Team Rocket Returns to Niles, IL 11/6

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by bullados, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Here's the details that I could find off the OP website. Sean or Adam, if you feel that there's anything to add, please feel free to do so.

    Location: Pastimes Comics and Cards
    8478 Golf Rd (NE corner of Golf and Milwaulkee)
    Niles, IL

    Date: November 6, 2004

    Time: 10:00 am (not sure if that's registration or start time)

    Cost: $20

    Format: Limited, 6 packs TRR. Each player will receive 6 packs of Team Rocket Returns and as many Basic Energy cards as that player requires in order to build a 40 card deck. Each player will have 30 minutes to build a 40 card deck. Games will be played with 4 prizes instead of 6.

    Prizes: Apparantly, standard 4 packs per player.

    That's all that I know about it. If anybody else has any other info about the thing, please post and correct what I've put up. Thx.
  2. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    how come they dont put the tourney info in their newsletters they always send me? i get info on ygo and magic, but not pokemon. strange...
  3. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    Sorry, I'll be a little preoccupied that day. ;) However, good luck!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2004
  4. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    Please note that the date is tentative, I havent heard anything official late, other than nov 6 which is one the website. Also note that the store doesnt open until 11. Registration WILL END and noon. And at that point you will have 30 minutes to make your decks. Im going to make more of an effort to hepl run the computers more smoothly and get this thing going fast. The round time limit will be either 20 or 25 minutes. Again its $20 which is the same as pastimes always charges. As you know brookfield offered to get extra packs for every 12 people who enter the tournament. Expect something near similar for this tournament. Rulemaster, pokemon isnt one of the top prorities at pastimes because most of their tournaments involve magic, yugioh, heroclicks and VS. We occupy only the occasional prerelease tournament. Look for regular league to be starting there soon headed by me, waiting on league kits right now. Your best bet on finding info is toeither look here on the boards, or pm or email me, and ill let you know whats going on.
  5. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    So, registration at 11, start at noon? And the possibility of additions of prizes? If you say yes to both of these, I'll edit.
  6. Mechanix1992

    Mechanix1992 New Member

    I might show up. If Jason goes Im In :)
  7. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Why is it $20 with no additional prize support?
  8. ST Pika

    ST Pika New Member

    I hope the tournament runs smoothly for you and the other attending it. Glad that they finally gave you information so others can see what the deal is there. Good luck to everyone attending this one, it's the closest one to my place but I'm going to Rockford.
  9. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    These guys have always had it at 20. There might be additional prize support if we get enough people. I really don't know, all the info up there came straight from the POP website.
  10. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Last time I went to Niles the tournament went EXTREMELY slow. With no added prize support I might as well go to Rockford.
  11. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    Rockford it is
  12. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I'll try to make it. So far, it doesnt look like i have any plans
  13. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Cant and never will come to a Pastimes tourney again since im living in Toronto, Canada now I have to play there.(Worlds here i come)
  14. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    So that means that you won't be breaking any promises about Pastimes anymore, that right?
  15. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    Lol, yeah the fee has always been $20. As for the tournaments running slow I am making aneffort to take a bigger part in how the computer gets run, and Im hoping to get this thing going as smoothly as possible. Still no "official" info from pastimes, I have asked though, and I am going to email them again. As soon as I know something, you guys will.
  16. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Any news on the added prize support? I would probably go if there was.
  17. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    Nothing yet, please stand by for more information, otherwise assume that there will be no additional prize support. The only thing that would be for sure is what is posted on the official site, thats all I can say.
  18. The Vince factor

    The Vince factor New Member

    I might as well go. Someone decent other than pooka needs to show up.
  19. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Don't expect anyone from Brookfield to go if there is no added prize support for $20 entrance fee.
  20. Dek

    Dek New Member

    If by prize support, you're talking about boosters, there isnt going to be anymore PERIOD.

    PUI/POP changed the way pre-releases worked. From now one, First (and i think second and third) will get trophies/something made of gold to show that you won # place in the prerelease. But if you really want more boosters, they also changed it so that everyone gets a prerelease card, 4 boosters of the prerelease's set, as well as 2 special Organized Play booster packs.

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