Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Spotter, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    Must be MINT!

    Burger King Promos

    Burger King Promos
    Happiny (X3)
    Pikachu (X5)


    Professor Program Professor Rowan (Sealed 4-pack)
    Professor Program Professor Oak's Visit (Sealed 4-pack)

    Lots of other stuff! Just ask until I get my list updated!

    Pokégym Refs (42 unique, 52 transactions)
    gir/zim (X3), coolmanderzx (X2), butterfly719,
    CharizardHector589 (X3), Bowser Minion,
    pokémonmike (X3), shad0wkiller78, WooperTrainer,
    dragonlordbuu, zangoose-trainer, codyman,
    Gotham_Knight, SomethingElse, vaporeon,
    venusaur (X2), exodia, EternalFire (X2), modis,
    mikermon, Thunderbolt, unseenforces (X2),
    PedestrianHunter, Jay(72), mac5hoops,
    Loser626, GOROY, mewchou, Jason, fchangus2,
    kirstin, SupremeBlader22, lugiamaster,
    Jedi_Amara, Havoc, Mob2099, amphyrules, Mew,
    homeofmew, Jayson, BlIzZaRd, Muscovy Level X

    179 eBay Refs - 100% Positive
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  2. Drift

    Drift New Member

    do you have any ex pokemon for trade?
  3. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    I promise you, if I had them, they'd have been on the list.

  4. shad0wkiller78

    shad0wkiller78 New Member

    Check my list for:
    21 Cleffa (X2)
    24 Hitmonchan (X3)
    25 Hitmonlee
    26 Hitmontop (X2)
  5. Spotter

    Spotter New Member


    The ones you're asking about are still available.
    If you still have them, I'd like:
    3 TV Reporter
    2 Magnetic Storm
    2 Swoop!
    2 Meteor Falls
    1 Island Cave

    Curious, how long does it take stuff to get from Croatia to U.S. & vice versa?

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  6. pokemonmaster2006

    pokemonmaster2006 New Member

    notuhg i see for what u want
  7. coolmanderzx

    coolmanderzx New Member

    i got tv reporters, magnetic storm and island cave

    Im lookin at ur double rainbow cml if necessary thanks
  8. pokemonmaster2006

    pokemonmaster2006 New Member

    are they holo
  9. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    I have Blissey EX as well as several Unowns and AHs for sale. How much could you offer for Blissey EX? Per Unown? Also LMK how much on rare AHs, uncommon AHs, and common AHs. thanks! Cheryl
  10. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    Coolmanderzx: Responded in your trade thread with another offer - already got another trade working with the cards you mentioned.

    Pokemonmaster2006 - Could you paste in what I sent to you? I neglected to save a copy. Also, let me know if you're willing to sell, and for how much.

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2005
  11. pokemonmaster2006

    pokemonmaster2006 New Member

    2x Pigeot (FR/GL)
    3x Rare candys
    1x Ampharos (unseen forces) RH
    Hitmonchan (unseen forces) RH
    1x Houndoom (unseen forces) RH

    well thats what i need them if i was to sell i would say all for 25@
  12. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    I can do that. Email me your mailing address and I'll get a money order in the mail.

  13. PKMMalevolent

    PKMMalevolent New Member

    Hey u have any promos??? Besides the POP1 Quaza???
  14. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member missed me. BTW, also have 2 rare candies. PLMK, thanks! Cheryl
  15. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    Didn't miss you, just wanted to get home where I have all of my notes.

    As far as the Blissey EX, I have a hard time paying more than $10 for a card. I'll just wait until UF has been out for a while and the demand drops.

    I buy RH cards from an online store, and they run about like this:
    Uncommon - $0.90 - $1.25
    Common - $0.70 - $0.75
    With demand the way it is, they're auctioning their rares off. You'd have to be in this ballpark pricewise for me to consider buying.

    I think I've got the rare candies covered in an earlier trade.

  16. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    What kind of promos? I've got a lot of the uncommon/common POP1, but not much else.

  17. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    No problem, just wanted to get a rough idea of what you were looking to pay. Those prices sound reasonable, and I can help you with a large amount of your wants. I would charge $1 for uncommons and .75 for commons (with the except of trainers because they are more sought after). I have everything listed below:

    EX Unseen Forces
    36 Clefable (RH)
    39 Granbull (RH)
    42 Miltank (RH)
    43 Noctowl (RH)
    44 Quagsire (RH)
    48 Smeargle (RH)
    49 Xatu (RH)
    50 Yanma (RH)
    52 Chinchou (RH)
    53 Clefairy (RH)
    56 Flaaffy (RH)
    58 Gloom (RH)
    60 Houndour (RH)
    62 Mareep (RH)
    63 Natu (RH)
    64 Oddish (RH)
    67 Poliwag (RH)
    68 Poliwhirl (RH)
    69 Porygon (RH)
    71 Remoraid (RH)
    73 Slugma (RH)
    74 Snubbull (RH)
    75 Spinarak (RH)
    77 Teddiursa (RH)
    79 Wooper (RH)

    That's 8 uncommons @ $1 each, and 17 commons @ .75 each for a total of $20.75

    I also have these trainer AHs available at the prices listed next to them:

    84 Energy Switch (RH)- $1.25
    87 Poké Ball (RH) - $1.75
    95 Potion (RH) - $1.25

    Also have these Unowns (would need to know what you could offer per Unown):

    A Unown
    B Unown
    D Unown
    E Unown
    J Unown
    K Unown
    M Unown
    O Unown
    P Unown
    S Unown
    V Unown
    W Unown
    X Unown

    And these RH rares which I'd also need you to make an offer on:

    3 Bellossom (RH)
    5 Flareon (RH)
    6 Forretress (RH)
    7 Houndoom (RH)
    8 Jolteon (RH)
    10 Octillery (RH)
    13 Slowbro (RH)
    15 Sudowoodo (RH)
    16 Sunflora (RH)
    20 Chansey (RH)
    21 Cleffa (RH)
    22 Electabuzz (RH)
    26 Hitmontop (RH)
    27 Ho-Oh (RH)
    28 Jynx (RH)
    30 Murkrow (RH)
    32 Stantler (RH)
    33 Tyrogue (RH)

    So as you can see, you'd be able to get a lot of your wants from me. LMK what you think. I'd need you to add a little for shipping though (depending on how many cards you want) but it wouldn't be much.

    Do you have AIM? We could chat there if you think it would be easier. PLMK, thanks! Cheryl
  18. shad0wkiller78

    shad0wkiller78 New Member

    Well, I give you:
    3 TV Reporter
    2 Magnetic Storm
    2 Swoop!
    1 Island Cave
    It takes about a week.
  19. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    Only problem I have is that's 8 rares for 8 uncommons, straight up. Throw in the Meteor Falls, or an Ancient Tomb, or one of the Double Rainbow Energies, and I'm good.

  20. Spotter

    Spotter New Member


    Updated list posted.

    pokemonmaster2006 : I have PMed you about buying some cards.

    shad0wkiller78 : Waiting to hear response. I am interested in trade, just need to finalize.

    butterfly719 : Have PMed you as well.
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