Stafford GC Report: The Third Chair Falls!

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    First of all, I'd like to say the following:

    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8
    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8
    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8
    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8
    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8
    I HATE 2/3 IN TOP 8

    Just representing Fuji! ^_^

    Before I begin I just want to say this event was AWESOME. Sensei REALLY knows how to throw a huge party, I had a great time and so did everybody else who attended, I'm sure. On to the report.

    I stay up the entire night, debating myself over Reversal in Gardevoir. My deck couldn't fit Shard, I was running it so tight and heavy on draw (sorta) that there wasn't room. It's only purpose would be to reversal Blaziken ex, but who plays that versus Gardevoir unless it'll mean game, or close to it? I debated, debated, and debated. I had been drawing them at the wrong time, couldn't flip heads, they weren't helping me at all. I decided to keep them in, knowing the 11-14 would be even MORE INFESTED WITH BLAZIKEN down since the Barlocks were coming.

    I hopped into the car with my little brother, attending his first ever (sanctioned) tourney, and Registeel showed up at our front door, needing a ride. So he got in too (BTW, it's a five passanger car, four seats occupied, and we all have our binders open, Gameboys out, and decks amuck. Picture it...) and we set off for STAFFORD. My little brother's birthday is the 18th, the tourney is on the 15th, so if the tourney had been 3 days later, he would have been staring down the belly of Virginia's INSANELY DIFFICULT 11-14.

    When we got there, there were only about 15 other people there. We registered my little brother, got his POP password and ID, and he got his card. (Why didn't I get one of those?!?!?!) Registeel and I signed up, tossed our ten dollars onto the table, and sat down to sort our decks for deck check. Jon Anderson (Physics Squirrel) walked up, his brother and sister trailing him. In need of cards, they begged me for Oracles, which I gladly gave them, and a Rare Candy, so I only had three. I decided to go 3/3 Kirlia Candy (props to Registeel for coughing up a third Kirlia for me!), I thought it would work, right? Apparently this was wrong, as you'll read later.

    Fiziks lent my little brother 2 Kingdra ex, and 4 Bill's Maintenance (he likes 'em, don't ask...HE'S 10-, OKAY?), so his Kingdra ex deck was complete.

    I finish my deck check and walk over to Brian (RainbowRichards), who said he wouldn't be there, but lo and behold, he was there. His whatever was cancelled so he could come! However, I didn't have to borrow 17 cards from him this time, so I was okay without his support.

    My list:

    Pokemon: 19
    3 Ralts (Hypnosis) (Because they hypnotise)
    1 Ralts (Link Blast) (Because with extra energy, they OHKO Wobbuffet)
    2 Kirlia (Super Psy) (Because they're the standard)
    1 Kirlia (Link Blast) (Against mirror, they OHKO Wobbuffet, and possibley Gardevoir ex, with extra energy)
    3 Gardevoir
    2 Gardevoir ex
    4 Wynaut
    3 Wobbuffet

    Energy: 18
    14 Psychic Energy
    4 Boost Energy

    Trainers: 23
    4 Pokemon Reversal
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Professor Oak's Research
    3 Copycat (these proved fruitless, even against Blaziken)
    3 Masterball (Yes, confusing, but I'm telling you, these were excellent choices)
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Switch (Also confusing, but saved my butt)
    1 Town Volunteers (No Fisherman! That's right! You heard meh!)

    Don't bother to tell me my deck's off, I checked...I think...

    Sensei announces the GameCube will be the doorprize, and I was hoping for a GBASP, but this is fine. He also says 11-14 and 15+ will have 6 rounds, 10- will have 5 with a cutoff to the top four instead of top eight. Each age group gets their own seperate tourney, so there is no intermingling of age groups in swiss.

