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    Click here to find out how you can play SSB Battle cards online.

    This is not the same as the other Smash Bros set you're likely familiar of here, while that set uses the Smash Brother characters as trainers, this set (Well more like its own series based on the Pokemon TCG) uses the Smash Brother characters as the actual fighters.

    I'm posting this here because the Smash Bros. Battle Cards practically uses the same mechanics as the Pokemon TCG with very tiny differences (Mostly more additions), and I'd like people's opinions on what they think of the cards and their effects. Do keep in mind that even though it uses the same mechanics as the Pokemon TCG, it's not exactly compatible with any of the Pokemon TCG sets because it uses a different combination of HP and damage formulas.

    At the moment, this topic houses the Promotional cards made for Smash Cards. Below are link addresses to other topics containing cards for the other sets.

    Smash Series
    Super Smash Bros. (Based on first game) (Video Trailer)
    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Brawl Series
    Brawl Newcomers
    Brawl Veterans

    Pokémon Series
    Pokémon Genesis
    Pokémon Neo
    Unown Power

    Third World Series
    SEGA Superstars
    Konami Knights

    Promotional Series

    Promotional Cards
    1 Lethe
    2 Lethe Beast Form
    3 Dark Marth
    4 Sothe
    5 Soren
    6 Rundas
    7 Cheep-Cheep
    8 Cheep-Chomp
    9 Mysterious Black Dude Ex
    10 Ghadius
    11 Mewtwo Ex
    12 Rosalina Ex
    13 Space Pirate
    14 Kain Ex
    15 Nova Falcon
    16 Thardus
    17 Mario
    18 Ganondorf Ex
    19 Armored Mewtwo
    20 Wart
    21 Ike Ex
    22 Black Knight Ex
    23 Paper Mario
    24 Tom Nook's Lottery
    25 Lethe Beast Form FS
    26 Piks
    27 Resetti Surveillance Center
    28 Galacta Knight Ex
    29 Galacta Knight FS
    30 Ocarina of Time
    31 Poké Ball
    32 Mouser
    33 Paper Mario FS
    34 Cool Ditto
    35 Sergeant Guy
    36 General Guy
    37 Rare Candy
    38 Egg Wrecking Ball
    39 Egg Drill Buggy
    40 Egg Viper
    41 Egg Walker
    42 Rundas FS
    43 Vectorman FISH
    44 Vectorman BUGGY
    45 Multi Energy
    46 F.L.U.D.D.
    47 Weapon Selection
    48 Golden Gun
    49 Black Knight FS
    50 Rosalina FS
    51 Fire Mario
    52 Octoomba
    53 ReDead Knight
    54 Big Octo
    55 Ray 01
    56 Thousand-Year Door
    57 Waddle Doo
    58 Chill Penguin
    59 Armored Armadillo
    60 Ray MK II
    61 Ice Mario
    62 Spyro
    63 Spyro FS
    64 Tanooki Mario
    65 Ray Legend Ex
    66 Egg Siphon
    67 Egg Hammertank
    68 Egg Hawk
    69 Egg Genesis
    70 Ganon Ex
    71 Item Box
    72 Piks FS
    73 Cynder
    74 Cynder FS
    75 Ganon FS
    76 Pyro Guy
    77 Sonic
    78 Agent XIII
    79 Rika
    80 Time Eater Ex
    81 Tanooki Luigi
    82 Vectorman DRILL
    83 Vectorman FISTS
    84 Trinexx Ex
    85 Recycle Energy
    86 Rika FS
    87 Spiny Shell
    88 Golden Mushroom
    89 Koopatrol
    90 Green Potion
    91 Counterstrike
    92 Rika Ex
    93 Megavitamin
    94 Boo Mario
    95 Bowser Ex
    96 Psychic Powers
    97 POW Block
    98 Krystal
    99 Technical Machine 001
    100 Ultima Weapon Ex
    101 Hooktail
    102 Penguin Mario
    103 Technical Machine 002
    104 Greaper
    105 Technical Machine 003
    106 Krystal FS
    107 Technical Machine 004
    108 Rock Mario
    109 Technical Machine 005
    110 Count Bleck Ex
    111 Technical Machine 006
    112 Bee Mario
    113 Skull Kid
    114 Technical Machine 007
    115 Cloud Mario
    116 Technical Machine 008
    117 Toxic Seahorse
    118 Technical Machine 009
    119 Flying Mario
    120 Super Mario Energy
    121 Technical Machine 010
    122 Termina Moon
    123 Star Coin
    124 Technical Machine 011
    125 Skull Kid FS
    126 Vectorman SCORPION
    127 Vectorman TORNADO
    128 Starship Mario
    129 Toxic Seahorse FS
    130 Giygas Ex
    131 Volg Zangief
    132 Neifirst Ex
    133 Electivire
    134 Blue Blur
    135 Ninetales FS
    136 HP Plus Badge
    137 Sonic Heroes
    138 Dark Link FS
    139 Magmar FS
    140 Knuckle Pommy
    141 Animal Pommy
    142 Claw Pommy
    143 Beast Pommy
    144 Articuno Ex
    145 Zapdos Ex
    146 Moltres Ex
    147 Hewdraw Head
    148 Hewdraw
    149 Triple-Headed Hewdraw
    150 Corrupted Giygas Ex
    151 Mew
    152 Venusaur Ex
    153 Charizard Ex
    154 Blastoise Ex
    155 Volg Zangief FS
    156 Green Link
    157 Red Link
    158 Blue Link
    159 Purple Link
    160 Four Sword Links FS
    161 Dark Samus Ex

