Southampton Unlimited Tournament!

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  1. ape101

    ape101 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Before i start, i'd like to say i'm not the TO, only publicising this awesome tournament that will be one for your diaries!

    Southampton Unlimited Tournament UK

    Format: Base Set > Diamond & Pearl 2 (With the possible exception of Neo Genesis Sneasel and Neo Slowking as they may be banned cards)

    Sunday, November 11th 2007

    11am (I think)

    Location: Rockbottom Toy Store, Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton, UK

    Entry Fee: £3

    Contact: 02330 633947

    Great prizes to be won including limited edition cards!

    This looks like a great oppurtunity to play all your old decks, as well as possibly playing a mix of the old and new cards! Turnout is expected to be high (40+) and also a great chance to introduce new players to the game!

    The store itself is within a 10 minute walk form southampton central train station, easy to find, with great playing facilities. Even if you get bored, there are plenty of shops just a moments walk away.

    If you have any questions, i will try my best to answer them:biggrin: Thanks!
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  2. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Can't find this tournament sanctioned anywhere >.< whoose the TO?

    Much as Unlimited is fun now and then it won't shift stock for the shop and 40+ is a pretty good turn out too ??
  3. ape101

    ape101 New Member

    It's not officially sanctioned, but is being held all the same. I was only informed of this by the shopkeeper of rockbottom toy store, and he told me all the info you see here! I'm just publicising it! If you ring them up I'm sure they'll tell you the same. As for the turnout, that was what i was told:confused:.
    Hope you can make it though, should be a fun tourney!
  4. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    yo, i may turn up to this. LOL
    there is still yugioh here as well, right?
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    cant you allow slowking and let people know that card is ERRATED. Lets say that the power only work when its active, not while it benched.
  6. ape101

    ape101 New Member

    I dont know. There may be a few younger people there who wont understand, however, i think if people know it's correct translation that should be ok.

    Magikarp ex: Yep they still do Yugi-oh!

    So you guys coming? It will be awesome!:biggrin:
  7. Tego

    Tego New Member

    It's ridiculous how that card went unerrataed through so many years and big tournaments. It was mistranslated, yet nobody noticed anything. I'm so glad that Pokémon USA is working so much closer with Japan that WotC did. :D

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