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    So, the Great Lakes Regionals was yesterday, and ive gotta be honest I had a decent time=)

    I left Michigan around 7:00 Saturday morning for the hour and halfish drive to Toledo, when I got there nobody was there yet except the other Shack members that had stayed overnight. At that point I figured I was playing Ludicolo, and just kinda hung out. I eventually ran into Matt Moss who I hadnt seen in FOREVER, and we all went up to breakfast.

    While at Breakfast we kinda discussed what to expect, and I decided that Ludicolo will just give me a bunch of mirror matches during the day and decided against it, and chose that Lanturn would be the best choice.

    After that I filled out a decklist(which MESSED me up later on) and waited around for round 1 to start. During our wait I was playtesting with Psycodad when his son Dan Pointed out that there were MIRRORS on the ceiling and that you could see your opponents hand if you looked UP. As soon as we noticed this, everyone else started to, and then we noticed Dave Schiwmmer and the Head Judges looking up. Before the start of round 1, the judges make an announcement that anyone caught LOOKING into the mirrors would be issues a game loss. I quickly think of the joke "Hey whats up there *Points to ceiling* OHH ITS A GAME LOSS thats what it is"

    Round 1 vs. James Davis (Metagross/Dark Steelix/Milotic)
    When I saw his deck I was just like errrm great=/. I got off to a fast start with like a T3 Lanturn and a Reversal on his Onix to kill it. I got up a few prizes, but then he pulled off the Dark Steelix w/ a bunch of energy and a Feebas on the bench. I reversal for the Feebas and FAIL which absolutely blows. The game went downhill from there with me having to do worthless damage to his steelix as he could just Milotic it off then OHKO me. The game came down to a 1-1 Prize thing, but I knew I had it lost.

    Round 2 vs. ???? w/ Walrein/Milotic
    All I saw were two Milotics, I had a T3 Lanturn that OHKO them both.

    Round 3 vs. Blaziken
    I have the most GOD awful start ive ever seen in my entire life, to find that he flips over a LONE RAYQUAZA against my Slugma. He goes first and attaches a multi and passes. I draw a Slugma Celios for Magcargo and pass. He draws attaches a fire and kills my slugma. I draw a TV Reporter, Smooth over for Scramble and pass. He attaches a Fire Energy and passes. I draw the Scramble, Smooth over for Shard, TV Reporter and end the game.

    Round 4 vs. Blaziken/Moltres ex
    This game was ehhh too. I started with a sparce him a moltres ex. I got out fast but he eventually got the moltres ex powered and killed some stuff, but then I killed him back and we traded prizes for a while until I had killed two moltres and he had took out 4 things too. Then he goes for Blaziken ex to kill my Scrambled Lanturn which was the SINGLE BIGGEST MISPLAY ive seen in my entire life and he kills it from the active position. I draw my card Pokemon Retriever Drowzee/Dark Hypno /Drowzee back into my deck, Swoop my sparce for Drowzee, Celios for Hypno evolve attach a DRE and a charm against his 4 pokemon bench and OHKO him for the game.

    Round 5 vs. Steve Gillette(meta/milotic/Dark Steelix)
    Steve started with 4 Basics in his opening hand, I dont remember all the details but he never got setup and I eventually had 2 Lanturns and Hypno which was the end for him

    Round 6 vs. Tom Dolzeal(Ludicolo)
    Finally I PLAY the one deck Ive wanted to play all day. We both know that were likely in T16 regardless of what happens this game which is cool. I again cant remember all the details except that the end is really close and is tied 1-1. Tom needs a Reversal Heads against my Magcargo or I win the game, he hits heads.

    So, we wait around for a while for them to announce T16, and eventually they announce the T16 and Im in 12th Seed!! YES!

    So during the dinner break I call my parents/friend etc. Tell them how its going and when we head back downstairs Rich one of the Judges walks up to me and tells me there was a problem with my decklist. This was something I thought I might have done but I wasnt sure, and was REALLY worried about it at dinner that I had wrote 2 Charm down instead of 1 Charm/1 Ruins and it turns out I had=(. Because of it I was issued a Game loss meaning in T16 I had to sweep 2-0 or I was gone.

    T16 vs. Mike(Ludicargo)

    Game 1: I start off really well, and have a bunch of Lanturns going. It seems like whenver he kills a Lanturn the turn after it another one is up active attacking. I got some pretty good Reversal Flips too which really cost him, his weakness to lightning was way to much and I won in about 30 minutes
    Game 2: Much of the same as Game 1. This game was closer except he misplayed at a crucial Point bringing up a Lotad not realizing he DIDNT have the DRE to attach and attack with. I again got a Lanturn/Hypno swarm going, and I eventually went on to win.

    T8 vs. Tom(LudiCargo)
    Game 1:
    I got RIDICULOUS Reversal Flips this game. I had his Cargo, a Lotad and a Ludicolo all gone in the first 8 turns from Reversal Flips, he scoops after that. Note he started with his Lone Horsea this game which really slowed him down
    Game 2:
    Again I get ridiculous reversal Flips 4/4 this game. The game is still close late though with Tom needing a Reversal Flip for the game I believe, he gets it which ties us up. Again he started with his Lone Horsea this game=/
    Game 3:
    This game his Horsea is prized, I get off to a fast start and get 2-3 Lanturns going and a Hypno. His weakness is again way to much for him and I go on to win

    T4 vs. Seena
    Game 1:
    I didnt get anything, with my powers shut off and his constant ADMINS I couldnt get setup he goes on to win easily.
    Game 2: Much of the same except this game I kill 2 exs, but that leaves everything useless at the end of the game, I cant do enough damage to kill his 3rd ex and he goes on to come back and elimnate me.

    Well that was it, me and Moss played for the 3rd place trophy and he ended up beating me on a Reversal Flip after I made a CRUCIAL misplay=/

    All in all it was a good day, I got 500$ which will be put to good use next year, and Me Moss and Seena ALL made the T4 which is a ridiculous accomplishment;)

    No Props/Slops for now, maybe later.

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  2. SomethingElse

    SomethingElse New Member

    gj dude, you'll get past 4th place one of these times ;/
  3. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    GJ tA man, t4 is an achievement in a tough competition like it was
    GL next time

  4. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Foisy: Hopefully=D

    Freddy: I do agree w/ that This was obviously the TOUGHEST Regional of them all, so my T4 should DEFINITLEY be worth a trip eh Schwimmer?;)

  5. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    You got bum luck getting paired with Seena. Would you have prefered if I played ya? Cause Sceppy likes Lanturn quite alot ;) Plus Moss knows he is lucky I gave him the win to get into t4 as it is ;)
  6. Moss Factor

    Moss Factor New Member

    Yah I'm a lucksac donk. What can I say? Donkies have to eat too!
  7. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Eh it happens guys.

    Im just waiting for Dave to breakdown and Give me and Moss both trips, we know he will.

  8. Phantom

    Phantom New Member

    While he's at it, he's gotta give me one too. Top 8 AT WORLDS has gotta deserve something.
  9. Moss Factor

    Moss Factor New Member

    After your regionals performance, I'm not sure you deserve to PLAY ever again. At the very least you should be banned from the professor program for such a terrible showing... oooooooopsss........

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