had thought about that until now, that I am the only Pokemon left.” He turned to look into one of the torches, and Miku could see the flames reflected in his amethyst eyes. “I am a Pokemon quite different from the rest of the Pokemon. I, the lone wolf and the odd one out, am the last of the kind, yet I was also one of the most recent.” He shook his head.

    “But that’s a story for another time,” he said, looking back at Miku. “I mentioned earlier about the man who wanted to stop aging, who then had his secrets taken by several others. I was actually one of the ones who took that secret, and I altered it to match my own genetic code to make myself immortal. The virus didn’t affect any of us with that treatment...” Suddenly his face became stern. “And that is why I have brought you here.”

    “Hmm?” Miku questioned.

    “Among those that got the treatment were evil men,” Mewtwo said as he walked over to a bookshelf in the room. From it he pulled two small pieces of paper, and a cap. “Men that were leaders of powerful orginizations.” He walked over to Miku and handed him the pieces of paper. On one of them, Miku found a blue ‘A’, and on the other he found a red ‘M’. He looked back up at Mewtwo, and he was putting his cape back on, and he wrapped the cape around him and put on the cap, which was black and bore a red ‘R’. “These are the symbols of just a few of the groups that were based here in Japan. There were more out there as well.” He took the cap back off and held it in his hand.

    Miku wasn’t quite sure where this was going. “So,” he said,” you drew me here for...”

    Mewtwo shook his head. “Don’t get me wrong, Miku. I did no such thing. You were drawn here by the Storm, an artificial weather pattern created before this virus spread through the world.” He waved his hand, and the walls of the room became transparent, revealing the storm raging outside. It was beginning to subside. “This Storm was designed by one of those evil groups, in hopes of increasing the size of the ocean. It hasn’t been working, but that is not the point.

    “The people who have become immortal haven’t faded into history as I would have hoped. They have been traveling, and in the wake of each one of them is a path of destruction. It is only a matter of time before one of them decides they want to rise up in power again, and take control of this twisted world of Pokemon people.

    “You are the only one aside from us Immortals that can recognize the Pokemon that these people are. In the hearts of the people lies the hearts of those Pokemon from the war long ago, the ones that would stand up against evil. But the people have lost touch with their Pokemon halves, and that is not good.” He walked up to Miku and put his hand on his shoulder.

    “I’m going to tell you this straight out, Miku,” he said, his eyes now starting to look a little sad. “This world’s population has a negative growth. Unless something changes right now, when the power exists to do so, this world will completely die off in another few hundred years.”

    “So,” Miku said, having a hard time trying to swallow this. “What am I supposed to do?”

    Mewtwo smiled, and patted him on the shoulder. “Not much, really. As a Vaporeon, you have a higher stamina than most other people, and with your martial arts training under your belt, I want you to become an investigator.”

    “Investigator?” He said. He was a little relieved, because the job didn’t sound like it would be as stressful or dangerous as he thought it would be.

    “Yes,” Mewtwo said. “The Storm calls to you. It is being generated by a device hidden somewhere, a relic from the past. But that isn’t the only relic from the past. With time, you will hear the calls of everything that is left from the past. If this world is to survive, all the evil leftover from the past must be destroyed. Before one of the Immortals can get their hands on them. Mewtwo snapped his fingers, and they were suddenly outside the front door of the building. The rain had died down to a light drizzle.

    “You will be going on a journey,” Mewtwo said, “just like your father. He is seeking out present evil, as that is what he feels he must do. You are going to seek out past evil, a task that will save the world, and also aid your father.” Miku nodded, then walked over to his bike.

    “Where should I go?” he asked.

    “You will know,” Mewtwo replied. “Follow your dreams, as they call to you as well.” Like that girl, Miku thought to himself, remembering the dream he had earlier. “I will meet up with you again later, but for now go back to your home. And you’ll probably want to enlist the aide of your friend Ian, he will greatly help you as well.” Without another word, Mewtwo went back into the building. Miku got on his bike and rode back home.

    Back in the building, Mewtwo back up to the room that was his workshop. From one of the bookshelves he pulled a briefcase, and he opened it. Within it was a small box, except that it wasn’t. He set it down on a desk, and sat on a chair. He opened the middle of the box, revealing a whole bunch of buttons. “Giovanni’s laptop,” Mewtwo said aloud. He pushed a button on it, and it lit up. “All of Jacob’s research is on here.

    “Jacob and Heather learned how to use the electric powers granted to them by their Pikachu sides,” Mewtwo continued to think aloud, as he typed endlessly away at the keyboard, hoping to find something that only had a slim chance of being there but this entire operation depended on it. “Nobody else has been able to figure out how that power, or at least nobody that has a good enough heart to admit it. Perhaps the evil people here have learned their Pokemon abilities. And if this is going to succeed, Miku and Ian both will need to know how to do that as well. My only hope at that though is if this notebook somehow had that information recorded into it.” He continued searching, searching, and hoping for the sake of the world it was there. “Otherwise, Giovanni will end up winning this, and the world will be lost.”
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    Chapter 2

    Miku awoke in his bed the next morning. He didn’t distinctly remember riding back home after meeting the mysterious creature called Mewtwo, everything was a blur after that point. He sat up for a minute, then laid back down to go back to sleep.

    “HEY WAKE UP!” Miku awoke startled to pounding on his window and someone yelling. Miku looked at his window unsure of what he’d find there, but it was just Ian.

    “Hey! You nearly gave me a heart attack there!” Miku said crossly. He got out of bed and popped his neck.

    “Haha, you deserve it fool. Hey come see this thing I found.” Ian walked away from the window, and Miku yawned and began to change clothes. Once he was done with that, he left his room, grabbed a banana from his kitchen, and went out to see what it was that Ian had found.

    Ian led him into the back of his house, where there was a giant hole revealing access to the water pipes under the ground. His family had been digging it up because it had sprung a leak, but now there was something of different interest down there. Miku reached down and picked up the item out of the hole in the ground.

    It was a ball, one that looked just the same as the one in the shrine. He found the button on it and pressed it, and sure enough it expanded. However, once it expanded, it cracked, and came apart. Many small metal plates fell to the ground as the entire assembly around the crack separated. “This is just like what’s at the shrine.”

    “Yeah,” Ian said, then led him over to the side of his house. There were a couple of other things located there, as well as the remains of some person. “We should take this person’s remains to the shrine, but in the mean time look at what else is here.”

    Miku bent over and picked up something from the pile, and looked at it. It was a strange, triangular, blue and white device. It looked like it had a button on it. He pushed it, and it let out a tone, and then Miku felt a burning on his hand. He dropped the device, and looked at the liquid that had gotten onto his hands.

    “Acid,” he said as he wiped it off so it wouldn’t burn him. Ian picked it up carefully and looked at the bottom, and found a panel, he opened it up, and was greeted with more acid. He dropped it too.

    “Battery acid,” Ian commented as he reached for some baking soda that was there. He poured it on and it bubbled, neutralizing it. “It was battery powered. Not many of those sorts of things left.”

    “Well that’s because they would leak, just as you saw there. Who knows what it did, though.” Maybe Mewtwo would know, Miku thought. “Anyways, let’s take this stuff up to the shrine.”

    Miku grabbed a cloth sack from nearby, and began to put the remains of the person and his items into it. The two then began to walk up towards the shrine, and the two talked as they went.

    “That guy, he probably died from that plague that went around.” Ian said, recalling history lessons.

    “Probably,” Miku commented. “It was devastating and went fast, so he likely didn’t have any way to get to anywhere. He died where he lay, although it was probably a hole at the time because otherwise the pipe layers would have taken out his remains.”

    “Hmm.. What species do you think he was? Is there enough for you to tell?”

    Miku stopped for a moment, actually thinking about the strange encounter he had had the night previous. He wasn’t any species except for human, Miku thought, realizing the significance of the items he was carrying. These are remains of a person with untainted blood, a person who lived not only in the height of technology but at a time where this world was alive. Not in this dying, mashed together world we have now. “No,” he said after thinking for a bit, then resumed walking.

    Ian noticed the pause, and the emotional response that resulted from those thoughts. “You okay, man?” he asked. Miku shook his head.

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” he said and smiled briefly. “Let’s get this stuff to the shrine.” The two continued walking, and along the way they talked on and on about essentially nothing, the way good friends can so easily do.

    All in all it took about twenty minutes to walk up the hill to the shrine. But when they got there it didn’t have the usual large crowd of people that it would have at this time, in fact it didn’t have anybody else.
    “Something’s wrong,” Ian said, eyes darting around. Miku set down the bag, and gave him a skeptical look.

    “What makes you think something’s wrong?” Miku looked around, and shrugged his shoulders. “There’s simply nobody here, that isn’t the sign of anything wrong.” Ian shook his head.

    “No,” he argued. “Something is here. I’ve got a strange feeling, one that I can’t describe. I-“

    Before he could go further, the two became blinded by a flash of white light. It seemed to come from all around them, and once their eyes refocused their eyes darted around again. Miku took a fighting stance, then changed his mind and ran into the shrine.

    “That light,” he said as Ian followed him, “I saw that same light last night.” They came into the room of the shrine, and looked around. The cases protecting the stuff that was there had all been broken, and the various relics from the past were gone. Miku walked over and picked up the two-toned ball from the ground, which seemed to have been overlooked in the theft.

    “Last night?” Ian said, looking around for any sign of who may have done it. He bent down, and from the ground picked up a piece of paper, folded into four parts.

    “Yes, I saw that same light coming from here last night, and so I came up here to look.” Ian nodded, then he unfolded the paper, and read the words that were on it.

    “To all members, to the Kantoh team specifically:

    “Raids will begin on any sites that believe to contain the lost technology. Get anything that you can find, and spare no lives that interfere. Some sites may have the technology trapped underground, so use the quake imuplsers if you feel that. ” With that note, they heard a cough from nearby, and ran over to the sound. There they found the body of the Noctowl shrine keeper, he had a large gash in his forehead where he seemed to have been thrown against one of the broken glass cases.

    “What happened here?” Miku asked.

    “They,” he choked. “They came and stole the relics.”

    “Did they do anything else,” Ian asked, looking around.

    “One of them said something about...” The man stopped, and put his hand to the ground. Ian and Miku could hear a low tone coming from the ground, and it grew louder. The three of them grabbed for different stands, as suddenly the ground shook fiercely. It shook for nearly a minute, and pieces of plaster fell on them from the ceiling.

    “They said something about quaking the nearby land to see if they can dig up anything,” the old man yelled over the noise of the ground shaking. Ian and Miku looked to each other, and then got a look of horror as they thought about the message. As soon as the ground stopped shaking, both of them tore out of the building, and ran up the nearby hill.

    They looked out, and could see that their town was hit by the quake. There were tears going all through it, and many of the buildings had caught fire. They stared at it for several minutes, saying nothing.

    Finally, Ian fell to his knees. “How,” he wondered aloud. “How can something like this happen?”

    “I don’t know,” Miku said somberly

    “Well I know,” said a voice from behind them. They turned, and found a tall man in a cloak, his face obscured by the hood.

    Mewtwo the Immortal, Miku thought. “What is it you want?” He said aloud. “What is it they want?”

    “Who are you?” Ian asked.

    “An acquaintance I made recently,” Miku told Ian, then turned back to Mewtwo.

    “They seem to be Storm Chasing. The Storm seems to be attracted to the relics of the past, and this group, whoever they are, have noticed that and are using it to gather the technology.”

    “But what are they going to do with it?”

    Mewtwo shrugged his shoulders under the cloak. “Who knows. They seem be looking for something particular, or know something that I do not.”

    “So now what can we do?” Ian asked somberly, not sure of what was going on.

    “Ian, to you I offer the same proposition that I offered to Miku last night. You may not have his unique powers, but I’ve watched you as well and you seem to have great fighting ability.” Mewtwo turned around and walked away, not giving Ian a chance to respond. “Quickly now,” Mewtwo said. “There is little time, this group moves fast and will be gone without a trace within the next hour. You two must be prepared.”

    Ian looked to Miku, and he merely shrugged his shoulders then started walking towards Mewtwo. Ian looked around for a while, then stomped his foot and followed them.


    “Sir!” said a person.

    “Yes?” replied the person that was being addressed. He was a bulky man, mostly from muscle but was starting to get a little fat, with a black beard and a bandana.

    “Our scouts say that group destroyed another town.”

    “How many casualties?”

    “Not many, fortunately.”

    “Good,” the man replied as he stroked his beard. “We need people surviving so they can see our operation come into play. Do we know yet who this group is?”

    “Not exactly,” replied the other person. “A couple of scouts believe they are a special operations division of Skew, but there isn’t any evidence to back that up.”

    “Hmm....” The man grunted in disappointment. “Continue monitoring them, as well as monitoring Skew. If they begin to do too much damage, kill off this group.” The person saluted him, and walked off.

    “Well,” he said as he looked out the window. “Seems like many people have decided to step up at the same time. Just like the days of the past, the war for power is beginning.”
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    P.S. I've got a refrence in here to another game. If you can find it I'll give you a cookie! :)


    Miku and Ian walked slowly down the road that would lead them to Tokyo. Mewtwo had told them they could not go back to try to save anyone or gather supplies, and so they were a little down about it.

    “This is crazy,” Ian said, still not quite sure completely of what was going on. “He wants us to go to Tokyo and begin searching there?”

    “Yes,” Miku replied, confirming Mewtwo’s order.

    “Well I don’t like it. First of all, what about the people back there?” Miku shook his head.

    “There’s nothing we can do about that. Mewtwo said he will attend to the people, and he’s got the power to do that. We don’t”

    “But...” Ian bit his tongue, knowing that he was right. He had seen Mewtwo demonstrating his power as he quickly told him what Miku had been told the night before while he prepared traveling gear for the two of them. His power was great, and he would be able to help the people of the town on a much broader scale then the two of them would be able to. “Well,” he said after a moment, “what about food? We won’t have enough food to get to Tokyo. And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t grab my wallet this morning so I have no money with me.”

    Miku sighed, as he was right. “Neither did I,” he said. “But there’s nothing we can do about that either, as our money had most likely been destroyed in the fire.” For an hour or so neither of them said anything after that, with nothing really to say.

    “So why are we going to Tokyo anyway,” Ian said eventually. “I mean, what makes Mewtwo think they are gathering there?”

    “Tokyo,” Miku said after thinking for a moment. “Tokyo used to hold the old Silph corporation, and he thinks they either haven’t been there yet or are based there.” Ian nodded, then picked up a stick off the ground.

    “Hmm,” he said as he looked at it. It was just an ordinary stick, nothing fancy. Eventually he got bored with it and threw it back down to the ground.

    The two continued walking for many hours, when they saw two people on the street. Miku noted their species. An Exploud and a Kadabra, he thought, eyeing one’s brown pointed ears on the top of his head and the other’s dual-colored dreadlocks, a style rather unusual for this part of Japan. Both of them were wearing black jackets. They continued walking until they passed each other, at which point it was apparent that they were walking too close, as the Exploud guy bumped into Ian. “Hey!” he exclaimed in frustration, but the guy continued walking.

    “Hey you!” Ian yelled out, angry now. They kept walking, a little faster now. Ian became a little suspicious, reached into his pocket to find... nothing. “Hey!” he said and took after them.

    “What’s wrong,” Miku said, running after.

