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    You might not have heard of it but it's the best game on GC/DC!!!(In my opinion)
    Here are some cards for some characters...

    Cupil Poketool
    Attach this card to any card with the name Fina.If "Fina" uses a move that does damage, the damage done is increased by 10

    Fina (C) 30HP

    Effect:Magic:Increm Discard 2 (C) energy cards to increase "Cupil Sword""s power by 10.(cannot be used if asleep,etc)

    Cupil Sword 20 (C)
    Flip a coin, if heads, draw a card.

    Weak: Res:
    Aika (G) 60HP

    Effect:Magic:Crystalen As soon as this card becomes your active pokemon, do 60 damage to your opponents active pokemon. This can only be used once throughout the battle. (cannot be used if asleep, etc)

    Grendel's Wing 60 (G)

    Res: (G) Weak: (F) NOTE: F means fire:Figh means Fighting
    Vyce (F) 90HP

    Effect:SM:pirates Wrath When "Vyce's" HP goes below 30, do 60 damage to your opponents active pokemon.

    Cutlass Fury (C)(F) 30

    Weak: (W) Res: (Figh)
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