Stupid Corphish!! SE Regionals T16

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  1. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Report by: Aaron Curry
    Deck: Begfriend
    Event: Statesville, NC Southeast Regional Championship
    Format: Modified (HP-on)

    So I’ve been kinda out of Pokemon aside from helping run our leagues for volunteer hours (yay Bright Futures), so I didn’t really know what to expect as far as SDs and stuff went but I wasn’t TOO worried about all of that. Regardless of what other people do and think, I still play this game because it is fun for me for the most part (aside from the stale state of the format). There are some times that it can become more of a competitive sport than a fun activity that lets me see people that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise but, for the most part, seeing my friends and having fun are my main goals in tournaments. Enough ranting though, you guys obviously didn’t come into this thread to read that and I don’t even know if you did but I’m sure that you’d rather see a story about a Pokemon tournament than my views on the state of the game.

    So, on Thursday, Bobby and his mom came over so we could split gas and other expenses on the ride the next day and we went to bed at about 3 after some Brawl and no Pokemon (who tests?). On Friday we started the “Great Journey North” at about 9:30 which allowed Bobby and me to regain some sleep I guess and we actually debated what decks we could/would play. We make it up to the hotel and wait for Steve and Garrett. They don’t show up even though they were only like 10 miles away when we talked to them and found out that they went to get food without us… We eventually met up with them and ended up back at the hotel and threw the football around a bit until Kyle finally showed up at like 11, at which point we had “bro night” (first rule of the circle: don’t talk about the circle). I did manage to put a Begfriend list together and Bobby, Ryan, and Kyle all decided to play PLOX. We finally hit the sack with the exception of Kyle and we head to the venue to make last-minute changes and sign up for the event.

    The List

    Pokemon: 19
    Shuppet CG x4
    Banette SW x4
    Chansey MT x3
    Blissey x3
    Corphish HP x1
    Crawdaunt ex x1
    Minun SW x1
    Plusle SW x1
    Sableye CG x1

    Trainers: 25
    Roseanne x2
    Bebe x2
    Celio x2
    TVR x4
    Stevens x2
    Copycat x2
    Pluspower x4
    Strength Charm x2
    Warp point x2
    Night Maintenance x2
    Energy Switch x1

    Energy: 16
    Boost x4
    Holon WP x2
    Psychic x8
    Water x1
    Cyclone x1

    In retrospect, I would have taken out the Cyclone, Water, Crawdaunt line, and Bebes for Celios, 1-1 Gyara or Claydol line or 2 Cess, 3rd WP, and either another Energy Switch or a 3rd Warp. Oh well, what happens, happens. Anyways, on with the tournament.

    Round 1
    Linda Malec w/ Blazemortar
    WOW… 10 hours… 10 HOURS… to play against Linda. YAY me. Well, Mag is always a tough game for any Banette deck besides Arithmetic so I was kind of worried. However, she doesn’t get any energy to start and I’m able to get up and running right away. She misplays once by sending up her Firestarter Blaze instead of her torchic that happened to evolve into a Blaze GE after she does all of her stuff and, in the process, leaves herself with no real options and I win handily.

    Round 2
    Sorry… forgot your name w/ Empoleon/Cloyster

    He doesn’t get much and Blissey is just too much of a tank for him to get rid of when he misses the Aqua Jet flip and I ko his Empoleon on my following turn. He almost came back when he hits two heads on cloyster with a pluspower to put 50 on my active Blissey but he whiffs on the energy for his LV X.

    Round 3
    Eric Nance w/ Arithmetic

    I’ve known Eric and his brother for a few years and I know that he’s a great player so I knew this wouldn’t be an easy game from the get-go. To top it off, he’s using Arithmetic and Gyarados does not a happy Aaron make. This game was probably the best one I played all day since we both got decent sets with me hitting the T2 warp Blissey ko on his shuppet and him getting a T2 Cresselia LV X that pestered me all game. We trade kos and at the end he evens it up by promoting his Karp with a WP, Night Maintenancing his Gyara back in because his other one was prized, Copycatting for 10, Master Balling the Gyara back out, evolving his Karp, attaching a DRE, and playing energy switch and enraging for the ko on my ban while discarding two cards form my hand and leaving the game in his hands if I can’t return the ko on the following turn. On my next turn, I promote Banette, review for a bit trying to figure out what to do and doing some math, I do minus charge for two, TVR for 3 discarding something unimportant and realize that I don’t have an energy in my discard pile for Happy Chance so I’m 10 short of killing his Gyarados with the Blissey on my bench with 4 energy on it because I have the boost and double pluspower in my hand. After a few more seconds, I have a DUH moment and notice that I promoted Banette for a reason. It had an energy on it… So I retreat it and pull off the move to crush his comeback. GREAT GAME Eric and good job on winning the tournament. Wish I could’ve played you again in top 8.