    17 Mario

    The Smash Symbol basically functions the exact same as Colorless. The Star symbols used for Mario's second attack is a new type I made for the series called Star. It's a mixture between light, magic and space elements, I think the word Star also fits more with the series than using the word light.
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  2. pmg24

    pmg24 New Member

    Dude, that card looks awesome man. Can't wait to see how the set looks.
  3. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Thanks ^___^, here's another card I managed to cook up in about 15 mins.

    21 Ike Ex

    An example of both a Star type Smasher and an Ex Smasher, although I should really stop choosing the cards with more complicated effects...
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  4. Arth

    Arth New Member

    Dude your cards rock, I'd like to know how to edit images so well like this
  5. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Cheers. Other than the tutorials which cover the basics that I can point to you, I can make a tutorial on how to replicate the cloudly background the official Pokemon cards use to some effect (You wouldn't believe how freakin long it took me to figure that one out X___x). The sparkly effect in the Star type card used for Ike is just a simple overlay with a sparkle image.

    Speaking of which, for all elemental types, I'm gonna try adding a unique effect to each of their card backgrounds. Here's Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2, a water type Smasher which has a water splash/spray effect within the card background:

    20 Wart

    And here's a new Support (Smash name for Trainer) template I made, as well as a new sub-type called Ability. Which is very similar to TMs, but there's also another variation of TMs you'll see soon called Equipment.

    15 Nova Falcon

    If you're wondering why the illustration bar's a little too high up, it's cause one of my sets has a very annoying high set logo.
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  6. Arth

    Arth New Member

    I've watched this Falcon Punch on youtube, it's pwnage, btw you could create abilities according to the characters Final Smashes :cool:
  7. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Funny conincidence, I once made Final Smash cards that function like Lv.X cards. I can't show you any of them at the moment sadly, I've yet to create the FS tab for the new card templates and that will be one of my later jobs.

    Oh well, here's a Fighting type card, as well as an Evolution Smasher card.

    1 Lethe
    2 Lethe Beast Form
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  8. Zathaz

    Zathaz New Member

    your cards are soo cool, keep up the good work :)
  9. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Thanks. Here's the dark type template.

    22 Black Knight Ex

    I tried giving the background a moon like texture, but that kind of failed since the card is too dark. But at least it looks space like, and space is dark. XD
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  10. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    I can't find the rules about double posting anywhere so apologies in advance. Here is not only the card template for metal types, but this card is also a dual Metal/Psychic type.

    19 Armored Mewtwo
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  11. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    I'm gonna be using this topic to house the Promotional cards now, as well as any general news about the card series. Here's two new cards.

    7 Cheep-Cheep
    8 Cheep-Chomp
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  12. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Here's half of the remaining Promo cards.

