Squirtle Squads Pillbox W:english mismagius gl X, ma H: dialga g X, palkia g x, uxie

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by squirtlesquad, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    Refs Rule

    1. Make offers
    2. I check lists
    3. I do not buy or sell, only trade on this thread
    4. No deal is final until we exchange addresses, if you back out after addresses have been exchanged a neg ref will be given
    5. No trade-backs whatsoever
    6. If you don't ask the condition, I'll assume you don't care.
    7. Have FUN!!!
    9. I have WotC cards in nm condition they are part of my collection so i may be willing to part with them.
    9. Read rules 1-8 again
    10. Pokemon is awesome
    11.Only willing to trade in the NorthAmerica, unless you are willing to pay for shipping.


    Poke-ball Beach Ball from City Champs
    Platinum Expansion TCG Poster
    Platinum Prerelease sleeves- Giratina Origin Forme Art
    Rising Rivals Prerelease sleeves- Rotom ALL Formes

    other old stuff
    Tyranitar Neo Discovery x3 1H 2normal rare
    Dark Dragonite (EX Team Rocket Returns 15) H
    Electabuz Kids WB

    Palkia G LV X
    Dailga G LV X
    Regigigas LV X x2 pack
    Darkrai LV X tin
    Gardevoir LV X
    Dusknoir LV X
    Staraptor FB X
    Skymin X Tin
    Alakazam 4 X
    Rayquaza C X x2

    POP 9:
    Regigigas x6-7

    POP 7:

    Gallade x3


    Forslass x2

    Supreme Victors:
    Metagross x2
    Regigigas FB

    Rising Rivals:
    Darkrai G
    Flygon (bad shape)
    Floatzel GL x2
    others coming soon

    Dustox RH
    others coming soon

    Tangrowth 29/100
    Mamoswine 21/100
    Staraptor 27/100
    Tyranitar 30/100
    Abomasnow 12/100
    Lumineon H
    others coming soon

    Legends Awakened
    Gliscor x3
    Kyogre 32/146 x2 1RH
    Forretress 28/146
    Shedinja 40/146 x2
    Crawdaunt 22/146 reverse holo
    Cradily 21/146
    Torkoal 41/146
    Probopass 13/146 reverse holo
    Uxie x2
    others coming soon

    Majestic Dawn:
    Leafeon (non deck one)
    Darkrai with pokepower x3
    Omastar RH
    others coming soon

    Great Encounters

    Lapras 21/106
    Weezing 31/106 x2
    Latias 22/106
    Wailord 30/106 x2
    Exploud 17/106x2
    Slowking 28/106 x3 2RH
    Tangrowth 10/106 x3 2 reverse holo
    Unown H 29/106 x4 2RH
    Wigglytuff 32/106
    Butterfree 14/106 x3 1RH
    Hypno 19/108 x2
    Mawile 24/106
    Dalga 16/106
    Palkia 26/106
    Pachirisu 5/106 x2 2H
    Swampert 9/106
    Primeape 27/106
    Beedrill 12/106
    Altaria 12/106
    Latios 23/106 RH
    Rotom 7/106 H
    others coming soon

    Secret Wonders:

    Weavile x2 40/132 3RH
    Raikou 16/132 RH-H
    others coming soon

    Mysterious Treasures
    Blissey x2 5/123
    Manectric 28/123
    Garchomp x2 9/123
    others coming soon

    Diamond and Pearl All D/P

    Medicham 32/130
    Drapion x3 23/130 2RH
    Hippodown x3 29/130 1RH
    Dustox x2 25/130
    Snorlax 37/130
    Munchlax 33/130
    Heracross 28/130
    Bibarel 20/130
    Noctowl x2 34/130 1RH
    Machamp 31/130 x2 1RH
    Drifblim x3 24/130 2RH
    Wobbuffet 41/130
    Waynut 42/130
    Vespiqueen 39/130
    Azumarril 18/130
    Lopunny 30/130
    Floatzel 26/130
    Electivire x2 1H 1RH
    Torterra 17/130 RH
    Shiftry 14/130 H
    Skuntank 15/130 RH
    Weavile 40/130
    others coming soon

    C/UC RH:
    Cynthias Feeling RH
    Cyrus Scheme RH
    TS-1 Evoluter RH
    DP Unown C
    LA Tentacool
    GE Floatzel
    GE Magcargo
    GE Houndoor
    DP Night Pokemon Center
    MT Magiikarp
    LA Metang
    MT Shinx
    GE Jigglypuff
    LA Drifblim
    MT Larvitar
    LA Tauros
    LA Grumpig
    GE Gorebyss
    DP Piplup
    MT Zubat
    LA Yanma
    MT Abra
    SF Trecko
    GE Ekans
    GE Seviper
    SF Miltank
    GE Weedle
    GE Huntail
    GE Cacturne
    GE Glameow
    GE Purugly
    GE Tangela
    GE Hariyama
    GE Skarmory
    GE Swablu
    GE Feebas
    GE Slowpoke
    GE Snubbull
    GE Wingull
    GE Cacnea
    GE Loudred
    GE Zigzagoon

    Salamance X
    Metagross SV
    Gengar X
    Blaziken FB x2
    Flygon LV X
    Rare Candy xX any set (throw in)
    Froslass GL
    Froslass AR
    Call Energy xX(throw in)
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  2. football40

    football40 New Member

    cml for rev holo lugia please

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    oh yea and any good trainers you may have
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  3. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    cml for bastiodon please
  4. algernon

    algernon New Member

    Amended offer (I was too low):
    Porygon Z X (with small bottom edge crease and small dimple in holo picture)
    Crystal Guardian Delta Blastoise Holo (not on your list but you wanted squirtle lines)
    Waterlog Blastoise (holo)

    Wailord RH
    SF Charmander

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  5. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    Updated list and stuff. 171717
  6. koolkidkaz

    koolkidkaz New Member

    CML for up to 3 wild growth Sceptile, and any rare candy, Bebe's, roseanne's, an POVs
  7. DarC

    DarC New Member

    How about

    My: Garchomp MT, throw in from list

    Your : Sceptile (Wild Growth), Kabutops MD.
  8. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    koolkidkaz- sorry

    Darc- sounds ok too me. Pm with detail and what not.
  9. PokemanMaster

    PokemanMaster New Member

    hey, do you have any PRerelease or Pokemon sleeeves and/or minibinders and deckboxes for trade?
  10. DarC

    DarC New Member

    Sent PM. Happy Holidays
  11. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

  12. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    updated list with stuff pulled today. more to come in a few days after city champs.

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    lists are updated with new wants and haves.
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  13. Zechs Marquise

    Zechs Marquise New Member

    My Blastoise Evo line binder.
    Your Rev. Holo Flareon, Rev. Holo Jolteon, Energy Trans Sceptile, and Gyardos?

  14. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    K, will IM with the details and whatnot
  15. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    1x rh porygon, p2
    1x blastoids waterlog holo

    If you have these
    3x rh bagon sf
    1x exeggutor
  16. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    which exeggutor. i only have the grass one. and i dont have any bagon. :/
  17. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    the grass ones ok :)
    Do you have any rev holo trainers/supporters?
  18. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    sorry, i do not. so what else would you want for your end?
  19. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    Um.. I really don't see anything else..
    I don't need the cards I'm giving you :p so whatever you like :thumb:
  20. squirtlesquad

    squirtlesquad New Member

    well would you do it like that then?
    My exeggutor

    blastoise rh
    porygon2 rh

    let me know.
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