    “He swiped the ball from my pocket!” he said, referring to the two-toned ball from the shrine that Ian had grabbed and put in his pocket. The two guys ran, changing directions back towards the direction they came from, and Miku and Ian tore after them. The chase went on for almost fifteen minutes, eventually leading into a forest.

    In the forest, they came across a particularly dense patch of trees, blocking the two from running further from Ian and Miku. So they turned towards them, intent on fighting.

    “What was that all about,” Ian demanded, taking a fighting stance. “Why do you just randomly steal things from travelers on the road.” The Kadabra man chuckled.

    “Not randomly,” he said. “You two were carefully chosen, as you have something we need.”

    “And what would that be,” said Miku, not taking Ian’s fighting stance but repositioning his feet for balance. The two men sneered.

    “That’s for us to know,” said the Kadabra man. They through off their jackets.

    “..And you not to,” finished the Exploud man, as he thrust his hand into Ian’s chest, knocking him down. Ian and Miku looked at the two, seeing that they weren’t just punks and may be a challenge. The Exploud man had thick arms, and the Kadabra, while his arms not as thick as his friend’s, had arms that were taut with muscles. In his right hand he held a knife, which he dove forward and swung at Miku. It was close, close enough to cut a gash in the front of his shirt, but it didn’t puncture the skin.

    The Kadabra continued to slash at Miku, and he decided to parry all of the attacks with his arm. Each block stung a bit, and Miku could tell that he was indeed quite strong and was swinging the knive with great force. The Kadabra man switched the knife into his opposite hand, and then he sneered, “I’ll have you know I’m ambidextrous.” Miku started blocking with his other arm, but wasn’t nearly as successful at doing it as he was with his other arm. He changed his mind about blocking and went to dodging the swings.

    The Exploud man in the mean time was also swinging his arms with most of his strength, a tactic that Ian seemed to be amused at. He blocked some of the other blows, dodged others, and then ducked down to kick at his legs. The Exploud man swaggered, but didn’t lose his balance. His face was starting to turn red however, and his attacks grew more furious and less intelligent. Ian was able to dodge most of them at this point.

    Miku noticed that the Kadabra man’s attacks all seemed to be based on close range, so he backed off, putting some distance between he and his assailant. The Kadabra man wasn’t quite done yet, he switched the knife over to his other hand, took aim, and threw it. It hit a tree dangerously close to Miku, so he started to circle around, to wait for an opportunity to rush in and take hold. “A ninja I see,” he said to the Kadabra man, and the man bowed before throwing another knife.

    “My family has trained in the art for generations,” he said, as he drew something different. Miku looked close, and saw that it was a metal spoon. “And we know something not many people know,” he continued, bending his body backwards with the spoon held straight out. “How to properly use the most powerful throwing weapon in existence.” The Kadabra man reeled, then quickly spun forward on one foot, and released the spoon. It let out as screaming sound, and Miku dodged out of the way. The spoon struck a tree, and suddenly wood chips went flying everywhere.

    Ian looked at the tree, and saw a crater over a foot in diameter, with the spoon in the center. “Woah,” he said. The Exploud man took this opportunity to try an uppercut punch, but Ian narrowly dodged it, and jumped in the air and roundhouse kicked him, sending him skidding along the ground towards the Kadabra man.

    The Kadabra man had drawn another knife, and Miku stood back up and dodged it. He then rushed up to the man, and grabbed his hands before he could draw another knife. The Exploud man got up off the ground and yelled, a loud, shrill battle cry that shook the whole forest. Miku, Ian, and the Kadabra man cringed as he did it, but Miku held fast to the Kadabra man’s arms.

    The Exploud man then charged at Ian with both fists, and Ian just smiled and held out his arms. He caught the man with his palms, and though it took him several steps back to resist the inertia, he stopped him in his tracks. Both pairs of people stepped around the field, until they came next to each other, with Ian standing next to the Kadabra man and Miku next to the Exploud. They looked to each other, then their opponents, then back to each other and nodded.

    They both let go of their opponents hands, first of all the left hand. They slapped them together up in the air as they yelled out together, “TAG!”. They then let go of the right hand, and spun on their feet to punch the men they were standing next to. Neither of them had time to react, and both of them fell to the ground, defeated with the attacks.

    The two men groaned as they lay their on the ground, unable to move, and Ian reached down to pick up the ball from the ground where it had fallen. “Yeah that’s right,” he said, taunting them.

    Miku in the mean time went over to the jackets they dropped, and started searching through them. “What are you looking for,” Ian asked, walking over to him.

    “I’m looking,” he said as he found a wad of papers in a pocket, “for something to identify them with. Figure out who they were.”

    Ian chuckled as he looked at them. “I think those two in particular are just dumb people that think it’s funny to rob people on the street,” he said. He picked up the other black jacket, and tried it on. “Not a bad fit,” he said. “I think I’ll keep it.”

    “Fine whatever,” Miku replied. He then picked up the other jacket, and tried it on himself. It was a little too big for him, as the other men were taller than he. He took it off and tied it around his waist, deciding it would be good for the cold.

    “So what were they anyway,” Ian asked, finally getting a chance to find out what their species was.

    Miku pointed to the Kadabra man first. “That man there is a Kadabra, and the other one is an Exploud.” Ian nodded, and they both turned to walk away, leaving the two men laying there.

    They walked through the forest further, not quite sure how long it would go on but walking in the general direction they needed to go. They walked for an hour, and then suddenly stopped.

    All around them it could be heard, the sound of footsteps. They both looked around, expected to be assaulted by many people, and decided to stand back to back so they could best fight.

    The sound continued and continued, yet nobody appeared. Ian got a bit apprehensive, and finally yelled out, “show yourself already!”

    And so they came out, not from around but from above. And there weren’t many, just two. Two twin women, in what appeared to be brown military uniforms with short sleeved shirts, with cloth masks covering their faces, red check marks crossing one eye, each one the opposite’s eye, dual colored red and grey hair, and more red patterns on their arms. Zangoose, Miku thought as he identified them.

    And swords. The two women held a scimitar in each hand, and they had landed one in front of each of them, and were in the position to each hold one sword up to Ian and Miku’s throats. Both of them swallowed hard, and backed against each other. The two women pressed closer, until the tips of the blades were touching the skin. But they didn’t press further than that.

    “Ian Mikuri and Miku Maeda,” said one of the women.

    “You will come with us,” said the other.

    “Someone wishes to speak with you.”
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    Here's the next part. This'll probably finish off Chapter 2.


    The man lifted his head, feeling somehow that there was someone in distress. He looked around, and noticed the young girl was still asleep in her bed. Her pink hair had fallen across her face, some of it touching her open mouth.

    He chuckled silently, and stood up from where he had been sleeping against the wall. He reached for his armor, then decided against it, instead deciding to merely go with his jacket, black with an odd pattern of crimson lines, resembling simplified pictures of what appeared to be ancient writings from the Americas. Nothing specific though, just patterns. He put it on, and grabbed his sword from it's place on the wall.

    He walked over to the door and went outside, but not before looking at the girl one last time. "Wait for me," he said to her quietly as she slept, and he left the building.

    He walked along the dirt road, heading in the direction he imagined was the one he needed to go in, while in the meantime thinking of the girl he had found.

    I hope she gets better soon, he thought. He had found her on the roadside as he had passed, injured, malnourished, and exhausted from heat stroke. A young girl, only about fifteen years old. It had been sunny then, just weeks previous to now, before the Storm returned to Japan. It would be a long time again before the slow moving Storm passed over.

    She had been recovering well since then, yet she was still weak. He couldn't figure it out, but he suspected it was a mentally induced weakness. As if she still believed she was frail and so couldn't physically do the things he knew she was now able to do.

    "Hmm," he said aloud. His knowledge of which Pokemon were which had blurred to the point it wasn't of any use over the years, but he believed she was a balanced girl with no special attributes, or in older words a Normal-type. He himself was a Fire type, but beyond that he didn't know what he was. He thought about it, and felt it was something he should have known, but was something he had forgotten. And he felt he himself had forced him to forget, for one reason or another.

    He shrugged his shoulders, it didn't really matter to him. The powers that had once been know had been forgotten by the humans of the past, since the pure humans knew no such power so when they combined didn't know how to use them. It didn't matter what type of Pokemon he or anyone was, it was insignificant in this world.

    The road took him next to a forest, and he decided on impulse to duck behind a tree. As he peeked from around, his instincts had served him well as he saw a sentry armed with a crossbow. He watched as the sentry looked around to see if anyone was there, then motioned for people to follow. Several more people followed, most of them in some form of military clothing. However as he looked, he noticed two young men, hands bound behind them, and being forced to walk by swordpoint.

    The man noted his and their location and ran into the forest, deciding to follow them to find out what was going on with the boys. He ran swiftly but quietly, determined to get as close as he could while still remaining invisible in the cover of the forest.


    “Hey watch it,” Ian said as he was tossed into the room. He rolled out of the way so Miku didn’t land on him, and then the metal door was slammed closed.

    “You will wait here until his is ready to speak to you,” growled the guard through the gate. He then walked off, leaving Miku and Ian in there alone.

    Ian stood up and kicked the wall, and growled. Miku just sat there silently, his arms moving a bit. “So what do we do now,” Ian asked, looking around at the empty cell they were in. He looked over to Miku, and noticed his arms were fidgeting. “What are you up to?”

    Miku popped his neck, then brought his hands forward. “Undoing the ropes,” he said, holding them up triumphantly. He got off the ground, and untied the ropes that were binding Ian.

    “Thanks,” he said gratefully. Miku nodded, then turned to the door. There was a grate for looking through, and he walked over to it. It was high off the ground, so Miku motioned Ian to come over as well. “Lift me up,” he said, and Ian obliged by holding his hands together for Miku to step on. He did as such, and Ian hoisted him up.

    Two guards, he said, noticing what he saw there. A Mightyena and a Persian, he thought after he identified them. Each of the two men were musclebound, and holding thick staves. “Let me down,” Miku whispered so they didn’t notice he was looking. Ian lowered him.

    “There are two guards outside this door,” Miku reported to Ian, “and each one is well armed and not weak either.” Ian nodded, then sat down to think.

    “So what do we do,” Ian responded. Miku shrugged his shoulders, and leaned against the wall.

    “Well, I guess we can’t do anything about it at the moment. We’ll have to wait until they take us out of here before we can do anything.”

    They sat in there for about ten minutes before anybody returned to open the door. When someone finally returned, they stood there in defiance and faced the group of people who had entered, which consisted of one of the Zangoose twins, a shorter Grovyle woman, a tall Hariyama man, and a person who was wearing concealing samurai armor that prevented both species and gender from being determined. The samurai and the Zangoose woman held their swords to Miku and Ian, and the Hariyama man barked out, "come this way."

    The two were led through hallway after hallway, and Miku assumed it was to disorient them so they couldn't find the way out. They walked around for nearly a half of an hour, and then they entered a large doorway.

    "Come forth," said a low, deep voice. The group pushed forward the two. "Leave me," the voice said afterward. The group left and closed the door, leaving the two alone.

    They looked two the front of the room, which was darkened. They strained to see in the darkness, and saw a figure sitting in a chair. The figure stood up, and walked toward them.

    The figure turned out to be a very large man, with a height in upwards of over seven feet. He was a muscled man, and was wearing plated armor that seemed to attach to his skin in some places.

    Miku leaned over and whispered to Ian, "be wary, that man is a Rhydon. Very strong." Ian nodded. The man walked up until he was standing three feet away from them and stopped.

    He smiled a toothy grin and laughed. "I here tale of your apprehension of those highway bandits,"he said, and clapped a few times. "Well done! Now, down to business."

    He turned and motioned for them to look at a wall. It was a map of some of lower Japan, specifically the Kanto and Johto regions. "These areas," he said as he walked up to the map and pointed to some points, "used to to be highly populated areas before the plague. Some still have people, but most have been left desolate because of fear.

    "I personally have been to every one of those areas, and that's all rubbish. They are fine, and have troves of forgotten technology in them." He turned to look at the two.

    "My group seeks to regain that technology, especially the medical technology. With it, we can become a power that can secure control and re-unify this country under our rule." He walked up to them and put a hand on each of their shoulders. "You two will work for me in regaining that technology."

    Ian and Miku shrugged off the hand of the man, and stepped backwards. "We're not interested," Miku said and they turned back to the door.

    The man's friendly demeanor vanished, and he growled at them. "That wasn't an offer," he said darkly, "it was an order."

    The two turned to look back at the man, and saw that he had grabbed a large staff. He swung it like a bat and hit Ian in the arm, causing him to yell.

    The two took a fighting stance, and rushed forward to hit the man. However, as Miku went to hit him in the stomach, his fist hit something hard and the man didn't notice the attack. He sneered, and knocked Miku away. Ian then went in to hit, and was met with a similar result.

    The man laughed. "There's nothing you can do to me. You will die by my hands if you choose to continue." Ian and Miku coughed, and got back up. They went back in to try to kick, and again felt the same hardness. The man didn't look if he even noticed the attacks.

    "That way," Ian called to Miku, and he circled around to attack from behind. But the same feeling came from attacking there, and Miku cringed as he got batted away by the staff.

    Ian ran over to help Miku up, and the two looked at the man. "Hey," Ian said, "I want to try his head."

    "Good idea," Miku agreed, "but how can we reach it?"

    "Hmm," he said, then clapped. "I've got it! You can lift me up and throw me for a roundhouse kick."

    They ran towards the he man, Miku in front and Ian in back. Miku held his hands up and behind his head, and Ian grabbed them. They got up to the man, and Miku bent forward and lifted Ian into the air. As he lifted him up he twisted Ian around, and threw him. He kicked the man in the head, then yelped in pain.

    They ran back away again, Ian limping slightly. "This isn't natural Miku," Ian said, and Miku nodded to him

    "Yes," Miku agreed, "it's like he's armored with an invisible wall." Miku stopped, and then had a hunch. "Ian," he said.


    "I want to try that again." Ian shrugged his shoulders.

    "Are you crazy, man?" He sighedthen nodded. "fine, but you're doing the kicking this time."

    They charged at the man again, with Ian in the front this time. "The same tactic again?" the man chuckled, amused. "Didn't you learn the first time?"

    Ian lifted Miku up and threw him, and Miku kicked the man across the jaw. However, instead of feeling the intense pain, he felt the much softer feeling of flesh on bone. He landed and looked at him.

    They watched as the man staggered, then slowly came back to balance. He held his hand up to his jaw, and then wiped his mouth. The corner of his mouth had torn and started bleeding slightly, and he grunted.

    He yelled out, and Miku heard, or rather felt in the back of his mind, a woman screaming in pain. The man swung his staff and knocked the two away, and the guards came back into the room.

    They surrounded Ian and Miku, and the man said coldly, "take them back to the prison." They dragged Miku and Ian away, leaving the man alone.

    He walked over to the map, and removed the pins holding it up. Behind it was a painting, a painting of a young girl with deep green hair, a sun hat, and a dress. He looked at it and frowned. "For this you will pay," he said coldly, and tore the painting from the frame.


    The guards threw Ian and Miku back in to the cell, and closed the door once again. They sat there, bruised from their fight. Neither one moved, as there was no reason to.

    "Did you hear that scream?" Miku asked, wondering if Ian had heard the girl's cry. Ian shook his head.

    "I didn't hear anything," he said, but frowned. "Hmm... Perhaps he is hiding something. What exactly did you hear?"

    "After I hit him, I heard a voice in my mind. It was a woman, screaming out in pain." Ian scratched his head, then struggled to stand up.

