Sudowoodu Roadblock + Alolan Muk

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    Hi - Submitting this question as requested by PokePop

    Complicated ruling question that I tried googling and couldn’t find the answer to:
    Player A has a sudowoodo GUR on the bench.
    Player B has an alolan muk SUM active and 5 benched pokemon.
    Alolan muk is knocked out. Does roadblock reactivate before or after player B must promote a new active pokemon? In other words, does player B discard a pokemon from their bench before promoting?

    To clarify this is (in theory) different than the compendium ruling on Shatter/Skyfield because the effects of the attack remove skyfield from play before the active pokemon is discarded, whereas in this scenario the effect keeping both players at 5 bench is not removed until it is KO'd. Thanks in advance for any help!

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