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    Saturday me and my brother attended the GC CC. We got there about 8:30 and met up with some people we knew. I knew what i was playing but still walked around metagaming, didnt see much that would beat me, so.

    4 Dunsparce
    4 Torchic
    2 Combusken
    4 Blaziken
    3 Rayquaza EX
    2 Mareep
    1 Flaffy
    2 Ampharos
    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty
    12 Fire
    4 Lightning
    4 TV
    4 Oracle
    4 POR
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Switch
    1 Town Volunteers

    Standard BAR list, play started at about 10:00

    Round 1 vs. Matt T, (Gardy/Wailord)
    I got out a lot faster then he did, and easily won.
    Round 2 Vs. Bonnie(Lombres w/ Bagons=/
    She had just beat Psychodad with like CRAZY flips which was amazing. So we start i start with sparce and do the usual, second turn she pulls Lombre and knocks out Sparce, i bring up Rayquaza and sit for a while but eventually get the whole setup and rip through her
    Round 3 vs. Drew Holton(Blaze/Ray)
    I knew that I had the advantage going in, it was close for a while but then i pulled ahed with 3 Blaziken Rayquaza and Amphy. He brings up a dunsparce and hits HEADS 3 TURNS in a row, to prevent retreat ,then knocks out rayquaza for the ko. I bring up Blaziken kill sparce and im down to 1 prize. He draws TV Reporter, gets Rare Candy/Blazi which ever he needed Starters to Rayquaza to win the game
    Round 4- ??
    I won thats all i remember

    Round 5 vs. Matt C(Blaze/Espeon)
    I had the advantage from the beggining i had the setup like third turn and it was to much

    Round 6- I figure the way the software has been pairing down the entire day, that the two 5-0 players wont play and i will be able to play David M for the chance at a Tiebreak since our Tiebreaks were the same, the pairings are announced and FINALLY the 5-0 10- player is paired up with David M after playing 2-2 players in the rounds after he was 4-0. I get paired up with Matt Zettle and win, but am quite angry that the software decided to pair up then and not earlier.

    So I got second, which is really the usual thing for me, my brother gets second too. We get a full box combined then draft, he drafts Rayquaza EX, Amphy EX, Cargo EX and Raichu EX which made the 15$ worth it. I get 3rd in the draft and win a few more packs.

    Props and Slops:
    To the whole PES crew for putting on another great event
    Sean Foisy and Dave Richards winning 10- and 11-14:)

    the software, it seriously needs work.


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