    On to the tourney:

    Round One:
    Sean with Gardevoir

    I draw 2 Wobbuffet, 2 Psychic Energy, 2 Switch, and a POR for my opening hand. He draws three Ralts, attaches. He attacks for twenty on my Wobbo, I POR and get: 4 Psychic energy and a Copycat. He evolves to Kirlia, attaches and Removal Beam's, flips tails. I use Copycat (his hand is 4) and get: 3 Psychic energy and a Switch I shuffled back in. I proceeded to draw Psychic energies until his Gardevoir came out and dominated. He admited to me afterward that he won by pure luck, but went on to say he would've beaten me if I got the best hand in the world.

    0-1 (0 points)

    Round Two:
    ? with ?

    I start with Wobbuffet, he starts with Zangoose. He attaches a water and target slashes. I draw...AND GET WYNAUT! I use my switch card (SWITCH DOES WORK IN GARDEVOIR) and put Wynaut active, attach and smile for Ralts. He attaches a fire and target slashes. I attach to Wynaut and smile for Wobbuffet and Gardy. He attaches water and THOOPER slashes for 30 for the KO. I put up Wobbuffet, draw, bench Ralts, candy it to Gardevoir, psy shadow onto Gardevoir, boost onto Gardevoir, switch Wobbuffet (both show up again early game) for Gardevoir. 4 on Gardevoir, 3 on Goose...GG. I only knew 4 cards in his entire deck: Zangoose, 2 Water and a I don't really know his deck...sorry if you're reading this. Sorry I didn't get your name.

    1-1 (3 points)


    Registeel treks over to Dairy Queen because he has money, while me and my little brother eat our bag lunches. We talked strategy through mouthfuls of CHEESY PRINGLES! YAY! and I realize I haven't started with Ralts or Wynaut in either of my games. The second game didn't really count, but those switches REALLY helped when I topdecked a 'Naut for a turn three win in game two. He says he got Kingdra ex out T3 first game, T2 second, and I laughed and said, "with that luck you should be two and zilch". He gave me a raspberry for that one. O_O


    Round Three:
    David with Blaziken

    Physics Squirrel's little brother. He's the one who needed the candy and the Oracles...oh great. I leant 5 cards to him that could mean the game, considering he's a player of some repute in the 11-14. He starts with a Rayquaza, I start with a Wobbuffet. Yes, again. He goes first, passes, I topdeck a Ralts! ^_^ I attach to that, and his game goes downhill. I quickly get 2 Gardevoir and a Gardevoir ex powered, with 2 Reversal and 3 Boost on hand. He still doesn't have a Dunsparce, and hasn't discarded any using Candy either. Poor soul...he manages to nab a prize off my Wynaut which I sacraficed for another turn of powering Gardevoir ex. I admit I won because of luck, which, as you can imagine, doesn't console him much, because now he's 1-2, and one more loss means he's out of T8, which he usually makes. He thanks me again for the Oracles and Candy, and we report the results.

    2-1 (6 points)

