Speed Empoleon PWNs in SAtown

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Professor Elm, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Professor Elm

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    So yeah, at 11:00 in the morning I decided to ask my parent's if they would take me to Alien Worlds for the BR. Surprisingly they said yes, and took me. (I can't wait till I can drive in December!!!!!) SO, I get there about 10 minutes or less before the BR was scheduled to start. I borrow some cards, fill out my list and wait a few minutes. I got a trade or in also, nothing special though. It was a very relaxed event overall, and I enjoyed the player-friendly atmosphere. A lot less competitive than States/Regs/Nats. Frank sees I am playin Speed Empoleon and starts harassing me about it cause he is playin InfernaCatty. I soon realized that there were a lot of fire decks and my choice was ideal for the metagame.

    Anyway, a few minutes after 1 the pairings go up and I get ready to play w/ a deck I had NEVER played prior to today.

    Round 1 vs. Justin w/ Shiftry ex
    Well, let's see. I get a horrible hand and just play Mentor to get 3 Piplups. He gets T2 Shiftry ex and Skill Hack's me. I go and stupidly play ALL of my Piplups down forgetting about Shiftry's second attack Dirge. Needless to say, I didn't pull a single supporter or evolution or anything that would have helped and he Dirged me for 4 prizes and yeah, I lost by turn 4 or so. It was pretty horrible.

    I wasn't too ecstatic about dis. I had gone 0-4 on my first BR w/ Kricketune and I didn't want a repeat, my ranking was already lower than 1600 lol. (not that I really care too much)

    Round 2 vs. ??? w/ Magmortar/Ape
    Well, a T2 Empoleon vs. a field w/ Chimchars and Magbys is pretty much a blood bath on the opposing side. He got an Ape out but I had 2 Empoleon and he couldn't KO one.
    (Yes! I ain't gonna go 0-4)

    Round 3 vs. Gerard w/ Infernacatty
    Well, Infernacatty has a REALLY bad matchup to Empoleon.
    Needless to say, after I KO'd his 1st Ape it went downhill for him.

    Round 4 vs. Frank w/ Infernacatty
    Yay, another Infernape deck.
    I pwn him pretty easily. Don't remember too much, but he had a pretty bad hand and I had a pretty good one.

    Top 4
    1st: Me w/ Speed Empoleon
    2nd: Frank w/ Infernacatty
    3rd: Gerard w/ Infernacatty
    4th: Ben w/ Crobat/Toxicroak/Skarmory

    We cut to top 4, so I end up playing Ben.

    TOP 4 vs. Ben w/ Crobat and Co.
    Round 1
    I get a typical setup getting a fast Empoleon out by Turn 3 or so. From there I started sniping everything he had and took the first few prizes. He managed to get back on his feet w/ a few Crobats and kept on getting heads so they stayed out. He was able to KO like 2 of my Empoleon's but by the time the 3rd one hit the field he was just in way over his head, and I killed the Toxicroak and took the rest of my prizes from there.

    Round 2
    Wow, this game REALLY showed how bad I am with this deck. I had no clue what I was thinking, and Jose thought I was an idiot for the misplays I made, lol.
    Anyway, I get nothing for the first like 4 turns. I get an active Octillery and retreat it for a benched Empoleon w/ a Scramble which was a huge misplay on my part. I grab a quick prize, but then things start falling apart for me. His deck doesn't deal too much damage and my Cessations kept me from getting hurt from poison too bad, so I kind of just sat there trying to do something after my first empoleon went down. He had complete control of the game and was getting constant heads on his Crobats so they never left the field. I thought I was gonna lose but decide to just play it out to see if I could stretch the game out to try to get something or until time was called. Anyway, it ends up to me getting some luck draws w/ TGW and I finally start to recover. He keeps on getting tails w/ Crobat depleting his field fast. He only had like 1 or 2 prizes left, but that last Empoleon finished everything he had because he lost all his Crobats and couldn't retrieve them from his deck fast enough. Needless to say I pulled that one out of nowhere despite my misplays.
    Good Games Ben

    Top 2 vs. Frank w/ Infernacatty
    Round 1
    Really quick game. I T1 Piplup for 20 and T2 Prinplup Brine for 50. Fast and simple T2 donk.
    He could have played Mentor, but he said his hand was so bad that he would've just been delaying the inevitable.

