Taylor's crazy rogue deck wins!

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Dragonitegirl07, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Dragonitegirl07

    Dragonitegirl07 New Member

    Taylor takes the senior MS valley regional title again!

    Hello again folks! Last time I posted, it was around this time last year :D

    Deck I played…. NOT GARDYLADE…… Instead I played a nice little deck called King Penguin

    Here would be the list card for card (It’s Magically Consistent!)

    1 Empoleon Lv. x
    3 Empoleon
    2 Prinplup
    3 Piplup
    2 Nidoking
    1 Nidorino
    2 Nidoran (male)
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy
    4 Absol
    4 Rare candy
    4 Roseanne’s research
    2 Bebe’s search
    1 Celio’s network
    3 Masterball
    2 Duskball
    3 Steven’s Advice
    1 Warp point
    1 Time space distortion
    1 Night maintenance
    1 Windstorm
    6 water
    2 basic dark
    2 holon wp
    3 double rainbow
    2 scramble

    Ok, Now for my rounds (there were 6 with a top 16 cut):

    First, I played a young girl who had little experience playing. Also she was playing a magmortar theme deck >.< Easy win. I got an Empoleon out fast and ended it quickly.


    Second, (kid with Infernape/ magmortar). I pulled a god start. I start with an active absol with a piplup and baltoy benched. I rare candy into claydol first turn as well as a few moves to get a full bench. I pull down a Lv. x infernape as well as a celio’s network. I’m fully set up by the 3rd turn. He couldn’t get going after that.


    Third, (Andrew K playing GG). I start with an absol and a Roseanne. I don’t remember the exact details but I got a claydol out turn 2 or 3. I used nidoking and caused his gardys fits. Poison rub would also shut off his powers so he couldn’t use my Bebe’s. When he finally killed the king, I took what little he had left with Empoleon.


    Fourth, (kid playing Darkai, Weavile, Cacturn). I have an baltoy start with a piplup benched. I Roseanne to get an absol and an energy. Masterball gets me my claydol which I evolve turn 2 after I retreat and bring out absol. I eventually get an Empoleon up and just snipe him to death.


    Fifth, (Kevin W with Bannett). I start with and absol and I pull a dark energy. I go second so he already has his bannett. I begin raiding while getting a claydol out. I think I drew 1 rare candy that game so when absol died I could only aqua shower with Prinplup. When that died, I brought a second absol up. My second dark was my last prize so when that absol died I had to waste my night maintenance to get it back. Amazingly this game was really close. It ended up with time being called with him having 1 prize and me with 2 on my turn. So I finally lost. T_T


    Sixth, (Vuth T playing Magmortar Togekiss) I just got a turn 2 Empoleon with a DRE attached and I supreme commanded his Togekisses. When he killed that, I had another 1 behind it. I think he took only 1 prize that game.


    My swiss record was good enough to get me that top 16  I was the 6th seed entering.


    Top 16~ (a different kid playing magmortar/ infernape)
    First match, I start with a 2nd turn Empoleon. This lasts longer than I thought it would though. He plays a speed stadium and every turn rolls at least 5 heads on it so his hand is full of everything he needs. Plus Ape refuses to stay poisoned due to its free retreat. After a long annoying match, I finish his last pokemon, a Magmortar with 40 hp left on it with absol raid.
    Second game, my hand sucks but his was just as bad. He starts with a Chimchar; I start with an Absol and a benched Nidoran. He eventually KO’s my Absol so I bring out Nidoran. My next draw is a Nidorino so I evolve it. Then I look t my hand and realize I have a scramble in it. I attach it and use Nidorio’s second attack, Poison Horn. That does 40 + poison. Poor kid, he had no bench and the Chimchar just died.

    Top 8~Brandon H (GG with Blastoise tech)
    First game, I start with a Piplup. He gets a decently fast gardy out, but the only supporter I played the entire game was Bebe’s. He couldn’t draw an energy to save his life and eventually I get a Nidoking going. Then I just poison rubbed his Gardy until it died, he had nothing else besides a Kirlia. I win first game.
    Second game, again with the Piplup start, he an Absol start, but I Roseanne to get a Absol. We baleful winded each other for about 10 turns, but I drew into a Claydol. I got an Empoleon out and killed all his Ralts.

    Top 4~ Kevin W (Bannett)
    First game, I get a fast Empoleon out as well as a Claydol. He plays a crystal beach so I have to attach basic energy. This was actually to my advantage because every time he benched a Shuppett, I could one shot snipe it. He brings up a Sableye and disables ice blade, but I level up. This started a long 20 minute judge disagreement about whether leveling up gets rid of disable, which the decision was, it does. So I snipe his Shuppett and take my last prize.
    Second game, I can’t draw anything. I drew a Piplup 3 times in a row followed by my two scrambles. I had all 3 Empoleons in my hand, but I could not draw a candy or a prinplup, so to save time, I scoop.
    (We are 1-1 so Kevin spends 5+ minutes shuffling; I have to get the judges to make him stop. He still shuffles for a little bit longer)
    Third game, Fast Empoleon and I get more set up on my bench. I pull 3 prizes and have 70 damage on a Bannett. He barely pulls 3 prizes. Time is called on my turn and I snipe the Bannett FTW.