    "Well," he said in pain, "whoever it is we can't do anything to help her from in here." Miku nodded, and himself struggled to stand up.

    The two leaned against a wall, and looked at their swollen hands. They had both used a lot of force in their punches, and the resistance was near enough to break bones. They were lucky that they didn't.

    "You know," Ian said, then stopped. He listened, and heard a faint cry from outside the door. They both walked towards the door, and heard another one.

    "Anyone in there," someone said, rapping on the door.

    "Yeah," Miku replied.

    "Okay," the voice confirmed. "Hold on a moment I'll get you out." They heard some more noise from outside, and then the door opened.

    In the door walked a man in a black coat with red lines on it, and a katana, now sheathed, in his hand. The man had hair as red as a fire, more defined than Ian’s. Miku looked at him, but couldn’t tell what species of Pokemon he was. It wasn’t one he knew the name of, whatever it was. “We must move quickly,” he said, motioning for them to follow. They stretched, and then followed him, running out of there.

    They passed the guards, noticing they had fallen, but didn’t look like they were cut. “Don’t worry,” the man said. “I hit them with the back of my sword. By the way my name is Gregory.”

    “I’m Ian,” said Ian, “and he’s Miku.”

    “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” They made a few turns, and so far hadn’t come across anyone yet. “The exit is this way.” They nodded, and continued running, but only for a moment.

    Miku stopped running. “Help me!” came the cry from inside his head. Ian and Gregory stopped running and looked at him.

    “What’s wrong?” Gregory asked. Miku shook his head, and took off running in a new direction. “What is he doing,” panicked Gregory as the two of them ran after him. “We have to get out of here!”

    “Miku says there’s someone here that needs our help,” Ian explained, describing the event earlier. They continued running through hallways, trying to keep up with Miku as he was led to where he was going by some unknown force. Finally they caught up to him, as he was prying a door open with a metal bar.

    “Help me with this,” he yelled at them, and they grabbed parts of the bar and helped pull. After pulling for a bit, they were able to pry the door open, and a blast of cold air came billowing out of the room. They looked in, and the other of the Zangoose sisters in there, operating the controls for some machine. The machine was what was putting out the cold air, and they saw in front of the machine a capsule. The capsule had a window on it, and in the window they saw an old woman with long green hair. She looked to be alive, and struggling to get free of some binds.

    The Zangoose woman turned and drew her sword, and Gregory stepped forward with his own unsheathed. “I’ll handle her, you save the old lady.” They nodded, and ran over to the machine.

    The Zangoose woman jumped forward with her sword, and Gregory held up his sword to block it. He then jumped sideways and brought his sword to her back, and cut off the holster that was hanging there. He then grabbed the sheathe, and threw it out the door. He then blocked another swing, and noticed that she wasn’t holding on to the sword very well. Sure enough, when he hit her hand with the back of his sword, her hand lost grip and the sword fell to the ground. He grabbed it and ran out the door, and the Zangoose woman followed.

    This left Miku and Ian in the room, looking at the device that was in front of them. Technology like this hadn’t existed for hundreds of years, and they didn’t even know WHAT it was let alone how to turn it off. However they did notice one thing that was making sense: a temperature gage, that was dropping rapidly. “What do we do,” Ian asked.

    “I’m not sure,” Miku said, his eyes darting about. He tried touching the device that the Zangoose woman was standing in front of previously, but nothing was happening.

    “You can’t stop the device,” came the female voice in Miku’s head, but it seemed almost audible. Ian looked around, and Miku presumed that he had heard it to.

    “Who said that?” he said in surprise, confirming Miku’s hunch. They looked to the capsule and the woman held her wrinkled hand up to the glass.

    “The device is keyed to fingerprints,” said the woman’s voice. “You have to destroy it. Hurry please! They’re trying to kill me for what I did!”

    “She must be psychic,” mumbled Ian, “just like Mewtwo.” They looked around, and noticed large tubes running to the head of the capsule. Miku took the metal rod, which he still had in his hands, and started hitting the tubes. They broke, and cold air poured out of them, making the whole room a lot colder. He then took the rod and started beating on the control device, and eventually the machine died and the cold air stopped.

    As the fog dissipated from the room, they could see the hole the tube was connected to. It didn’t look like it was originally designed to be there, it looked like it was cut in a hurry. They saw the machine for what it did appear to be. There were a bunch of wires running to it, connecting to another device.

    “The release is over there,” the voice said, and Miku had the location implanted into his brain. He turned the release, and the capsule opened up.

    Ian ran up and began to unfasten the harnesses tying her down. “Are you okay, ma’am?” She glared at him and chuckled.

    “Don’t you ‘ma’am’ me,” she said, vocally this time. “I’m a lot younger than I look, but this machine sucks the life, as well as my power, from me.” They helped her get out of the capsule, and went towards the door.

    A shadow appeared at the door, and they stopped running. It stepped in the door, and they saw that it was just Gregory. “Who is this?” he asked, motioning to the woman.

    “Names later,” she said. Miku looked at her and noticed the wrinkles were starting to lessen. “Running now.” She led them all in running through the hallways, her wrinkles lessening and lessening the farther they ran. She led them up a stairwell, and into a large room of a building.

    “So we were under a building,” Ian said as he looked around in the room. They all looked and saw the seven foot tall Rhydon man and a whole bunch of his people standing at the exit to the room. The four walked up to the rabble of people, and they held out swords.

    “What do you think you’re doing,” he said. Gregory drew his sword and Ian and Miku took fighting stances, but the woman waved them off.

    “This is my battle,” she said to them, then addressed the man. “We have had enough of your foolishness and are leaving now.” Miku watched her hands, and noticed her fingers were twitching.

    “Had enough?” The man laughed. “Who are you to say when you have had enough? Your power is gone from you, your purpose in this world gone. You are a relic from the past, gathering dust with the rest of the relics from the past. These fools here think that they can let you go? I don’t think so. I own you, old hag.”

    The woman’s demeanor grew cold, and her eyes angry. She closed them, and her hair started to stand on end. She opened her eyes, and they were glowing. She raised her hands to the man and the rest of the lot. “DON’T CALL ME OLD!!” she yelled angrily, and a beam of purple light shot from her hands and towards the rabble. It hit them, and blew them back out the door, and in directions unknown.

    She dusted off her hands, and turned to her comrades and smiled. She then began to faint, and Miku ran up to catch her. “Quickly,” Gregory stated, “back to my place. It’s safe there.”


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    Okay I'm going to digress a little bit from the main characters here, getting back to Mewtwo and his quest to reactivate the lost Pokemon powers. .Back to normal story on Sunday.

    I'll actually be posting portions of my Project L story in here, they'll be in all italics.

    Chapter 3

    Mewtwo raced across the land, floating above the tattered remains of the former cities, heading Southwest. In his going through papers at what was left of the Kanto Team Rocket Base, he had discovered that the original Gene Replacement experiments were created in a manmade cave underground of the Houenn region. So he was flying there, to rhe Kyushu island of Japan, to see if there was any remains, or even more importantly, any notes left by Jacob and Team Rocket in the expedition.

    He streaked across the sky, a blue blur of psychic energy, as he levitated above the ground and flew faster than the bullet trains of Lost Japan. He didn't care if anyone saw them, bringing back to life the latent Pokemon powers that lay in the people was far more important to him then keeping discreet. Besides, nobody of this world would know what to make of such a sight anyway.

    Within twenty minutes of his departure he made it across the straight separating Honshu, the main island of Japan where most everything was located, and Kyushu, heading towards the former Slateport Harbor, the city of Nagasaki. Nobody was living there in the city, and he slowed as he approached it.

    He set down to the ground and looked around. "This place," he thought, his psychic power projecting audibly. "This place has a strange feel to it. An energy I've never felt before. It seems to be only barely here, but still it can still be felt."

    He walked through the streets of the city for a while, lost in the feeling of the city. He felt there was something about this place that he was forgetting, something interesting enough to allow for a little delay in his research. He walked for almost a half hour, when he wandered his way into what seemed to have been at one time a garden.

    He looked in the garden, and suddenly what he was feeling made sense. Standing there in the middle of the garden, stretching high into the air, was a black monolith. He was feeling latent radiation, he remembered that this was the site of one of the first Atomic explosions. "I see," he said. " Here was one of the sites of the beginning of Nuclear Warfare. Ironic that Giovanni would choose here to begin the march of Genetic Warfare."

    He sighed and bowed his head. He closed his eyes. "Humans continually bring upon their own distructions. Most of the time, they don't come to the point of actually using it. But here, and underground of this place, they stepped over the edge and changed the face of the world." He raised his head, and turned around. He had found his answer about what was above the city, and now it was back to his task. He was to go under the city now.

    He walked a bit of distance away from the monolith, then bent down to the ground. He pressed his rounded fingers to the ground, and the ground around him began to glow blue. It began to quake a bit, and then he stopped it. He had found the cave, now it was time to go lower. He stood up, and wrapped his cloak around him. He held out his hand, and snapped his fingers, and suddenly he wasn't there anymore.

    He reappeared underground, and he held up his hand to emmit some light. The area was incredibly large, the cave seemed to be a mile from end to end. There were large rocks everwhere, seeming to be from some cavein. "Giovanni's notes say this was where Jacob had destroyed the prototype with his lightning," Mewtwo recalled. "It must have been a powerful blast to cause this much of a cavein.

    He walked towards the center of the cave, where there appeared to be several buildings. Some of them had been crushed, others had had walls blown off and burn marks on them. He searched the area with his psychic power, and found something that may be useful to him. He approached one of the buildings, and looked around for the door. He finally found it, jammed in place by a bent door frame. He pulled the door out with his psychic power, and entered the room.

    In there he found some living quarters, and they seemed to belong to Jacob. Sure enough, what he was drawn to was a laptop sitting there, as well as a written journal. The laptop would have to be taken back to his mantion to be of any use to Mewtwo, so he reached for the journal. He flipped it open, and waved his hands on it.

    The words began to glow blue, and he read them. For the most part they were describing his various Team Rocket experiences. "He was a Level 4 Class A Field Agent," Mewtwo commented. "Not to shabby," he said afterward, remembering the breakdown of Team Rocket heirarchy from when he was decieved and put under Giovanni's control ages ago. He continued reading, but found nothing of the genetic experiments, until nearly the end of the book.

    A particular page became interesting to him, as it described the actual genetic differences that Jacob had found in the girl Heather after her DNA had been merged with that of a Pikachu. He read it aloud, trying to determine if he was missing something important in the description.

    We came into the genetics lab, and, with her permission, I took a hair from the top of her head and a hair from one of her Pikachu ears. I then put them in the analyzer, and typed in a command to bring up the genome from both hairs next to each other on the screen.

    “What’s that?” she asked once they appeared on the screen.

    “DNA,” I replied, typing in some commands on a computer. “The one on the left is your original DNA as it was this morning and the rest of your life. The one on the right is the new DNA as it is on your ear and tail and who knows what other cells in your body, as the virus is made to spread very quickly.”

    “Virus?”she asked with a worried tone, puzzled at my odd choice of words that made it seem that this was some sort of intentional disease.

    “Uhh yeah,” I said, scratching my head. This did in fact sound rather suspicious. “Have you ever heard of Gene Replacement Therapy?”

    “Yeah, once or twice. Doesn’t it like replace defective DNA with corrected DNA to cure diseases or something?”

    “Exactly. Since DNA is so small, it needs a way to insert the correction into a person’s cells. This particular method uses empty Polio virus casings to carry the corrected DNA.”

    “I see,” she said, the fear of the ‘virus’ lessening somewhat. “Sort of like a backwards Trojan Horse, eh?” I’ll admit it was a rather interesting analogy, that essentially was what it was doing. Where the Trojan Horse of Greek History was a friendly-looking creature carrying enemies, Team Rocket’s Gene Replacement Therapy method was a enemy-looking creature carrying friends.

    “Hmm, yeah,” I said after thinking about it for a moment. “Kinda like that.”

    I looked at her new DNA. A normal human has 46 chromosomes. Heather’s new DNA had 67 chromosomes, and some of them were ones I’d seen before. I turned to the Gene Replacement support computer and began searching the Team Rocket DNA database. Finding the appropriate entry, I brought it up on the large screen to the right of the two DNA sequences already there.

    “What’s that new one?” Heather asked as the new DNA strand appeared on the screen.

    “That is a the complete DNA of a Pikachu. As you can see,” I said as I highlighted a few strands on her DNA and the Pikachu DNA with my mouse, “your new DNA contains some pieces of a Pikachu’s DNA. And it also contains most, but not all, of your original DNA,” I said, highlighting other strands on her new DNA and some strands on her original DNA.

    “Right here,” I said as I highlighted and zoomed in on a chromosome pair in each of the three DNA strands, “as you can see, your second ‘X’ chromosome, the one that makes you female instead of male, has been replaced by the second ‘X’ chromosome of the Pikachu. I’m lucky I had a female Pikachu on file, or I wouldn’t be able to show that very well.” I then zoomed out, then selected and zoomed into a different set of chromosomes.

    “Here we have the Power-8 - or sometimes known as the Pokémon-8 - DNA sequence.”

    “Power-8? What’s that?” Heather asked. I looked at her face as I highlighted some specific protein sequences. She seemed completely absorbed in my lesson on genetics, seemingly forgetting completely about the changes that her body has undergone.

    “It’s a unique sequence found only in Pokémon DNA. And, interestingly enough, it is found in EVERY Pokémon out there. These days, scientists generally accept that it’s the Power-8 sequence that makes a Pokémon a Pokémon. Otherwise it would be a regular animal - or plant or fungus or who knows what. Since you have it, you are a Pokémon.” I tried not to laugh at the comment as I said it, as it seemed hilarious to me and I didn’t want to offend her. However, she herself laughed, so I laughed with her.

    “Wow, that’s pretty cool,” she said after she finished laughing.
    If only it was that simple, I thought.

    “The thing I don’t understand is why Power-8 isn’t working as it should.”


    “The Power-8 sequence is supposed to drastically change the way a Pokémon looks from the way the creature would without Power-8. According to rumor, a group of scientists found the complete strand of Mew’s DNA a couple of years ago, and, aside from Power-8, it was exactly identical to humans. Whatever happened to your DNA is only causing minor cosmetic effects, such as that tail, those ears, the stripes of darker skin on your back, and the red cheeks you’ve just gained within the last few minutes.” It was the first time I noticed them, so I pointed to a mirror and she looked into it. Indeed, she had a Pikachu’s power sacs, though whether or not they had electricity flowing through them would have to be tested.

    “Hmm.. Interesting,” she said. “Will anything else change on me?”

    “That’s the thing. All changes would have taken place by now, so you’re in your final state. Your tail may grow longer, but other than that nothing else will change. But the Power-8 gene should have caused more changes than that, so I don’t know what’s going on.” I shrugged my shoulders, and turned back to the Gene Replacement Therapy machine’s support computer. I needed to get back to my work...

    "Hmm," he thought. He didn't bring his modified Pokedex with him, and didn't remember the total amount of chromosomes in a pure Pikachu right off hand, so he could only guess at the amount of Genetic Degredation in the Human and Pikachu DNA in her. He sighed, and continued turning pages. But as he turned the page, he was suddenly out of pages.

    "No!" he said, worried that perhaps someone had destroyed the records. He flipped back through the pages, and counted them, then looked at the inside front cover at how many pages were supposed to be there. He then sighed in releif as the numbers matched. "Just ran out of pages," he said. He looked around to see if there were any other books in the room, but there wasn't. He searched the rest of the ruins, but it seemed everything outside of this room had been removed and brought elsewhere.

