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Discussion in 'Archive' started by meganium45, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, we know all of the "major" teams will be travelling this May to go to as many Gym Challenges as possible and win all the trips from the surrounding cities. Sorry, it is just a fact of life. Heck, even Random will probably dust his cards off, come down and get Pwned.

    That is why I am throwing down the city challenge gauntlet. I have been accused of disparaging the Chicago players, and perhaps rightly so. Can I back up my words, went up to their City Champ and only lost once, to a player who is now in Texas. My son went up and won his division, not bad for a couple of St. Louisans.

    I feel that our gym is one of the strongest in the country, and always has been. We have the #3 player at the FAT, the #8, #9 and #10 players from the last Professor Championship, and I believe the top 3 ranked 10 and under players in the nation.

    I will challenge any other City who can create a team - you all have to be from the city, to a straight up challenge. We will meet at a middle "neutral" site, where we can put this to rest, or at a major event, where this can be dealt with "civilly". Major events are any gym challenge or stadium challenge.

    The format is simple. Modified, 6 players on each team, one has to be 10 and under, a second has to be under 14, the rest can be of any age. The teams then clash, one game matches, 30 minutes timed, with the ages being paired in round 1, the 10- playing the 14- players in round 2, and random for round 3. Older players are always randomized. No coaching during matches. Your players will win and lose on their own strengths, no fun when one or two players control the whole team.

    Team with the most wins after 3 rounds wins. Won't take all day, just under 2 hours to decide your fate. In the event of a draw, the undefeated player of each team's choice faces off against the undefeated player from the other team. If one team does not have an undefeated player, they nominate their "finalist" to face the other team's undefeated player. In this final showdown in case of a tie, each player can use ANY of the decks from their team on that day, and do not have to use their own deck.

    Each team should bring 3 boxes of Dragon-on to the table, and the winning team walks away with all 6!

    Just enough to make it interesting for both sides (and maybe cause a fun draft afterwards!)

    Those are my thoughts....only active players (sees Chicago going to beg Ness and Alex to come back)

    Talk to you all soon via e-mail, boards or PM.

  2. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Okay anything you can say about your league I can say about mine .. we're up for it as Neutral Ground can I suggest somewhere in Holland or France maybe ;)

    We have top ranked players globally and nationally, at least we did when we could see them :( and we host the best tourneys this side of the atlantic ;)

    So come on over spend some of that PUI remuneration and play some of the worlds best players here in Europe :)
  3. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    I don't remember you saying anything negative about Chi town Vince. But anyway I'm still wondering why the restrictions on age? The best of the best is still the best of the best.
  4. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member


    This sounds like a great idea....

    I can only say one thing about my league.... It did furnish the 10 and under 2001 Pokemon World Champion...

    She has already been invited back (free trip) to Orlando to defend her title...

    Thats my two cents...
  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    yeah, but she's 11 now....isn't she? she was 10 last time it was reported...

  6. Psyduck

    Psyduck New Member

    I personally lik3 the age restrictions! It allows the younger, better players to get a piece of the action and prove how good they are. Not 2 B rude, but if these were your rules, you obviously wouldn't let them play. Besides, a lot of the "best of the best" are 14-.

    So your league has A 10- Pokemon World Champion. woo hoo. I'm sure you can do better than that??? 'Cause if that's the best you might as well just donate those 3 boxes of Dragon to Meg45 and I... Save yourself the time and humiliation... j/k???? :D

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2004
  7. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Yes she is 12 now...

    She will obviously play in the 11-14 age group....

    She is doing well at league and tournaments...

  8. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Well Duck I most certinly would let them play if the team as a whole thought it was in the best intrest of the team. My suggestion for a team tourney in a different thread actually rewards a team of younger players and doesn't descriminate against them. When I first posted about the best of the best I thought that the St Louis V Chicago was just a unique thing that Meg was suggesting to find the best Over all team of the two areas. I respect the abilities of all my competitors and have been beaten by some good players in all age groups, and I would suggest that you might be lying if you didn't say the same (not that I know you I'm just saying maybe anybody).
  9. Clefable73

    Clefable73 New Member

    Skill is not derived from a modified tournament 6 on 6. Sure you could be a good player but no skill is involved playing a Garde or a BAR deck. So I purpose that we have some kind of limited tournament and some kind of non-archetype tournament.
  10. DaytonGymLeader

    DaytonGymLeader New Member

    You want to do it right? Do it multi-format - sealed, draft, rochester, and constructed (both modified and unlimited).

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