    PS. Kevin never talks and lets out this aura of seriousness; I tried to get him to look like was having fun but it didn’t work like always.
    (After this game, I pranced around the room. I was really happy :p)

    Finals~ Zak K (GG)
    First game, we both start with Absol. I pull a candy and a Celio’s out of his hand; he gets an energy out of mine. I get my Claydol and Empoleon going, he gets a gallade. He calls sonic blade on my Empoleon but I had both a water AND a Holon WP attached to it. This made his attack ineffective. I attached another energy and started to use Aqua Jet. When he killed my Empoleon, I brought up Piplup, rare candied and attached a scramble. I also candied a Nidoran. He couldn’t recover and scooped.
    Second game, Absol starts again. I got my Claydol out fast and annoyed him by only playing Roseanne. Zak got a fast gardy but it didn’t help much. Eventually, I got a Nidoking going and poison rubbed his Gardy. I also had an Empoleon waiting on the bench. When Gardy died, he brought up an Absol. I retreated and leveled up Empoleon and attached a water (it had a basic dark on it as well). He hit a lot of my energy early game, but I had a DRE still in my deck. I had 2 Claydols out and was able to pull it (there were about 12 cards in my deck at the time. I hydro impacted a benched Ralts and he was left with 2 lone Absols. He said he couldn’t win and I was the regional champ!!!!!!!!


    A Rogue Deck won seniors as you can see!

    I also took 1st in the senior division art contest. The judging ended at the end of the third round. I won a nice sized Piplup plushy there. I believe that was my main source of luck.

    TY everyone, and now, I have a title to defend for the 3rd time in a row next year.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2008
  2. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i like u now, just because your rogue deck one. cya at nats.
  3. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Congrats to you O' daughter of mine. Great day against many of the best.

  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Wow, what an awesome thing to happen! Congrats to my favorite Dragonite trainer!
  5. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Great job Taylor =D I hope we can both win next year as well!!!

    BANGINBOX New Member

    You are my new HERO!!!!

    Way to go, I always knew you had it in you!!!

    Rogue FTW!!!

    See you at nats...

  7. Dragonitegirl07

    Dragonitegirl07 New Member

    Thanks for the compliments guys :D

    Winning with a rogue deck feels so much more rewarding.
  8. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Nice deck Taylor! Congrats on the W! See ya at Nats.


    PS That was a correct call btw....leveling up will remove the effect of disable.
  9. Riq

    Riq New Member

    Congrats Taylor
  10. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Yeah Keith..That was one I couldn't rule on as Head Judge...The judges did something comepletely crazy to verify the ruling....they looked it up in a theme deck rule book :biggrin::thumb:
  11. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    haha did they?? all i saw was some big binders of paper then walked away to watch beedrill :lol:
  12. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Taylor,***** It was truly a pleasure to judge all your finals matches. The match between you and Kevin was very enjoyable. Sorry about the delay in your Level X situation but when I made the ruling(the correct one) someone questioned the ruling so I did what was needed to make everyone happy. I hope I see this same type of spunk and energy at Nationals, it was late, long hours and you seemed to give me that boost of energy when I needed it most. Congradulations, you were awesome today.NO MORE PRANCING!!!
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2008
  13. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Clay, I don't think it was a judge that found the answer in the rulebook :smile:

    Taylor, as always, great to have you and the TN gang.

    Taylor - BIG CONGATS on the win. Even over my son, I am proud that you won!!!

    The setup (before everyone got to their proper seats) at the top 8 was elite...

    4 Memphis Power trainers on one side of the table

    4 St. Louis Power trainers sitting on the other.

    The Senior Division lived up to and exceeded my expectations on the day. Every trainer played their best, played very sportingly, and did not pull ANY cheap stuff.

    The delayed ruling on the Level Up was simply a result of us wanting to MAKE SURE it was right, with $1,000 on the line.

    The judging staff got it right! YAY!

    Amazing, I am going to have the rule book handy at EVERY one of my events!!!

    It tells you a lot of things the Compendium EX, the Tourney Rules, and other docs fail to!

  14. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    kudos taylor :)

  15. the_sniper

    the_sniper New Member

    Congrats Taylor!!! Good for you.

    Say hi to your pops for me :)
  16. psycodad

    psycodad New Member

    Welcome to the dark side of rogue and congrats on the win with a unique stage 2 counter deck
  17. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    leik, ohemgee know weigh!@!!?@!11

    Haha, I'm so happy for you :)
  18. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    According to an earlier poll on the gym, it was decided that Empoleon could not win a regional...

    I guess the majority were wrong :rolleyes:
  19. Tank68

    Tank68 New Member

    Well me being me & not really knowing a whole lot about the dark side other than when talking about Star Wars...
    CONGRADUALTIONS CONGRADULATIONS CONGRADULATIONS YA LIL FREAK GIRL! Im so very proud of you & Im sure the win made for an AWESOME ride home...lol As late as it was, I was glad to finally be going home when I did!

    Wins like this make the trip soooo much more worth it & Im sure ur poppa hasnt stopped :biggrin: from ear to ear!

    Speaking of....Kuddos to you poppa Clay! Looks like your hard work w/a little fun has certainly paid off! :thumb:

    Now stop carring that purtty glass around & do something usefull! Dylan has to look at the TV every time he walks pasted it cuz thats where his is in the living room for the World to see!

    Luv ya kiddo!
  20. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Congrats, Taylor! I wish I could've watched some of your matches. Especially your 2nd round match. Not to Judge that one, just to watch how badly you beat one of my players. It's a good lesson for him to learn, losing to the best that there is.

    Congrats again!

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