    3 Dark Marth
    4 Sothe
    5 Soren
    6 Rundas
    9 Mysterious Black Dude Ex
    10 Ghadius

    Can't believe I just quad-posted, but sadly I'm not getting much feedback :\. You don't have to give your opinion on any of the cards:
    • Is there anything particular you want to see from the card series?
    • Is there any particular Nintendo character you would like to see as a Promo card?
    • Are you just waiting on for the Melee set? XD
    I may start accepting Promo cards requests again.
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  13. MrSmileyPants

    MrSmileyPants New Member

    If only Armored Mewtwo could evolve from Mewtwo in the Pokemon TCG...
  14. MattPL

    MattPL New Member

    Hmm, I don't play much Fire Emblem, but I'm guessing that's where a lot of these cards are from. I also want to say that Rundas is from metroid prime hunters, but I'm only guessing

    Where does Ghadius come from though?

    Also, Nova Falcon seems over powered. The coin flip doesn't exactly balance it out very much either. Just a suggestion, maybe you should lessen it's power somehow?

    Also, suggestion some other promos, why not make some third party characters as promo cards? Megaman comes to mind, as does Final Fantasy, but don't go jumping the bandwagon on Final Fantasy :p

    As for nintendo characters, I'd highly suggest Animal Crossing cards, or even better, Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG cards.
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  15. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Rundas comes from Metroid Prime 3, Ghadius comes from Klonoa (I wanted to hold off from doing third party Promo cards until I released the Third World series, any that have been currently were done as requests or I made them as a present). Since there are no current plans for any future Promo cards, feel free to make some requests. What Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG cards would you like to see (As well as characters from any other series)?

    About Nova Falcon, yeah it may seem overpowered, but what about if I told you the coin flip damage equivalent for that amount of Energy and being a Support card attack would be 140? That's enough to kill nearly all Smashers in one hit. Generally coin flip attacks are more powerful in the Smash Card series than they are in the Pokemon TCG (Well at least compared to Base set).

    If you think that's still overpowered, I can always up the attack cost by [C].

    Anyways here are the remaining Promo cards.

    11 Mewtwo Ex
    12 Rosalina Ex
    13 Space Pirate
    14 Kain Ex
    16 Thardus
    18 Ganondorf Ex
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  16. MattPL

    MattPL New Member

    Well I was thinking, and I thought of a good series for Promo Cards, and that would be Golden Sun.

    For Paper Mario, these are some possible cards:
    -Paper Mario (Character)
    -Star Rod (Item)
    -Pit of 100 Trials (Stage)
    -Thousand Year Door (Stage)
    -Flip Dimension (Stage)

    Super Mario RPG:
    -Geno (Character)
    -Mallow (Character)
    -Smithy (Character)
    -Axem Rangers (Character)
    -Culex (Character)

    Animal Crossing is hard because the characters are rather peaceful, but I'll try:
    -Tom Nook's Lottery (Setting)
    -Resetti Surveillance Center (Stage)
    -K.K. Slider's Concert (Setting, Possibly Stage)
    -Crazy Redd's Tent (Stage)
    -Gyroid (Item)

    Golden Sun:
    -Issac (Character)
    -Felix (Character)
    -The Fusion Dragon (Character)
    -Deadbeard (Character)
    -Iris (Item)

    Of course, I'm not requesting all of these, but I thought I would leave a lot of suggestions so that you may decide which ones are the best make.

    Hope these give you some nice ideas. :thumb:
  17. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    That is great thanks. Here's the first new card I've made since using the new designs (The rest were updates to old cards I made before).

    23 Paper Mario
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  18. MattPL

    MattPL New Member

    Haha, Powerbounce and Quake Hammer, nice moves. Makes me want to play The Thousand Year Door all over again.

    Great job. :thumb:

    Also, I just saw the Wario Card on your deviant. It looks pretty cool. Can't wait for the Brawl Expansion.
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  19. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Apologies if it's been a while since my last card, I wanted to focus more on my Melee set, and wanted to get a group of Promos finished to post them all at once rather than posting them one at a time. But as it's been a while, Im gonna post this one right now. XD

    24 Tom Nook's Lottery
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  20. Shadowmaster

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    EDIT: This post used to contain 2 cards from an SP Set I planned on making, but I've removed them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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