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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by BattleBeastEXP, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. BattleBeastEXP

    BattleBeastEXP New Member

    Im going to a battle road sometime and here is what I have:

    1. Written Out Deck List
    2. Modified 60 Card Deck


    1. Do I need card cases to participate? Because I dont have any lol
    2. I'm pretty new to Battle Road but in my deck do I need 66 cards for the 6 prizes? Becuase on the form it says:
    "Bring a 60-Card Deck. Prizes."
    3. If I need cases do they sell them at events?

    thanks for the help :)
  2. Kempley05

    Kempley05 New Member

    1) No, but they will help protect your cards greatly, I'd recommend it.
    2) 60 cards, the 6 in-game prize cards come from your deck during set-up.
    3) Depends on the TO, but probably.
  3. BattleBeastEXP

    BattleBeastEXP New Member

    Oh ok, so I should write out my deck list? Thanks! :) And I have Cases but only 50 :D I hope they still sell the legendary bird ones :D
  4. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    the legendary bird sleeves are NOT legal for tournament play.

    sleeves must be either solid color, non-reflective, non art-backed or official pokemon sleeves (new ultrapro 'mosaic' designs, prerelease sleeves, or japanese pokemon sleeves) which have the same solid color around all four sides. ultrapro legendary bird, deoxys, and sharpedo sleeves are not legal.

  5. BattleBeastEXP

    BattleBeastEXP New Member

    Oh! Ok thanks good thing I didn't buy more than :D So I see your a prof. do you know if they sell them at events?
  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Depends on the event.
    If it's at a game store, they should have things like that.
    I know I bring some for non-store events, but every organizer is in charge of their own events.
  7. BattleBeastEXP

    BattleBeastEXP New Member

    Oh ok, its at a hobby store, and if you bring them do you sell them? I appreciate the help by the way :redface: And its for the Battle Road Autumn ;)
  8. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    I think most TOs do a bit of selling on the side if the event isn't run at a card shop. Most cities/BRs will be small and probably at a card shop or will be big enough to where to TO will sell sleeves.

    When looking for sleeves make SURE that they are NOT reflective. Don't get anything with like designs that change color/shape depending on how you look at them. Get matte sleeves. Get durable sleeves. I like ultra-pro, player's choice, and the japanese sleeves personally.

    There are some legal pokemon sleeves, but they're new and the borders are all the same color.

    Good luck and welcome to OP.
  9. BattleBeastEXP

    BattleBeastEXP New Member

    Ok thanks :) And thanks :D

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