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    This fanfic brings Pokemon to life, so watch out!

    Chapter 1
    The Awakening
    "I'll play Gust of Wind!"
    A sudden burst of wind came out of the card, as like it had come to life. It took a Pikachu on the bench and switched it with the powerful Charizard. The Pikachu wailed, as it did not like the fact it was taken to battle.

    "No! Charizard, do something!"
    The Pokemon attempted to breath fire on its opponent, but it was blown away to the bench.
    "Now, Lucario, use Close Combat!
    The Pokemon leveled up, and it became somewhat stronger.
    It atacked with no defense whatsoever, and blew a harsh punch to Pikachu.
    "Yeah, that's my last prize! Game!"

    The two trainers stepped out of the arena.
    The victor's name was Ash Ketchum. After taking all the Pokemon Leagues, he now is playing the card game. His Pikachu cheered happily, right on his shoulder, as always.
    The loser was a tall, muscular kid named Jak. He had dirty blonde hair, about 5 feet tall, and he looked not to happy about the loss.
    "So, wanna play again?"
    "Na, I don't feel up to it."
    Jak walked away, heading for new adventures.
    "So Pikachu, have you ever thought about being a card?"
    The Pokemon replied,"No, I guess not."
    "Well, it would be hard, wouldn't it?"
    A dark, black truck with "Cards for Free" on it pulled up. The driver jumped out, with a mysterious weapon on his forearms.
    "Say your prayers!"
    He shot a blinding stream of light. It hit the Pokemon right on its neck. It coughed, then slowly vanished.
    All that was left was a yellow, Pokemon card.
  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Okay, kind of wierd.
  3. meditite rox

    meditite rox New Member

    "kind of"? more like extremely crazy. Why can Pikachu talk?
  4. CheeseEX

    CheeseEX New Member

    yeah i was wondering that to lol werid
  5. Brawler

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    Well, you'll have to wait and see! It's part of the story.
  6. CheeseEX

    CheeseEX New Member

    whens the next chapter

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