Sugarland, Texas: City Championships

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Master Professor Birch, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    :pokeball: :pokeball: Sugarland City Championships :pokeball: :pokeball:

    :clap: All Is Right in the Houston Area!!! Not to be out done by the D/FW area. Now, the Houston area players will have two shots at winning a "City Championship". Or will one player hold the crowns for two cities??? :clap:

    :nonono: If you do get to go to the "Houston city Championships" on February 7, 2004, don't worry. Now you have a second chance. Or if by some reason, you did not win your "City Championship" in Houston. Now you have a second chance!!! You will get that second chance to re-do your deck and could win that "VIP Package" when you attend the "State Championship" in April 2004.

    Everyone is welcome to play in the "Sugarland City Championships". Any player from any State can play in our City Championships.

    There will be a special "City Championship Medallion" and "VIP Package" for the winner of each age group. Everyone needs to come on down to Sugarland and win their "VIP Package"!!! Don't wait!!! The "City Championships" are coming to a close. This could be your last chance to hold that crown for a year of "City Champion"!!!

    No doubt about it the "Sugarland City Championships" will be the sweetest in the nation!!!

    Details for the "Sugarland City Championships" are below.

    Location: Heroes Collectables
    3127 Highway 6
    Sugarland, Texas 77478
    (281) 313-1600
    Chris Wohlfarht, Owner

    Date: February 28, 2004
    Time: 10:00am

    Entry Fee: $10.00
    (Pre-Register by Signing Up or Calling "Heroes Collectables")

    Prizes: 1st - 8th Place (For Each Age-Group)
    (Age Groups: 10-Under, 11-14, & 15-Over)

    Prize Break Down:

    1st Place receives a special "City Championship Medallion", a special "VIP Package" at the "State Championships" in April 2004, and one Display of Pokemon-e Booster Packs (36)

    2nd Place receives 1/2 Display of Pokemon-e Booster Packs (18)

    3rd-4th Place receives 1/4 Display of Pokemon-e Booster Packs (9)

    5th-8th Place receives 4 Pokemon-e Booster Packs

    Tournament Format: "Eon" Modified Constructed Deck

    Decklists are required (available @ store) and Decks will be Checked!!!

    "Eon" Modified Format includes cards from the following Pokemon sets: Expedition, Aquapolis, Skyridge, EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm, EX Dragon, Any New Post-EX Dragon Expansion set, and Promo Cards numbered 001 & higher

    With the exception of basic energy cards and previously printed cards that appear in current sets, players may not use cards from older Pokemon sets. New sets are allowed as soon as the product has been released.

    What To Bring: $10.00 for Entry Fee / Any extra Money for Drinks, etc / Damage Counters / Randomizer: Coin to Flip or Dice to Roll / An "Eon" Modified Constructed Deck of 60-Cards / Your POP ID# or if you do not have a POP ID#, we will give you one

    Judges: Jim Parish (Head Judge) "Heroes Collectables (Both Stores)/League Leader, Pokemon Professor, TO"
    Brian Stevenson "Heroes Collectables/Pokemon Professor"

    Contact Info: Charles (Richard) Collinsworth, Premier Tournament Organizer for Pokemon USA, Inc.
    Email Address:
    Phone: (972) 442-5545

    Jim Parish, Tournament Organizer
    Email Address:
    Phone: (713) 301-4958
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  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Hehe, make sure to attend the birthplace of Patriarch in droves! They're counting on you Central/Eastern/South Texan-folk! ;)
  3. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    Birthplace of Patriarch

    -Hey Patriarch-

    :thumb: Someone as famous as you in the realms of "PokeGym" and of "Pojo" was born in "Sugarland??? Sweet!!! We would love to have you come down and be "Honorary Tournament Chairman". Sign autographs, take pictures, and etc. Think about it. :clap:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
    aka: Charles (Richard) Collinsworth, PTO
  4. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    You're Up Next!!!

