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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Jim Ferrell, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Jim Ferrell

    Jim Ferrell New Member

    Howdy all, posting another idea I thought up lately. I really, really like the Meganium(s) now available in the format. Meganium d is obviously amazing, but I also enjoy using Meganium from MT. Ultra Powder is nothing to scoff at, because you're likely hitting them with some status effect which makes makes Jim happy. I teamed up Megs with some nice support, and whipped together this handy deck.

    Modified Format

    Pokemon: 21
    4 Celebi (MT)
    4 Chikorita (MT)
    3 Bayleef (MT)
    4 Meganium (2 DF/2 MT)
    3 Gulpin (CG)
    3 Swalot (CG)

    Energy: 16
    12 Grass
    4 Double Rainbow

    Trainers: 23
    4 Holon Mentor
    4 Celio's Network
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Steven's Advice
    3 Bill's Maintenance
    3 Windstorm
    2 Copycat/TGW
    2 Night Maintenance

    Strategy: In addition to Meganium, I also find Swalot pretty much amazing. For a DRE you are smacking them silly with Status. Pick and Choose and Ultra Powder are pretty much hitting your opponent hard with Status. And look, Swalot's second attack, takes advantage of that. Mmm...tasty. The new Bayleef rocks hardcore, because it basically sets up the Meganium d, which sets you up. Meganium d also stops those annoying Bench-hitting decks which seem to be taking over this format. My starter is Celebi, why Celebi? That thing deserves to stay in the binder!! Well, lately, I've been testing Gardevoir d, and there's just something oh so satsifying about being able to manipulate energy, and then move it all to your bench which you are gonna lose your Pokemon. Celebi grabs a Grass for free to attach to himself, which lets you attach to Gulpin or Chikorita. Attach another Grass to Celebi, and move back 1 Grass to your Bench (both, if you know it's gonna be KOed). It's basically a faster less intensive Exeggutor (but not as much energy mind you).

    I like this deck even more because all three of my Basics are pretty good starters. Um, Amnesia? FTW. I've already pointed out Celebi, and you even have a chance for a free flip for sleep on Chikorita. The ideal situation is to start with Celebi, power up a Swalot, and start softening them up with status while you build your little Meganium army. You can also go the other way, and let Swalot clean up with Reactive Poison after a Meganium goes down. That's my favorite part of the deck: it has such great synergy and even greater flexibility. The energy is a little shaky. I'd like to run Multi so Meganium d's attack isn't reduced, but ehhh, DRE works so well with Swalot. Scramble's a definitely play, especially with sacrificing Celebi, but I want to have enough basic Grass to be able to attach, and move. It's something I will test.

    Oh, and in reference to the title is my favorite wrestling Diva, Trish Stratus (Patricia Stratagias) that retired and got married. She definitely was able to lay on the Statrusfaction. She and Triple H basically made RAW worth watching just by watch those two alone. Ah well, I've gone off on a tangent again. My apologies, anyways, thoughts and input are always appreciated,

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2007
  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    lol its like stratusfaction
    anyway, what about playing buffer piece so your megs can be beasts and live longer?
  3. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    I like this deck, it looks great =) My suggestions: I don't like Bill's right now as much as I do Copycat for shuffle draw. I don't think hands are going to get that big, so you don't have to worry about drawing out all your energy for Celebi to go get, especially when you play 12. I also would throw in a couple H. Castform to be used as energy. You have 11 other basics, so I don't think you'd have to worry too much about starting with the lone one too much more than decks used to start with the lone Voltorb or Magnemite. I would go something like this:

    -1 DRE
    -3 Bill's Maintenance
    -2 Copycat/TGW (just ridding that space, hopefully I don't confuse you lol)

    +2 Holon's Castform
    +2 Copycat
    +2 TGW
  4. doctormcdreamy

    doctormcdreamy New Member

    i cant get no statusfaction.

    good deck pal. this will be closest to flariados that we can get in this hp-mt format.
  5. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Jim Ferrell, why you are so good making Decks?

    Why Bill's? There is better Drawing...
  6. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    Scramble is a must.
  7. mila

    mila New Member

    Chikorita d is better IMO.
  8. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

  9. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    very nice idea
    personally, id drop the celibi
    you dont really need it, since you have dre and meganiums main attack cost one grass
    try using... um...
    idk, what basic does special conditions as a basic?
  10. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    Combee has Sleep Inducer which is kinda nice, plus if you could sneak in 1 or 2 Vespiquen that wouldn't be too bad.
  11. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    how about budew roselia?
    combee works too
  12. mila

    mila New Member

    carnivine, vespiqueen, parasect over the celebis

    BANGINBOX New Member

    I'd strongly suggest something that could remove special energy. If you do not consider this, Holon WP and GL will ruin your day. I have found in my playtesting these special energies are much easier to fit into decks for this format.

    Good luck,
  14. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    But not with Lucario or Empoleon? Or maybe with Empoleon as a tech?
  15. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    yeah, the energy is easily tech'd into any deck that doesn't require multiple colored energy, and many of the DP cards require multiple colored energy (Infernape, Empoleon, Lucario, Electivire, etc). I don't think you will run into a lot of holon GL. The only decks able to run it will be those running grass energy too, and that's like one deck that I can think of (Flygon). Throw in crystal shards for your flygon matchup and you should be fine. Or don't even worry about one bad matchup and move on. <- my advice
  16. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Less swalot, more str. charm (OHKO infernape), cessation crystal (drop it after the meg d), castaway, scramble, and multi energy. Maybe 8 grass, 4 multi, 3 scramble. Or a GL or two of your own.
  17. metorf

    metorf New Member

    Add Carnivine DP Yeah!
  18. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    um...gardy d got rotated...
  19. Jim Ferrell

    Jim Ferrell New Member

    I meant Gardevoir ex d, my bad. The decklist was on the boards for awhile. Thanks for the comments everyone though, taking them all into consideration.

  20. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    -2 Grass
    +2 GL

    With Crobat Lock and Magmortar auto Burn.. GL cold be very helpful!!

    Nice Deck list Jim!!

    On a side note... it is like we are just lacing them up and throwing otu there lately! Isnt the card pool this format so much more fun as there are so many Possibilities!!

    Keep it up Buddy!! We ought to collaborate on one and throw it out there! Pick a Poke and Pm it to me and I will work on a list!! that would be fun!

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