St. Louis Area League Leader Positions wanted!!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by meganium45, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I will be looking at league, and thought I would post here.

    We are growing, plain and simple in the St. Louis Area, and I need help. I need help, I need help.

    My current leagues are filling quite quickly, and I am not able to be everywhere at every time.

    Due to a lack of league leaders, I have had to suspend one league entirely!

    We are looking to add two (2) leagues in early 2008 in the Animagination stores in South County and also at the Mills mall location.

    For each and every league, I need to have 3 people willing to step in as League Leader.

    I have several stores that I am very comfortable with...B&B Eureka...

    I have Stephanie F serving as league leader there, and Madison R. if Stephanie is not able to be there. I would love to have ONE MORE league leader there...Randy C. , I will be talking to you!

    As for B&B St. Peters, I have Tariq, and Rachel, and Chris P. along with a lot of GREAT Poke'parents!

    Belleville Pokemon League, Mike C. and Judy W. I would LOVE to have one more LL there just to help out.

    O'Fallon Pokemon League, Mike C. and man, I am embarassed AGAIN, cool young man though! HELP ME OUT MIKE!

    Animagination South County...we still need to meet with the owner to set up the time and structure of league there, but Richard W will be taking the helm, and we will need 2 support leaders there!

    Gathering Ground...HELP. We have had to temporarily suspend this league, and I will open it as soon as I have 2-3 league leaders who are able to be there week in and week out. This sporadic stuff doesn't help the store, or Pokemon. Reportedly, we had it up to quite a few players coming weekly, but too often there was noone there to run the ship! Led to unhappy store, led to unhappy players, led to unhappy me.

    More to follow.
  2. lilgroudon

    lilgroudon New Member

    I told you I got G-ground as well starting in January and Animagination as well.
  3. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Vince, glad to see that Leagues in your area are doing so well that you have to beg for help to run them.

    Don't you wish you could clone yourself sometimes?
  4. DarkJake

    DarkJake New Member

    Hey Vince, I thought I had GG taken care of, you're not contacting me and it's becoming increasingly difficult to do anything when you just keep on making false promises
  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Jake, it was increasingly obvious you did not have the GG taken care of.

    You want to elaborate on the false promises, PM me.

    Richard has volunteered to start the league back up, which takes some time and dedication, and I want to get at least two people in there that will be able to back him up. Noone can be there every week, noone.

    I am letting Richard take the lead in this. Rebuilding this league will definitely take some time. I am not going to do it halfway, as a halfway league hurts the game, and the store. If we get into it, and it just won't work, then we will shut it down again.

    Animagination is the same way. What a great opp to open two more leagues at neat stores in the area, but we are going to do it right.

    I have a formula I am trying to develop to ensure the success of leagues, even when I am not there (and with the number of leagues, I just cannot be there). If a league requires my presence to work, then it is not going to work.

    The Dragon King experiment last spring proved that. I did not show up for 2 months, and the league did just fine, the right people were in place.

    The right people need to be in place at these leagues. Getting those people and keeping them happy, is the responsibility of PUI, through the professor program, and my responsibility (for my non-professors). The largest benefit I can provide, other than a random Japanese item here and there, packs on occaisions, are judging positions for the PreReleases, and offering judging positions at cities, States and the like, where work is done, but people get comped nicely.

    While we are developing these league leaders, I will continue to have SOME judging positions available for pres, but as the leagues get established and successful, those positions will go the league leaders.

  6. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Gathering Ground has increasingly become an issue ever since BandB has gained popularity in that area. Don't they both have 'leagues' at the same time on Saturday?? Obviously if you are an instore customer you would rather go to I find it near impossible for Gathering Ground to become a success with such customer based competition just a few miles down the road.

    Its also hard to find permanent staffing for weekend positions as people who are dedicated to this game like to travel on the weekends to events. I would volunteer for weekend help..but due to the fact that I am dedicated to this game..I cannot commit .

    However, if you need help for a weeknight league, I may be able to help you =)

    Hope your holidays are going well!

  7. Tank68

    Tank68 New Member

    Hey Vincearoony!

    With a little help getting to better understand the basic rules of the game, I would be willing to help out as I dont play the game. 1 problem I would forsee is the fact that we do travel occasionally to the bigger tournies so thats where the other 2 leaders would come into play Im guessing?? We can talk whenever on a more 1 on 1 level when your not so busy & can tell me what you have in mind. BUT...Hear me on this note...I FLAT REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ON WEDS & SUNDAYS as those 2 days I AM TOTALLY & 100% COMMITTED to my Church! We have now joined our Church & myself & the kids have joined Vindicated which is the Youth Performing Arts Group at Church. My "GREAT" Organizational skills landed me right in the middle of it And they have totally signed Ryan up to be there Computer & Tech geru FOREVER more or Since we-Vindicated perform for our Church, we have several practices on Sundays so were usually at Church from the crack of dawn until 8pm on Sundays, so that day is out for us. As youve seen, our attendace have been reduced drastically because of our Church activities. By far, this is more of a priority in our life than Pokemon so... But, I certainly dont mind in helping get it all going, planned out, and on the road to a SUCCESSFUL season. As long as once we get it going, it WONT be taken out from underneath us like the other one did! All our hard work was quickly taken from us & kinda knocked the excitement of helping out of me! So, with that being said, let me know when ya wanna talk about things, plans & so on & we will see what we can come up with & where. Just as long as its not on a Weds or Sunday, & many miles away from our house, Im game for anything!
    So let me know! You know how to reach me! Just not on a Sunday, or Weds In case you didnt catch it by now those are very busy days at

  8. Knock Knock, is this thing on still?

    Any thoughts, comments, replies Mr. VinceaRoony?? :biggrin:
  9. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    This is on...and we will have to discuss which leagues you want to help with.

    The existing locations (and dates) are:

    GG Saturday...we are going to need help getting that one restarted. Pretty close to you too! Saturdays are traditionally tough for us competitive hitters, but once cities are done, we have pres, and we have states, and then regionals (a GG event) and then a little lull before Battle Roads. It is a good location, and the best selection of single Pokemon Cards, just about in the Midwest (and, yes, they still have Absol for sale)

    BB Monday...We have a pile of LL out there, esp given it is where I tend to hang out.

    BB Wednesday...way up in St. Peters, but given issues with one of my LLs, I will be looking for at least one additional LL there...but Wed, so I know, I know, I know....

    FG Tuesday...I think that problem has been solved...still could use one more vol.

    FB trouble here with Judy and Mike heading this up...also a Sunday thingy!

    2 new locales (one not opening until March/April) Animagination - Tesson Ferry...Richard was going to try to help get this one started up when the store reopens. I have been impressed with the staff and the location.

    Always looking for new locations, while keeping our existing ones running well.

    It seems to be year by 2004 we got GG, in 2005 we got BB, in 2006 we got FB and FG, in 2007 we hava Animagination...who knows what 2008 could bring???

    I would love to have 5-8 good league locations in the St. Louis area by the end of June, 2008.

    Edwardsville, IL? Any shoppes there?

    Animagination - Mills...I know, big drive, and I have never been to this store, but would like to pursue options there, as we do not have a far north location right now.
  10. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Richard, the stuff will be at the store for GG League.

    Report who is there this weekend, and I will make the league active again on the PUI site, get next season's stuff, and give you ETERNAL GLORY.


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