Team Play Majestic Dawn Prerelease May 16th 5 PM Pearl, MS

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Professor_Chris, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    One of our Prereleases for MD not a side event, but the sanctioned Prerelease will be held at the Dragon's Lair in Pearl, MS on May 16th at 5 PM will be a team play event. We put together some rules/guidelines that we will fine tune after the event, they can be viewed at

    So if your not doing anything feel free to drop by a try it.

    We welcome any feedback, I am encouraging Players to come with a partner, but will match any that don't, and will give parent child teams an extra something to encourage parents to play.

    Of course we won't be age modified, I will add teams to TOM, to run the event, then upload results manually. I have an odd number of players then I'll pair them with a staff member and we will just tighten up.

    We have been testing at league, and so far the kids love it. I'll write up a report after to provide some feedback.

    Posted by Mike Schell under Chris by mistake.
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  2. The-Fire-Don

    The-Fire-Don New Member

    Come One Come All

    The Magvire Moffia wants you!!!

    At the request of the Silent–King-Pin,
    The-Fire-Don:fire: and The_Thunder_Don:lightning have teamed up to bring total domination to the first sanctioned team play event in Pokemon TCG history. Can anyone stop us from taking the top prize? Will any of you even dare try? It’s hard enough to beat us one on one but as a team no one could dare even try. Bring your Brother bring you Mother, bring your BFF APRIL, we don’t care. But I do feel sorry for all who would even entry the Dual Trainer Ring.

    Heres, hoping for just a little competition.

    Place: Brandon, MS
    Date: May 16, 2008
    Time: 5:00 PM

    P.S. I promise to tell you who comes in second place. :lol:
  3. themobsman

    themobsman New Member

    Yes yes the Magvire Moffia wants all to come , And for some compitition yes it is for fun but lets make this Teamplay National because it is a Very fun and its alot more harder. So if yal want any compition come to Pearl Ms at Dragons Lair and lets go
  4. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    OK, just a few more days! We have lots of stuff to give away at this event! I apended rules to add Mulligan rules, and I hear we will have a trophy for 1st, and medals for 2nd and 3rd! Possiby even some shirts for the event!
  5. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    We have T-Shirts to commerate the event! I will give away at least 1 full box of Great Encounters, we have lots of door prizes! Yes we have a trophy for first place, medals for 2nd and 3rd!

    Come and play in this event! We feel it will be a lot of fun, and cances to win some neat stuff!
  6. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    Pics of Trophies and medals!

    Attached Files:

  7. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    We had 30 players! Cut to a Top 4
    1st Team Magvire MAfia Chris Gibbs and Alan Schell
    2nd Chris Schell and Logan G
    3rd Team Omega red face paint Jeff Simmerman and JAmes Simmerman

    Hope everyone had a great time, it was hectic, but a lot of fun!
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  8. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Congrats Mike! Sounds like a fun event. Plus, Chris was in town :clap:

  9. Way to go Logan with the 2nd place team. The masters players must have slowed the jr. player down.
  10. themobsman

    themobsman New Member

    Well i didnt have a good time i didnt do so well and i didnt pull what i needed but yes logan did a good job and so did the Maffia
  11. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    So you didn't have a good time because of the format, or because you didn't win?

    I know I ran the event, and was part of getting the OK to do it, but I really got the feeling that everyone really liked the Team Play Concept.

    Tell me what you liked and disliked!
  12. themobsman

    themobsman New Member

    I really like the team play format but what i disliked was that we had to build a pre release deck i think the next one in Pearl will be better since we get to use our own deck
  13. stormlight

    stormlight New Member

    I personally really enjoyed myself! I went in the building with the attitude of not really wanting to play ( I prefer the old way of playing) but after getting my cards and finding my partner we worked our decks out and had so much fun! I really liked the team play and it brings a whole new element to the game! I enjoyed having a partner back me up in a tight situation and she liked the fact she wasnt alone and when she needed help she could rely on someone. We are looking towards the next team battle here in Pearl at the Dragon's Lair on June 1st, I believe.

    Good Job to everyone that played no matter win or loss. We had fun and I hope this is something that will continue to spread.
  14. themobsman

    themobsman New Member

    Well i liked the format it work really well better than i thought it would be. It was amazing how much fun it was and how much challenging it was from one on one. i know everyone had fun and that its the next big thing from The Ms pokemon team. Well thats it and Stormlight is true we are haveing a Side Event at the Dragons Liar again and i think More people should show up and test it out
  15. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

  16. The-Fire-Don

    The-Fire-Don New Member

    Moffia takes top Honors

    Here's hopeing to see everyone try and stop the Moffia at the next team play event. I hope every enjoyed our rules and had a blast I know I did. BTW Logan G. will be joining the Moffia as our Junior Don!! Heck of a game that kid played and to see him play two masters with no fear and no backing down was worth the trip. :thumb:
  17. The_Thunder_Don

    The_Thunder_Don New Member

    The team play added a fresh perspective to the game that I needed, I’ve played for some time and really needed a change. Being part of the team that developed the rules was great, we spent several months looking for just the right mix and I think we have it. The Fire Don and myself were the key players in laying out these rules, and my Dad documented them and worked with us until we had the game covered. If you have not tried it, give it a chance.

    The Fire Don and I were team members, and ended up taking the entire event, so that just added to the fun. We had 30 players, and everyone seemed to enjoy the format, and we went all out to attract people to try the format. As door prizes, we gave away over a box of cards, several plush Pokémon, Pokémon Characters, store credit, deck boxes and other stuff. Team play is like any other event in that you need to practice and know your deck except you need to practice with your partner and also know your team members deck, and how they play it!

    We have another scheduled as a side event to the Pearl Spring Battle Road on June 1st , and The Fire Don and I can’t wait until we win that one also!
  18. The Leafeon

    The Leafeon New Member


    I wasn't able to attend the Team Play Prerelease, but I've heard so much about the success of it and I just want to say congratulations!:thumb:

    I did attend the Egewater Mall Prerelease, and I got a Leafeon Lv. X out of it (hence my username), I'll try to use it in Battle Road.

    Good luck w/ the Team Play Battle Road!

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