    Defeated, he threw the journal back onto the bed he picked it up from, and walked out of the room. Then he stopped, and turned around. "Oh yeah," he said. "I forgot about his laptop. Maybe all hope isn't lost." He reached over and picked up the laptop, and tucked it under one of his arms. He then left the room, headed back for his mansion.

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    Gregory opened his eyes, and looked around the room. It would be dawn soon, and it was time for him to awake. He looked and saw the girl in the bed, and found Ian sleeping in the cot he had put up in the room. Miku was not in the room. He stood up from against the wall, and left the room to go to make breakfast.

    He passed the room that he had given to the wrinkled woman, and noticed upon passing that she wasn’t in there either. He assumed that they had both went somewhere to speak, and he thought nothing further of the matter. He continued on to his kitchen.

    He grabbed himself some bread and a glass of juice, and lit the stove. It would be a little while before it would be hot enough to cook, so he walked into another room and sat down to drink his juice. From where he sat, he could hear Miku and the woman speaking, but couldn’t hear what they were saying.


    “I want to thank you again,” said the woman. Her wrinkles had all vanished, and she looked to be about seventeen or eighteen, the same age as Miku. He looked at her and could see nor sense no Pokemon within her, she was an immortal, a pure human.
    “Not a problem,” he said, directing his eyes elsewhere for a moment. She was very beautiful, and he didn’t want to be rude by staring. “We haven’t been introduced formally, yet. I’m Miku Maeda.”

    “Good to meet you, Miku,” she said cheerfully. “I’m...” her voice grew a little somber. “My name is Natsume Mouto, but I lost that distinction when I was a little child. You can call me Sabrina.”

    “Why do you have two names?” he asked, looking back at her. She chuckled and sighed.

    “Well,” she replied, somewhat sadly. “My psychic powers began developing when I was really little, and when I was three years old I was no longer acting like a normal child. I was simply focusing on my power, hoping to get stronger.

    “I did get stronger, in fact I became one of the strongest. But in doing that, I had lost myself. I had lost myself when I was just three. I was a stoic person, without emotion. Without purpose or sense of self, I wasn’t human at all.

    “That did change, a Pokemon trainer and his goofy Pokemon ended up reminding me about emotions and stuff, and then I slowly became a normal person again.” She shrugged her shoulders.

    “As far as why my name changed to Sabrina from my birthname of Natsume,” she continued, “I dunno. The most I know about the name Sabrina is that it’s from Celtic mythology, was the name of a princess who died by falling in a river. Don’t know what my parents must have been thinking, but that’s all I know.”

    Miku laughed for a moment, then got serious. “So,” he said. “You are an Immortal, I can sense that in you. And you are a pure human.”

    She lowered her head. “Yes,” she said sadly. “I am an Immortal, a pure human in this world of hybrids.” She stood up and stretched, and then sat back down. “I actually didn’t become one by choice, I was caught up in a struggle with the only successful airborne sample of the immortality virus. And so I, and three other people that were in that room, became immortals. And all this just a few minutes before the plague version was created by that device.”

    Miku nodded, and looked away. “I see,” he said. From the tone of her voice, he could tell that living as she was had been a nightmare for her. A human, he thought, fated to watch everyone around her die. To watch the world go from what it must have been to what it is now, a negative slope in population and technology.

    <Yes, it has been hard.> came a voice in Miku’s mind. He looked with surprise back at Sabrina, and she smiled and winked. <Let us go elsewhere to speak further, I am not sure I trust this conversation to that man Gregory who is on the other side of the wall there, listening to our every word.> Miku nodded, then stood up. Sabrina did as well, and the two began to walk off towards a hill a little ways off the back of the house.

    “Why don’t you trust him?” Miku asked, a little surprised at her reaction. She just shrugged her shoulders.

    “Well,” she said slowly, trying to think of the best way to say it. “It’s not that I don’t trust him personally, but it seems like he’s a man with a past. A past he’s buried from even himself. He may have hidden that away for a reason, and if someone were to try to get that information from him they would end up with other information.”

    They walked to the top of the hill, and sat down. At first, they sat next to each other, but then Sabrina stood up and moved to sit in front of him. “You are interesting, Miku Maeda,” she said. She closed her hand and held up her hand to his head. She brought it closer, and then touched her index finger to his forehead. “You seem to be more than just the Vaporeon that is a Pokemon,”she stated as she closed her eyes. “I believe your human side may have some psychic attributes.”

    “Psychic attributes?” he asked, puzzled at her statement.

    “Yes,” she repeated. “Like my own power. Crippled, however, as for the most part psychic power is passed on through family lines through genetics, and so since you don’t have the full human genetic code you don’t have the full powers.” She lowered her hand and opened her eyes. “It’s these powers that give you your additional senses. Your ability to tell what type of Pokemon a person is, your ability to sense so called ‘supernatural’ phenomena - or in other words powers that aren’t present in these people nowadays - before it happens, these are all dictated by this psychic attribute, though it is useless to you beyond that.

    “Your dreams,” she added. Miku became wide eyed. “Your dreams, your premonitions of things to come, they will become a great asset to you. Don’t let them fade, dreams are aspirations of human society. Though it’s not in the literal sense but figuratively, society nowadays has lost the ability to dream. They are resigned to accept life the way it is, and not question the how or why. According to rumor, it was this way with Pokemon before the great war between humans and monsters.”

    “An interesting analogy,” came a voice, and Sabrina and Miku, startled, stood up and looked around. They found Gregory standing there, leaning on his sword. “The great war was humans versus the demons, or the powerful Pokemon with the higher intelligence.” He left his sword in the ground and circled around the two. “Demons versus Humans, with the Pokemon in the middle. Not unlike today.”

    “What do you mean?” Miku asked. Sabrina nodded, understanding.

    “I see,” she said.

    “You said it yourself, the humans of this world have become stupid and one-minded, like their Pokemon counterparts of old. On one side we have the Demons, the Immortals with evil agendas and the Skewed Humans with the technologies of the past. On the other we have the Humans, the Immortals and we Skewed Humans that do have a mind for changing something.”

    “The problem is,” said Sabrina, knowing where he was going, “the Humans were losing, because the Demons had the advantage over the humans because they knew more. They nearly lost.”

    “Exactly,” replied Gregory. “The Humans won in the end, but only after they had figured out how to harness the powers of the Pokemon in the middle.”

    Sabrina nodded, and they both looked at Miku. He nodded, understanding what they meant. “I see,” he said. “But how am I supposed to use this power?”

    “That is something none of us know,” said Sabrina, and she then looked at Gregory. “Gregory Clawson,” she stated sternly. “You are a Pokemon, and seem to be an Immortal, not due to the immortality virus but due to longevity of whatever species you are. You are a legendary Pokemon, who are you really?”

    Shrugging his shoulders, he closed his eyes and shook his head. “That I do not know. I have absolutely no memory of anything more than about fifty years ago. I or someone else has buried anything more than that behind me. I fear, though, that one day I may discover what I am, and find it to be one of the Demons of the great war, transformed into a Skewed Human by some strange strain of that virus.” He then laughed, and Sabrina did as well.

    “No,” she said, “I don’t think that is possible. A great and legendary Pokemon, maybe, and maybe even originally a Pokemon rather than human, but you couldn’t have been involved in something that affected the fate of this planet. Your heart is too pure for that.”

    “Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence,” he replied. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I must now disappear as abruptly as I appeared previously. Must finish making the breakfast and all, you know.” He then bowed to them, and darted off back towards his residence, leaving Miku and Sabrina alone.

    Miku looked back towards the house, still pondering what Gregory said, when he suddenly felt a pinch on his left fin ear. He jerked his head away and spun, and Sabrina giggled.

    “Sorry,” she said, still giggling. “I just wanted to feel how they felt.” Miku then started giggling himself, and they both laughed for a few minutes.

    The laughter died down, and they both sat back on the ground again, next to each other this time. “Hey Sabrina,” Miku asked.


    “Why were you all wrinkly when you came out of that capsule? And what does it do?”

    She sat forward, with a stern look on her face. “That capsule is designed to draw psychic power from an organism with such power, and to focus it and harness it’s use. It was originally designed to amplify power, but it had been tweaked to actually draw it out of a person forcefully.

    “Psychic energy is a magical energy of sorts, using the strength of the mind to do things. The actual energy to do this comes from the body, taken from excess energy from the body cells and directed to the mind. A psychic becomes more powerful by learning to draw more and more of the excess energy from the body, and become more efficient at using it and wasting less and less of it. As a side result, most psychics have bodies that are neither incredibly muscled, nor with excess weight, though there are exceptions.

    “Since this energy is derived from the body, psychic energy is a life source. If too much is used, it can be damaging to the body, as it starts drawing more energy that the body can safely give out and begins to weaken the body. Since that device was sucking psychic energy out of me, it was literally sucking my life away.”

    Miku nodded. “I see.” he said. Then he added, “from the tone of your voice you seem to know a lot about the device. Were you involved in it?”

    “I,” she started to say, then chuckled. “Once again you surprise me, Miku Maeda.” He looked at him and smiled, and he looked away. She chuckled again and pushed him over. “Yes, I am involved in it. In fact, I was the one that originally designed it.”

    “Really?” Miku said after sitting back up. “Why?”

    “Well,” she said. “There was a man, a rather rich man, who was a researcher. He wanted to study psychic power, and needed a device that he could use to focus the power to prevent it from going all over the place and messing up readings. That man was named -“

    ”Giovanni,” interrupted a voice. The two looked, and saw a tall man in a hooded cloak.

    “Mewtwo!” Miku said in excitement as the two stood up.

    “...Mewtwo?” asked Sabrina, puzzled. The man looked around, then after making sure nobody was around, removed the hood from his head, revealing a light purple head with a feline bone structure.

    “Yes,” he said. Sabrina stood there rigid, amazed to see a real live Pokemon in this day but scared of something. Miku poked her and looked at her.

    “Hello?” he said to her, looking into her frozen face.

    “She is scared of me,” he said. “Because my powers are even greater than hers. And I can tell you why. It was that device you mentioned you created.”

    That shook her out of her daze. “The device? Why would it be used like that?”

    “To understand that you must understand my story. That man Giovanni, who you created this device for, is responsible for the genetic virus that destroyed this planet. He is responsible for may things, including my existence.

    “I am not a natural Pokemon, I am a genetically altered clone of a legendary pokemon named Mew, which is a race that all but died off long ago. Giovanni’s organization found a fossil of Mew, and salvaged DNA from it to create me, an enhanced clone.

    “Soon after I was created, Giovanni used that technology to lock me in an armored suit, impeding but focusing my energy to cause me to master my body and it’s energy. He was only using me to further his own agendas, however, so I departed soon after that, and hid from him.”

    “I see,” said Sabrina and Miku simultaneously. “Now that was all then, why in particular do you still exist now? The virus was supposed to kill all Pokemon.”

    “I took a copy of Giovanni’s immortality virus and modified it to work on my own DNA, because I knew that if he was to be still alive someday he may become a threat again. And so I resolved the day I learned of that virus to personally make sure he didn’t do anything.”

    Sabrina nodded, and turned away. Miku looked at the sky, and then to Mewtwo, and finally at Sabrina. “I’ve got it!” he said, snapping his fingers.

    “Got what?” both of them asked.

    “You are both Psychics, right?” he said, stepping away from both of them a bit. They nodded slowly. “Well,” he continued, pointing to each of them in turn. “One of you is human, the other Pokemon. Yet with the same power. You could take both of those and study how each one works, and from that you should be able to figure out what the middle ground is and be able to figure out how to awaken powers in the Skewed Humans.”

    “Amazing,” said Mewtwo, rubbing his chin with one hand as he pondered the idea. “You know,” he said, “he is right. I imagine he may be on to something there.”

    “Yes,” Sabrina added. “Once again he surprises me.” She walked up to Miku.

    “We must act quickly, then,” said Mewtwo. “Every moment we dawdle gives the enemy more time.”

    “Yes,” Sabrina agreed. Then, without warning, Sabrina leaned over and kissed Miku on the cheek. He blushed and turned to look at her, but she was nowhere to be found. She had already teleported away. He turned to Mewtwo, and he nodded.

    “Hopefully, the next time we meet, I will have an answer.” With that he teleported away as well.

    Miku was left alone on the hill, and he sighed in defeat. She’s nice, he thought, but there’s no time for relationships. He kicked aside a rock, and started walking down the hill. Partway down he passed Gregory.

    “Don’t let it get you down,” said Gregory. “There will be time for love later. For now You and Ian must embark once again, and quickly.”

    “Quickly?” he said, stopping. Gregory nodded sternly.

    “Yes,” he said. “It seems our friend from Tokyo is moving, and will be going after one of the most dangerous places in this land.”

    “Really? Where is it and why?”

    “We’ll discuss the specifics of ‘why’ later. But let me tell you now what the place is called.” He turned to Miku, and looked straight into his eyes. They were without emotion, and very stern. It began to rain, and lightning flashed behind him as he stated the words.

    “They are going to Viridian Forest. Home of the Team Rocket Headquarters.”

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    Ian,Miku, Gregory, and the girl with the pink hair were sitting at the table. The breakfast plates were cleared off, and now the table had a map of the local Kanto area of Japan. The three men were discussing the upcoming traveling, while the girl was was merely observing.

    "Here," Gregory said, pointing to a spot on the map," is Veridian Forest. It is a thick, tall forest, which made it a perfect hiding spot for Team Rocket."

    From the way he is speaking, Miku observed to himself, I don't believe he knows much about Team Rocket.

    "The building is two stories tall," Gregory continued. "Most of the base stretches underground, with at least three basement levels, and these basements have more space than the above ground floors."

    "Do we have any idea what they are after in that place," Ian asked as he looked at the areas north-west and south-east of the forest. "There seem to be a couple cities around it, one of them closer," he said, pointing to the former Viridian City,"so why go directly there?"

    Gregory shrugged his shoulders. "The only thing I can think of," he replied as he leaned back in his chair, "is that they are after something particular in the Team Rocket base. Much must be hidden there, but they must be after something particular."

    "Well then," Miku said, " we will just wave to expect anything." He stood up from the table. "We must leave now."

    "Yes you must." Gregory stood up as well. "However, I regret that I will not be able to join you. I must remain here, so you must travel alone."

    “Why not?” Ian said, standing up now. The girl decided to stand up as well not to be left out. “If they catch us again they won’t go so easy on us again.” Gregory just shook his head, and turned away.

    “Unfortunately,” he said. “The same applies for me. I was able to save you in the first place because I was able to ambush them. The did not know about me then. They do now.” He turned to face them.

    “If I were to come with you, they would have all of us were we to be caught. We are up against people with technology we may not even be able to dream of because it has been forgotten, and to do this we must rely on cunning and sneaking around and not force.”

    “Well,” Miku asked, straight faced, “what exactly are we supposed to do anyway?”

    Gregory opened his mouth to speak, but didn’t. He closed it after a moment, then sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “I do not know that,” he said. “Unfortunately, I do not know what it is they are after, but essentially you want to prevent them from acquiring whatever it is they are after. Whatever it is, we can safely assume it is dangerous, and we need to stop them.