    Round 4
    Michael ?????? w/ Gallade/Mismagius
    He doesn’t get much and I’m able to pump out a ko every turn with warps and charms/pps so that he can never keep energy in play.

    Round 5
    Michael ?????? w/ Empoleon/Salamence/Mantine
    I don’t really see the synergy here besides sniping but it didn’t really matter because I got a fast Blissey and he was stuck with basics and no energy for a while allowing me to take a few quick prizes at which point he gets some evolutions but still no energy. At some point, he sends up a Bagon and completely misplays by evolving it to Sally ex. Oh well… Sorry about it Michael.

    So we’re all pretty chill about the tournament at this point and right now, I’m 5-0. Kyle is 5-0
    Bobby is 5-0
    Ryan is 4-1
    My dad is 4-1
    Steve is 4-1
    Linda is 3-2?
    So Florida is doing pretty good =p
    Let’s continue though

    Round 6
    ????????? w/ Magkiss
    My starting hand is: Blissey, Banette, Psychic, Boost, TVR, Warp?, and CORPHISH… my grapes were SO SOUR at this point. I topdeck Minun and didn’t really get anything going yet I still manage to get a T2 Ban kill on his Magmar but it doesn’t matter when he hits a Togekiss for SIX energy to kill my full HP Blissey. My grapes are just getting worse and worse all game.

    Round 7
    ?????? w/ Darkrai/Ralts/Claydol
    I start with Corphish AGAIN… I’m guessing this was a Gallade deck with Darkrai teched into it. The Darkrai was a little annoying at times but he gets me down to Corphish w/ a water and a bench Minun. He retreats his Darkrai LV X for a naked ralts and passes. I just think “WHAAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!” but I take the opportunity and evolve my Corphish to suck up his Darkrai so that his field has no energy on it, attach a charm and kill the ralts. He lets me suck up a few more guys because I have the 3rd energy next turn and another pluspower with boosts to follow the next three turns ftw.

    So I make cut in 4th seed and I’m playing Jake Burt w/ Empoleon/Palkia/Manting
    We find out that we only have 45 minutes to play since we have to be out of the community center by midnight and that bums out EVERYONE but we start quickly.

    Game 1
    He sets up the combo and I can’t stop him from sniping stuff every turn and I scoop.
    Game 2
    I start with CORPHISH, MINUN, and PLUSLE. Geez I just wasn’t meant to win this game and I scoop T3.
    Great game 1 Jake. I just wish I could’ve given you a better second one.

    We get back to the hotel but can’t go swimming because the pool was closed. Just more UGHZ

    All-in-all it was a good trip and I just wish I would’ve made those changes.

    The circle because we rock
    Steve because he’s THAT COOL
    Mike and Garrett because Mike’s my boy and Garrett’s ok too
    Jeff and Toni for a GREAT event
    My dad for driving and doing well with a list we built in the hotel
    OMAR for leading me to play Begfriend
    Erik for winning and giving me a great game
    Begfriend for being a good deck

    10 hour car rides
    NY dads
    Myrtle beach
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  2. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member

    dude i told you banetteblissey is BDIF. shouldve played my list!

    GJ :)
  3. ncpicachufan2000

    ncpicachufan2000 New Member

    Why Myrtle Beach? Did it do something to you?
  4. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Well.....if you knew Myrtle, then you know she is a Beach! :lol::biggrin:

  5. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Omar- You're list is only like 2 cards different =p and then you didn't even play it last weekend =[ I'm disappointed

    Toni- Well there's a story behind that and it's also kind of an inside joke but it didn't do anything really

    Keith- Thanks for setting Toni straight ;] it was good seeing you and I can't wait for nats
  6. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Good report. I'm with you on the idea that I go to tournaments for fun and friends.

    I gotta say that I feel kind of intimidated when it comes to you and your other Florida friends, but you seem like a cool person, so next time we are in the same building, I'm going to try to say hi or something.

    Good job making the top cut. There were some really good players there.
  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    good job aaron. and thanks for a wonderful 3rd place on the slops... :)
  8. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="

    ughz... dude couldn't have been like 5"8 and little.. nooo he had to be 6"5 and RIPPED :nonono:

    just our luck.. I was sooo fortunate to walk away like 15 seconds early

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