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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by tricia0712, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. tricia0712

    tricia0712 New Member

    I know this one is a bit heavy on the pokemon, but how does it look to you:

    1 Latois GE
    1 Latias GE
    2 Zigazoon GE
    1 Igglybuff - 2 jigglypuff - 1 wigglytuff GE
    2 gible - 2 gabite - 2 garchomp SW?
    2 togepi - 1 togetic - 2 togekiss
    2 palkia - 1 palkia lv x

    1 scott
    3 night maintenance
    3 rare candy
    3 prof elm training method
    3 great balls
    1 drake's stadium
    1 glacia's stadium

    3 warp energy
    3 psychic energy
    3 fire energy
    3 grass energy
    3 lightning energy
    8 water energy

    I included Latias as a staller (does 10 damage, removes 2 damage counters and special conditions), Latios as a heavy hitter, plus can draw his own energy if flip is right. These two I'm still debating, I think they are good basics, but not completely necessary to my deck.

    Put Zigazoon in to pull discard, especially trainers like rare candy when I need them back. Basic plan is to load up Garchomp via Togekiss with several types of energy so the odds of Rainbow Scale working is better. Then I can do 110 damage a turn, and at 130 HP he'll last a few (hopefully, if not, I'll go in and get him out with Zigazoon).

    Thought Wigglytuff's pokepower would work well to buy me some time, depending on flip, if I need more time to get set up and don't want to get taken out too fast. Palkia's transback seemed like a good disrupter, and hydro reflect a last hit before he goes down and I can move all his energies elsewhere.

    I put warp energy in so if I end up playing one of the basics that requires more energy at first, I can move them back onto bench by attaching warp instead of letting them get taken out. Considered switch trainer, but I thought this might work better.

    Any improvements you would suggest, opinions, etc? Thanks!
  2. Cephalized

    Cephalized <a href="

    theres to many different pokemon
    latios and latias are not the best cards in the world
    wigglytuff doesnt really serve any psynergy for this deck

    i would recommend
    4-3-4 garchomp
    2-1-2 togekiss
    4 smeargle

    smeargles a good starter for garchomp decks
  3. tricia0712

    tricia0712 New Member

    Wouldn't Smeargle defeat the purpose of my Togekiss, by taking all the energy out of my deck?

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    So I did pull Latios and Latias, but instead of adding Smeargle, I went with 2 x bidoon, who has one attack which allows me to block opponent's attack, and his second attack allows me to get trainer card from my discard pile. I practiced ran it, had a great ball in my hand that I kept pulling back, was able to get my bench stacked pretty fast that way. I know I would have to be lucky enough to either get the bidoon or a great ball that allows me to grab it out of my deck at the beginning though, or it won't go that smoothly.
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