    Round Four:
    Elissa with Blaziken

    I start with a Wobbuffet, she starts with a Dunsparce after a mulligan, in which she failed to show me her hand...I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but I don't time I'll make sure my opponent shows me his or her hand. Fourth round and I haven't started with a Wynaut yet...moving on. She SARs for Torchic, Torchic, and Skitty after benching a Rayquaza she gets from a POR. I use my FIRST REPORTER, and get crap. Drop a psychic energy on Ralts, pass. She Suddenly Flashes after Oracling and Energy Drawing with a T2 Delcatty. She candies to Blaziken, Starters to Blaziken, attaches to Blaziken. Yeesh. I draw and use my SECOND REPORTER and get some more crap. Some of that crap was a Masterball and a Wynaut and a Switch it wasn't crap. I ditch an energy and use Masterball for a Kirlia. I use switch for Wynaut, attach to it, and smile for Gardevoir. She Oracles again and energy draws, discarding fire, and startering to Blaziken. Retreats and KO's my Wynaut, 10 to the bench. Bad move, I tell her, and she looks puzzled. I put up my Kirlia, and use my THIRD REPORTER. I draw a Rare Candy, a Ralts, and a Masterball. Can this get any better? What does my masterball find me? A Gardevoir ex! Cha-CHING! I drop Ralts, candy to GEX, evolve to Gardevoir, use my second switch (again, it saves me) and put GEX up, attach to it, Shadow to it, and Feedback, doing 70 or so. She looks worried now, and so candies to a Blaziken ex, then candies into Blaziken. Worse move. She Starters twice onto Rayquaza, Fire Streams and hurts my bench some more. I draw and Reversal...tails. I settle for retreating for Gardevoir after Shadowing to Gardevoir. I finish her off with Energy Burst, then she puts up Rayquaza, attaches Multi, starters onto Blex, and Dragon Bursts...KO. She's up by one in prizes now, but I'm not worried. I promote GEX, Reversal her Blaziken ex...heads and boost. FOURTH REPORTER...I don't remember what I got...a boost and two worthless cards I think. PSYSTORM! It's my game now. She puts up another Dunsparce she benched somewhere along the line. She PORs, mumbling something about needing a multi, but she doesn't get it. She Sudden Flashes and flips tails. She has 10 cards in her hand...I reversal for Rayquaza...tails. I Masterball for a Ralts, and bench it. POR, and find Rare Candy and Gardevoir, so I candy into it. My luck starts to pick up, and the deck starts to run. If I can beat Elissa, I'll be in the T8 with just one more win. I Psy Shadow onto Wobbuffet, and attach to GEX, Feedback KO's Dunsparce and I draw my 4th prize. She's only taken two, but it's not over yet. She put Blaziken active, Oracles and gets a Rayquaza ex, thinking 3 Reversals is all I have. She starters to it, attaches a multi to it, and it's a whole new ball game. She retreats and KO's my GEX for her 3rd and 4th prizes. I put up Wobbuffet, and with just Gardevoir and a random Ralts benched, I figure I'm dead meat. However, fate says otherwise and I get a Copycat...for three cards. I evolve my benched Ralts into Kirlia, and hope I get a Gardevoir ex. My luck is superb this game, I'll admit that, and so is hers...but she's made a couple mistakes. However, those are offset...I didn't get a Wynaut in my opening hand. She isn't fazed by the upcoming Gardevoir ex, though. I shadow to the Ralts, and check to see how many psychic energy are left in the deck...3. One is in my hand, so I attach it to Wobbuffet so it has two energy, enough to retreat, but I don't, of course. I pass and she gets a Blaziken ex out.
    How did all 4 of her Torchic, all 4 of her Candy, both of her Blaziken ex, and all of her fire energy, as I find out later, stay out of her prizes?!? It's a mystery to me...
    However...she gets 2 energy onto this Blaziken ex, and I'm in deep poo now. She's now relying on my draw for the win...I do not draw my Gardevoir ex but a psychic energy...two left in my deck. I attach that to Kirlia and Shadow to Kirlia. THERE IS ONE ENERGY LEFT IN MY DECK AND I NEED ONE MORE ENERGY TO GET FOUR FOR PSYSTORM. I use Reversal for Blaziken ex and flip HEADS, then use the last card in my hand, POR. There are seven cards left in my deck, and two prizes left for me to take. I draw my first card, my second card, AND MY THIRD IS A GARDEVOIR EX! I just need to draw a psychic energy...and it's game over...I'll have won...

    Fourth card!

    Fifth card!