    :clap: ~Hey Sugarland~ :clap:

    You're up next!!! Here we come back to the Houston area. In a little under two weeks, we will have the second "City Championship" in you area. This time we will be in Sugarland!!!! I just know that this will be the Sweeeetest City Championship in the world. :D

    We will start at 1:00pm at "Heroes Collectables" in Sugarland. Remember, "Heroes Collectables" saved us last time by allowing us to play at their Houston location. Let's show our appreciation by having a good turn out for this event. :thumb:

    Take care and I will keep you posted on any other news that might come up. Get those decks ready and GOOD LUCK!!!!

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  5. Turbo Blastoise

    Turbo Blastoise New Member

    You mean that we're playing at the same place on that we played at for the Houston City Champs?
  6. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    No in Sugarland...

    :confused: ~Turbo Blastoise~ :confused:

    The "Houston City Championships" were moved to the "Heroes Collectables", Houston store at 1810 Dairy Ashford, Houston. The "Sugarland City Championships" will be played at the "Heroes Collectables", Sugarland store. The address for the Sugarland Heroes Collectables store is 3127 Hwy-6, Sugarland, Texas. It is just south of Houston. Check the orginal thread to get the phone number.

    "Heroes Collectables", Houston store will host the "Ex Team Magna vs. Team Aqua" Pre-release Tournament on March 6, 2004. I hope that I have not confused you more. :confused:

    Looking forward to seeing you, Turbo Blastoise at the "Sugarland City Championships". You always seem to have an excellent deck to play. :thumb:

    Take care and good luck.

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  7. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    hey charles that is so great that the tournament is starting at 1:00 instead of at 10:00 now i will be able to go. This is matthew the one that played the Wailord Ex/Shedinja/Delcatty deck in the 15+ at the Houston cc's and i love that this tournament as well as the pre-release is also at heroes because Midnight comics just plain mad me mad and I really didn't even wanna play after that. But it's all good see ya at the Sugarland cc's , Pre-release, and the Dallas cc's :) bye .
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  8. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    This is GOOD NEWS!!!!!

    :) ~ShinAkuma~ :)

    :clap: This is good news!!! You guys from Brenham are excellent players and the "Sugarland City Championships" would not be the same without you guys. See ya'll in Sugarland on February 28th. Good luck and I want to see one of you guys with that Medallion around your neck this time. :clap:

    Take take.

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  9. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member


    :pokeball: ~ShinAkuma~ :pokeball:

    :( I am sorry for the "MISS-PRINT"!!!!! The registration for the "Sugarland City Championships" on February 28, 2004 Starts at 10:00am. If we have a "GBA:Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament, we will probably get started at 11:30am. I am so sorry for posting the wrong "TIME" in my post on February 16th. I hope that ya'll will still be able to make this City Championship. As I stated this morning to your reply, you guys are awesome Pokemon players. You will be dearly missed if you are not able to attend. :(

    Master Professor Birch
  10. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member


    :pokeball: :pokeball: Attention~~Attention!!!!!!! :pokeball: :pokeball:

    There is a "MISS-PRINT" on the February 16, 2004 post update!!! The "Sugarland City Championships" will start registration at 10:00am.

    :clap: There will be a "GBA: Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament that will begin at 10:45am. This will be ONE BIG TOURNAMENT with everyone who wants to play will be in the same tournament. If there are four or forty-four players, it will be one tournament. Single elemination tournament and prizes will be given out to the top four players. :clap:

    :mad: I am sorry for any mix-up that has been made about the start time for the "Sugarland City Championships". Good luck to all of you players in the "GBA" and the main tournament for the right to be "City Champion". :thumb:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
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  11. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    i'll try to get there as quickly as possible if you can start the tournament at 12:00 i can make it because i have a band reheasal from 9-11 and it is about an hour drive so hopefully we will make it if not and there is a reason that u can't start it then i think my freind kieth will be there , but thanks and i will definately see u at the pre-release and Dallas cc see ya later . See i kinda need to know for kieth because if u do start it early then he can go home friday night and stay at his house in sugerland, but if u can start it a little later then he will stay in brenham and we will drive. :) thanks
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2004
  12. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member


    Did you receive my "Private Message" that I sent to you??

