SKYPE BATTLE - Request Thread

Discussion in 'Other' started by mrbusterman11, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. JoMoCo95

    JoMoCo95 New Member

    Anyone wanna playtest jomoco95 add me
  2. Dutchie

    Dutchie New Member

    My skype user name is; Mattkiloo
    anyone can add me for playing online, i could use some practise for the upcoming Battle roads since i have to work on the days when my league is open.
  3. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    @ Dutchie I sent you a friend request. Also my username is pokepleayer999.
  4. NZ pokemon master

    NZ pokemon master New Member


    add me
  5. thejackster52

    thejackster52 New Member

    hi anyone want a game?
  6. NZ pokemon master

    NZ pokemon master New Member

    who wants a battle now
  7. TrainerEnjay

    TrainerEnjay New Member

    anyone up for a battle? HGSS-on
  8. lilszamora

    lilszamora New Member

    I shall now attempt to make an iPhone stand so I can see the opponent and they can see my field it will be AWESOME!!! Maybe...
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  9. peddles

    peddles New Member

    Hit me up if you wanna play, usually during nights 7ish est-11est

    id: mixnmatches
  10. latiboy888

    latiboy888 New Member

    my skype name is char-char888 if anyone's intrested
  11. TrainerEnjay

    TrainerEnjay New Member

    im on skype now. add me "trainerenjay" to battle. Need practice before cities
  12. Ov3rKiL1

    Ov3rKiL1 New Member

    add ov3rkil1 looking for skype battle now
  13. Sora

    Sora New Member

    Add me: Ryuzaki080
  14. Angry_Brother

    Angry_Brother New Member

    Add, please. misha_grozny
  15. crackerjackpenguin

    crackerjackpenguin New Member

    Add me, PokeGasm69
  16. Element_Enigma

    Element_Enigma New Member

    Looking for a battle my skype name is: Element_Enigma
  17. Mullei

    Mullei New Member

    deleted no longer active
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2012
  18. Venya

    Venya New Member

    I don't know if this is still active it doesn't look like it. but if someone is still looking I'm Venya1Aven on skype. I'm always looking to play with someone. :pokeball:
  19. pokemonguyaap

    pokemonguyaap New Member

  20. zlittell

    zlittell New Member

    Anyone wanting to battle can contact me on skype my username is: zlittell

    If you want to use google hangout just shoot me a PM and I will send you my info for that.

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