    I've already Shadowed, so I must wait. I evolve to GEX, and my Wobbuffet, stranded with 2 Psychic energy and 20 HP left (making me unable to shadow to it) stays stuck in the active spot. I pass and Elissa retreats for Delcatty, knowing my Reversal are gone. She Starters, attaches again, and Blaziken ex is safe on the bench with 2 energy. She passes. I draw. I don't Psy Shadow: doing that now would put my damage up to 60 on Gardevoir ex...Blaze Kick equals a KO, and she might have a switch or Warp Point to make that happen. So I wait it out, and she Town Volunteers to restore two fire energy and a few other pokemon cards to her deck. She Firestarters to Blaziken, but doesn't attach energy normally. Instead, she passes and I go. Drawing...not a psychic energy. Three cards left in my deck. She has more than that...weird how a Gardevoir deck can go through their deck faster than a Blaziken sometimes. Regardless, I must pass, because she's got me cornered. I have nowhere to go, but just time...time to wait it out. She draws and sighs. I know it's GG now. She attaches to Delcatty and Starters to Bex, then retreats and V Ashes Gardevoir ex, taking it up to 140 damage. I must draw a Psychic energy for the win. Just one psychic energy and it's game over. Then I realize there's 8 energy on the field now, but when I retreat, there will be 6. That won't be enough! For Psystorm to KO Blaziken ex there must be 8 energy. Maybe I can get a boost! I think to myself, but when I draw and don't get an energy at all, it's game over. I retreat for GEX and Feedback for 70. I have 10 HP left, and she has to win this turn, or it's game over, because I know the next card in my deck is a psychic energy. There's only one card left. In a brilliant move, she firestarters onto Delcatty and retreats for it, and uses Max Energy Source for TEN DAMAGE.

    Isn't it amazing how the most insignificant cards can win you the most significant games?

    Good game, of the best I've ever had. Down to the very last second.

    Afterwards I realize she could have just Blaze Kicked me....XPP

    2-2 (6 points)


    After I finish this match, I go over to talk to Jon Anderson, who's going 4-0 right now, and he talks about his Swampert deck and how well it's doing, when suddenly a chair falls over.

    Seriously, this must be a sign. Or are there low rictor scale earthquakes going on in Virginia and Maryland and Ohio. CFK knocks over a chair, then Gymbo knocks over a chair. Who knocked over this chair? CFK wasn't I blame Gymbo. XP No...actually, I think I'll blame Luke Reed. *mumble*Pichu*mumble* Inside joke.

    Round Five
    Alex, I think, with Team Aqua Deck

    I must win my next two games to T8. This guy starts with Spheal, Archies for Sealo and plays Team Aqua's Seviper. I start with WOBBUFFET AGAIN! I get it powered T2 thanks to Gardevoir, and eventually Flip Over so many times I KO myself, but I have a second Wobbuffet fully powered waiting. It was an easy win, sorry to say. The guy was also 2-2, and he had just beaten Registeel to get there. Devon is avenged!

    3-2 (9 points)

    My brother has just finished a game against RainbowRichard's son and lost putting him at 2-3. He had some tough competition, but had fun for his first tourney.

    I know I have to win the next game to get in to T8. I realize Chris Pak, David Anderson, Chris Ruppert and I are all 2-2. Chris Pak and I have the most favorable resistance, so we're 7th and 8th place as of before the 6th round ended. We play each other in this match, and David Anderson and Chris Ruppert play against each other. Whoever wins those two games gets into the top eight, and the losers get zilcho. The top eight would consist of all 12+ points, so I needed to win, and here's what went down:

    Round Six
    Chris Pak with Blaziken

    My third Blaziken deck today, eh? No problem, I said. WRONG! He didn't get a good setup, but I got worse. Just as we're about to start, Chris realizes I have one card out of my deck, points it out to me, and lets me shuffle it back in without a penalty. What a guy! Mad props to Chris for being cool like that. He starts with Rayquaza ex, and I start with a Wobbuffet. Again again again again again. HAVE YOU REALIZED SOMETHING? I HAVE STARTED WITH WOBBUFFET EVERY SINGLE GAME I'VE PLAYED! I NEVER STARTED WITH WYNAUT OR RALTS. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WOBBUFFET!

    Well, I got flattened. I got a GEX out, but Rayquaza took care of that in short order. GG Chris, you deserved to win for being cool about that card. Props to you, again.

