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    If my opponent attaches a special energy (such as a scramble) to Magmortar does he get to remove 2 damage counters or doesn't he?

    I know recently it was ruled yes but my arguement is this:

    There are two rulings in this case that don't agree with each other, in that Holon Castform ruling (by POP) and the scramble ruling (by BDS).The holon castform says no remove because he explains about the CARD part and the scramble says yes remove, what's the difference between them, neither are fire energy CARDS but supply fire energy.

    By my understanding Magmortar says when a fire energy CARD is attached to Magmortar remove two damage counters, and scramble and holon castform supply fire energy but aren't fire energy CARDS.

    I always thought that there was a difference in fire energy and fire energy CARD but now both are being molded into being the same thing. This is why I also ask this question, if you see the Flame Body it says fire energy CARD and if you look at Magmortar's first attack Flame Blast it says fire energy, so there has to be a difference between fire energy and fire energy CARD.

    Thank you in advance,
    Brocks Twin

    P.S. - sorry about the caps, bold and underline just trying to show the difference.
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    There is a difference between Fire Energy and Fire Energy card (as well as basic Fire Energy card).

    I'm not sure what Scramble ruling you're discussing, or how it affects this.

    Specific to this question:
    Flame Body triggers on an Energy card being attached - it doesn't care how much Fire Energy is being provided by that card, just that the card produces Fire Energy.
  3. PokePop

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    Also, check the rulings in the Compendium LvX on Energy Cards in General.
    Here is a quick link to that section: http://compendium.pokegym.net/compendium-lvx.html#c8

    The specific ruling that you want is
    It' so old, it doesn't even have the year on it! It's from 2000.

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