    “I have a feeling,” he added, walking over to grab his jacket from the hangar on the wall, “that this may be their final prospect.” He pulled out a paper from the pocket of his jacket, unfolded it, and set it on the table. It looked like a memo, and based on the words on it one got the feeling that if they failed at this mission they would have to disband.

    “I see,” Miku said after he read through the entire document. “So, whatever they are after, it is the end for them if they do not retrieve it. That could make them desperate, and more importantly, reckless.”

    Miku nodded. “Alright,” he said. “We’ll do it.” He turned and walked away, going off to prepare to leave. Ian was still reading the paper, and Gregory walked off towards Miku.

    “Miku,” Gregory said to Miku as he was putting on his jacket, then taking it off because he had forgotten it was too big for him. Miku turned to look at Gregory as he closed the door.

    “Yes?” he asked as he put on his shoes.

    “I want you to take my sword,” Gregory said. “You likely will not be able to fight them by hand alone, and my sword is a strong sword dated back to the feudal period. It will serve you well.” Gregory held out the sword to Miku, and he took it. He then threw it over his back for traveling, and tied the sheath around him to secure it in place.

    “Thank you,” Miku said, and walked passed Gregory. “I’m going now.” He opened the door and left the room, to get Ian and leave.

    Gregory chuckled to himself. “Enthusiastic chap,” he said, thinking aloud.


    Sabrina followed Mewtwo down the darkened hallways of his mansion, wishing she could stop to look at the artifacts he had collected but Mewtwo was walking swiftly so that could not happen. They were headed to his laboratory, which was located in the basement, the stairwell to which was in the back of the mansion.

    “So how do you get electricity to it?” Sabrina asked, wondering how he could have such a laboratory. It had been hundreds of years since any power plants would have had maintenance, and since all the Nuclear reactors were shut down as the plague was spreading the only ones left would be mostly fossil fuel reactors which would have been depleted by now. The only reactors left that may have worked would be either solar or wind generators, neither of which put out much electricity on their own.

    “Actually,” Mewtwo replied as they passed through the dining hall. “I’ve got gasoline-powered generators. There are several stockpiles of gasoline here in Japan, but I’ve nearly used up all of them over the years. I have maybe a couple more years of use left with my average use before I run out completely, but I hear there’s a massive stockpile over in the United States that I will probably start grabbing from.”

    “I see,” said Sabrina in understanding. They entered another hallway with windows on both sides, and could see that it had begun raining there again. They continued walking until they came to the end of the hallway to a single door. Mewtwo pulled a chain that was hanging near the door and they heard something shift behind the door, then he opened the door. There was a stairwell leading down, and they began to descend.

    They stopped along the way as there was a small break in the wall. “Have to start up the generator, excuse me.” Mewtwo turned into the break and walked a short ways. Shortly after the hum of a combustion engine could be heard, and the hallway lit up. Mewtwo returned to the stairwell, and they continued descending.

    They eventually reached the bottom, to Mewtwo’s laboratory. It was for the most part a medical facility, but had some other unfamiliar machines, as well as many computer parts laying around in random places. Sabrina smelled the air, looked around, and sighed. “It feels good to be among the technology once again.”

    “Save it for later,” Mewtwo told her. He had already gone and sat down at a computer, and begun typing at it at rapid speed. Sabrina walked over to him and looked at the keyboard and it looked strange to her, the keys were larger and in a different layout than a standard keyboard.

    “Why are the keys like that?” He chuckled and held up his hand for her to look, and she for the first time saw that he had only three, balled fingers. He then returned to his typing.

    “I see,” she said. “So you’re really a clone and not a natural Pokemon?”

    “Yes,” he said to her. “A clone created by Giovanni, for his organization Team Rocket.”

    “Team Rocket,” she said quietly. She had not been aware that Giovanni been the one behind Team Rocket. “I never would have guessed. Never in dealing with him in the League did I ever sense anything of the case from him. He hid it rather well, in fact one time he even had I guess staged a Team Rocket hijack of his Gym.”

    “Giovanni,” Mewtwo said to her as he continued typing. Behind them a machine came to life, and began to go through what sounded like a test of all of it’s mechanical parts. “Giovanni is a very dangerous man. He had his hands deep in many things, including Cinnibar Labs and Silph Corporation. He was the one responsible for the sinking of the SS Anne, he created the Island of Giant Pokemon, he was responsible for the New Island incident, which was actually the laboratory where I was created by Cinnibar Labs’ Dr. Fuji, as well as attempts to capture live Lugia in the Orange Archipelago, to hijacking the Radio Tower in the Osaka shopping district, to the incident at Lake of Rage. Not to mention another creation that they used to try to capture Raikou over in the Johto region.”

    “I see,” Sabrina said. Mewtwo continued typing for about a minute, then stopped and stood up.

    “Come here now,” he said, and walked over to the machine that was preparing. Sabrina saw as it spit out two sets of helmets with wires on them. “This device will measure brainwave activity, as well as monitor the energy output by the cells in our body.” Mewtwo put on one of the helmets. “What we must do is focus our psychic energy into the machine so it can read it, and then it hopefully will be able to figure out how we’ll be able to activate the powers of the Skewed Humans based on the results.”

    “I see,” nodded Sabrina as she put on the other helmet. Output on the computer screen Mewtwo was working at indicated when they were to begin.

    “We must make this quick,” said Mewtwo before they began. “I suddenly have a feeling that Miku and Ian may be in very big trouble soon.”

    Somewhere in the darkness, someone awoke. There was no light around the man, but that didn’t matter to him at the moment.

    “So they are coming here,” he said aloud. A growling sound could be heard from elsewhere in the room.

    “Well, they better watch out. Because now they are in this completely. There is no backing down now.” Another growl came from the room.

    “We shall see where this goes. But from here, it goes to the end.” The man let out an evil laugh, and then all was silent.


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    Chapter 4

    Ian and Miku stood behind a large rock near the Team Rocket Base entrance, peeking over it at the guards there. They recognized them, it was the same Zangoose twins that ambushed them in the forest. They were standing attentive, one on each side of the door.

    “Okay,” Ian whispered, “so we’re here, now how do you suggest we get in there?”

    “Well,” Miku replied, as they both sat down to be out of view, “ we need a way of distracting them, to get their attention away from the building. We probably don’t want to go in the front doors, but we’ll need to get close to the building to see about sneaking around to other sides of the building to enter and for that we’ll need those two distracted.”

    “I agree, but how exactly are we going to distract them?” Ian looked to Miku, and saw that he was picking up rocks off the ground. He weighed them in his hands, throwing several back onto the ground, until he decided upon two. He handed one to Ian.

    “Throw the rocks,” he said, then leaned over the rock, pointing. “That tree over there looks like it isn’t very sturdy, so if we hit it something should happen to it and that should be good enough to sneak by.” They both ducked back below the rock to speak amongst themselves.

    “What will we do when we get in there?” Ian asked him. Miku just shrugged.

    “I’m not sure what exactly we’ll do, because I’m not exactly sure what we’re after. It’s probably in the lower levels, though, so we’ll want to head down.” He leaned back over the rock and then ducked back down.

    “If my feeling is right,” he added, “those two are the only defenses. I’m guessing that everyone else is focused on trying to find what they are looking for, so once we get inside we should have no difficulty. Come on, let’s do it.” They both stood up, and backed up a bit so they could see over the rocks better. Then, at once, they both threw the rocks up as hard as they could, and waited for them to hit the ground.

    Luck was with them, for when the rocks landed it made a very loud clamor, much louder than they had anticipated. They must have hit something, and it sure enough was a distraction. Sure enough, as they both peeked over the rock, neither of the Zangoose women could be seen. They nodded to each other, and darted towards the building, going around the side closest to them.

    Sure enough, once they reached the back of the building, they found a door leading into the building. They both entered it, walking into the darkness. There was a little light shining in, however, and they could see that they were near what seemed to be a fire stairwell. “Well,” Ian said, “down we go.”

    They descended until they ran out of stairs, going down a total of five stories. This floor was dim, but there was light. “What’s that light?” Miku wondered aloud, and they walked towards it and looked around the corner. There was a torch sitting there, fire sitting low to the ground as it was in a stand.

    “They’re here,” Ian replied. Miku nodded, and they both walked slowly towards the torch. It was next to a door, they realized, and they opened the door to peek in.

    “Wow,” Miku said in amazement. That room was lit as well, but not from fire. The light was coming from the ceiling, from backup florescent lights that should have long ago run out of battery power to run off of. They both stared up at the lights, eyes wide open, having never seen such a thing in real life before.

    “This place must have had it’s own backup power supply,” Ian said finally as looking at the light began to hurt his eyes. He looked around the room. “They must have figured out how to turn it on so they could find what they were looking for.”

    Miku looked away from the lights as well, and nodded. They looked around the room, it seemed to be a supply room. There was a bunch of boxes, and they found a paper sitting on one of them. Miku picked up the paper and looked at it.

    The paper was yellowing and brittle, but he could still make out what it said. Sort of. The handwriting was horrible and run together, and also he noticed had almost no Kanji in it. As if the person who wrote the note wasn’t a native Japanese speaker and didn’t know very much of the language. He read it aloud.

    “The order is filled as requested, sent from the United States. These boxes contain one metric ton of copper, one metric ton of gunpowder, eighty liters of influenza vaccine, twenty-five kilograms of dehydrated peaches, and two hundred AMD Athlon 64 processors. Not sure what this order is all about, or how it all fits together, but it is filled as ordered.”

    “What a strange order,” Ian commented as he looked through a couple of boxes and found the gunpowder and dehydrated peaches. “And what’s an AMD Athlon 64 processor anyway? Never heard of such a thing.”

    “Hmm,” Miku nodded, agreeing with him. “Food processor maybe, or something to do with food? He did order all those peaches.”

    “Who knows,” Ian replied. “Let’s see what else we can find.” He turned from the door, but not before opening a sealed package of dried peaches and stuffing a handful in his mouth to eat. Miku gave him a worried look.

    “Are you sure those are safe to eat after all these years?”

    “Wfho fnowf,” Ian replied, talking through the food.

    They continued looking through several more rooms, fighting more of the emergency lighting on in a couple of rooms, but nothing of particular interest in any of them. They wandered around for an hour, before they reached the end of that floor, marked by a single door. A light was coming from the base of it.

    “There seems to be someone on there,” Ian commented.

    Miku nodded. “Seems so.”

    They both nodded to each other, then threw open the door. The room was brightly lit, all of it’s lights on the ceiling on instead of just emergency lights, and the two of them held their arms over their eyes to shield them from the painful brightness.

    Once their eyes had adjusted, they looked into the room. It had a table, and a chair on the other side of it. Sitting in the chair was the Rhydon man, looking squarely at them.

    “Welcome, you two,” he said in a gruff voice. He bowed slightly to them, and they returned the gesture. “You here spelunking as well?

    “I’d hardly call raiding a relic building and stealing stuff from it ‘spelunking’” Miku replied calmly.

    “Well,” the man replied with a faked disappointed tone, “that’s too bad. Because I was going to extend my offer to you one more time.”

    “As we’ve said before,” Ian started, but the man interrupted him.

    “Yeah, yeah, I know. Not interested. Well that’s okay, because I’m not interested in that either.” He stood up and looked at the wall.

    Neither Ian or Miku had noticed yet, but on the wall was a large poster. On it were strange looking creatures. “These,” the man replied, “Team Rocket seems to be the only place where these are still documented. These are Pokemon, creatures that used to exist on our world before the Plague four hundred years ago.

    “Actually, that’s not true. Some other records, in the form of old book fragments and stuff like that, I’ve found mentioning them. But I’d never heard them described, and especially never seen what they look like.

    “For a long time I had wondered, why is it that none of them survived? If you look around, you can clearly see that they were similar to us, like less evolved, more primitive versions of us humans. The Plague obviously affected them as well as us, since they are completely wiped out and we were nearly all wiped out, but why is that? Well, I have a theory. It was extermination.”

    Both Miku and Ian looked at the man as if he was crazy, them both knowing both the actual reason that things had happened and that what exists now are not true humans. But he didn’t even notice, he just continued speaking. “The world must have been choking. From the documents I’ve uncovered, the human population of the world was estimated to be at about three billion, and the Pokemon population was estimated to be another nine billion. That, in addition to all the animals, most of which seemed to be driven to extinction or near-extinction as the human and Pokemon populations expanded, was horribly overtaxing the resources of the planet. Something had to go, and it was the weaker species.

    “I think the Plague that swept through the planet was artificially created. Designed to completely destroy the Pokemon. However it didn’t seem to be perfected yet before it went out, the notes I’ve found said it still needed testing. It probably wasn’t supposed to affect the humans at all, but since it wasn’t complete the virus had a similar effect on us as it did on the Pokemon, though not as effective.”

    “You’re crazy,” Miku said.

    “Hmm, well I don’t think so. Now mind you, I haven’t found any information on how this is relevant yet, but I may turn up something useful as we continue our searches here.”

    “Whatever, you do that,” Ian said. They both turned around to walk away, and walked into the flat sides of swords. They looked at the two who were holding them, but they were obscured in the dark.

    “Now, now,” the man said. “There’s no reason for you to leave. I’m not done with you yet.” He walked towards them, and stepped out the doorway. The two sword bearers stepped aside, and the man cracked his neck. He then balled his hand into a fist and threw it at Miku’s stomach.

    Miku flew back from the intensity of the blow, and could barely move. He struggled to get back to his feet, and Ian tried to go over to him, but his path was blocked by the swords.

    “For now that’s all I’m going to do,” the man said to him, as Miku coughed several times and up came some blood. “I am going to hold your friend here. You will leave and go tell that man with the sword and the girl Sabrina that I want to speak to them about the past.” He grabbed a knife from his waist, and held it up to Ian’s throat. “If you do not return with them in two days, he dies.” The Rhydon man dragged Ian into the room, and the two sword bearers followed. The door slammed shut after that, leaving Miku standing alone in the dark.

    He spit the rest of the blood in his mouth onto the floor. “Great,” he said to himself, “now what am I supposed to do?” He turned to walk back towards the stairs, when he noticed out of the corner of his eye another set of stairs going down.

    There wasn’t any light coming from the stairwell, so it didn’t seem anyone was down there. Out of curiosity, he decided to descend. “Where do these go? I thought this was the bottom floor.”

    All in all, he descended another five stories, until he was now 10 floors underground. It was pitch black down there, he couldn’t see anything at all. But there seemed to be a presence there.

    “Is someone there?” Miku called out. The response that came was a low growl, like the sound of a large cat.

    “Perhaps there is,” came a voice, “perhaps there isn’t. Depends on your definition of ‘someone’.”

    Miku was taken back a little bit about such an odd response. He cleared his throat and continued speaking. “Who are you?”

    “Well, who I am and who I was are different matters. But for now you can call me Sakaki.

    “There are intruders upstairs. They must be eliminated.” Again came the growl, louder this time. Miku took a step back.

    “You do not seem to have much power,” the voice said. “Perhaps you aren’t ready to know everything. So you will call me Sakaki and will continue until I say otherwise. But you cannot leave yet.”


    “Tick tock, tick tock... Two days the man said, but that isn’t nearly enough time. No, not enough time at all.” The voice then burst out laughing, a low, dry laugh.

    What have I gotten into now?? Miku wondered to himself, a worried look on his unseeable face.

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    Mewtwo and Sabrina took the equipment off of them, and waited as the computer began to pour over the results. As they waited, Sabrina looked at Mewtwo.

    "Don't you feel out of place?" she asked him.

    "How so?" he returned, wondering what she meant.