    3-3 (9 points)

    Chris Ruppert deafeted David Anderson in a not-so-close game...David's luck was nearly as crappy as mine. Crap. Anyways, the top ten players were as follows:

    1st) Elissa H - Loss
    2nd) Chris P - Loss
    3rd) Matthew L
    4th) Michael B
    5th) Melody A
    6th) Mike R
    7th) Sean H - Loss
    8th) Chris W
    9th) Chris H
    10th) Spencer N - MEEE!

    I'm kinda proud to say the only people I lost to were T8'ers, which makes me feel a bit better. Jon Anderson ended up going 5-0-1, beating Gymbo and Mike Pramawat, but ending his winning streak against Luke Reed to T8 and place T4 with Swampert. I placed 10th. Anyways, I've figured out why I wasn't able to win at that GC, and devised a mathematical formula:

    SuperWooper's winning percentage = (Number of Wynaut in deck x Chairs fallen over) - Number of Barlocks attending tournament + Length of Physics Squirrel's Hair in centimeters - Annoyingness of little brother (in decibals) + 74.0925495

    So there you have it. If I just increase the number of wynaut in my deck to six, AND MAYBE I'LL GET ONE IN MY OPENING HAND! HOW COULD I NOT GET ONE WYNAUT IN MY OPENING HAND THE ENTIRE TOURNEY?

    It must have to do with the chair conspiracy...

    Anyways, I had a great time, but there IS more:

    I sat down with Registeel, Lanturn1234, my little brother, and the Anderson kids, as Sensei announced the winners of the door prizes. We all cheered when ___________ (sorry) won Pokemon Colluseum because he guessed the number of damage counters in the jar correct. Then he announced the winning ticket number of the GameCube. Slowly, he read off the ticket number:

    "5" That ruled me out instantly.

    "8" YES! said my brother in the chair next to me.

    "8!" "YES!!" screamed my brother, as Sensei said, "SPENCER NAHL-EE!"

    It was me! I looked at Sonik in confusion before we realized we must have swapped tickets by accident. I ran up to the front of the room, smiling ear to ear. A black GameCube and controller! I didn't even HAVE a GameCube, but I won one! I almost cried...well not really...

    People were throwing offers left and right at me, but I wouldn't have traded that GameCube for anything at that moment. sweet...or something? Ah well. It was great...there were other prizes. Chris Pak won a Pikachu action figure, which I immediately wanted and offered my GameCube for. :lol:

    There was another side tourney for all those who didn't top eight...of course, I top 9 or 10'd so that would have been cool to play it, but my mom had to get home fast for some church-related thing. I made some last-minute trades, picking up 2 Fan Club and a 3rd GEX.

    Those Masterballs really helped, so did the switch. Not the traditional Gardy list...of course I'm not the traditional kid. No Wynaut in 6 games...that really didn't help me. Now it's time for......

    Props and Slops!

    Mom for driving me
    Registeel for loaning me a Gardevoir ex
    Chris Pak for being cool about the whole 59 cards thing
    Physics Squirrel for loaning cards to my little brother
    Lanturn1234 for a great first trade
    RaikouTrainer for a great first trade
    The other person I traded with for a great first trade
    Physics Squirrel for showing everybody what Swampert can do!
    Sensei for throwing this lil' shin-dig 0_o
    RainbowRichards for bein' there
    Me for winning the GameCube
    Elissa for a superb game
    Comic World for hosting
    The people who's names we forgot...sorry...mad props too all of you!
    Whoever hit the chair over (or whatever, in the case of that earthquake)

    Mr. Fuji for not clapping when the chair fell over lol
    Nintendo because I still don't know my POP password
    Wobbuffet because you DIDN'T HIDE FROM ME!
    Blaziken for being the only deck in the Top 8 of 11-14 besides two Gardevoir, played by Sean and Melody
    Sean and Melody for being eliminated in the first round of T8
    Mulligans, because they just suck
    Th3 Barlocks, for kicking me out of the top eight...nah...I'm just kiddin, Wooper loves you! ;) ROFL
    Um...Nintendo again...give me my POP password
    Sensei for not doing Top 10
    Uh.....I need something else to complain about...OH!
    CFK for not being there to MAKE Fuji clap when the CHAIR fell OVER
    Registeel for not letting me borrow money for Dairy blood sugar level was like -1000 during that tourney! XP

    More props than's all good. Hopefully see yall in Rockville (Slops to Dream Wizards just because I need something to complain about)


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  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Wooper, you did us good, man.

