Super Smash Bros Battle Cards; Dual Destinies Red Inferno

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    Hello, Shadowmaster back from my long hiatus! A few of you might remember me as the guy who made the Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards game that I posted here a long while back.

    Now I've come back to make a brand new card series based on the two newest Super Smash Bros. games called Dual Destinies! The first one will be called Red Inferno. This will be the first time that I'll be introducing Pokemon TCG's LEGEND Pokemon to the Smash card game as DUAL Smashers.

    001/92 Luigi FS
    002/92 Doctor Mario FS
    003/92 Pit FS
    004/92 Palutena FS
    005/92 Dark Pit FS
    016/92 Mario
    017/92 Luigi
    018/92 Princess Peach
    019/92 Bowser
    020/92 Doctor Mario
    021/92 Yoshi
    022/92 Pit
    023/92 Palutena
    024/92 Dark Pit
    040/92 Chain Chomp
    043/92 Magnus
    044/92 Phosphora
    051/92 Grass
    052/92 Daybreak Parts
    053/92 Ore Club
    055/92 Drill
    056/92 X Bomb
    058/92 Killer Eye
    059/92 Back Shield
    063/92 3D Land
    064/92 Golden Plains
    065/92 Rainbow Road
    066/92 Paper Mario STAGE
    075/92 Reset Bomb Forest
    093/92 Mario & Luigi DUAL
    094/92 Mario & Luigi DUAL
    095/92 Peach & Rosalina DUAL
    096/92 Peach & Rosalina DUAL
    097/92 Pit & Dark Pit DUAL
    098/92 Pit & Dark Pit DUAL
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