    "Well, the way you look. There are no true Pokemon left, so to others you must look alien."

    "Well," he replied, standing up. "I could use holgraphy to make myself look human, but I'm still over two meters tall. That makes me feel a lot more out of place here in Japan than not looking human."

    Sabrina laughed, and looked around at the laboratory. "So, this is probably the only stuff left from that time." She became puzzled as she looked closer, seeing that nearly all the equipment had English writing on it. "Where is it all from? It looks imported."

    "It is," he replied. "Most of it, anyway. I knew a guy on the internet way back when, a young guy from the United States but was a Pokemon Trainer and even a Gym Leader for a short time here in Japan. He worked for a computer company in the US that specialized in powerful, value computers, and by his recommendations I bought a ton of them. Each one has lasted on average ten years, which is quite a surprise, considering the short lifetimes of computers at that time and their warranties only being a year."

    "I see," she said, and then looked at him strangely. "Ten years?? How many did you buy?"

    "Well my cluster usually uses four to eight, and I bought them right as the Plague first hit. I bought five thousand machines total."

    "Wow," she said, and then a computer beeped, indicating that processing was complete. They both looked at the screen, looking at the information it had for them.
    "I see," said Mewtwo. "With this-"

    They were interrupted by a crash, and both turned suddenly to the stairway. There a table had knocked over, and they found a small, wrinkled man, with a large bald spot on the top of his head and long white hair in the back. The man was barely 125 centimeters tall.

    "Sees much but understands little," said the man in a high, squeaky voice. "Nevertheless, Sam sees secrets that would be of great meaning to his master."

    Sabrina stood up, and Mewtwo scrambled to turn off the screen. The short man shook his head.

    "Too late," he said with a chuckle. "Sam has already committed that to memory. Very interesting secrets, Sam thinks. Sam thinks he will try one." He smiled an evil, toothy, yellow grin.

    "I think not," Sabrina said. She raised a hand to him to try to grab him with her power, but she had a diffucult time.

    "He's resisting it," she said, her struggling audible in her voice. "What is he?"

    "Lets find out," Mewtwo said, bringing out the plastic red book from the folds of his cloak. Sabrina gave him a disbelieved look.

    "Is that a Pokedex," she asked in amazement, as if it was a silly thing to pull out. He nodded simply, and pointed it at the man.

    "Yes." The device beeped, and he read it. "He's a Sableye, 89 percent degredation with a 84 percent DNA match."

    "89 and 84?" she said in surprise, because that meant both human and Pokemon DNA sequences were nearly complete. "He has very long DNA then."

    "Yes," he replied as he put his Pokedex away. "Seems that way, but that’ isn’t important.”

    <He’s got a considerable advantage here,> Mewtwo projected into Sabrina’s mind, leaving the vocal realm so the man in front of them couldn’t hear what he had realized.

    <How so?> Sabrina replied. <What exactly is a Sableye, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one.>

    <That’s not surprising. You only find them deep in the caves of Kyushu, not here on the main island Honshu.>

    <I see. Okay, so what can he do?>

    <Sableye is a dual-type Pokemon. Dark and Ghost type.>

    Sabrina gasped audibly, realizing the severe disadvantage they were. First of all the man was completely immune to their psychic powers, and on top of that both his elemental types are super effective against their psychic powers. “This is bad,” she said aloud, and the man continued his toothy grin.


    The room around Miku suddenly lit up, all of it’s overhead lighting coming on. Miku threw his arms over his eyes to shield them from the painful brightness, and once his eyes had adjusted enough he opened them up and looked around.

    He saw nobody there. “Sakaki?” he asked aloud.

    “You know,” the voice replied, and he turned around. Approaching him was a man in a large trenchcoat, tied tightly as if he would fall apart if it were to be removed. He was a clean cut man, with brown hair that was thinning in the front, and he had a large, angled wrinkle on his forehead above his left eyebrow. This man was apparently the one known as Sakaki, though he did mention that that is a name only for the time being. The man walked up to Miku and looked at him closely.

    “You know,” he said again. “You look a lot like him. Yes, yes, very similar, but shorter. Like a Japanese version of him.”

    “Version of who?” Miku asked, puzzled at this comparison.

    “Shorter, different species, but nonetheless you look similar. Same face, same hair, same closed, indignant look on the face present when you’re emotionless. He was an American, so of course he would have been taller, but even so you look almost exactly like him.”

    Miku frowned the man. He was making no sense, and only delaying him. He had to get back to where Gregory was, and enlist his aid. “Who are you talking about,” Miku demanded, his voice filled thick with annoyance.

    Sakaki chuckled. “Why Jacob of course. The first... Well, technically second, Skewed Human.” Miku’s eyes went wide at that statement, and went wider still as Sakaki raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly the surroundings changed, and Miku looked around in amazement.

    He was in a large domed Coliseum, the same one he had seen in his dreams a few days ago on the night he first met Mewtwo.. He looked, and across the field marked on the ground was standing Sakaki, now in a bright orange suit with a red tie. “This is but an illusion,” he called out as he walked towards Miku, “but this is what the past looked like. Glorious battles done in stadiums, with humans and Pokemon working together in tandem in spectacular contests of strength, beauty, cunning intellect, and power.” He stopped halfway across the playing field, and beckoned Miku forward, he gulped, and did as summoned.

    “What is this about, Sakaki?” Miku demanded once he was in front of Sakaki, and Sakaki shook his head. “You’re an Immortal, aren’t you?”

    “Now now, Miku,” Sakaki said in dissapointment, and handed Miku three spell tags. “Yes, I am an Immortal, but I am falling apart. You saw me in that trenchcoat, that’s the only thing holding my body together these days. Now how am I supposed to train you if you don’t trust me?”

    “Train me?” Sakaki flashed a brief, evil smile, then nodded. He pointed to the spell tags.

    “In this place, an illusion of the mind, the Pokemon of yesteryear still exist. We are going to have a battle here, with Pokemon. But not with physical Pokemon, but Pokemon souls.”

    Miku gave him a puzzled look, and then looked at the pieces of paper in his hand. They were spell tags, and from the Kanji on them it looked like they were for summoning spirits.

    “Yes.” Sakaki held up three pieces of paper himself. “You know what Pokemon people are, and these tags allow you to summon the Pokemon souls of people that you know. So far you’ve been fighting based on human strengths, but that can only take you so far. Your martial arts skills aren’t very advanced, you have no weapons, and you are small for a Japanese person. You must learn to harness the Pokemon strengths within you, something that apparently Mewtwo is working on how to help you figure out. So in the mean time, I will teach you about the Pokemon strengths themselves.”

    “Wait,” Miku said, but Sakaki turned to walk back to the end of the playing field. “How do you know so much?”

    “Well,” Sakaki said, smiling evilly once again. “ I have eyes in many places. Now let’s get this started, get to your place.”

    Miku turned and walked back toward the end of the field that he came from, and noticed a small box at the end of it. He assumed that he was supposed to stand there. He did, and turned towards Sakaki.

    “We will use three Pokemon each,”Sakaki called out, iterating what was already implied by the three spell tags. “Each Pokemon must be different, and there are certain Pokemon that you cannot use. But you can only use Pokemon that are of people that you know.

    “The way it works is each Pokemon has a ‘type’. Some have two. The types work in a rock-paper-scissors type fashion. If a defending type is weak to an attacking type it will take twice as much damage normal for that attack, and if it’s resistant to that type then it will take half the damage. There are also a couple types that are completely immune to certain types.” Miku nodded, and Sakaki chuckled quietly.

    “As I’m sure your friend Mewtwo is finding out right now,” he said quietly to himself, and smiled again. He readied a spell tag for when the match would begin.

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    “Let the match begin,” Sakaki yelled as he threw a tag. “I summon Machamp.”

    The tag landed on the ground, and a beam of light came up from it and rose into the air. Out of the beam stepped a creature with grey skin, a reptilian face featuring a wide mouth with thick lips, and four very muscled arms, two on top of each other on each side of it’s body, both coming out of the shoulder. The rest of it’s body was also muscular, well toned and shaped. It flexed it’s upper arms upwards and it’s lower arms downward, showing off it’s muscles.

    “I mentioned Pokemon Types,” Sakaki stated before Miku could summon his first battler.”There are seventeen types total. This particular Pokemon only has one, the type ‘Fighting’. It’s specialty, as is apparent by it’s body structure, is physical battling. It is skilled in many forms of martial arts, as well as unregulated fighting styles. You’re hear to learn how to ‘feel’ the types, how to learn what is best to use against them. Choose your first Pokemon accordingly.”

    Miku nodded and closed his eyes to think. Sakaki chuckled in amusement as his ears twitched as he thought, much as they would do as if some object was touching them. He held up a spell tag into the air with his right hand, paper sitting between his index and middle finger, and then nodded and opened his eyes.

    “Spirit of the shrine priest,” he said, then threw the paper. “I summon, Noctowl!”

    Out of the beam of light flew the giant owl, giant eyebrows flapping in the wind as it flew up into the air, out of the muscled lizard’s reach.

    “Nice choice,” Sakaki said, clapping. “But also not so nice of a choice.”

    “What do you mean?” Miku asked, confused. Sakaki just waved his hand at him.

    “You’ll see in a moment. Go ahead, have it attack my Machamp.”

    “Okay,” Miku said, then looked up at his Pokemon. “Noctowl, hit it with your wings.”

    “Dodge it and then Karate Chop,” Sasaki ordered.

    The bird flew down to the Machamp and tried to hit it across the head with it’s left wing, but it easily ducked out of the way. As it did so, it spun, using it’s left foot for leverage, and hit the bird with it’s upper right hand before it could fly out of reach. The Noctowl was knocked to the ground, and struggled to get up.

    “What was that?” Miku asked, a little surprised “That attacked seemed to be unusually strong.”

    “Exactly,” Sakaki replied. “The Pokemon you chose has two types: ‘Flying’ and ‘Normal’. Now Fighting is weak to the Flying type, so if you had been successful at hitting it it would have been a double damage hit, but the other type, the ‘Normal’ type, is the opposite. That type is weak against Fighting, and so every attack that my Machamp does will do double damage. At that rate your Noctowl may not last long.”

    “I see,” Miku said, nodding. “So sometimes you may have a Pokemon with an attack that is effective, but it’s own types may put it’s opponent at an equal advantage?”

    “Yes, exactly. Now you’re starting to catch on.” Sakaki smiled, not the evil looking smile he was smiling earlier, but an accomplished smile, satisfied that his student was learning so quickly.

    “Noctowl,” Miku called out. “We’ll have to attack at a distance. Go back up into the air out of range.” The Noctowl nodded, and rose out of reach.

    “Okay,” Sakaki stated. “You’ve learned your first lesson well. Second lesson. Each Pokemon has a variety of attacks it can use. Out of the ones that cause damage, some attacks are stronger than others.”

    “I see,” he said, but his mind went somewhere else. The attacks that can damage? There are others?
    “Noctowl,” Miku said, “fly down at the Machamp as fast as you can and hit it.”

    As it did this, he thought. I remember the man from the shrine. When he’d come into town to visit his grandchildren, he would tell stories to the children that made them fall asleep, and then after they woke up again could tell them what sorts of dreams they were having. Could those abilities be attacks that the Noctowl has?

    “Okay there’s a good example,” Sakaki stated, after his Machamp got back up onto it’s feet from reeling from the impact. “Offhand, I can think of at least two attacks that can fit the description you ordered, one called Fly and another called Aerial Ace. Fly is an attack that takes longer to actually pull off because it requires the bird to fly high into the sky before diving, and does a lot of damage. Aerial Ace, on the other hand, can be performed fairly quickly, and never misses, but doesn’t do as much damage.”

    “I see,” Miku said, nodding. I guess there’s only one way to find out.

    “Try having it use either one or the other, depending on your judgement, so you can see the differences.” Miku shook his head.

    “If you don’t mind,” he said, “I actually want to move on to something else.”

    “Really?” Sakaki said, not quite sure yet what topic he wanted to teach Miku next. “Have anything in mind?”

    “Yes,” Miku said, smiling. He then closed his eyes, and concentrated. He felt the heart of the Pokemon, and tried to sense it’s powers. I’ve never tried this before, he thought. I’ve only just detected what Pokemon a person was, never tried to go into them to find out what they were capable of. Let’s hope I get this right.

    Sakaki looked at him, rather confused. He thought, what is he doing?

    Miku concentrated for several moments more, then opened his eyes. He was enlightened, and he smiled as he called out his attack. “Now Noctowl! Use Hypnosis, then Dream Eater.”

    Sakaki stepped back, surprised that he forgotten the Noctowl had that combo naturally, but even more surprised that Miku was able to discover and use it even though there were no apparent signs saying that the Noctowl had it.

    The lizardman fell asleep, then suddenly awoke with a look of pain on it’s face. It opened it’s mouth as if to scream out, but no sound came out, and it grabbed it’s head with all four hands. After a moment, though, it fainted and fell to the ground.

    Amazed, Sakaki started applauding again. “Well done, well done! You’ve done far better than I expected.”

    “Thank you,” Miku said, as the Noctowl and Machamp vanished.

    “However, you must realize,” Sakaki said, smiling evilly once again, “that since you’ve now shown off great skill, I will hold you to that skill level you have shown me so far. You have to keep that up, if that was only a fluke move you will lose to me from here on out.”
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    Sabrina looked at the man, carefully watching his movements. She was going to be going on the defensive, and she had to be ready for anything that he tried. She took a moment to look at Mewtwo, and noticed he was doing the same thing.

    “Samusu,” Mewtwo said to the man, calling him by name. “Who sent you, old man?”

    “Sam will not tell,” the man replied as he smiled. “Sam was sent here by someone special, someone who can see all. He saw you and what you were doing, and sent Sam to find out what it is.”

    “Hmm,” Mewtwo replied. “We don’t have time for this, get out of here.”

    “Ahh,” Sam replied, smiling his toothy smile once again. “But I still haven’t tried these secrets yet. Let’s see.”

    The man closed his eyes, and around him gathered a black aura. He walked slowly towards the two of them, and both Mewtwo and Sabrina put up their arms in a defensive position. The man then opened his eyes and jumped, punching at Mewtwo, avoiding his blocking arms and hitting him in the stomach. Mewtwo groaned and fell back.

    “Well, one down,” Sam said as he laughed. Sabrina frowned, and closed her eyes.

    “I call on the psychic powers,” she mumbled quietly. “Calm mind.” She felt the energy flow through her, strengthening her. “You got what you want,” she said, “why do you stay here?”

    He laughed once again. “If I were to simply leave, you would pursue me. I have to make sure I won’t be followed.”

    He hit her in the legs, causing her to trip. He then held his hand up to her face, and it flashed a bright light.

    Sabrina got back up, and looked around. The room was spinning, and she couldn’t focus clearly on anything. She went to try to attack Sam, but she stumbled around while doing it. She ended up tripping, hitting her arm into a table.

    “Careful, Sabrina,” Mewtwo stated. “He’s used Confuse Ray on you.”

    “Yeah,” she said, struggling back to her feet. “I can’t see anything straight.” Once she got back up, she took a defensive position, deciding not to move until her vision was back to normal.

    The short man closed his eyes again, and gathered more darkness around him. The darkness grew thick, until he could no longer be seen. Sabrina looked to Mewtwo, and saw through her dizziness that he was up to something.