    I must enquire with Martin, but would you be interested in joining team Wacko Jacko?
  3. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Completely off topic, but I guess. The Archetype Brothers will always have a place in my heart though...or something.

    But take this oppurtunity to say:


    Check out my sig, Pat! XP
  4. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    *COUGH* Props to TrueGamerX for GIVING you 4 Oak's Research, 3 Rare Candy, 2 Boost Energy and 3 Pokemon Reversal *COUGH* :) :) :)
  5. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member


    Props to the report in generAL :D

    and now to critisism.... STEPH IS A PIG. :p :p :p

    I was about to get soemthing to eat and I hear what could have quite possabilly been the LOUDEST burp i've ever heard. I turn to see who it was and who else, but steph. :D Good times. Good times indeed.

    Then I got stuck in a laughing fit and choke oin some skittles ;x

    Major props to you for pulling a ness.
  6. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus

    Glad to hear you had a great time! Enjoy the `Cube. ;)

  7. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards New Member

    So I guess you guys figured out the tourney was in Stafford just in time ? ;) lol
  8. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus

    ROTFLMBO :lol:
  9. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Rainbow Richards - Edited! :thumb::lol:

    Jermy - I'm 14 and poor. Most of my money goes to the bank or stocks for a car or college, and what little I have left over I tidth, then spend on maybe a GAMECUBE GAME BOO YA, then another CD Player because my old one was (these are things that have actually happened to the CD players):

    1) Run over by a lawnmower
    2) Put through the wash
    3) Dropped into a tub (it wasn't on, praise the Lord)
    4) Lost
    5) Lost
    6) Lost
    7) Lost

    So yeah. As you and I agree, Gardevoir is the next best thing, Swampert is too close to Blazy's price range, and my friends had lots of cards I needed. MAD PROPS TO REGISTEEL AND TRUEGAMERX FOR THE CARDS! THANKS TO THE SHEPARD FOR A LAST MINUTE TRADE FOR WYNAUT, WHICH REFUSED TO SHOW UP IN ANY OF THE SIX ROUNDS I PLAYED! GAH!

    Fuji - Thanx, means a lot, considering it was 12 pages (5 of it was Elissa's battle). I won't add Steph onto the slops list, Jim would SO kill me.

    TGamerX - You are now on the props list! W2G! Doncha feel honored to be on MY tourney report?

    Dissapointing news, yall: Wooper will NOT make it to the GC in Rockville, and most likely not the SC in Rockville either. I will kick, scream, cry, whine, beg and make lil' puppy dog eyes until my parents say yes, IF they say yes...I'll see what I can do.

    CHRIS PAK, GET OUT OF 11-14! WHEN DO YOU TURN 15? GAH! (meloves that woid)

  10. Physics Squirrel

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    Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom...
    Woop - "My record's 3-3, top 9 or 10"
    Meh - "Don't worry, you'll win the GameCube."
    And you won.
    I scare myself.

    Don't worry about David. He didn't make top 8, but he won the side event for a booster box.
    with nothing good in it....

    Was it Fuji who knocked over the chair in the first place?

    Badger Badger Badger Badger ...

    I get to go to the Maryland GC, hopefully. If all goes well.

    Going to the SC would be too good to miss so I hope I get to go.

    My mom might even drive us to Nationals!! She said, "We could go to Cedar Point while we're there" Woohoo.

    Fuji, that last game sucked, but if you hadn't won we wouldn't have been able to annoy alll the other T8ers with BadgerBadgerBadger. Good times...

    And remember kids,




    and shtuffz

    See you all at Dream Wizards.


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