    Round 2
    Egh. Not such a great hand for me but not horrible. He gets close to donking me but can't pull it off. He gets an Ape out and I think managed to KO an Empoleon but to make it short he just couldn't handle the weakness and my Empoleon sweep'd him after that.

    I finally won a BR.
    Well, I've only been to 2, but still.

    Anyway, all the players were great. I had lots of fun too.
    Thanks for running such a smooth, great event Jose.

    Jose and David for letting me borrow some cards (btw David, I still have your 2x Empoleon's. I will try to go to the BR next week and return/trade for em if you will trade em)
    Frank for taking a whooping from his weakness deck so well
    All my other opponents
    Good games
    Not stankin up da place with my horribleness like last BR. Oh wait, never mind I did that.
    Jose for running such an awesome tournament
    A decent turnout (like 15 people in Masters, not bad)
    Victory Medal
    Pulling Electivire Lv. X in one of the packs
    Getting another Blissey (need 2 more and 2 Cattys)

    None that I can thank of right now
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  2. PokeMasterFlabface

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    No!!! My winning streak!!!

    Na jk man, good games and gratz. I had a lot of fun, hope we can play again soon. Still not sure what deck to play next week...we shall see. Hope to cya there. :)
  3. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    After I heard about what happened with Kricket (x_x;;;) I was a bit worried, but nice to hear you won! :D
  4. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Thanks, Patriarch

    I personally think 0-4 sounds cooler than 1-3. I could've won the last game REALLY REALLY easily cause I had 4 Krickets out by T2, BUT I was playing a Junior w/ a theme deck. It really boosted his confidence too that he beat me, AND I didn't really care about my rating. (now that they are taking the Top 25 in NA, I may have to play a lil' more seriously lol)

    I still think Kricketune is a decent deck, but our metagame is filled w/ Ape decks, so I doubt I will play it again for a while. AND I don't have any TSDs, and I really think that is necessary for the decks success.
  5. bullados

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    Good job, Elm! We still have to play at some point when I get down there. Can you guys somehow get a City down there over the December holiday weekend? I've gotta see if I still have it down there (considering that I only judge up here). GJ, thx for beating Frank, and I hope to beat you in the future~!
  6. solidsnake5674

    solidsnake5674 New Member

    grats man.....wonder if I should tell u what frank is playing at the next br.......but I guess I will be nice and not lol. Anyways cya guys next season when I move back to SA.
  7. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    And of course you should tell me what Frank is gonna play.
    It doesn't matter because I'll beat him either way. lol
  8. PokeMasterFlabface

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    Oh man Kyle, I'm gonna get you now. Well hope you can go so we can play again. :)
  9. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    I doubt I will even be there tomorrow.

    At least I got 1st chair in our region choir today. I know, I pwn. One of the other guys made up a poem about how much it sucks to have to try out for the region choir lolol, and then being the idiot he is, he recited it during the last cut instead of singing the actual music. I laughed so hard when he got DQ'd for it. Our director was so ticked off. lol but he's got balls to do that and it was hilarious.

    BUT yeah, I dunno whether I will go or not tomorrow, BUT you might as well play Electivire or sumtin Frank cause if I do go I will prolly play Empoleon again, lol.
  10. Empoleon beats a slow start Electivire.
  11. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    True, but BlisseyVire is usually a pretty bad matchup cause they get out that early game Blissey and then proceed to pwn me with Vire.
    Cessation and BF helps though.

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