South Jersey City Championships - IMPORTANT UPDATE: Change of City!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by PokePop, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Burlington City Championship (NOTE: This is a different location!)
    Saturday, December 1st
    Location: Allied Hobbies

    Address: 2501 Burlington-Mt. Holly Road (Rt. 541)
    City: Burlington
    State: New Jersey
    Zip Code: 08016

    Registration: 11am
    Start time: Noon

    Other Information
    Admission: Free
    Details: Bring a 60-card Modified legal deck and play to become the City Champion! Winners get a Championship trophy and top 4 in each age group get Pokémon TCG booster packs. There will be bonus prizes given out for each round. Tournament info: 856-266-6377 Directions are found at Door Prizes! Call 856-266-6377 with questions.

    Northfield CIty Championship
    Saturday, December 8th
    Location: Jester's Playhouse

    Address: 2408 New Road
    City: Northfield
    State: New Jersey
    Zip Code: 08225

    Registration: 11am
    Start time: Noon

    Other Information
    Admission: Free
    Details: Bring a 60-card Modified Legal deck and see if you can be the City Champion! Directions are found at Info.htm

    Modified (Ex Holon Phantoms through DP Secret Wonders including Nintendo black star promo cards 037 and above and POP Series 4, 5, & 6). If card has been reprinted in one of the sets mentioned above the older version can be used. Reprinted cards with substantial changes in text require either an official card dex printout OR an updated card outside the deck for reference. Japanese cards may be used as long as they have an English-language modified counterpart, are played in opaque sleeves, and a card dex or English reference is available outside the deck for reference.

    Based on attendance. Parents of players: Pokemon tournaments utilize Swiss rounds so your child will continue to play, win or lose, until the completion of preliminary rounds. This can take a while!! Plan on staying until late afternoon at the earliest! Bring a book, or even better, a deck of your own to play in the event! After swiss rounds are completed, we will cut to single elimination per age group with 1 hour match, best 2 of 3. Size of top cut will be based on attendance with a maximum cut of 4 per age group

    Prizes: (Junior, Senior, & Master Divisions)
    1st - 18 booster packs, City Championship Medal, Bag of Goodies
    2nd - 10 booster packs
    3rd - 4 booster packs
    4th - 4 booster packs

    Every player will receive Promo Card and Pin while supplies last!!!

    Door Prizes:
    As usual, we will have random prizes given out through the tournament!
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  2. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    Who wants to give me a ride to Pennsauken?
  3. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    Not sure about Pennsauken, but can't make it to Northfield
  4. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    I can definitely go to Pennesauken if I can get a ride. Can't make the 8th either.
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I am putting out a call for judges for these.
    Everyone wants to play.
    If everyone plays, then I can't run everything all by myself.
    PM me if you are willing (and qualified) to help judge.

    Also, we're having a problem with our Pennsauken location. I'm trying to confirm a new location for the Dec 1st tournament and hope to get that info up as soon as possible.
  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Important update!

    We got the Pennsauken CC moved to Allied Hobbies in Burlington.

    Same Golbat time, same Golbat channel!
    Whew, what luck!

    Still need staff!!
  7. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    We had 50 players on Saturday in Burlington, a 25% increase over last years!
    20 Juniors
    12 Seniors
    18 Masters

    I'll post up winners later.

    We have Northfield next Saturday, C'mon out!

    Oh, and we're going to be adding a third event, probably on the last weekend, Jan 5th or 6th.
    More details as soon as I get everything confirmed.

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