SR M Gengar EX PHF miscut

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    Hey all, not sure if this is the right section for this, but here goes: today I bought 4 3-pack Phantom Forces blisters. In my last one I pulled something somewhat curious- a miscut SR M Gengar EX. Pics are below, the left side of the card on the top and bottom corners were never rounded like the right side or all other Pokemon cards. Unfortunately the error seemingly left some damage on the card too, partial tear of the bottom left corner and some creasing.

    Still, never seen this before, and given it happened on a secret rare makes it even rarer I'd think. So my question is has anyone seen this happen before? How rare would you think it is and potentially how valuable do you guys think it'd be? Not sure I want to sell it at the moment as I'm fond of Gengar and it's a cool card, but still interested nonetheless. Also feel I have to note this is the 2nd secret rare I pulled this week, pulled a SR M Charizard X EX from a Gamestop Gengar Spirit Link pack. Pics of the M Gengar EX:
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    Miscuts/square cuts are increasingly common.

    They're not worth much (arguably, they're worth less because they're by definition not mint) to the average person. If you find a specialized collector looking for it, they may be willing to pay a small premium.

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