T2 Houndoom

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  1. Pokemon:12
    4 Houndor(There only to evolve to Houndoom. Want to start with for t2 70
    4 HoundoomMain Attacker. t2 70+2 burn is VERY good and almost gareenteed.
    1 VulpixEvolve to Ninetails
    1 NinetailsGreat metagame tech. Take advantage of weakness like no other. 2 for 60 isnt bad either.
    1 SkittyEvolve to Delcatty EX
    1 Delcatty EXFree Retreat+great late game attack. Alot of discarding energy's here. This is needed.

    4 RoseannesBeing able to get either Basics or energy is to good here.
    4 Quick Balls2 Evolution
    4 Celiost2 Evolution
    4 Prof Oaks VisitGood Draw
    3 ER2Disruption
    3 TSD/NMRecovery
    3 Warp PointDisruption/stall Ability
    3 Left Overs/Buffer PeiceHelps maintain in late game.
    2 Plus PowerHelp boost late game Damage output
    2 TGWDisruption

    4 SP Dark+50 FTW
    4 MultiDiscard for 30+40 AND Burn FTW
    2 DRESee Multi
    3 FireBurn
    3 B. Dark+40

    You want to start with Houndour so you can get the t2 Houndoom to get a t2 70 +burn Hopefully.
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