    “Now I end it,” Sam said, and the darkness that surrounded him gathered into his hands, forming a ball of dark energy. Before he could do anything with it, though, a stack of papers appeared under his feet. “Hmm?” he said curiously, looking down to his feet. The dark energy shot off in an unaimed direction, causing it to miss both Sabrina and Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo quickly ducked out of the way, and dived for a candle on the floor. As he rolled by, grabbing it, he grabbed a lighter from his cloak and lit the candle. “I think I will end it,” Mewtwo stated. He stood up, and showed Sam the lit candle. Suddenly, the flame vanished.

    The room quickly filled with smoke, as the papers on the floor under Sam’s feet had suddenly taken flame. Sam jumped, and ran towards the stairs. His clothes had caught flame as well. “You play dirty!” Sam cried as he ran. “You are a psychic, not someone that can use fire! Sam is leaving!”

    Sabrina’s eyes started to return to normal, and Mewtwo snuffed the fire off the papers, returning it to the candle. He then blew the candle out, and set the candle on the table. “What about Sam, and how did you do that?”

    “Sam is not a problem, my home is protected. He’ll be caught in a teleport trap, and be stuck for quite a while.”

    Sabrina tried stepping forward to look at the papers, but was still a little dizzy and tripped. Mewtwo held out his hand to her, and she grabbed it and pulled herself to her feet. “These papers, did they spontaneously combust?”

    “No,” Mewtwo said, chuckling. “I teleported the flame from the candle to the middle of the stack of papers.”

    “Well,” she said, impressed. “That’s a unique trick. How did you come up with it?”

    Mewtwo just shrugged his shoulders. “Just came to me.”

    “I see.” Sabrina looked back to the computer screen. “We should get this to Miku.”

    Mewtwo nodded, heading towards the stairway. “I agree. And we must hurry, I feel he is in some trouble.” Sabrina followed him, and they both ran up the stairs.


    “I was first last time,” Sakaki said, “you can be the first one to call out your next Pokemon.”

    “I understand,” said Miku, nodding. He thought for a moment, and held up the spell tag. “Spirit of the fighter,” he said, and the tag began to glow. “I summon, Exploud!”

    He threw the tag, and the beam of light appeared once again. Out of it stepped a sorter creature, purple in color. Most of the front of his hunched-over body was obscured by his face, which had a huge mouth and angry red eyes. Seven tubed extended out of his face, each one tipped on the end with yellow and open, as if they were hollow.

    “Exploud is based on sound,” Sakaki said, explaining the unusual appearance of the Pokemon. “It is a Normal-type, and uses physical attacks. But it’s strength relies in manipulation of sound. Those openings on it’s head are sound pipes, for making it louder.”

    “Ahh,” Miku replied, nodding in understanding. Sakaki took up his second spell tag, and threw it out.

    “I call Nidorino,” Sakaki stated, and out of the light stepped the creature. It was four legged, purple, and spiny. It also had a horn on it’s head. “Can you identify it’s type?”

    Miku thought for a moment, trying to connect to it. He wasn’t able to read it’s attacks, but could figure out it’s type. “Poison-type,” Miku said, acomplished.

    “Very good,” Sakaki replied. “Nidorino, use Poison Sting.”

    The Nidorino nodded, running towards the Exploud. It hit the Exploud, it’s horn piercing into the skin of the Exploud’s arm, and releasing it’s poison into it.

    The Exploud held it’s arm in pain, as the Poison seeped through it’s body and began to weaken it. “Exploud, use Rest to wear off the poison.” The Exploud nodded, and knelt down and closed it’s eyes. It became unaware of it’s surroundings as it healed itself.

    “You’ve left yourself open for attack,” Sakaki said in a disappointed tone. “Not a good battle strategy.”

    “Did I really?” said Miku, smiling. “Exploud is somewhat restless, and speaks in it’s sleep. In other words, it has Sleep Talk, which allows it to attack while asleep. Exploud, Sleep Talk!”

    The Exploud mumbled, and the room suddenly began to shake. The Nidorino stepped in front of the Exploud, and the mouth dropped open. “Hyper Voice!” Miku stated, realizing the attack it was about to use.

    The Exploud released a sound wave so powerful it threw the Nidorino back. The sound woke it up, and it looked at what it did. “Now Exploud, run up and stomp on it!”

    The Exploud ran up to the felled Nidorino, and lifted up it’s foot to step on it, when the Nidorino suddenly began to glow. It grew in size, until it was much larger than before. It stood up, on it’s hind legs, and let out a cry.

    “Well this was unexpected,” Sakaki stated. “It has evolved into Nidoking. It isn’t something that you will have to deal with in this world, as everyone’s evolution level is locked into their DNA. However, can you deal with this one? Nidoking, Dynamicpunch!”

    Miku bit his lip, unsure of what to do next. The Nidoking reeled back, and punched the Exploud, causing it to go flying back towards the back of Miku’s field. The Nidoking started walking towards it.

    “Exploud,” Miku said, “get up!” He then gasped, as he saw that the Exploud’s eyes were unfocused, and it swayed around as it tried to get up.“It’s confused?” It was also heavily hurt, as the Fighting-type attack caused double damage.

    “Yes,” Sakaki stated. “Dynamicpunch causes confusion.”

    “Exploud, Rest up, heal yourself again.”

    The Exploud carefully went to it’s knees, trying not to trip. It began to heal itself up again. “Now Sleep Talk!”

    The Exploud’s mouth dropped open again, and light began to gather in it. “Well,” Sakaki said in surprise, “this should be interesting. It’s Sleep Talking Hyper Beam. However, there’s one thing you must know.” He looked at the Nidoking for a moment. “Focus Punch.”

    The Nidoking reeled back to punch the Exploud, as the ball of light began to get bigger.

    “Sleep doesn’t cure confusion.” Sakaki said with a smile, as the ball of light fizzled. Miku looked in amazement.

    The Nidoking swung at the Exploud, and it burst into beams of light and vanished. The Nidoking roared, then it also vanished.

    “This round has gone to me,” Sakaki said. “There is one round left, and I will call the first Pokemon.”

    Sakaki threw the spell tag, and the beam of light appeared. Miku gasped, as out of the light stepped a small cat-like creature, it’s fur a cyan color and with a white mane around it’s head. It’s tail looked like a fish fin, and it’s ears looked the same.

    “I summon Vaporeon!”
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    Chapter 5

    Jacob looked towards the steel door, wondering how he would get into the room that was holding Heather.

    “You’re too late Mr. Moon,” came a voice from behind him, and he turned around. There was standing Giovanni, in his orange suit and red tie. He held a gun in his hand, and pointed it to Jacob’s forehead. “Everything has gone according to plan, you see.”

    “According to plan?” Jacob said in confusion, not sure what Giovanni meant.

    “Do you honestly believe Project L was something good in nature?” Giovanni laughed evilly. “What a naive and foolish boy you are Jacob.” He pulled back the hammer of his handgun, and Jacob flinched at the sound.

    “Project L was about genetic hacking. The necrotizing faciitis, the disease inducing, all part of the plan for Project L. Even that girl’s transformation.”

    “What??” Jacob gasped in horror.

    “Yes. You were merely a pawn, as were everyone else here. The Team Magma member that teleported her in works for me, he’s the one that found an appropriate subject. The penultimate goal of Project L was to combine two sets of unrelated DNA together. A fusion of human and Pokemon DNA into one single chimera, ultimately weakening it as I deem necessary. In short, to skew humanity. And you are the only one that knows, and now you shall die with that knowledge.”

    Jacob chuckled, and responded “I think not.”

    Jacob swung around and jumped towards Giovanni, kicking his gun to the ground. He then grabbed from the back of his pocked a vial of liquid, and ran over to a nearby box of hypodermic needles. He opened one, poured the liquid into it, and jabbed it into his arm.

    “You may discover,” Jacob said, and Giovanni watched in amazement as Jacob began to transform. Jacob, however, wasted no time with waiting as his body changed. “You may discover that this Skewed form is something that has more power, not less as you expected. This same virus you used on Heather will be your undoing.”

    Jacob held out his hand, and the hairs on his arm began to stand on end. Sparks began to surge between his fingers, and he turned to the Gene Replacement machine.

    “Impossible!!” Giovanni shouted in disbelief. “This is not supposed to happen, you are supposed to be hindered by the virus! Not gain the powers that the Pikachu DNA holds!!”

    “Well,” Jacob said as he released a giant bold of lightning into the control panel for the device. “You’re not going to get the chance to try again. Your DNA research ends here!”

    The device exploded, and walls from the building were blown away. The ground then started to shake, and a large rock fell through the ceiling.

    Giovanni looked up, and began laughing. “You’ve caused a cave-in! How do you expect to get out of here now?” He pulled from his pocket a smaller gun, and shot Jacob in the shoulder. As Jacob fell back and winced, Giovanni ran back to the teleporter to leave the underground cave.

    Jacob turned back to the steel door, and wondered how he’d be able to get it open before the room caved in. “Heather!” he called out in pain.
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    Miku looked at the Vaporeon that Sakaki had summoned. He felt as if he was looking through a looking glass to the past. So this, he thought, this is a part of me.

    “I use this as my last,” Sakaki told Miku as he stared at the Vaporeon. “My reason for doing it is to see if you’re cunning enough to defeat it. If you cannot defeat this spirit beast, then you are not worthy to gain it’s powers, and you may as well just go home.”

    Miku nodded. “I understand.”

    “Good,” Sakaki replied. “I need to do something really fast, so I will leave you to think for a moment as to which Pokemon you will use.”

    Sakaki held up his hand, and vanished from the illusion, leaving Miku alone in the stadium, staring at the Vaporeon.

    “So, I am you,” Miku said to the Vaporeon after a little bit.

    “Eon,” it replied, with a rather irritated look on it’s face and tone in it’s voice.

    Well talking to it doesn’t seem to be effective, Miku thought. “Well,” he said back to it, “that means you’re my mirror from the past.”

    Miku closed his eyes to concentrate. His minds eye saw the Vaporeon, as he detected it and tried to read it’s power, and he imagined a mirror in between him and the Vaporeon, placed exactly halfway between the two of them.

    There is the old lady from town that is an Ivysaur, he thought to himself, analyzing the weakness points. But if this Vaporeon knows any ice attacks that would put me at an equal disadvantage. Lightning would be more effective, I know Neagari-sensei’s brother in law is an Electabuzz, but I’ve never met him in person more than once and so I can’t feel that soul to be able to summon it. And other than that I don’t know any other Lightning element people that I can think of.

    He opened his eyes, and was surprised at what he saw. The mirror! he thought, seeing the mirror he had imagined in front of him, shimmering as if it wasn’t synchronized with the illusion around him. But even more surprising was the reflection.

    “Who are you?” Miku said aloud, before he could think of how silly it was to speak to a mirror. In the mirror was him, but a little different. The him in the mirror was taller, had paler skin, and the ears were different. Instead of fishfin ears, the reflection had long , thin yellow ears with black tips. A Pikachu? Miku thought, then repeated his question a second time. When he spoke, the reflection did not speak.

    “I,” said the reflection, something so startling that Miku stepped back. “I am but an illusion, my soul is here to lend you aide. It was my failure that caused the world to be the way it is now.”

    “Your failure?” The reflection nodded, then became sad.

    “Yes. I attempted to destroy the device that created the disease, but it seems I failed to completely destroy it. And because of my failure, I cursed this planet to it’s death.”

    Miku looked at the final spell tag in his hand. “Well,” he said, “if that is the way you feel, then so be it. But if I am to summon your spirit with this tag, I must know who you are.”

    “I am the second Skewed human, the foolish American that got involved with Team Rocket here in Japan. My name is Jacob Moon.”


    Sakaki stepped out of the secret elevator into the forest behind Team Rocket’s former headquarters. His minion was supposed to be back with the stolen information by now, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

    “Where is that foolish Sableye?” he grunted, and frowned in disapproval. “I must know the secret, I must know how Jacob figured out how to use those lightning powers many years ago. We’ll be at a significant disadvantage if Samusu has failed.” He was cross, but he didn’t have any more time to wait. He had to return to his battle.

    He walked back into the tree that was the secret elevator, and went back down to the tenth basement. He walked back towards the room that he was in before, and saw Miku standing in there, eyes closed as his mind was in the illusional arena. He looked at him and chuckled.

    “Such an interesting person,” he said aloud, freely as Miku wouldn’t be able to hear what he was saying. “He would be a valuable asset to me, though I doubt he would join me. Perhaps if the girl appearing in his dreams could be a little more persuasive, but that would require that Mewtwo not interfere as he did before. Perhaps I’ll speak to the girl later, get her to work more of her magic.

    “And besides, it’s too early right now. Too much attention would be drawn if I were to kill him for declining now. He can decline later, after some of my other opponents have been eliminated, and I’ll kill him then.” He smiled, and then closed his eyes.

    He reopened them back in the stadium, returning to the battle. “Time is up,” he said to Miku. Have you made your decision?”

    “Yes,” Miku said, with confidence. “And I think I figured something out too.”

    “Oh really?” he said, with mocked curiosity.

    “Yes,” Miku replied. “It seems that this world as it is now could have been avoided, if some people had been more careful this plague would never have happened.”

    Sakaki nodded. “Yes, it would seem the case. However, that is not something that I know anything about. I was not involved in any of that.”

    “I see,” Miku said. “Well in any case, I have my final Pokemon ready.”

    Miku closed his eyes. “Through the mirrors,” he said, as he held the spell tag in front of him, “through the eyes of time. Spirits, come to me and show me thy power.” The spell tag burst into a ghostly flame, but did not burn away.

    Interesting effects, Sakaki thought. Though a little pointless.

    Miku opened his eyes, and through out the spell tag. “Spirit that watches all, spirit of the Skewed. I summon, Pikachu!”

    Sakaki stepped back, aghast as the small yellow mouse stepped out of the light onto the floor. What? Sakaki thought in a panic. He summoned the soul of Jacob?!

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    Gregory put out the flame in his stove, and removed the pan with the fish from the top of it and set it aside. He then grabbed the freshly baked loaf of bread, and began to slice it up.

    “Lunch,” he called out towards the room the girl was staying in. He continued preparing the lunch, grabbing a head of lettuce and pulling leaves from it, and finished up a fish sandwich for the girl. He then made a similar one for himself, and took a bite from it.

    He waited for a couple minutes, but the girl never showed up. “Is she asleep?” he wondered aloud as he walked to the room she was in, taking more bites of sandwich as he walked.

    He reached the room, and opened it up. She was not in there. “Where has that foolish girl wandered off to?” he wondered, closing the door again.

    The room was left silent, but Gregory hadn’t noticed that the room had been changed a bit. The bed was made, and several things were missing. The girl’s personal belongings, few that they were, were now gone from the room, and also Gregory’s Samurai armor wasn’t anywhere in the room either.


    Sakaki quickly regained his composure. “Well, then,” he said, smiling, “ a very interesting choice there. So, how about we up the ante?”

    “Up the ante?” Miku asked, not sure what he meant.

    “In the old world, there were two things that were standard. First, a Pokemon’s potential maximum, and second, it’s allowed moveset.

    “The way a Pokemon’s strength works is based on their DNA. Given the exact same training under the exact same condition, a Pokemon with weaker genes would not be as strong as another Pokemon the same species with stronger genes. Unless the training was balanced, though, the strength was still never as good as the maximum their genetic code could take. There were ways of improving the strengths, by use of medicines and such, and training of specific attributes, but under normal circumstances that was the case.

