TARHEEL STATE!!! NC Roll Call for Nationals!!!

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by mca3, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    All the North Carolina plyers Need to represent on who all is coming to Nats and who is all with you???


    Michael Adams
    Hometown: Reidsville, NC
    Hotel: Hilton, I think!!!
    Deck: Some kinda Rogue, I suppose!
    Who is with ya?: Staying with Super Tyranitar, and hanging with him and Brain Leary, David Bowen, The Clearys, and anyone else who wants to Hang Out with us!!!:thumb:
  2. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    Only 1 week to go...hard to believe. Here is who I know so far from the Carolinas (NC & SC).
    Good luck everyone and safe travels.

    Tad M (NC)
    Wesley C (NC)
    Will Y (NC)
    Blaine H (NC)
    Jon S (NC)
    Will S (NC)
    Logan C (NC)
    Tracy R (NC)

    Bill P (NC)
    Mitch C (NC)
    Curran H (NC)
    Mason C (NC)

    Brian L (NC)
    David C (NC)
    David B (NC)
    Michael A (NC)
    Kyle S (SC)
    Ryan S (SC)
    Randy M (NC)
    Tatiana M (NC)
    Sue P (NC)
    Jordan H (NC)
    Elissa H (NC)
    Todd S (NC)
    Sue S (NC)
    Erik N (NC)
    Matt R (NC)
    Tom W (NC)
    Glen Y (NC)
    Josh R (NC)
    Michael R (NC)
    Jeff R (NC)
    Toni R (NC)
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  3. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Name: Mike Reynolds
    Hometown: Mooresville, NC
    Hotel: The one at Origins. =D
    Deck: Pinball Map
    Who's with me: Mca3, The family, and all my homies.=D
  4. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    Hey, I don't see...

    The Barlocks

    What gives?
  5. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I KNOW the Barlocks will be there, unless something came up! Jake Burt should show up, but who knows??? I have NO clue who Gymbo is!
  6. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Ben Thompson and I will both be there....first Nationals in three years.
  7. Charyu

    Charyu New Member

    me tad my dad and my mom are gonna be coming down :)
    go nc!
  8. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I think Gymbo might be in Ohio now...not sure though.
  9. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I know North Carolina is going to represent well at Nats, I cant wait to see you guys!

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