    Master Professor Birch
  13. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    No i did not recieve any private message um sorry maybe u can send it again ? :) see ya later
  14. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    ok nevermind i got your private message at first i was checking my e-mail but i figured it out :) thanks we will be there as soon as possible next saturday. thanks a bunch
  15. Xeno

    Xeno New Member

    I talked to Jim and he said the main CC tournament will start at 1:00PM, is that right? These time changes are confusing me.
  16. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    Start Time.....

    :pokeball: :pokeball: ~Attention All Pokemon Players~ :pokeball: :pokeball:

    The "Sugarland City Championships" on February 28, 2004 at "Heroes Collectables-Sugarland"....... The schedule for the City Championships is as follows:

    10:00am.....Registration Starts for the "City Championships" and "GBA: Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament. (Yes, we will have "ONE BIG TOURNAMENT" for "GBA" / Single Elimination / we will give out prizes to the top four players!!!! The prizes for the "GBA" tournament are provided by the Tournament Organizer, not Pokemon USA, Inc.) "Deck Lists" will be handed out to be completed by 11:00am.

    11:00am....."GBA" Tournament will Start. Draw a number to see who you will start playing against.

    12:00-noon.....We will start checking decks against the "Deck Lists".....NO PROXYS ALLOWED!!!!!

    12:30pm....."Sugarland City Championships" will Begin

    If you do not want to play in the "GBA" Tournament, please be at "Heroes Collectables" by 11:30am -12:00-noon. This is the final posting for the START TIME for the "Sugarland City Championships". Any questions, please reply on this thread so everyone can see the questions and answers.

    Thank you and take care.

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
    Charles (Richard) Collinsworth
    PTO: Houston & OKC
  17. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    GBA is FREE....

    Oh yes, as usual, the "GBA: Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament is FREE!!!!!!

    :) The rules are the same as last time. Three Pokemon level 50 or lower and no two Pokemon can be alike. No "MODIFIED" cartridges will be allowed. If your Pokemon are doing things that are not normal in the game, you lose. Have your game cartridge ready to play. Don't run over to "Jim" and have him put his top Pokemon in your game on Saturday morning. If you need Jim's help, get it before "Tournament Saturday". Ten minute rounds. We may have to have a couple of first rounds if there are enough players. I have only so many cables. Get those Pokemon trained and ready. (Jim, you may be flooded with kids needing your help.) :lol:

    :clap: I know the Houston area likes to play its "GBA". So, Here is your chance for FREE to win some extra "Dragon" Boosters. Time is getting shorter as each day passes. GOOD LUCK...... :thumb:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  18. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    ist of "GBA: Ruby & Sapphire" Rules....

    :clap: ~Attention Pokemon "GBA" Players~ :clap:
    Below is the information and rules for the "GBA: Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament.

    “GBA-Side Event”

    *GBA Side Event will start at 10:45 - 11:00am.

    *GBA Event is the “Ruby & Sapphire” Game.

    *ONE BIG / Single Elimination Tournament.

    *Sign-up: After you have Registered for “City Championships”.

    **GBA Tournament is FREE!!!!!

    The Following Rules Apply:

    (1) 3-Pokemon of level 50 or lower

    (2) No two of the same Pokemon

    (3) Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza are banned!!!

    (4) No duplicate held items

    (5) Certain powers (Rest, Recover, ect.) are not allowed after 8 minutes into the match

    (6) Modified GBA Cartridges are NOT Allowed!!

    (7) Judges’ rulings are final.

    (8) Prizes will be given out to the Top-4 Players

    Any more questions, please reply on the "PokeGym" website. That way everyone can see the questions & answers here. Take care and GOOD LUCK. :thumb:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  19. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    hey where can I get a printable deck list. the one you were telling me about ?
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  20. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member



    You can find the one that I use. Which was created by "RainbowRichards & maril2K", at this link: <>

    Thank you to RainbowRichards and maril2K for the work they put into this "Decklist". :thumb:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:

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