    “On top of that, the strengths had a top limit. A top level of strength, from which there could be a gauge to determine a Pokemon’s strength. That gauge was in the form of a level system, which was a numerical system running from one to one hundred.”“

    ”Okay,” Miku said, nodding in understanding.

    “However, that wasn’t the maximum. Under certain conditions, a Pokemon could break the limit, raising their maximum so they could continue on. There were three Limit Break’s to be specific. The level 100 Limit Break, which raised their maximum to what statistically calculated to be level 125. Then the level 125 Limit Break, raising their limit to 200, twice the strength of normal maxed out Pokemon. And finally there was the 200 Limit Break, which, from testing, seemed to impose no maximum on the Pokemon after that point.”

    “Wow,” Miku said. “Would those apply to Skewed humans?”

    Sakaki shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows. However, my point is, these spirits have been set at level 75, with even stats compared to each other. I am going to give them their first Limit Break, and raise them up to 125.”

    “Okay,” Miku said. “Fair enough. Your second point?”

    “A Pokemon can have a vast array of abilities.” Sakaki said. “Ones that can heal, ones that can hurt, ones that can even kill. In order to make things safe, and also fair, there had to be a standardization.

    “In the formal sanctioning system, there was a certain set of moves registered as ‘approved’ for use. After years of going by this system, most everybody forgot that there were moves other than that set, so it didn’t really have to be enforced. But, there are many other moves out there. We’ve been playing with the sanctioned moves, so I will remove that limit as well.”

    Miku nodded. “Okay, deal. But, what did you mean by upping the ante?”

    Sakaki smiled, and licked his lips. “Pokemon battling was competition. Without something at stake, where is the competition? So here are the stakes. If you win, I give you the master key to this building, and you will have full access to this building and all of it’s vast knowledge.”

    “And if you win?” Miku asked.

    I’d say if I win your soul is mine, Sakaki thought to himself as he smiled, but your soul is already mine. “If I win, you will get nothing. This building was the former base of the organization Team Rocket, after all. There is a vast store of knowledge here, I’ve looked through some of it myself. What is at stakes is knowledge of the past, knowledge that could be useful in this present time. If I win, you will stay in the dark.”

    Miku nodded. “Alright, agreed. Let’s get this started then.”

    Sakaki nodded, “I agree.”

    Miku took the initiative. “Pikachu,” he said, “let’s start with something simple. Thundershock”

    The yellow mouse nodded, then charged towards the blue cat. Sparks began to gather around it, and when it was within range it let them loose towards the Vaporeon.

    The Vaporeon looked to Sakaki, and he just nodded. For a moment it had a look of confusion, then it nodded, looking back to the Pikachu. The Pikachu was running around, circling to prepare for a second pass. Miku, seeing that Vaporeon wasn’t going to attack, ordered for a second Thundershock, and the Vaporeon narrowly dodged that one.

    “Good,” said Sakaki, nodding. “Now, Hydro Pump, then use Whirlpool, then Water Leech.”

    The blue cat opened up it’s mouth, and from it came a surge of water. It caught up the Pikachu and swept it towards Miku, but then it changed directions. The water surged around in a circle, drawing the mouse ever toward the center.

    “Try to get out,” Miku called out, but the effort was useless. The current was too strong, and the Pikachu was drawn into the center. For a moment it spun there, and then the water lifted it up into the air.

    The Vaporeon called out, and it’s eyes glowed a bright blue. Two ribbons of water shot out from the center, shooting into the Pikachu’s back, and making beams of blue energy come out the other side, cutting through the mouse. The Pikachu cried out in pain, and the energy streams wove their way back to the Vaporeon, and were absorbed into it. After a moment, the water stopped, the energy streams disappeared, and the Pikachu fell to the ground. The water quickly dried up.

    “What the,” Miku said, not quite sure what to think about such a close stream of attacks.

    “We are no longer fighting with limits, Miku,” Sakaki said, chuckling. “It’s not going to be a my-turn-your-turn thing anymore, you have to think on your feet now.”

    “I understand,” Miku said, a little annoyed now that he was looking like such a fool. “Pikachu, turn up the power. Thunder! Then while it’s stunned slam into it.”

    The Pikachu nodded, then let out a powerful blast of electricity. It hit the Vaporeon, and it winced in pain, but it stayed alert. “Toss it, Vaporeon,” Sakaki said to it. The Pikachu ran up close to it, but when it was nearly there the Vaporeon jumped up. The Pikachu missed it, but was suddenly stopped, as the Vaporeon landed back on the ground with a paw on it’s tail.

    The Vaporeon grabbed the Pikachu’s tail up in it’s mouth , then quickly turned around, swinging the Pikachu by the tail. It let go once it had spun around one and a half times, throwing the Pikachu back towards Miku.

    “Now,” Sakaki said. “Rocket Tackle.”

    The Vaporeon nodded, then shot forward at lightning speed. Before the mouse could land on the ground, the Vaporeon head butted it square in the stomach, sending it at high speed into the wall behind it.

    “Now Acid Armor,” Sakaki said.

    “Acid Armor?” Miku asked, and then jumped in surprise as the Vaporeon was no longer anywhere to be seen.

    “Acid Armor,” Sakaki said. “The body releases an enzyme onto the skin that bends light, making the Pokemon nearly invisible. Vaporeon, continue using Rocket Tackle until the Acid Armor wears off.”

    Miku watched, as the Pikachu was batted around more. “Recover,” he said to it, hoping it had enough time between attacks to regain some of it’s strength. “Create some dopplegangers, let’s see if we can flush it out into the light.”

    The Pikachu nodded, then closed it’s eyes. Around it appeared several more Pikachu, each one sparking as they were made out of lightning energy. After a moment, they solidified, then the Pikachus all ran together and then in different directions.

    “Not a bad strategy,” Sakaki said. “Though a little pointless. Vaporeon, continue on, the fake ones will just vanish if you try attacking them. They’re harmless.”

    “You think so?” Miku said, and Sakaki raised an eyebrow. The invisible Vaporeon suddenly became semi-visible, as it hit one of the dopplegangers and was suddenly surrounded by the lightning that made it up. They could see that it was in pain, and then the lightning subsided and it vanished again.

    “Well,” Sakaki replied, impressed. “Mostly harmless. But they aren’t impervious. Release a Mist on the ground, find out which one is the real one.”

    A fog suddenly started appearing on the ground, and it grew thick. As Miku looked around, he saw that the Pikachu’s were all sparking, except for one. That one, the real one, then went flying again, and th dopplegangers vanished.

    “Well,” Miku said. “So that was countered as well. But shouldn’t time be almost up?”

    Indeed it was, and the Vaporeon suddenly became invisible again. “That’s good,” Sakaki said to it. “Now hit it with an Ice Bolt.”

    The Vaporeon stopped running, and opened it’s mouth to fire the beam of energy. It’s eyes glowed, and like lightning, energy shot from it’s mouth towards the Pikachu.

    “Raise a Lightning Shield,” Miku said quickly. Around the Pikachu, lightning sparked, and it was suddenly surrounded by a sphere of lightning energy. The Ice Bold touched it, wrapped around it, but it was repelled away.

    “Now,” Miku said, smiling. “Let’s finish this.” The Pikachu nodded.

    “You think you have a finishing move?” Sakaki said, chuckling. “This should be interesting. Vaporeon, Recover and protect yourself with a Barrier.” The blue cat nodded, then closed it’s eyes.

    “Even that can’t protect you now, Sakaki,” Miku said with a smile. He held up his right arm, and shouted out. “Thunder gods, I call thee! Appear now, Kaminari-Ryuujin!”

    Sakaki stepped back in fear. Amazing, he said. Summoning an elemental, a skill very rare among Limit Break Pokemon. Not only that, it’s a top level elemental!

    The Pikachu closed it’s eyes, and floated up in the air. From it, a bolt of lightning appeared, coming at first from the sky, then extending out to in front of it. In the bolt of lightning, a shape took from, and expanded outwards until it engulfed the Pikachu. The lightning took the shape of a dragon, and it lifted it’s head up and roared. It then flew towards the Vaporeon, mouth open, and ate the Vaporeon. In between bolts, the Vaporeon could be seen, and it’s pain seen as all the lightning that made up the dragon suddenly collapsed, right onto the Vaporeon. The Vaporeon vanished into a beam of light before the lightning dragon could even finish collapsing, and the rest of the bolts shot down to the ground of the stadium, causing smoke to rise from where they struck.

    “Amazing,” Sakaki said in a whisper, and the stadium suddenly vanished. “You have indeed mastered the knowledge you will need,” he continued to say, choking on his words. They were back in the room they were in before, and Sakaki’s outfit returned from the orange suit to the black trenchcoat. He walked towards Miku, and handed him a small key.

    “As promised,” Sakaki said, “the master key for this building. Before you do any exploring, I suggest you save your friend first.” Sakaki turned to walk away.

    “Wait!” Miku called out.

    “No,” Sakaki said, shaking his head as he continued walking. “Go now. Don’t worry, though” he said, looking over his shoulder and smiling evilly once again. “We will meet again, I guarantee it.”

    The man left the room, leaving Miku there alone, and the lights went out so it was dark. Miku clutched the key in his hand, put it in his pocket, and walked back toward the stairwell to go back upstairs. “Hopefully,” he said, “Sabrina and Mewtwo have figured out the secret to let me use my powers.”

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    Ian looked around in the room. The doors were protected by the two people with swords, one of which had catlike ears and the other of which didn’t have such features. Behind him was a third person with a sword, and across from him at the table he was seated at was the Rhydon man.

    “Mr. Mikuri,” the Rhydon man said to him sternly. “I’m going to ask you a couple of questions, and you’re going to answer them for me.”

    “I will do no such,” Ian started to say, but the man behind him raised the sword to Ian’s neck. Ian gulped, then nodded. The man lowered his sword.

    He wasted no time getting to the point. “Sabrina and that man, where are they hiding?”

    “They’re in a place to the southeast, near the sea. A small house by itself.”

    “I see. Now where are you from?”

    “A town to the east of here. Was destroyed by your people by an artificial earthquake.”

    “So you were from there,” he said, chuckling. “What is Miku’s secret?”


    “That boy knows things that no one else seems to know. Where did he learn such things?”

    “I’m not sure, I wish I knew myself.” The Rhydon man frowned.

    “You had better have a better answer than that. Who does he know? Who is his father? Something!”

    “His father, I don’t know. His name is Kyoujiro, if I recall correctly. He’s been traveling for several years now, tracking a group called Skew.”

    The Rhydon man leaned back a bit, a little worried. “That could pose a problem,” he muttered. He stood up and looked to the wall.

    “Do you see this poster, Ian?” he said, motioning to the poster with the creatures on it. “These are different Pokemon that existed at one time.” He started pointing out different ones on the poster.

    “This one here is called Gardevoir,” he said, pointing out one with a white body and green hair. “This one is called Ursaring,” describing a large brown bear with a moon shape on it’s head. He pointed to another one, that looked to be the cross between a man and a bird, with hands and feet like chicken claws and a face like a dragon. “This one is called Blaziken.”

    That is my species, Ian thought, nodding. That Pokemon seems to be built for fighting, from the looks of it. “And your point of all this is?”

    “All these creatures,” the Rhyhorn man, “yet not one intelligent one among them from the looks of it. From what I’ve read their communication abilities were very limited, like their vocal abilities which apparently made them able to say a limited collection of human sounds and syllables but incoherent babbling nonetheless. They were weak, and that’s why they were eliminated.

    “Miku didn’t go back,” he said, leaning on the table and looking Ian dead in the eye. “He went somewhere in this building, thinking he can come up with some sort of scheme that will allow him to save you. Well there’s no way he can do that, I have sent one of my best assassins on his trail, and once he finds him, he will kill him.”

    Be careful Miku, Ian thought to himself in a panic, and the Rhydon man laughed maniacally.


    “Now where am I,” Miku said aloud to himself, trying to determine where he was. Sakaki had turned on emergency lighting through the whole building after the battle, but now Miku was completely lost. And also, he realized, he had lost the sword that Gregory had entrusted with him.

    I’ve lost the sword, he thought to himself. The only place I can think of where would be the supply room we stopped in earlier, but now I can’t find that room. He continued down the hallway, until he reached a stairway going up, which he ascended.

    That place was no more familiar to him, so he continued wandering around. I’m not even quite sure what floor this is. I wish there was a map or something.

    He continued walking around that floor for a while, until he felt a presence from behind him. He turned, but no one was there. He continued walking for a minute or so, and then felt the presence even stronger. He turned again.

    Standing there was a man, a little shorter than Miku. He wore full samurai armor, with sleeves and tasset made of green bamboo, and a helmet that had a mask covering to conceal his face. The mask was also a green color, and had the look of a dragon. Only his mouth could be seen out from under the snout of the mask.

    “Miku, I presume,” said the man, as he took a step towards Miku. Miku stepped back, taking a defensive position.

    “Yeah, what do you want,” Miku replied. He has too much armor, Miku thought to himself. It’s making it hard to tell what species he is.

    “I’ve been hired to kill you,” the man said, and reached behind him. He pulled from his back a sword, and held it towards Miku. “No offense, I just do what I’m told when I’m paid.”

    “So much for bushido,” Miku muttered, then jumped back as the man swung the sword at him. “Well whatever, try if you must.”

    Miku continued jumping back from his attacks, carefully observing his attacking style. He seems to use mostly horizontal attacks, Miku thought to himself after observing for a little while, attacking the higher area above him. I should be able to dive down under his sword with one of the attacks, and attack him in the lower body. If I do that right, I should be able to stun him to be able to escape.

    Several more swings were made, and then he decided to test his maneuver. He lodged one foot on a nearby doorway, and then ducked down instead of back as the samurai began another horizontal swing. “Take this!” Miku shouted as he pushed himself forward, and punched the samurai in the stomach.

    “Why you,” the man said, wincing in pain. Miku smirked, then turned and ran. But as he turned a corner he didn’t get far, as he suddenly found himself at the end of a hallway, with a blank wall.

    The samurai walked up to Miku, laughing cruelly. “I have you now,” he said, licking his lips. What now? Miku thought, seeing no way of escaping, except for a door on the wall opposite of him. But the samurai was in the way of that, blocking that escape. Even if I could, I couldn’t use... Of course, the key!

    He reached into his pocket, and felt the key that Sakaki gave him, the master key to the building. Hopefully it works, he thought to himself. “Well looks like you have me,” Miku said aloud, feigning defeat.

    “That it would seem,” said the man. “Any last words or messages I should deliver to someone?”

    “Just one,” Miku said, then smiled. “Duck!”

    Miku turned to the wall behind him, and jumped at it. He then used the wall to vault himself forward, over top of the man. With a surprised expression on his body, he went to raise the sword to cut at Miku, but Miku knocked it out of the way with his hand against the flat side of the sword. On his way over, he reached down and grabbed the helmet from the man, pulling it along with him and removing it from his head.

    Gotcha, Miku thought, satisfied. Once he landed on the ground, he turned to look at the man as he turned around, who’s face was now clearly exposed. He had a scar on his left eye, and his hair was slicked back, green in color. He’s a Scyther. Only fitting that he would be a sword user.

    “What the?” the man said in surprise, suddenly realizing what happened. “What was that?”

    “That was me escaping,” Miku said, and he pulled the key out of his pocket. He put it in the door, and amazingly it fit. Unlocking the door and stepping inside, he narrowly dodged another swing from the sword.

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