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    Heyyy. So, we head down to St Louis at noon ish on Friday, and get there at about 8. I bring Chuck Lambert, and we try to pre-register. Since it's 8:02 and registration closes at 8:00, they wouldn't let us. -.-

    So, I decide to play LuxApe, even though I was pondering dialga. I then find out that Chuck wants to play my LuxApe list even though he's never used it before. I told him Im not letting him run it, cause it's a deck that takes a lot of skill and practice to use correctly. He ends up using my Dialga list.

    Im sure nobody really wants to read any other crap, so Ill move onto the report. xD

    Round 1: Vs Random Buff kid...playing Flygon/Glaceon/Leafeon?

    I high jump kick and sweep through his eevees and trapinches with the help of Crobat G. He gets a Glaceon going and snow cloaks for heads, but doesnt have the level X out. I Intimidating Roar it to the bench, retreat, Bright Look it back up active, and kill it. GG.


    Round 2: GeChamp
    He doesn't get Claydol out the whole game. I made a huge misplay that could have cost me the game, though...after I poketurned crobat for whatever reason, I forgot to lay it back down, so there were only 2 SPs on my field...even though I had a spray in hand I couldnt use it, and he uxie'd for 6. :<
    Anyways, I spray the rest of his Uxies and there's just not much he can do. GG.

    Round 3: Mother Gengar
    I get a terrible hand, of course, against a tougher matchup. I lose due to shadow room owning me because I didnt have the resources to get Unown G on things that needed it. I also missed two energy drops, which really hurt.


    Round 4:I cant even remember
    All I know is that I won. Sorry. :(


    Round 5: Mirror Match

    So he gets a terrible start, but late game he brings up my Bronzong G and I cant get a poketurn, so Im forced to manually retreat it. This kid was SUPER SUPER cool though, so it's okay that I lost. :D
    Also, his Toxicroak G Promo MADE the matchup for him. I had tons of KOs set up, but every time I could KO something, Croak could get me back one way or another. :<


    So now I know that I cant lose if I want to make it into top...Oh godddd.

    Round 6: More eevees...?
    Idk what the deck really was. I spray his set up and high jump kick through more eevees. GG.


    Round 7: Gengar
    I spray his Uxie and leave him with nothing. I bring up his nidoran and kill it, and he TSD's it back. So I kill it again. He gets a baltoy out, I kill that too. Fire spin Gengar for game.


    Round 8: THE PRESSURE'S ON - Legos

    This kid was, for lack of better words, a *****e. Some of the cards in his deck are upside down - obvious stacking, but he goes "I have Dyslexia so I can only read them upside down" -- THAT'S NOT HOW DYSLEXIA ACTUALLY WORKS. Then he tries to slowplay against me using the excuse "It takes me a while to read my cards because of dyslexia" So I call judges and she tells him to hurry up twice. We get to 4-4 Before time is called, and the field is just a game of chess. If time wouldnt have been called, I would have to bring up infernape to kill his dialga. Then I die from pearl breath, and he dies from Flash Impact, and I die from Revenge Poison, and he dies from Fire Spin - still leaving me with the advantage...but alas, I only need to take one prize. I was very nervous and indecisive, and I retreat for luxray, but still have my hand on it. Then I pull it back and send up ape but PokePop wouldn't let me. He said I needed a lesson to play less sloppy - which I do. Same goes for the other kid. "Think, then do. Don't do both at the same time." So Luxray is stuck, and he only has one spray. Then I realize I can make an epic move [[how didnt I see it before...?]]

    Bright Look Crobat (spray)
    Galactic Switch to infernape. Poketurn. Energy Gain. High Jump Kick for KO on Dialga. GG. Last match of seniors is FINISHED.

    Top 64 is posted - Zach didnt get in. :( Me, Chuck, and Austin are all in...

    Top 64: Tyranitar
    Game 1 I spray his uxie and sweep with Lucario GL.
    Game 2 He goes second...lone larvitar start, hits luxray for 20.
    Crobat. Poketurn. Crobat. Energy. Energy Gain. Bite. KO. Game.

    Austin wins top 64 on time, chuck loses to bad luck.

    Top 32: THOMAS ARENA! 8-0 In swiss! Im scared! (gengar/luxray)
    I sit down and the judge informs me I have a prize loss, due to markings on my sleeves. Im stunned. I look at the sleeves and find that there are Nail Markings...ugh fail. It's okay though, as he annihilates me Game 1 Anyways. I scoop to save time.
    Game 2 I destroy him. I have an epic start to his fail start...nothing he could do.
    Game 3 we pile shuffle and smile. We say that if this isnt a REAL game we'll both be sad. I like this kid.
    We both get mediocre starts, but when I spray his claydol and kill it next turn, he has nothing. Sorry kid, you did well. GG.

    Top 16: Samuel (Mother Gengar)
    ARGHHHHHH The last two team hatter people have to play off. WHYYY?

    Game 1 I get a terrible crobat start and scoop for time after I discover I have 1-2 Claydol prized.
    Game 2 he gets a horribad start and I destroy him.
    Game 3 He has a bad T1, Mediocre T2, but a GOD TURN THREE. Holy crap. He just explodes and gets EVERYTHING out. I also miss an energy drop, which really hurts. I was going to kill his queen and start making a comeback - but failed due to my prizes of: Crobat, Egain, 4x Energy. :( Pooka priiiiiizessss. The play was: Bronzong G, move an energy to uxie. Retreat. Level up. Attach. Poketurn bronzong for lucario - but the turn was prized so I couldnt get lucario out, so I scoop. GG

    Worlds invite through ranking. WOOHOO!!
    Meeting SotH [[one of the only cool people on pokebeach]]
    Meeting ToFU
    Top 16
    Selling my cards
    Zach's...hat arrangement. :D
    Team Hatter
    Great Judging
    Smooth Tournament

    Gathering Ground's service
    Not being able to find good food
    Pooka Prizes
  2. Bellawesome

    Bellawesome New Member

    Pretty good.....Can't beleive you were the one to beat TT, even if it was to bad hands. Not a terrible showing for team hatter either. GJ, better luck next time.
  3. Charzano

    Charzano New Member

    Great games man, great games! Sorry about your bad prize luck, but you were really cool about the whole thing and it was good to meet you. I'm glad you got into Worlds and I'll see you there! :wink:
  4. Stigma

    Stigma New Member

    Yeah, seeya there. Nice to meet you too.
    Thanks Bellawesome. The Luxray tech scared me quite a bit though, that could potentially do all sorts of nasty things D:
    Especially because he could just looker before he bright looks and shuffle away my sprays. :s
  5. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Way to go Christian, sir. You are a hero, you know that. Too bad I missed the Masters cut by Opponent Win Percentage. It was a great weekend, and it was nice to see you again! TTY soon, and best of luck at Worlds, my friend.
  6. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Hey, nice job. After my T64 loss to Gengar in about five minutes and Gengar being pretty much the only deck I had trouble with all day, anything that beats it is win in my book.

    See you next season.

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